Edgardo BAUZA: “Most important challenge of my career”


New Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA took the media on Tuesday to talk about his new position.

BAUZA spoke about Lionel MESSI, the players and the team. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have not contacted MESSI or anyone in his family. The idea is to speak to PEREZ and after that to travel to speak with MESSI. It’s not about convincing MESSI but to talk to him. Those of us who have worked in football know the frustrations. I won’t make major changes in the first call-ups. It’s important that these players lead the way.”

“I’m one of those who think that everyone should attack and everyone should defend.”

“Surely HIGUAIN will be there. We have to support him and give him confidence. MASCHERANO could play as a central defender but also has great timming in being the number 5 of the team. I think about TEVEZ just like all the other players. He’s a player that nobody can put into question.”

“It’s the most important challenge of my career. And I told Armando PEREZ today: I’m grabbing onto this and I’m giving it my all. If today I don’t dream about bringing the World Cup to the Pope and more so with Argentina, I should devote myself to another profession.”


  1. if he says that he will consider higuain and tevez, it means that he will get rid of players like icardi, dybala, etc. the only problem is whom to get rid of, is it the toothless oldies or dynamic youngsters?

  2. Being biased in is not a good thing!
    As soon as Martino took charge many of us knew it would be a disaster including some people who are now saying “don’t judge Bauza now” – Why did you judge Martino then?
    Judging Martino before he direct his first game is okay but Bauza not – is that not biased.
    you criticized Martino for many of the things Bauza wants to do.

    People who think only tactics win games are fooling themselves.
    People who thinks selecting players win games are also fooling themselves.
    Tactics and right players win you games.

    every system has proven to win titles, you just have to adapt to the skill of your players.
    I am not against defensive football or attacking football. I want a balanced team who defends and attacks as a unit.
    We failed playing defensive and attacking football, because to play defensive football we simply don’t have the personal, more defenders doesn’t mean better defense, capable defenders means better defense so to protect the defense we put more defensive minded players which in attack we lose power and become unbalanced.
    The same happened when we played attacking football, we put more offensive minded players in hoping more attack but lost in defense where we often got countered, and where unbalanced usually 6 defenders and 4 attackers, the 4 attackers usually watch how the 6 defenders defend and are outnumbered.
    I like coaches who adapt to the personal, just look at the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson wanted them to play the Triangle with all cost, it didn’t work because it simply doesn’t fit the personal he has and there is no Jordan or Kobe to make it work, even his stubbornness has realized that it will not work so he wants to adapt or change it.
    in formation, age, etc that is what I want to play to the strengths of the team!

      • He was great for Paraguay and Newells and Luis Enrique didn’t inherent the same squad he got LUIS SUAREZ(you know the best scorer in La Liga!) and their coach died.
        I was one the most vocal against Martino too, but don’t be biased to leave all those facts out!

        • Are you trying to now to convince me that Tata was not a lousy coach or just start a debate on how biased people were against Tata? What sympathy do you want for the worst coach of Argentina in the last 20 years? I hate Tata more than some of you hate Higuain here.
          Tata was not the capable guy from day 1. That season with Newell’s old Boys was a one season wonder. Well even Juan Antonio Pizzi has that title to his name.

          • I was against Tata more than you, but don’t try to rewrite history he lead Paraguay 1/4 final and lost only after Oscar Cardozo missed the penalty against the future champion Spain. He lead Paraguay to the Copa Final one year later. He lead Newells to the title and took Barcelona in crisis when their coach died and NO Luis Enrique didn’t inherent the same team he bought Luis Suarez, at the end he lost the title because he tried to please his critics, and that is what he tried to do for us. He is a good coach but was not what we needed and it was clear from day one, he will have success wherever he goes next!
            The same I thought for your Idol SABELLA, and I think the same about Bauza.
            Don’t try to rewrite history because people like me call you out!

          • Move on dude. I have no time for ego contests. Tata didn’t have Suarez but he Sanchez and Neymar playing as wingers and they looked lost. Both players improved when their coaches changed. If that is not enough to tell how unqualified your favorite coach was to start with.

          • I am happy that Martino is out. He never was the boss of the team. The only one who needs to move on is you, because you have been crying about Sabella for 2 years, even hoping the team fails just because Sabella is not the coach anymore! Sabella was a failure just like Martino, luck ran out against Germany.

          • Sabellista
            Messi was isolated after the group games and didn’t score so he didn’t unlock anything.
            But OK now that you said it’s your opinion, I respect it.
            thank you for the discussion.
            wish you luck.

