New national team coach Edgardo Bauza has finally met with Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO in Barcelona today. Neither Messi nor Mascherano have made any comments to the press after the meeting, which lasted for more than an hour.

Bauza stated after speaking with the Argentine newspaper Ole as: “We didn’t speak about his return. We just had a little talk about football…I’ll be calling him in a few days.” He then said… “Let’s see if this chat has helped.”

He also stated: “I am naturally an optimist because in my life I am like that, but it’s a personal decision and I don’t want to interfere.”

Bauza is expected to return to Argentina on Friday.  The deadline to submit squads for the September World Cup 2018 qualifying matches is next Friday August 16. Argentina’s first match is at home against Uruguay on September 1st and then on the 6th of September they will play their second qualifier against host Venezuela. There’s also a possibility that Messi does not play the qualifiers in September but instead returns for the two October qualifiers against Peru and Paraguay.

What do you guys think? Will he be back? Would you prefer him to come back in October after taking a longer period off? What’s better for the team?



  1. Whether Messi or no Messi debate is the usual Mundo circus, but it’s important for Bauza to know first hand. So he did the right thing there by talking to Leo and Jefe instead of acting like an egomaniac coach because that will help him with his game plans. Personally I prefer that Bauza forms a team that can win without Leo and then add him to the equation to boost up the attack later when the team learns to win games regardless who is in the line up.

    Now what is worth paying attention to is how we play the next matches. It’s not even about who is called up it’s about getting the job done with organized football.
    The question is can Bauza bring back the balance, grit and the wolf pack mentality we lost during Tata era?
    The body language and some objective comments in interviews about Tata’s tactics indicated to me that the players were not enjoying themselves on the pitch. Even if with the AFA circus on, if Bauza can make Argentina play good football that players enjoy, those problems will not come into effect.

  2. let me tell you this again.

    there is no doubt i want most talented young players in the team for russia 2018.

    but i never say i want to throw all those previous players into the mud and let the young team carry on the torch.
    that is simply outrageous and plain STEWWWPID.

    what we need is a balance squad, team and first eleven on the pitch.

    we can’t simply throw most 19-24 years of age kind of players into our first 11 in russia, that would be horrendous. it’s not even laughable.

    we need a balance squad and all.
    and YES, we still need MESSI, and his previous mates such as GARAY, and even ZABALETA, BANEGA, and OTAMENDI and few more.
    we can’t simply throw all of them away, RIDICULOUS.
    but we also should have seen the youngsters already in the squad in the next few months because it’s a must for them gaining all these big experiences before reaching the final days.

    so, yes, a balance squad is needed.

  3. I worship the ground that messi walks on but I’m not gonna stand here and make the claim that messi is infallible. He let the team down in 2014 final with a horrible miss (for a player of his rare caliber) and again in 2016 against Chile with that god awful penalty.
    IMO Romero is the only member of the NT who is yet to the let the team down in a competitive tournament and his reward is fans always calling for him to be replaced!

    I love the ‘messi generation’ and will remember them fondly. Kun, pipita, dimaria, banega, biglia, zabaleta and Rojo have all performed admirably for the national team at important moments but sadly they have all come up short in the last 3 finals and it’s time for them to move on.
    Luckily for us that despite of the current chaotic state of the AFA, the nation has an ample amount of talent to carry the team through 2018 and I think we all agree that it’s time for Icardi, Dybala, Lamela, Lanzini, Cartabia, Correa, Pereyra, Kranevitter, Paredes, Tagliafico, Rulli and possibly Ascicabar and Gomez to be integrated into the senior team.
    I totally understand that Bauza can’t just throw these kids in smack in the middle of the WCQ, but call them up and let them get to know eachother, and give them some minutes so they can get their feet wet and who knows, by 2018 they may just be ready to take the country over that last nagging hurdle.

  4. “Where all think alike no one thinks very much”
    Walter Lippman

    Up until now everyone here thought:
    “Messi is doing everything right, he is saint and untouchable – the rest is guilty. Higuain is guilty, Di Maria is guilty, Aguero, ROjo, Biglia, Romero, Banega…”

    Even if there were some memebers who thought different way almost nobody would dare to say this loud. It was totalitarianizm of thought. People must break his dogmatic nap.

