Mauro ICARDI on Lionel MESSI and more


Mauro ICARDI spoke about Lionel MESSI and the National Team.

Speaking to the media while on tour in the United States with Inter, club captain Mauro ICARDI commented on Lionel MESSI’s situation with the National Team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t get involved in these things. But we can say that we have the best in the world and he has to come back.”

Regarding who he would like to see as coach of the National Team, he had a similar answer:
“I don’t get involved in these things.”

ICARDI’s current situation with Inter remains unclear. Both he and the club have been unable to reach an agreement about a new contract and rumors are flying about his future. According to reports, Napoli will submit a final bid of €50 million for him.


  1. The truth of the matter is there are problems with AFA and there are problems with Messi. The problems with AFA are obvious to everyone. Messi’s problems are not. The reality is he lacks leadership skills and lacks problem solving skills on the pitch and in the locker room. The leadership skills he lacks are evident because after all these years despite being the best player in Barcelona he still is not captain. Messi being with the same team for all these years have also prevented him from being able to break through on the NT stage as well. He has been exposed to one system his entire career and struggles in adapting to other players or coaches or systems. This is a fact. If he is ever going to win anything at the national team level he must leave Barcelona and get out of his comfort zone, which I doubt will happen.

  2. Some people in Argentina don’t like messi because he never played in Argentina. Its also amusing because they like to belittle him saying the Spanish players did all the things, where leo just scored goals. They better watch the Spanish national team…O how beautiful they play!

    Keep on hating.

    • Truth is definitely somwhere in between. But if some people still identify Barcelona titles with Messi then I must to remind and protest: a lot of Barcelona Spanish players won World Cup and 2 Euros without Messi so as you see arguing that Messi was main factor of the titles is baseless. They were capable to managing without him.
      Messi was best player of that Barcelona but logically it even doesn’t mean he was essential.
      People do not understand in modern football you can’t win a tournament by one player. Messi can win by his own only easier games but not crucial as we saw clearly in last tournaments.

      • Nobody wins game by his own. Every team has 11 players unless red carded. If you choose to believe it was messi’s fault that we won nothing, then good for you.

        And when you are talking about barcelona, remember, they had Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta play that way only because Messi was playing upfront. Had it been Pedro-Villa-just another good player they would have played football a whole lot another way. Barcelona would never became Barcelona of today if there was no messi.

        Anyway man, you are 100% entitled to your own opinion. I never liked people who fight in a pitch. Football is game of skill, intelligence and athleticism…its not UFC.

        • I like this from pocc
          “You know that when you are disappointed with the result you try to find a reason why, and find the guilty. Harry (we can insert messi for us) was in the same line-up as the other players. Some good, some bad. It’s not just his responsibility. In football you need to share responsibility. It is the manager first, the coaching staff and the players. The responsibility is not one player’s.”

        • “If you choose to believe it was messi’s fault that we won nothing, then good for you”.

          No one said that. But Messi dependence is the reason why we have not still a team. my opinion is we need more a team than Messi. Never Messi over team. Our team must be able to win every game even without him.

  3. What is going on?
    Are you people crazy?
    Maradona and Messi both are our pride.
    Maybe we deserve all the pain, being so ungrateful.
    Maradona is the best player of all time, his impact is bigger than football.
    Messi is the best player of our time and top 3 of all time, he just wants to play football, it doesn’t matter that he is no “leader” just put him on a real “team” and he will excel.
    our problem is afa, who are incompetent themselves and hire incompetent people to coach and they select the wrong player and don’t have any strategy whatsoever just give messi the ball and watch is their strategy.

    • For me Messi is one of the 3 best in history but when I hear again the idea to build team around Messi one more time it amazes me. Basing on this idea we are beating with head at he wall for years,

      • not around Messi or any other player, but with messi as part of the team with a clear strategy!
        just look at martino, he wanted to play possession football with Biglia, or players that aren’t good enough on the ball.
        Now everybody hates Biglia, it is not his fault he excels in a defensive structured game like BSabella used him not in possession football. Martino used also central defenders to play fullbacks in possession football. he wanted Biglia and Mascherano in possession football midfield, just think about this!

