Edgardo BAUZA new coach of Argentina


Edgardo BAUZA is the new coach of the Argentina National Team.

In typical Argentine fashion, they were late to their own party. Sao Paulo, BAUZA’s previously club, had released a statement indicating that BAUZA has left the club and is the new coach of the Argentina National Team. The AFA were supposed to hold an announcement about it at 19:30pm local time.

With Sao Paulo, along with every reputable journalist in the country announcing it, it’s fair to say the job is his.


  1. Bauza isn’t even a week in his new job and there’s so much negativity already.
    I just realized that Bauza’s CV is more decorated than Bielsa,Simeone and Sampaoli altogether. He is a winner who toughen up his players psychologically. Isn’t that just what we need after 3 losses in a row. The man has won big with limited resources. Where as others have failed with great talents Tata.
    Mundo is more obsessed about player selections instead of Tactics.
    Look at the players Tata had at his disposal at Barca but couldn’t win one trophy with them. Luis Enrique inherits the same squad and the rest I don’t need to say.
    So guys lineup is not more important than tactics. The coach needs to select those who represents his tactics best.
    Oh and another, last time Argentina was coached by a Libertadores winner, we went to the world cup final. Just a point of note☺.
    So guys chill until we have seen the new coach at work.

    • There is a coach factor and select factor. Both are equally important.
      Tactic is base but I absolutely do not believe in final win with some well known players. Who want to see one more final with Higuain, Di Maria and the rest?
      They are almost 30. Bauza will not change their psychic and habits radically if at all.

      • And this is why I’m calling for calm cause we’re missing the whole point here. Bauza’s priority is pretty much the same situation Sabella was in when he took over. It’s not about who we(Mundo) see fit but who he (Bauza) sees fit to get him 6 points the next game. So what I’m saying is that what matters most now is not who is selected but winning playing as a team not as a bunch of individuals who seem never heard of the word ‘Teamwork’.
        It’s not about how pretty we look like it’s now time to build a functioning team of soldiers with balance and solidity with strong mentally. Winning teams are the reflections of their managers’ character.
        Not romancing with prettiness. Then our true attacking pontential will be realized.

  2. with this coach choice, i’m thinking we may or may not see these kind of players in the NT Rulli, musacchio, (mori), gomez, ansaldi, (kravitter), paredes, banega, pastore, lanzini, perotti, icardi.

    But I’m hoping that Tagliafico can make the team at some point.

    • or like that:


      if Messi will not back

  3. I thought it’s possible to see something like that:


    Funes Mori
    Enzo/Mauricio Martinez

    *my original and of course incredible choice just to promote the player

    I thought this team is possible (now with Bauza it’s impossible). Is this too adventurous? I don’t think. It’s balanced. Here is experienced core: ROmero, Otamendi, Garay, Augusto. + Tagliafico and Gomez who are guarantee of good defence. Especially Tagliafico. On the other hand I thought Icardi and DYbala are must now. Then Salvio is most simile to Lavezzi and we need such usefull player. For me it’s revolution but it’s not crazy

  4. I’m not surprised. We need real revolution but with this guy it’s impossible.

    He will take us to Russia for sure but then all the mediocrities (Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, Banega, Biglia, Rojo, Tevez) will fail in crucial moments.

  5. Bauza even saidthat Higuain will be on team:

    Por último se refirió a algunos nombres propios y contó que Higuaín estará seguramente en la lista (“Es un jugador muy efectivo, quizás no ha tenido suerte en la Selección pero hay que respaldarlo y darle confianza”),

    Moreover he probably will call Tevez:

    “Tiene un timing extraordinario y te da la posibilidad de utilizarlo en dos posiciones diferentes”), y afirmó que Tevez es “un jugador convocable por las condiciones que tiene”.

    • It doesn’t look so it’s a fact Higuain, Aguero, and some other will be here to stay, just add Calleri there, as far as tevez goes I think not but that is a possibility.

      • He said Higuain just hadn’t a luck as far. Oh really? He is weak mentally, it’s not about luck.

  6. “I’m one of those who think that all (the team) have to defend. Football today is like that.”

    If he want to defend all the team he must kick off Messi.

    • And never will integrate Icardi, whos maybe the laziest fucking center forward in the history. Start to move your big ass Mauro!

      Here in Hungary nearly every Inter fans hated him, because never makes runs and movements, can’t dribble and pass the ball. In the last season he improved a lot in this aspects, but he has still very limited skill set. Only a good poacher.

