Julio OLARTICOECHEA: “There’s a lot of work to do”


Argentina U20 and Olympic coach Julio OLARTICOECHEA spoke about the Olympic team and the work the AFA have to do.

OLARTICOECHEA commented about the team’s early exit at the Olympics, money and the current state of the AFA. Here’s what he had to say:

“To all those who say that we only think about money… You’re all wrong. When one reaches this level, money isn’t of interest, the shirt yes. When you lose, you cry a lot. I know how every player is feeling right now.”

“We are not used to getting eliminated this early at a tournament. When I first came in I said I wouldn’t make any excuses. The team which went to the Olympics is a good one. The truth is that the smaller countries have grown a lot. This whole situation should serve as an example for the leaders (at the AFA) to understand that there’s a lot of work to do for a long time.”

“CALDERA, my assistant, does a thousand things. He earns 18,000 pesos per month and for three month’s now he hasn’t gotten paid. He organized everything for the guys, he’s helped us a lot.”

“Yesterday, I called my wife and told her to take money from my daughter, who is a baker and earns good money. I spoke to the higher up’s (AFA leaders) that we needed money. And I’m taking money from my daughter. It’s something to cry about but it’s reality”.


  1. Fair enough and to all who are crying with this story. I agree. However…

    I have heard these stories for many years now. But this is only one part of the story. There are countries in similar situation. There are athletes across the globe in similar situations and wins medals. Where is the passion of the players? The passion of the coaches? Sometimes I feel AFA is becoming a nice, convenient excuse for missing an empty net.

    To raise these issues and bringing them to public is absolutely necessary. But why did Higuain miss gilt edge chances 3 years in a row? Why did Calleri miss so many chances? The power with which Calleri shoot balls over the bar into the stands does not tell me he was hungry, weak and tired.

    My advise, raise these issues, be vocal and use the media effectively but at the same time put the ball in the net when you get a chance, AFA is not stopping you from doing that.

  2. Absolutely embarrassing and shameful from AFA, but by now, it’s not even surprising anymore. It’s just how much lower can AFA possibly stoop to.

    Olaticoechea definitely is not a tactical genius, but at least he stood the hell up and took a team to the olympics to represent . Definitely not deserving of any criticism.

    With such extreme incompetence from AFA, an established manager has to be certified insane (note: Diego level insane) to take this job up.
    Bauza knowingly has jumped into this large ocean of turds. Kudos to him for believing. Definitely deserves a bit of time and support, and let’s hope that he is the miracle man his fans claim him to be.

  3. “and for three month’s now he hasn’t gotten paid.”
    “Yesterday, I called my wife and told her to take money from my daughter, who is a baker and earns good money. I spoke to the higher up’s (AFA leaders) that we needed money. And I’m taking money from my daughter. It’s something to cry about but it’s reality”.
    I had been thinking why Bielsa has rejected the offer. I think i have the answer now: he doesnt have a daughter who is a baker and from whom he can borrow money!

  4. finally some one breaks the argentine silver curse and some gold

    Argentine 30-year old Judoka Paulo Pareto won the country’s first (gold) medal of the ongoing games after she beat South Korea’s Bokyeong Jeong in the final of the Women’s 48kg category in Judo. Lionel Messi was impressed with her achievement and was delighted to see her win the gold medal, the Barça forward took to his Facebook page on Sunday to congratulate the Judoka, praising her hard work.
    “Congratulations to La Peque (Paula Pareto’s nickname) for winning the first gold medal [of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games] for Argetina. It was worth many years of effort! May it be the first of many [medals] for our country in these Olympics,” Messi enthused. She becomes the first woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics for Argentina.

  5. Without money you can’t pay airline tickets, hotels, training facilities, coaching staff etc. Vasco’s story is a real tragedy. The people who stole all the money for their own benefit should be brought to trial. Our star players are used to luxury and good arrangements at their clubs. They do not want the mess from AFA. What’s next? Pay to play? If you are selected for the NT you have to pay for your airline ticket yourself?

    We should praise Vasco and his staff for their efforts with such limited or no means. Bauza comes aboard a ship that has sunk. This man has attitude.

    We have the best players in the world, but without a supporting infrastructure it will lead to nothing. Unless FIFA resolves the situation the future looks grim. Gosh, I wish we had the organisation Germany, England or Spain has.

  6. This is touching story..i mean it…the sadness of drop early just nothing than this reality..sorry julio..i beg to The God will give you intelegency as great tactician

  7. wow!! maybe it would have been a good thing if FIFA did actually suspend us from 2018 wc …only so AFA can be dismantled and reinstated with people who really care about argentinian football ……this is a horror story

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