Match Highlights: Argentina get important 3 points in win


It wasn’t easy but Argentina managed a 2-1 win against Algeria.

A match involving two red cards, several saves by RULLI and guilt edge chances missed by Jonathan CALLERI were all part of Julio OLARTICOECHEA”s plan… Alright, maybe it wasn’t. However, Argentina remain alive in the tournament.

Victor CUESTA picked up a second yellow card and was sent off in first half injury time. But it was Angel CORREA who gave 10 men Argentina the lead in the 48th minute. Algeria equalised shortly after but it was Jonathan CALLERI who scored the game winning goal to give his team the important win.

In between it all was a massive Jonathan CALLERI miss and a Cristian PAVON shot that hit the post (which he should have passed to SIMEONE for a tap in).

Angel CORREA’s goal:

Jonathan CALLERI’s goal:

Jonathan CALLERI big miss:

Jonathan CALLERI header miss:

Cristian PAVON post:


  1. Rulli, Ascacibar, Correa – as Argentine commentators were saying 3 pillars of our team. But Correa still must improve and still could be more altruistic. It’s just only his first good game.

    Calleri is worse that Higuain without form. Not a fan od Simeone but he just must play.
    Pavon – not bad
    Gomez- this time was very good in defense mostly
    Gianetti – things to improve but I see him in future with this agressive style as new Otamendi
    Soto – in defense not perfect but technical skills still pleasure for eyes
    Martinez – better as CB than CM
    Lo Celso – nothing special in this match but should play as player with more calm style and that’s not all good what he can to play.

    • and Cuesta – I’m dissapointed a bit by him in the tournament. He didn’t deserved for Red but he is not playing like capitan nad leader. I think he is not integrated well as the only one who is much over 23. He just feels not to fit.

      • If that me..I will select over 23 for posting midfield and front..2 midfield 1 forward..d alesandro Maxi Rodriguez and German Denis..all senior domestic players

  2. The goal scored by Calleri was not even a decent effort,it bounced and rebounced to the goal,then missed an easy header and an easy tap-in.Pavon could have easily passed it and it would be the easiest tap in for Simeone,but choose to be selfish.

    The players are simply not good enough or immature.You can’t win a tournament with them,neither any of them 100% deserve to be in nt,except Rulli.

    • Mafiso, I’m actually frigging glad the ball rebounded off him and went in. Had Calleri had a chance to actually shoot the ball again, he probably would have missed it 🙂

      • Yeah! Never seen a striker doing so bad with sky blue color.He is so bad that he can’t be even a Higuain.!You need to reach final and miss a sitter there to be a Higuain.With Calleri,passing the group stage is a big ask!

        • Haha, I feel bad for Higuain man. He has the skills, the ability and the track record. One doesn’t become the Serie A’s top scorer in 50 years by sucking it.

          It’s the mental ability at THAT MOMENT on the biggest stage – and we are talking like a World Cup final , Copa Final etc. He has not delivered on that biggest platform. Sure, he bottled it (so did others). But for him to be turned into such a scapegoat is a bit rough.

          The manager should look at calling up other options (Icardi etc etc) to see how they fare in the set-up and how they are able to perform at the highest level.

          Problem is – we won’t know till we get there :-). There is no proof that Icardi or anyone else won’t bottle it . All we can do is pray we get more chances, and hope our guys convert!

          And man, Higuain (For Juve) against west ham looks so frigging out of shape! Looks about 6 months preggos. He’s been hitting the pizzas really hard I think.

  3. Ascaciber….you beauty. I pray he stay only right path. Full of potential. His tracking and man marking remind me of Masche. And bytheway we need to burn down our number 9 shirt…

      • no on correa as has a lot to learn, one good game from him does not make up for many less then good games.
        he needs to work hardier,
        stop being a chicken head,
        relise he is playing in a team and the classic “know when to hold it and know pass it” as we see him far to ofturn try to do every thing. sadly is reminding me to much of di maria but he is young and has time on his side.

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