  7. Bauza:

    “There isn’t much time. My first squad won’t have many changes but I want to talk with five or six of the leading players,”

    “I’m thinking of Tevez as I am about other players … Tevez is a player good enough for the national team.”

    “I’m one of those who think that all (the team) have to defend. Football today is like that.”

    “You can defend in your opponents’ half if the pressure is high (up the field) but it’s easier when you have players of the quality of the Argentina team. The options they offer you are many.”

    He rejected the tag of a defensive coach.On the other hand,he actually made a generalized politically correct comment about Tevez when was asked.I can’t believe Argentine press,in their fantasy world Tevez is bigger than nt.First thing they ask the new coach about is Tevez!

      • Bauza on Barca style and his vision:

        “However, this is just one way to experience this beautiful sport. Some prefer quick, long passes to the strikers, others prioritize speed; others, a close collapsing defense to counter-attack. No one has the absolute truth, all ways have proved valid, and each one has its own pros and cons. I personally chose possession as a priority, because it provides me the means to attack my opponent and defend myself at the same time, since the rival does not have the ball. Of course, for this tactic you need players with great skills to pass and to receive the ball. As always, great players are the key. “

        • very good!
          every system has proven to win titles, you just have to adapt to the skill of your players.
          I am not against defensive football or attacking football. I want a balanced team who defends and attacks as a unit.
          We failed playing defensive and attacking football, because to play defensive football we simply don’t have the personal, more defenders doesn’t mean better defense, capable defenders means better defense so to protect the defense we put more defensive minded players which in attack we lose power and become unbalanced.
          The same happened when we played attacking football, we put more offensive minded players in hoping more attack but lost in defense where we often got countered, and where unbalanced usually 6 defenders and 4 attackers, the 4 attackers usually watch how the 6 defenders defend and are outnumbered.
          I like coaches who adapt to the personal, just look at the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson wanted them to play the Triangle with all cost, it didn’t work because it simply doesn’t fit the personal he has and there is no Jordan or Kobe to make it work, even his stubbornness has realized that it will not work so he wants to adapt or change it.
          in formation, age, etc that is what I want to play to the strengths of the team!

  8. Oops… it looks like this aged old dinosaur is bringing back Tevez and retaining Higuain and Di Maria… also that means Aguero is in…. hahahaha
    So then why not Riquelme, Aimar, Ayala, Samuel, Zanetti and also a step back deeper into history to bring back Redondo and of course the great man himself – Maradona??? Why not????
    Argentine coaches are our opponents’ best friends… Bauza is surely one of them… Forget not just 2018 but 2022 too.
    Messi – you will be another Alfredo Stefano… you will never ever reach Maradona.
    Remember coaches are your enemies.

  9. Not the most inspiring of appointments, but it could have been a lot worse, that’s for sure.

    And after hating on Tata for the last couple of years, I think we should all do our best to get behind El Paton.

    I don’t know about you guys, but after all the hits we have taken recently, I’m looking forward to a fresh start!

  10. i read a news item in ole which i got translated into english with the help of google translator. this was the first statement he made after being selected as the coach. what i understood is this, he will select higuain. he said something about tevez as well. i got the impression that he is going to call up tevez also. extremely sorry if i am wrong.

  11. @ghostdeiny
    i also feel that if bauza wants to seduce messi, he will have to rely on the team selection. he will have to select some of the best and some youth as well. this is also a point where our success hinges on.

    • I think Messi should be left alone for now. We have to rebuild the team and invite him later. I personally don’t think he is going to come back within at least a year from now.

  12. I wonder how likely is Bauza to call up Buffarini and Mas for RB and LB since he knows them well from his time in San Lorenzo. Mas did not impress, IMO, when given a chance by Martino but Buffarini is not a bad player in my opinion, at least he is fast. Perhaps Peruzzi, Gomez, Salazar and even Mercado are better options, not sure but both Gomez and Salazar are younger which is good or bad depending how you look at it. Hopefully, Bauza will consider Tagliafico for LB, especially if he is looking for defensively sound players.

    • I like his page, thanks for posting. Bauza seems like an intelligent guy, he reads a lot and is a keen observer of the game (maybe not as obsessively as Bielsa but still). Despite the reservations that we may have we have to fall behind him and support the team.