    • Gonzalo… it’s interesting the way you quote walter lippman.
      only fact is, not everybody here thinks the same. it’s not that hard to see this in mundo. you are the only one who abruptly came here and claim and want and urge that all people here should extremely change themselves exactly into you, so that everybody can be looked at “being different” in ideas and opinions. how lame is that??? and can you call that as rather totalitarianism in it sense???

      man, i lived being a simply anarchist libertarian for years and years man. i know what kind of person you ought to be if you continue being exactly what you are now; trying to dominate others into the way you are thinking, and your way of thoughts with some rather smart ideas you’ve been given here as always.
      not gonna happened man, despite earlier i’m saying that i can find stupid people in mundo, truth is, most people here are smarter than you and me.
      when you say something loud, that doesn’t mean people should agree with you, even when they for sure can hear you.

      honestly, you should stick to what you do best here in mundo:

      given us some brief information on argentinian local league and players.

      • “trying to dominate others into the way you are thinking”

        Travis, I always supporting my thoughts factual and inteligible arguments unlike a lot of Messi fanboys who are just standing fast and stamping with feets if only anyone is daring to finger stumbles of his fetish.
        And unlike most of their (including you) I try not to cry atleast as stadium hooligan laughing out other opinion.

        I feel like before last WC when perhaps I was the one who dared to critic Higuain. People were claiming: you idiot. Now it’s common view and your too.
        I have not monopoly for truth and I don’t need your agree. All the Messi fanboyism may think still the same if only Bauza will be over all that and will able to recognise what Messi did wrong.

  5. Argentina Football Clubs refused to arrange medical care for Messi when he was 12 years old and left him to himself. What has Argentina done for Messi since then? It is conceivable that we would miss out on opportunities to watch Messi play if he had stayed in Argentina. Thus, I am very thankful to FC Barcelona for what they have done for Leo. If I were Messi, I would have chosen the Spain National Football Team when the Royal Spanish Football Federation asked a long time ago. I don’t know why Messi chose Argentina over Spain.

  6. I feel somewhat pity for Messi because he threw away an opportunity to play together with Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta in NT and must be patient with Maradona, Higuain, AFA and insulters who never appreciate what Messi had given up for Argentina. Argentina had derived benefit from Leo’s fame and could reach the finals with him in spite of the mess. Kids know Argentina because of Lionel Messi. I am living in South Korea and soccer fans here say that Lionel Messi owes Argentina Nothing and Argentina wants Messi back because they need an escape goat.
    Do you believe Messi asked AFA assign a NT manager to Maradona-Sabella-Martino-Bauza? Do you think Messi asked the manager to create football tactics and lineup for his interests? I think Messi did his best as a player in Argentina National Team and did not play “political” game with AFA or manager.

  7. Leo does not use his fame and position power for his personal interests. He does not show off and his leadership shines when he plays with Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr. and world-class stars in FCB. The players say it is an honor to play with Messi in team and they don’t say Messi lacks the character to be a leader. Messi does not say things that might hurt other player’s sentiment. But Argentines said harsh words to Messi and blamed everything on him. It is commonly said that Messi was treated badly in Argentina. Enough is enough. Argentina had better deal with their problems like Maradona, AFA, and the stupid media before blaming Messi.

    • Thanks Bro for reminding everyone, we are Argentina and not Messitina…
      Messi is our asset no doubt but he is in no way greater than Argentina…

      • The problem is when some people can’t imagine that Argentina always was one of the best teams in the world, even if they had not Messi or Maradona, even if they were ending with catasrophe (2002) – always among the top teams, always among pretendents to title. They can’t realize Argentina without Messi because most of them started to supporting Argentina when Messi emerged (2006/2007) and I am not sure which team they would be to support now if Messi was, for example, Spanish player. I wonder how many of them will be here still when Messi will end his NT career.

        Messi still may be our best player and best part but only as a team player, only as one of eleven. We need new definitions of Argentina these days. Either Messi will back with quite different attitude to that from Copa Final or it will be better he won’t back.