        • I don’t hate Biglia 😛

          I know he will do great in any of the defensive teams in the world. Him and Mascherano are not meant to play in the midfield of an attacking team.

    • I didn’t even mention maradona who is retired and irrelevant for argentina at this moment.
      I was only highlighting the unfair criticism against messi (who is the best argentine player now) by supposedly argentina fans(really) here at mundo.

      • People who ran AFA are our enemies, they stole the money and hired incompetent people to run the team.
        they destroyed the youth teams, the National team, and the league is a joke with 30 teams.
        it seems they destroyed our future that nobody want to be our coach.
        and they have managed to pit us against each other.

  4. How is it Maradona was better than Messi?

    It’s about psychic.
    Maradona has megalomania that makes him self confident even in most stresfull moments, like final of World CUp. Precisely fot the reason, for reason he is braggart, megaloman, buffoon, arrogant… it’s just makes his skin thick enough to do not yield under pressure of critic or pressure before crucial game.

    He is megaloman he just always believed that he is best on the world and always looking down on the rivals. It’s the madness that made him better player.

    He believed he is better before ’86 final and he believed in his majority as coach imperturbably in 2010 before semis (remeber his arrogant and conceited words before game with Germany?). It’s the reason that allowed him play his best, his 100% in crucial moments.

    ‘nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit’

    Messi is to weak mental when things go wrong, or just he is too normall and not megaloman with starry-eyed.

    • put Messi in current napoli team and ask him to get 2 scudetto’s..if he can do it..I will agree…in 1980’s seria a was a top league and best players were playing there…if messi can win in todays seria a level..then also i will agree…Messi is no where near Maradona even if he wins 2018 wc..there is only one maradona and no one is even near him in terms of leadership and skill

      • So-so, what Maradona did in 86 was unparalell, but except that ? Thw WC 90 was rather a luck fest.
        The top of the club football was always Champions League (and forefather), and there Maradona was definitely the biggest flop ever. Last 16 and last 32 is a joke from the greatest player with the world’s best league champions Napoli. And we”ve also seen what he won with Barca (maybe one cup?), than Maradona’ve gone and Barcelona immediately won the championship. Barca was better without him, hmmm. Compare this with Messi: Barcelona won only 1 Champions League in history, then 4!!! with him in 10 years. Not in the same league with Maradona.
        That’s the case with his Copa America appearances too. (We immediately won in 91 and 93 without him.)
        Great leader, big warrior when hes on his best, but ceterum censeo much more inconsisten, than Messi. Maradona was maybe the biggest wizard ever, but his legend largely myth.

        • thats why i said forget champions league..Messi cannot even make napoli seria a champions…without xavi and iniesta messi would have struggled…he has always played in star studed line ups like pele….a true leader wouldn’t have fled from the ground that he did after copa 16. maradona was fearless…the sooner argentines understand this better for the arg team… a team is very important…proper strategy..commitment… passion..when i see people writing such things about maradona who gave them the wc single handedly and still people lack respect about him..this shows the quality of supporters..instead of showing pride for maradona they try to show down the legend…arg doesn’t deserve maradona…

        • Barcelona won last 3 Champions league title mostly because of golden Spain generation and not Messi or any single player. They won World Cup and 2 Euros without Messi too so stop talking that the 3 titles were only by Messi. It’s mostly Spanish factor.

          • guled, any reason for these words to Saugata?

            “ troll spewing none sense at argentine blog GTFO”.

            Then as well I may name you TROLL because I see we don’t need a reason to use such words.

          • Tell that your self.barca won because of messi and the so called spanish players say it loud and clear.
            At barca messi is the reference point and they take advantage of his ability.
            He never got that luxury at argentina except few months under sabella(2014 qualifiers) and we saw the benefit of that.
            Messi at argentina is one of the guys and the game is never based around him.
            Sampaoli said the same thing in 2015 and that is why i want him to lead the team in russia 2018.
            Your little hate can’t deny that fact.

