Diego MARADONA: “Leave MESSI alone”


Speaking on the radio in Argentina, Diego MARADONA commented about the current situation in the AFA.

MARADONA, spoke about MESSI, the new coach and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“The more we talk about MESSI, the more he goes crazy. Don’t go (talk to him), leave him in peace. No one can make me fight with MESSI. They always try. He and I have cried together.”

“Caruso LOMBARDI… Don’t fuck around with me. Stay in your place, make your money and respect Argentine football. How are we all fighting for SAMPAOLI. We’re all crazy. He’s had a good career but he won on penalties, eh. For me, the best of them all is BIELSA.”

“I’ll see if I can be president of the AFA. I’ll think about it.”


  1. Gabriel Mercado is very near to be next asset of Sampaoli. Sampaoli thinks: if I can’t to have Argentina NT I’ll make Sevills into Argentina. I like that. Let’s treat this as preludium to Argentina coaching in future.

        • If Sampaoli and Berizzo signed Mercado and Roncagalia to play right back then I lose interest in them. No more central defenders as fullback please! Nothing against Mercado, I just think he isn’t a full back.

        • Yeah, he should. But if anyone want to see Gomez then must probably to follow Lanus one more season. It’s matter of time but not yet now I think.

          We have richness on RB. Gomez, Salazar, Peruzzi, Saravia and the older: Mercado, Zabaleta, Ansaldi Roncaglia.

  2. Diaz argues he discovered and developed exemplary youth players.The name includes German Lux,Demichelis,Saviola,Aimar,Solari,Maxi Lopez,Balanta,Kranevitter and Gio Simone.

    • Bro, thanks for that… he sure looks professional… very structured and has proved too.
      He is definitely a better ‘professional’ choice than Russo or Bauza.

  3. at this point I will literally take anyone as long as they are not russo, pumpido or buruchaga!

    seriously though, feom the oldies I would pick ramon diaz. he is a good manager who at leasts tries to change his team in match situations! But I doubt he is taken seriously as a candidate though. But what’s the feal with his son being his assistant? is he qualified enough?

    • Yes you can call it nepotism,but Emiliano Diaz has some experience as assistant manager under his father.Coaching stuff from latest successful river spell of included junior Diaz.

  4. Berrizo looked best for the long term concept… but his club will not let him nor does AFA have full faith in him
    Ramon Diaz looks the better choice to me now… after ‘no’ from Bielsa, Sampoali, Simeone, Pochettino.
    Anyways… we need to build a team of 11 players and for heaven sake not build a team around Paulo Dybala… a mistake that cost us so dearly. (Maradona was a case different)

    • It is not like that with Berizzo.It is him who said straight no,even said that there is a release clause but it won’t be used,straight and cold hearted no.From what I heard he is a very arrogant and proud person.I am sure if better clubs come he will leave Celta immediately.It is like you work with WhatsApp developer group,your govt being aware of your skill tries to hire you for national IT department,but you deny it in a hope that Google or Facebook will hire you in future.

      • seriously speaking, I don’t think we need a very high profile manager. we need a manager who –

        * knows how to fix things
        * willing to change things in game
        * is a quick decision maker
        * not an idiot

        how many national team has world beating super expensive manager? Or when was the last time a really top world class manager became a national team coach and succeeded?

        germany chose leow as their manager but what was he when he was chosen? Right now only england chooses expensive managers but we all kbow how it turbs out.

        All we need a competent guy who is willing to shake things up a bit!

    • The last sentence could be mine.

      “Anyways… we need to build a team of 11 players and for heaven sake not build a team around Paulo Dybala… a mistake that cost us so dearly. (Maradona was a case different)”

  5. @Fellow Bloggers, please do not fight for Marcelo Bielsa anymore… he said a straight NO… end of story.
    Majority wanted him including Maradona and Messi but… he did not think tbat he will do justice now.
    I wanted him too… gosh its all over.

  6. If not for Higuain and the enclosure of clowns in the form of Argentine Coaches; Lionel Messi and Argentina would have had a cabinet of World Cups, Copa Americas. You name he has it. But…

  7. As all of the candidate now are local face,it will be matter of lobbying who will get the job.Bauza will be weak in this case,he did not spent much time in Argentina rather Ecuador.Russo’s name is in there because of Boca lobby.Diaz also mentioned in the same DT related interview that he holds great relation with president Marci despite his Boca roots and Diaz being the opposite.But AFA will try more to get Bielsa first,thought it seems a very tough job.

  8. First of all it’s YOU maradona U shud shut ur mouth!!..!! You are great football player but also a con!!!! So much shit came out of YOUR mouth against Messi !! Anyway I am done with Messi!! He declared his retirement like a small boy!! now I read that he is not coming back!! So let him be and enjoy his millions of dollar and his father with those tax fraud money !! fakkkkk

    • i agree with friend
      we do not need messi. we have alot of talents that can win anyday.
      all we have to do is just hiring good manager and build that can play modern football game. a team that does not depend on man.

      let us stop talking about messi and any future heir. let us talk only on a team that can play together

  9. Russo will work with the same assistants of Sabella: Camino and Gugnali.But he also said he did not mention anyone for youths,because he did not feel relevance.