      • I completely agree with all your points gonzalo..subconsciously he seemed to hv gotten too excited and was indeed trying to win it all by himself although he would’ve been equally gratified if someone else did it anyway..

        looking at his futile forwards and some of his teammates, i believe he felt too much and unnecessary pressure in the end and hence made the abrupt decision to retire…

        We are argentina and we should be able to build a near perfect team even without him…like u said, messi should just be the icing on the cake

        • Perhaps even Messi want to see this team winning without him to recover his faith in winning a tournament. But I don’t see Argentina winning with Messi unless his role will be modest. I have vision that in 2018 WC he is someone after his best, someone a bit forgotten and then – when rivals will left him alone – he will emerge once again and score for us an important goal. Maybe just one, but very important.

          • hahaha i don’t mind being crazy and all, but…
            you guys are stupid and dumb.

            you guys basis on that one video put by gonzalo and by that one particular match and then boommm, whammm…”ARGENTINA WILL BE BETTER WITHOUT MESSI”

            do you guys realize how stupid is that statement sounds now especially argentina on the brink of not qualify for the wc 2018????

            Gonzalo… i have always respect your opinion, but today i have to say, this one opinion of yours is way too crappy and full of shit.

            do you even know how messi is labelled as the greatest footballer of our generation???
            please look at that video again and again and again by yourself and you will get the idea.
            and that is if you are clever enough.


          • “please look at that video again and again and again by yourself and you will get the idea”.

            What idea? The only thing that I may see on video is Messi can’t dribble through 3-4 defenders and you still want to say “it’s everything ok with him”. Ok. Let’s beat with head at he wall still. You think you may drop Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain and the rest and we will see new team? No way man. The new generation will be in the shadow of Messi and Messi will try do it all by himself in crucial moment.

            We should drop well known players byt we need change Messi mentality too.

  8. “Messi would love nothing more than to see his fellow teammates be on the same page with him and could care less about scoring, just like he does with the chicken head and Saber-tooth”.

    Maybe he love to see his fellow teammates but apparently in Barcelona and sometimes some easy games in Argentina. But not in COpa Final. He didn not want to see his teammates there. You want to deny what is so obvious on video? Why he dribble with 3-4 defenders losing the ball instead to pass? Is it brainless or egoistic? Please one more time:

    • i do not know why on earth when he receives the ball , the first thing that comes to his mind is to pass 1 or 2 players. he did not do those things while playing with Barcelona.
      Bauza must change this attitude , if messi really decided to return back from his retirement.

      • Messi isn’t tactician and he has no wide perspective when he is on pitch. He wanted eagerly but he have not seen it’s just beating with head against the wall. So he needs someone over him who is enough smart and who has enough courage to talk about his blunders and not to whimper only about his come back.

        I hope Bauza is the one. He semms to be strong chatacter man.

        • “i do not know why on earth when he receives the ball , the first thing that comes to his mind is to pass 1 or 2 players”

          He has to work on quick return passes when he is receiving the ball and 2-4 defenders attacking him. He has 2-4 defenders around – it means some of his teammates are free without marking defenders.

          • so now messi don’t have a wide perspective while he is on the pitch???

            maybe you should focus on telling us about the local argentina league and stop making stupid comments about messi.

            it’s ok man, nobody is perfect, and nobody knows everything, including you.

          • Ok Messi is tactician on pitch. He is playing coach. We don’t need a coach now.

            No man. Messi even as a footballer isn’t in top 10 smart players.

          • ok so now messi is not a smart players, and who you think is in the top 10 list???
            what can be consider a smart football player in your eyes???

          • A lot of in last times: Zidane, Pirlo, Iniesta, Xavi, Lahm, Veron, Aimar, Dybala…
            Messi has other advantages that makes him best on the world today. But he is not most smart. And the video proves that. He played like blindman.

  9. No offense to anybody but only an idiot will assume Argentina is better off without Messi.

    Many tend to assume that Messi DEMANDS the ball whenever he plays for ARG, thus nullifying the others and that is simply horseshit.
    Messi would love nothing more than to see his fellow teammates be on the same page with him and could care less about scoring, just like he does with the chicken head and Saber-tooth.

    Messi came a long way from when Maradona was running the show and EVEN better when he became captain, is he the best at that, NO but he is definitely not as impotent as many insinuate.

