Strong rumors of Edgardo BAUZA as new coach


Strong rumors out of Argentina that Edgardo BAUZA has been chosen as the new manager of Argentina.

The rumors coming out of Argentina are that out of the three candidates (Ramon DIAZ, Edgardo BAUZA and Miguel Angel RUSSO), BAUZA is the one that has gotten the job. An announcement could be made in the next few hours. There are also rumors that should that be the case, Jorge BURRUCHAGA could join his coaching staff.

BAUZA has won two Copa Libertadores titles. One with Quito in 2008 and one as recent as the 2014 edition with San Lorenzo.


  1. I hope he doesnt copy paste previously selection..especialy forward and fullback…i wwnt mark him at first selection..if he call aguero and higuain…he down to me

  2. I would love to have EL LOCO,Sampaoli,Galardo (Simeone was never going to happen) but it was not possible. Bauza isn’t bad choice for Argentina. The guy actually considered to replace Dunga for Brazil coach but obviously it wouldn’t be happening because he is Argentine. But Bauza was Brazil short list and Strong contender. His age and experience quite suit NT job. I wish him very best. Hope we can learn crawling again as we starting from ZERO and completely new era.

  3. ROY/Mundo staff,

    Would love to see a post and details on our new coach. People who doesn’t know him would get a idea about the new DT since you all are doing excellent job )

  4. wonderful another exercise of “shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic”

    their are many things to be incredibly frustrated about but why does it seem those who have taken all of this money and left us the worlds no 1 team bankrupt, why are these people not having charges pressed against? them and why are they not being named? and where are they?.
    i want answers and i want heads to roll for what they have done over the last 20 pus years as this corruption is not new its historical (20 plus years) right up to today.

  5. Look of course i wanted biesla,sampoali and simeone but everybody knew that they weren’t coming especially with the afa being a mess at this moment.all im saying is that it could have been worse like russo,diaz or even caruso

  6. After an hour long walk…I feel so sad that I could cry…many of you will laugh about this but you will feel my pain in 2 years.

    Counterattacking have you seen the world cup 2014, which team have attacked us to counterattack them? the opponent must attack in order for us to counterattack. It’s useless because nobody except for Germany or Brazil attacks us in a tournament.
    don’t get fooled by qualifiers, there it worked for Sabella but at the world cup it failed horribly because nobody attacked us.

    All complained that we are limited or players are isolated in attack! What do we do hire a coach who does just that limits and isolates us in attack.

    We don’t have the best defenders, or goalkeeper(a reserve in his club)playing defensively we will put defensive minded players in midfield to protect them, we will put central defenders as full backs to protect them which will result in isolation 1 against 8 in attack.
    That’s what Sabella did, we never didn’t score a goal in 3 matches!
    scoring goals wins you games.
    and this is what Bauza will do!

    we needed a coach who introduces younger players in the team because on average our squad is the oldest team probably in the world.
    What do we do?
    we hire a coach who likes old players.

    the vultures day has arrived they have smelled blood players like buffarini and Calleri have already come out overjoyed that Bauza is the new coach because the tradition continues the national team will be a friends party no friend no entry! We don’t care about merit we care who is friends with whom.

    Yes he is like Sabella, he will act just like him in all the points mentioned.
    For you being like Sabella is good, for me is a nightmare a horror.
    I was against Sabella before hiring, during his tenure and always will be.
    People say if Higuain or Palacio score we would be champion. I say if Switzerland didn’t hit the post we would went out 1/8 final. If Robben didn’t get heroically stopped by Mascherano busting his ass open we would have gone home, or if we bottled the penalties like we usually do. See it could work both ways when you play russian roulette, we beat Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands but luck ran out against Germany, you can’t rely sole on luck, the same happened in 1990!
    I was against Sabella fbefore he was hired, during his tenure, and I was totally right. Just look after Germany scored there wasn’t anybody on the bench to change the game in the last 10 minutes because Sabella choose to play russian roulette and leave the weapons at hope that could have saved us or at least gave a fight. after Germany scored it was like in racing when you do an extra round to celebrate and so did the Germans.

    • Enough with the negativity, please. Give him time and see what happens. Do not judge him after 1, 2, 3, 4 games.

      Nobody wants to log in and see more crying and complaining.

      • Jack
        I was expecting you!
        Through all this years you and I do the same thing:
        – I complain and cry like you said but but all my complains and cries sadly proven to come true.
        – You try to spread positivity by saying “give him a chance” “we will win” and complain about negativity just to be proven wrong.
        For Gods sake, just for once I hope you are right and I am wrong.

        …if you don’t like my comments just skip and don’t read them, problem solves!

        • Nothing good comes from negativity. It is poor energy. Trust me, I have skipped plenty of your messages, as my posting has dropped drastically over the last few years. As for you being “right” over the years, well, it is a lot easier to predict failure than victory.

          Just chill out Brospeh Stalin.

          • It not easier it’s common sense!
            realism not negativity.

            “Big fish” Edward Bloom don’t exaggerate all the coaches abilities tricking people here who have respect for you in to believing in them just to get disappointed later on.