  10. Among the all candidates,Ramon Diaz showed a plan.He understand the problem which begins with the youth.For quite sometime we have good talents but no result in youth department and it is also true that for quite sometime we did not have any good manager leading the youth.Neither there was any sync between style and philosophy between senior and junior teams.

    Ramon Diaz proposed Claudio Vivas as youth coach.Now Vivas was Bielsa”s assistant for a long time.During Bielsa’s Argentina tenure,Vivas was his assistant.If we want Bielsistas like Poche,Sampaoli,Berizzo(too was an assistant of Bielsa) leading the national team why not start it with youth team?Considering none of them even willing to lead our NT,Vivas will be great addition to youth teams.Diaz also presented a quick list of players to Armando Perez,with whom he will start his work immediately.

    Some people said Diaz did not have a successful tenure with Paraguay.It’s true if u don’t take some considerations in account.Diaz took over a Paraguay team that was in deep sh*t and a team that seriously lack good players let alone talents,within a few games he developed a team that was mentally very strong and organized.Even being one or two goal down,they did not gave up and continued fighting.He easily changed formation and approach to exploit opponent’s weakness not before the game,but during the game.(We haven’t seen this for a long time,have we?)Diaz’s mistake against Argentina in semi final was he offered too much time on ball for Argentina players,but Paraguay was very much in the game before half-time and scored a goal,produced problem for us.Butafter their best player Derilis Gonzales got injured and some quick goals,it was over.But he recovered from that with a 0-0 draw using a high pressing tactics in later game.And it is unnecessary to speak about his good work with River Plate,result speaks for themselves.

    I think Diaz is a reasonable candidate.He should have given a chance considering Maradona,Batista,Martino got their chances.

    • I also liked what I heard from Ramon Diaz after the meeting. H surly has plan and was well-prepared. If only we knew his list 😛
      He also addressed the Messi issue and he said what I am saying that when Messi sees Argentina has really changed he will come back from alone. Let’s not forget he took River from the crisis and made them champion, and he is not that old 56 the same as Sampaoli(was shocked thought he is 46, the way he dresses threw me off).
      From all the Local candidates they are considering we should hire him.
      Who is crazier Bianchi or Bielsa, I think Bianchi is a competition for Bielsa in this regard, he wanted the job and now couldn’t be found hahaha.

      • Yeah!That’s what I think too.If Messi sees that Argentinian house back to good order,he will return.During his two last job,Ramon Diaz took two crisis striken team and made them competitive within a short period of time.Right now we need that touch.And finally his team does not play defensive football like Bauza and neither he is an idealist like a Bielsista.

  11. We don’t need someone who is not willing or motivated.Argentina nt existed before Messi and will continue to do so.We need a good manager,which is important than having messi.Rather I have seen Argentina to play more as team without Messi.No pressure on the team that Messi must score some goal and every build up must go through Messi.Opponent stops Messi and our team also stops winning.

    Messi is one of the greatest players but not above the team.We must show him that there is more to the team than he thinks there is.When he will see there is hope,he will return.Let him recover from his consecutive 3 final loss.It takes a lot of things from you.

  12. Chainsaw, if you don’t like Bielsa, that’s ok. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. Pep never reached the final after leaving Bayer Munich? Football needs luck. You can’t change a team when they won for fun from 1998 to 2001, 2002 was purely bad luck. Even Del Bosque, world champion, champion league, la liga champions got eliminated at the group stage.

    Simply give the man another chance.

    • Haters gonna hate 😉

      Bielsa is not a magic solutions but he is the ONLY world class Argentine coach available to us right now. Having said that, it would be a minor miracle if AFA actually manages to convince him to take the job.

  13. The first one who needs to leave Messi alone is you Diego. And lol at his comments about coaching options. He doesn’t rate Sampaoli because he’s won on penalties with Chile, but on the other hand rates Bielsa as the best of them all, who not only won fuck all with a stronger side called Argentina he’s left with the historic elimination in the GS of the World Cup. Just shut it Diego. You will do us all a favor … well, except the Bielsa fanboys ofc!

  14. Wow, I actually kind of agree with 90% of what Diego said, that almost never happens! 🙂 I could’t care less about his beef with Lombardi but he is certainly right about Messi and Bielsa.

  15. For once Diego said the right thing.
    if you ask him, ask him privately.
    build a great team with a great coach and he will come back from alone and when he comes back integrate him in a team that doesn’t depend on a single player.
    I don’t see him coming back for a year at least, or just before the World, if we don’t have a good team he probably won’t return.

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