    It is and will always been a team sport where everybody has to do his part, something the so-called TOPGUNS for Argentina have failed and failed miserably time and time again!
    Its always the same story, Injured, Not fit, his club refused to release him, coming back from injury, long season with his club………. tired of lame excuses and I hope THIS coach changes as soon as he realizes what we all see because we already know he is going to play the 3 amigos but what will he do when they start playing like idiots…. then what?

    I BELIEVE La Pulga Atomica will fly the Albiceleste once again very soon but he needs assurances that things will change.

  10. @ glued……no point in debating with a ” messi hater” he was bidding his time to come out of the ” closet” …..must be working for the local local media ….on the other hand looking forward to the new coach and the intergtation of the new generation into the national team..

  11. I agree with Gonzalo, Petro and others who say that we need to rebuild without Messi. Don’t get me wrong, we need him to come back but not until we have a team capable of playing without him well.

    • As it was said not only from me. Messi must be cherry on top and not cake.

      Every time after lost tournament we want to build something new. But every time we are starting with the same blunder. We are thinking: “ok, we have Messi…it’s the base… let’s try to add someone to him”. It’s ‘error fundamentalis’. Let us not start from Messi as point of reference. Let’s do it other way around. First of all team that will be able to win even without Messi. Messi must to find his more modest role and it will be with advantage for a team.

      Man who does not learn from past is doomed to going through this again.

      • Gonzalo, I used to think like that, Messi as a point of reference, the best player in the world (which he is) but I think it’s time for a new approach. Eventually, he could be our playmaker (enganche) in Russia , that is, if qualify of course.

          • I also agree that Messi needs to play as an “enganche” from now on. His abilities and skill at this point in his career is better suited for this role. IMO, Argentina will flourish as it also takes more pressure off of him and places more pressure on the forwards.

    • prove that you are good manager built new one stronge team…germany dont have messi…chili dont have messi…and croasia..poland…but they can make good collective team…

  12. we do need messi but just as important is we need other players to stand up and fight for the shirt. we have see to many times when the pressure is on to many of the “names” do some thing close to nothing.

  13. I believe we can qualify without Messi and Mascherano have a great team.
    Bufarini Otamendi Garay Tagliafico

    Lamela Augusto Kranevitter Cervi .
    Dybala. Icardi

    • 4-3-3 CAN BE :
      Bufarini. Otamendi. Garay. Tagliafico.

      Augusto. Lamela. Kranevitter.

      Dybala. Icardi. Cervi.

    • Cervi played a mediocre game in Benfica with a goal, and everybody want him to be a starter in NT. Except Di Maria, Gaitan, Lamela, and Dybala (if he wont play CF and Messi is there on RF) are all ahead of Cervi (if Lavezzi is the past) and maybe even Correa. Gaitan was Benfica’s best player for years. Portuguese league is not a strong league overall, but if he’ll be good in Champions League regularly he deserves a chance. Btw it looks like Salvio will be a bench warmer behind Pizzi.

      An opinion from a die hard Argentina and PD fan some months ago:

      “This guy developed incredible and you know I try to don’t overrate these kind of players, but Pratto became in a complete striker, better than everyone I can think of in South America, capable of win a match by himself, he has all you need to be a “player” CF.

      I guess Martino won’t do it, but it will amazing if he can play the JJOO with Dybala, damn, it should be a great couple to beat all the u23 players…”

      • Thanks for sharing theses infos,The idea is to find a balance team which is capable of winning without Messi or Mascherano. I know it’s tough, but this is Argentina. Let’s find out.
        Bufarini Otamendi Garay Tagliafico

        Augusto Banega Kranevitter

        Dybala Icardi Lamela

        • Csabalala,

          And you Csabalala still making fool of yourself. Cervi played mediocree game? He was elected MOTM and every Benfica fan was impressed. Portuguese league is not a strong but a lot of their stars was stars also in stronger league later.
          “Except Di Maria, Gaitan, Lamela, and Dybala (if he wont play CF and Messi is there on RF) are all ahead of Cervi”. I don’t understand this sentence. But as you see Bauza mentioned the guy and it means apparently he will looking for someone new. For me it’s best future choice on Di Maria position. If only Cervi will in this shape.