    • Whatever man Sabella is a more successful and intelligent coach than Tata. He has won a Libertadores and he showed us how Messi can replicate his Barca form for the NT. That was Blueprint for any coach but yes that fool Tata destroyed it. Our most powerful weapon was reduced to deep lying playmaker That’s why Tata will remain worse than Sabella. I’m done with this petty argument. Have your opinion, me mine whether biased or not. It doesn’t bother me anymore now that the space Tata was wasting is filled by a real coach.

  3. the next qualifiers are on the corner so there no issue going with the old guard for now but change will come no doubt.
    I am not expecting him to go on rant how terrible higuian is and old tevez is etc,His diplomatic answer is sensible.
    I am more concerned with The idiot journalists in argentina who are asking tevez at this point.
    I liked the last sentences about bringing the trophy it shows the confidence and the believe this coach has.
    Some already criticizing him before he even takes charge. Typical argentina fans.

  4. Omg guys!!! Chillax!!
    He obviously can’t get rid of some players just like that. It will make more mess than solving the problem we having now. Guys just think about with calm head. He is more than qualified. Look at his CV for God sake. About Tevez quote i think it was just philosophy to the press.

    • “He obviously can’t get rid of some players just like that”. –

      He obviously can and he absolutely should! Do you really want Higuain and tevez again in national team?

      • I don’t think playing with this line up Argentina would have a problem with qualified. Even if some players are unexperienced. At the same time line up like this would be perspective and enough consolidated on WC. What I mean is: it’s important to play the new players fortwith because in the end of qualifiers everyone will say “it’s too late for changes and to introduce new faces”. So if we will have Higuain in qualifiers we will have him on WC as well:


        • Gonzalo my friend I have to say that I really like your lineup and I would choose almost the exact squad with the exception of salvio and gomez.
          Like you I watched Gomez at the primera and the kid seems to be the real thing however I still want to wait and see how he does at the olympics before I give him a starting berth right in the middle of the WCQ. So for now I will stick with Mercado who has been quite reliable if not spectacular.
          As for Salvio well I would put Lamela in his place mainly because I’ve seen alot more of coco than salvio and I think he would do quite well as a hard working RF who can simultaneously attack and defend like Bauza wants. But with that being said Salvio isn’t half bad either.

          • I have impression that GOmez is strong mentally and without hung-up. Such players are able to jump on highest level and play his best even without experience. It’s just early impression but it’s very possible he is like that.

            With Lamela I have big problem. A lot of fans of him here but for me he is not the one we need.

      • Istique
        I don’t want to be rude and I am saying nicest possible way that REAL world doesn’t work as we WRITE here whatever we want. I don’t want Tevez or Higuain. Speccially Higuain who once i supported but i am suffocated by him now. But in REAL world in this situation no coach in this WORLD will come and just chopping some players. Again i am not rude but it’s not PS3. Being a coach you handle alot more than just swapping player in PS3. He said he won’t change alot players as he wants the group and get the results which is important for his first 2 games comparing the time he has for difficult QUALIFICATIONS. Anyone would do same who thinks from mind not emotions.

    • I concur, his CV is greater than Bielsa’s. He knows what he is doing. If it was up to Mundo, Argentina would start a WCQ match with probably 8 rookies.
      It might be ballsy but the flipside would make any coach look dumber than Tata. This is not PS fantasy football, experienced players know how to take advantage of the inexperienced ones no matter how talented in reality.

      • There is no reason to think that Icardi will do worse than Higuain in qualifiers. Tagliafico is guarantee of best defence. Lanzini is carefull player and will better than DI Maria. GOmez? Plaease to look Olimpic Games.

  5. I think Bauza is talking some sense..He did not say he will not make changes..he said not in the first callups..

    Also..the current team has reached finals..multiple times..it is not bad at all..it needs fine tuning and more ruthlessness..

    We want to see new faces..agreed..lets wait till the list comes out..

  6. This man is talking about Tevez. Absolutely crazy. I am losing hope. Does not have the guts to make changes. Retrograde screwball

  7. It is obvious: to play with the old guard is very attractive perspective for each new coach but it’s short-sighted. It’s enticement because Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, Biglia, and the rest are guarantee that we will be in Russia. Yes, guarantee. With their experience. But is that all to be in Russia? I’m sure we need a lot of new players to do something unexpected for our rivals in Russia. The old guard is guarantee of participate in Russia and guarantee of lost there.

    It’s still the same lack of courage of our coaches. Still the same deja vu. No one have balls to do sane revolution. They are just cowards, short-sighted cunctators who are just worrying that if they take young players for qualifiers Argentina may do not play in Russia so it’s better at least reach the Russia and then lost. It’s always less compromised than lost in qualifiers. It’s exactly this kind of thinking. It’s the worst kind of conservatism. It’s not stabilization. It’s stagnation. If you do not step forward you are in regress.

    If you want win something you must take a risk. I don’t see a risk in Argentina NT for a long time. That’s why we still didn’t deserve for a win.

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