    • So what’s your point? Tell me what would you do if you are in that position? There are no money. Best coach are available we cannot afford them or pay for them. Bauza is best decision to be made . Who said he can’t play attacking? He can play attacking football with compact defence too. He change his tactics depend on opposition. He is good tactician in my view out of all three. I don’t blame Perez. He did best to get Bielsa, Simeone or Sampaoli. But couldn’t work any of those plan? It could be worse than THIS. Just move on dude and let’s hope for best. Let’s see if he can convince Messi & Masche for important qualify.

      • If you want to throw a World cup, why not select a coach like Diego Cocca who is young, willing to learn and has upside? he is free.
        Jason my friend I have moved on, but you haven’t!
        I have come to the realization that we have lost 2018, and have accepted our sad faith, while you fool yourself thinking we will win, you will join me in 2018!
        Nothing of our problems were addressed, they will continue.
        the same things were said for Basile, Maradona, Batista, Sabella and Martino yet I am still waiting for that “positivity” to turn in trophies.

        • So what did you earn for yourself by doing this? Nothing. I don’t see any trophy either by negative comments and self misery. Same result as mine. So why not for change think positive together and bring atleast happiness for self and around you all. Those corrupt people never listen to public or MUNDO. They never will. Despite Sampaoli situation no one really wanted to come and take step in MUD.

          • No the same result, my approach would built for the future, while this will risk 2022.

            How do you want me to be positive?
            2006 I was the most positive fan lost now I am realist not negative lost.
            It doesn’t matter if I am positive or negative. the team’s success doesn’t depend on my attitude because I am a nobody. It doesn’t depend on any of us. it depends on the people who make the actively make decisions like afa, coaches and players.
            all we can do is turn the other cheek or at least show displeasure, neither voice will be heard.
            I can’t lie to myself thinking we will win 2018…nothing wrong with that.

  7. Team,

    We just want someone for the interim period, it doesn’t matter if it is Bauza or anyone..we just need to play some friendly against rich non-footballing nations to pull some cash..

    Good if it would be Bauza, as he would have some plan..

  8. Some of You guys are overreacting. He is better right now considering all the situation you compare and all the option are avaliable. No money,no honey. It could be worse if he is not chosen,so wish carefully guys. Plus he ain’t far behind from Sabella. No one liked Sabella first aswell. Bauza is not end of the World right now. Russo is!

  9. Things I always look for in a manager: 1. winning record in knockout competitions, 2. defensive solidarity. IMO attacking football works for those who have already had recent success. We are having a 23 years long trophy drought. I think counter attacking football is the best solution for us. This is why I was happy with Sabella. Sabella took us to a WC final, probably the best achievement during the last 23 years. Our players just couldn’t put the ball into the net. If the last pragmatic guy could take us to a WC final, hopefully this one can win it. I stopped watching Tata’s team because I felt hopeless from the start. Now with Bauza, a new project begins. All the best.

  10. I am pissed off about this, F Perez and FIFA especially that guy who choose Perez to lead the commission.I am going out for a walk have to digest waiting another 6 years at least for a World cup, Drunks taking the joy from the game.

  11. People said Batista will be good.
    People said Maradona will be good.
    People said Sabella will be good.
    People said Martino will be good…and I and some others were criticized for speaking up against this guys which lost us titles by their selfish decision making and stubbornness.
    I think people who hired and supported them should apologize but it’s not that way, they again get to choose the next coach who will do just the same as the previous coaches and after he fails they will again get to choose the same f loop over and over again…yet somehow people are surprised that we lose, we lose because we hire incompetent coaches and they do incompetent things.
    O please don’t bring up that he coached Quito or those small teams and won because we are no f small team we need a man who things big not small and knows how to deal with stars, we are not quito or some small football team.

    • No coach is perfect. we just forget their mistakes when they win the tournament and keep looking back at their mistakes when they fail. because failure hurts.

  12. This is good for all who hate the Argentinian team…they will be happy seeing us throw away yet another World cup,,,
    Bauza will play defensive football without world class defenders, just like Martino playing possession football with Biglia and Mascherano.
    You choose a coach that fits your players not a coach that has a plan of playing against the strengths of its players.
    Hello old players.
    Hello centrbacks as full backs.
    Hello isolation in attack.
    Hello ex san lorenzo players.
    Hello buffarini.
    Hello Calleri.
    stupidity doing the same thing over and over again and await a different outcome.
    It kills me seeing my favorite team self-sabotaging itself, death is certain and that Argentina losing the next World cup is also certain.
    don’t fool yourself, be prepared for losing because it will be easier accepting it in 2018 or if we make it there.

    F Fifa, they did this to us by choosing a 71 year old fart to select a coach. Perez doesn’t even know the name of the coach he selected, what a joke, he forget his name man.
    this makes me sad, knowing beforehand you gonna lose is the biggest torture as a fan you can get, waiting another 6 years for sure even then some other drunk will take charge and we lose that also.
    what a curse!

  13. Ohh well. I think he is better than other two. I was certain Russo going to be the coach but it’s not that bad. He is good tactician. Ton of experience.

  14. He is guarantee of high level but unfortunately I’m pretty certain he will play with the old guard.

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