          • Hahaha,

            “Messi at argentina is one of the guys and the game is never based around him”

            It’s quite the opposite in fact. The problem in NT is just Messi depending. Each player just want pass to Messi. So you want to say that Argentina never won a title with him because they depending not enough on him? Wow. I thought we all just concluded something quite different.

            Barca played best period in last season without Messi.

          • Sabella team was better than Martino because they were playing more collective football and not because they depend more on Messi.

          • No the fact when Barcelona is eliminating from a cup (mainly from Champions League) Messi never score a single goal or give a single assist, the others without him are dead. Every single time the same story. Always. And in NT too. Barcelona is exactly the same Messi-dependent than Albiceleste, just a much better collective team with much better coaches. In the last 10 years from 2007 Messi’ve not scored a single goal, while Barca was droped out of CL or spanish cup. Where were the others in these situations ? Nowhere, no Messi no party, ergo 4 CL-victory are mainly because of Messi.

            And where are your fact about Maradonas performances in CL ? Barca PD victory after he goes ? our Copa victories without him ? Come on…

          • “Sabella team was better than Martino because they were playing more collective football and not because they depend more on Messi.”

            Sabellas team was better, cause that team was more pragmatic, and Messi played much closer to the net. Sabellas team had a lot of bad games too (the full WC group stage), if there no Messi Argentina h would have gone home.

          • You said the same about Di Maria in NT. “No Di Maria, no show”. And then was the Copa 2016 with his showy performances… Don’t be ridiculous.

            So who scored against Chelsea in semi of Chmpions League? Iniesta. Where was Messi then?

            Nooooo. The titles of Barcelona were mostly because of gold Spanich generation.

          • “So who scored against Chelsea in semi of Chmpions League? Iniesta. Where was Messi then? ”

            One example in the last 10 years ? Thanks to Övrebo, 99% to the ref.

    • So you know them personally.if messi is weak mentally he wouldn’t have the success he has now.he was the sole provider of his family as 13 year old with hormone deficiency,does that seem don’t know these people

    • Ok mr expert.if you believe that argentina base their game around messi then you are blind or hater(likely the latter).
      Messi never gets return pass and the game is based around him huh.
      Barca played few games with out messi mostly against weak teams and they are better with out him, give me a break.
      Barca(people) know messi value and they treat him the way he deserves to be treated.

      • If you say that Argentina game is not around Messi then you are in contradiction not only with me but I think most of people here. So most of us are blind. It’s possible. But I don’t think in this case. I really don’t think so.

        Oh yes, Barcelona beat Real in Madrid 4:0 without Messi but it’s of course weak rival.

      • “if you believe that argentina base their game around messi then you are blind or hater(likely the latter)”.

        Unbelieveable sentence. Unbelieveable logic. ‘Non sequitur’ man. What a logic! I’m hater because I think that Argentina base their game around Messi. Wow, what a logic of inference! Most likely final conclusion is: most of people here are haters.

        • I’m hater because I think that Argentina base their game around Messi. Wow, what a logic of inference! Most likely final conclusion is: most of people here are haters.
          Don’t speak for others, i am only talking to you and when i say you may be a hater i am not judjing you only on this one but a series of many posts over the months(years) it doesn’t take alot to figure out your intentions.

          • Oh, as long as your logic of reasoning is so absurd I have no doubt you will think like that,

            but I don’t need judge of morality. No one can bar me to express my opinions as long as nothing abusive in my posts. So far it’s rather you need a judge of morality. I mean the “GTFO”. Bad words…

            BTW none player is untouchable. Messi too. I don’t need a necessary dogma.

    • Please no, play first in the argentine Primera regularly, before you go to such circus clubs. Driussi, Conechny, L. Martinez, Mansilla, Vadala, Ponce, Maximiliano Romero and our all talented strikers have to play first.

  5. ———————-Rulli—————-




    • this is a great line-up man. close to mine. only i will put peruzzi in place of gomez, mussachio in place of otamendi and lanzini in place of augusto. put out pereyra, and put messi on 433 formation.





  6. He did a stupid thing but many others have gotten away with far worse.

    Perfect replacement for that cocksucker Higuain, I hope Napoli fans beat the shit out of him if Juve plays there this year.

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