  13. He plays a 4-2-4 with two holding midfielders and two wide players…that is a good thing! That means dimaria will play wide left with messi wide right and two other forwards!! This will help our offense because Tata was using dimaria as one of three forwards… Now we will have to wing players messi and dimaria with aguero and dyala possibility !! With mascherano and banega holding…. Maybe I am just being positive but we will know more once he chooses his players! Hopefully dyala is there and he doesn’t call inexperience local players… PS I have been watching calleri and he is under average unfortunately! Looking forward to icardi and dyala making a splash for the albiceleste soon, especially if messi takes a break

    • I think you are thinking like this:
      –mercado—otamendi—-funes mori—Rojo—-
      –Messi—————————–Di maria—

      to play that formation Messi and Di Maria have to always track back which will tire Messi for sure because he is used to take periods in the game where he just walk and never had so much defensive responsibility.
      Left and right midfielder must be good defensively, which Messi and Di Maria are not, or in case of Di maria has was never interested for us to do that.

  14. The good about Bauza..it puts an end to more debate on the coach..Messi and Mascherano are not going to play this year..leave them alone..

    The strategy should be on how Bauza chooses the team and directs the philosophy..and this should be convincing to get back the barcelona boys..Yes the barcelona boys are special..

    You need players to do the job..and not be selfish..i do not want to name any players..we have talked a lot..

  15. i prefer bielsa 10,000 times more than this guy.
    i don’t like defensive minded coach; sabella, simeone, etc.
    i want argentina with full attacking-minded coach like maradona for example.
    we have some scary forwards in the world, why should not we use them all???
    lanzini, lamela, dybala, icardi, and messi as the leader.
    but instead we revert to full defensive team and wasted all the best talents in the world. that’s why we never win anything for the last 20 years.
    but i’m going to see the players this new coach going to call.
    it would be another disaster if he still bring in di maria, higuain, aguero, lavezzi, biglia, zabaleta, rojo, romero, demichelis, or just anybody people here in mundo referred as the world cup 2014 hero.

    i will stick to younger players for argentina nt 2018, or the history will be repeated itself.

  16. Whatever his preferrred approach is I hope he’s adjustable and doesn’t have an awkward team selection. And I hope he at least juvenile the squad compare to Martino. I don’t expect anything close to an overhaul but I expect him to bring in more fresh blood into the team like Rulli, Icardi, Dybala and Angel Correa.

  17. I want to stay positive about this news. Here are the few things I am positive about –

    * Rojo and Mercado will be our fullbacks for a foreseeable future.
    * If Mascherano does not return, biglia and Augusto will be our defensive midfielders (together)
    * Di Maria is going to play our LW/LF
    * We will see some new Sosa, guniazu type players in our eleven
    * We will see some really old ideas in football like 5-3-2 or something
    * We will probably be going to Russia to play
    * We will reach the QF (hopefully)
    * We will probably score like 2 goals in 5 matches

    Good luck Bauza fixing this team. He is a good manager, but not what we needed.

    • No, not 5-3-2, lol. Unless we are playing in Bolivia at a crazy altitude. I think Sabella did that last time we played in La Paz.

      By the way, where is Sabellista? He might like our new manager a lot 🙂

      • He played that in the first game at the world cup against Bosnia, spent the whole preparation practicing that. It was a disater so he reverted to fantastic four in the 2nd half. In the second game he went fantastic four which also didn’t work because Nigeria parked the bus and countered us and and the same against Iran. Then he went 4-4-2 because of injuries and with the inclusion of Lavezzi and Perez who are made for that formation and Demichelis bringing experience to the defense we played well but another problem arose we lacked attacking power and Messi got isolated. We played this way until the 2nd half of the final then Sabella made the mistake by subbing an unfit Aguero for Lavezzi and changed the formation and it was a wrap. He simply wasn’t capable to adapt offenisiely beside fantastic four which was flawed because the teams never left us room to counterattack.

      • I think I like the guy already, according to his opinions on his website. He seems to be 1000 times more intelligent than Tata the Clown Martino. He says he enjoys offensive football despite being labeled a defensive coach already on Mundo.

        Now I want to see how he sets up his team to play. I’ll will judge his performances after 3 or 4 matches.

  18. Like everyone else i wanted a coach prefer attack and bring back real Argentine football again but considering the situation i am happy with the choice. It wasn’t just hire ,it was bound to get him. There wasn’t much choice anyway. I just wish he sort the fuck out of our offence and their mentality. Could be worse if they go for some other clown. Thank God.