          And I must just mention that opinion about Pratto isn’t mine. It’s another fan of PD.

  14. I am completely in 2 minds over Messi’s return for September WCQs.

    – In one mind I desperately want Messi to return as without Messi football is never same and forget about winning WC 2018, without Messi it might be even difficult to qualify for WC 2018. We need Messi, this is simple.

    – On the other side, actually nothing changed after COPA with AFA. IMO all issues/problems with AFA and Argentine football still remains same, just that there is a new coach now, that’s it. Messi’s return cannot make any difference. No issues will be addressed, rather this will again hide all the core issues. With same bunch of players as usual team will remain Messi dependent, other players will look for Messi to bail them out. Fans/people will feel all issues are resolved.

    I definitely want Messi to return BUT not now, probably in October. Messi’s return is important same is resolving all the issues with AFA.

    • “without Messi it might be even difficult to qualify for WC 2018. We need Messi, this is simple”.

      So you think there’s no enough talent in this country to qualify without Messi?! (I thought we are most talented nation in the world). So actually who is DYbala? I thought one of most talented players in the world who still is growing to be even better. Put Dybala in Messi place, give him 2-3 games and the team will work even better than with Messi. Why? Because Dybala doesn’t have to monopolize all game. He may play as just one of 11 with advantage for his team and not race through all over the pitch with 3-4 defenders without any sense.

      Argentina won without Messi with Chile in Copa, Argentina won out of home with Colombia in qualifiers and has played very good game with Brazil.

      I will fight with this pernicious for Argentina mentality that makes people convinced about Messi necessity. How do you want to see new players taking the burden of responsibility on their own arms if airwaves is still full of the mentality? ‘Nolens volens’ talking still about Messi as alpha and omegha you may affect attitude of new players who must to be introduced to NT without mentality of people in shadow of HIM.

          • Who will you play instead of the best player of this generation and arguably the best and most consistent player o all time?

            You can answer for any position in any formation. like in 4-3-3’s RF/RW, in 4-4-2’s second forward or 4-3-1-2’s shadow striker. Who would you pick instead of messi who will make the team better?

          • Like i said in another post.i know the kind of you.
            At least other posters can now see also.
            Using lofty words and pretending to be knowledgable about domestic argentina league doesn’t hide your identity.
            You use at least 5 different accounts.
            From now on i won’t bother debating with you.
            I will only call you what you are a low grade troll.

          • You still don’t understand. I’m not going to judge Messi as individuum. In this category he is best (not in history). But you are still thinking that 1 great player + 1 very good player it’s always majority to 1 very good player + 1 good player. Nah. Footbal it’s not simple mathematic, it’s not aggregate of stars. Football is team play and if you want to answer on this question you need ask about what is between the players, ask about corelation and chemistry.

            And now I must said: there’s no chemistry between Messi and the rest. especially in Copa final. A lot of culprits but Martino and Messi are 1st to blame. He didn’t want to pass.

            So or Bauza will change Messi attitude or will be better if Messi won’t back.

          • if you have not counter-argument you just may call me a troll.
            You know very much what is on the video from Messi Copa final. You know very much that it’s just selfishness. It’s the word. But you can’t just admitt that your idol isn’t perfect. Sad.

            BTW to be named a “troll” in mouth of ignorant is compliment for me.
            One more time: ask moderator about my other accounts. In public.

          • First of all. messi or any sports person isn’t my idol.
            Sports is just entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriuosly.
            Second, there is nothing wrong in having different opinion but in your case there is no logic behind it like messi is selfish who plays for himself,even the biggest messi haters don’t argue with that.
            All the best in your job.

          • Hey man,

            it was indicated by me inch-perfect on that video. You can’t deny bald truth. It was so clear. I don’t know is he selfish in private or not. I don’t care about his intentions. I know he gave 101%. I know he wanted do best but the result was as we see: selfishness. Perhaps he wanted too much.

  15. We need Messi..but not now..lets things settle down..

    Bauza needs to prove he can build a team which will take pressure of Messi..there should be more team play, creativity and work horses rather than individual talents..The midfield needs a lot of attention who can create opportunities for the should not just be coming from Messi alone..

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