Edgardo BAUZA to be officially presented


Tomorrow will be the official presentation of Edgardo Bauza as the new coach of the Argentina national team.

There will be a press conference at 4:00pm local time in Ezeiza at the AFA facilities. His first duty will be to seek out Lionel Messi and to basically have a football chat with him.  He insists that he will not try to convince him of anything as there is nothing for him to convince him on.



    • I see Olarticoechea banks on the proven success of central defenders as fullbacks…Yes Yes Yes this is what we always must do, also 2 defensive midfielders. I am so happy!
      Thank God that our coach continues the great work of Basile, Maradona, Sabella, Martino.
      I really would hate it if someone breaks that tradition.

      • Actually Mauricio Martinez is a bit like Enzo so rather offensive one DM, CM. But you are right Ghostdeini it’s very likely Olarticoechea is another knucklehead.

    • Whats new? another Argentine manager playing Cb in fullback position. Happens all the time!

      I could be wrong, but if its a 3-4-3 then it should be okay, but I highly doubt that.

  1. I hope Paton achieve with the national team. His system and style of play is not bad but we don want to be a more defensive team. I hope to see some young player on the team

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