  19. Reading the press Messi and the players refused to get involved who becomes the coach, all they said privately is that they want to play like Barca.
    We all know Sabella was primary a defensive coach, but to please Messi and the other players he tried the fantastic four 4-2-4 formation which worked in the qualifiers and friendlies because our opponents attacked more and we countered them scoring many goals.
    At the world cup it failed because every team parked the bus against us, no room for counters.
    Bauza first move according to him is going to be to convince Messi which I think will not happen so soon so Bauza will rely on experienced players to secure qualifications and when we have achieved this he will try to convince Messi by playing “attacking football” just like Sabella did…this is where our success hinges on!
    He will try to seduce Messi It’s inevitable!AFA needs money.
    It would be ideal if he would come up with something in between where we attack and defend as a team.
    Is he capable doing that? or is he just like many defensive minded coaches who only know to play their way and aren’t capable playing any other way or to adapt.
    He will try to adapt on that ability hings our success.

    • I can’t believe i am saying this! Do you think a Brazilian club will hire a Argentine coach only for not attack? Brazilian people prefer attacking football and Sau Paulo is known club for their flair and fame. They hired him even Brazilian board considered him for their NT job. So he must be something don’t you think? Yes he likes to play defensive on occasion but he changes his tactics depend on situation aswell. That’s what experience and real tactician does. He used to play 4-2-2-2 but recently he used alot 4-2-3-1. It’s wrong information you got that he stick with oldie,he did give chance Correa and Calleri and like others few young players too. In this situation of ours no coach in the WORLD will come and get rid of old players. Team needs to be stability now not live in unstable environment. He has been worked with some mediocre players so far in his coaching carrier but achieved big enough(people don’t care South American success) so far. Let’s see what can he do with those talents we have. It’s not that WE didn’t want BIELSA,he didn’t want to come. Like i said no one wanted to come and step on MUD but Bauza did so RESPECT for him.

      • Don’t be fooled about that Bielsa picture. I was against Bielsa like no other in here. I put that there as a sign of respect for some friends in here to support him because they insisted he is the answer and because I am willing to do everything for the good of the team.
        Sadly was proven right, Bielsa is a coward! was let down.

        Brazil was stupid to hire Scolari again, Dunga again, Menezes all wer a disaster waiting to happen and I used to laugh about their choices, so don’t use that argument it weaker.

        I will make you a deal, the same I did with the other friends in here that supported Bielsa. I will put Paton in there and will support him as a sign of respect for you as you insist.
        Will he also let m down?

  20. IMO a good choice. When I mentioned his name a long time ago I said that he plays ugly but he knows how to win tournaments and to be honest that’s the most important thing right now after 3 lost finals.
    I do warn you all that his team/player selection will likely upset everyone here because Argentina is in the middle of the WCQ so he’s not gonna be inducting the youth into the senior team but rather using already established players or ones that he has coached before.

  21. In the other thread I made my opinion known! nothing against him, I think he is a capable coach for what he does just think his vision doesn’t coincide with ours.
    He wants apple but we are orange.
    I voiced my displeasure about this hire, but I am a team player so I will support him and the team to the end, even if it means I am the only supporter.
    My expectations are not high, but I believe in the players, some of our players are so good that no matter what you throw at them they fight through it and give their best.
    I believe some of our players have something to prove and will just do that.
    They will prove that they are the best, not to Brazil, Germany, England but to their biggest enemy the AFA!
    I truly believe in them and they will make us proud.

    • I think you are right, most of us would like to see a free flowing, attacking football. El Paton is the antithesis of that approach. A nation that produced a wealth of attacking talent might be wasted by ultra-defensive tactics. It was not the defence that let us down in three finals in a row, it was the attack. Hence, I was hoping to get a coach that could help us in that department.

      • Hypothetically speaking looking at the Italian players right now and the Italian federation hires someone who wants to play attacking football I would oppose that because you can’t play attacking football with Eder, Pelle and Giacherini who are average at best so the logical conclusion is to bank on the defense where your strengths lie: Juve defense and defensive midfielders, who are taught to play that way.
        Am I saying something not logical?

        • Absolutely! We are Argentina and our strength is in attack. I hope Bauza realizes that and adapts to the kind of players available to him.

  22. Relatively a good choice considering the options..but what would be his footballing approach? Is he attacking or defensive type of coach?

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