Poll: What do you think of BAUZA’s Argentina list?


It’s poll time!

With Edgardo BAUZA having released his first list for Argentina, what do you think of it? Has the return of Lionel MESSI made you want to vote that it’s a great one? Or maybe it’s because Paulo DYBALA and Angel CORREA are on the team? Has Martin DEMICHELIS being on that list made you automatically dislike it? Vote below!

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  1. Theres some players who should be there in my opinion
    mammana, Jose luis Gomez,guido Pizarro,Rulli,Paredes,Perotti,Pereyra and Icardi

    Lanzini also ,I know he is injured, but if fully fit he should be in there

    Jose luis Gomez should be included because he is our best attacking right back/wingback player and at 23 he can still improve heaps. This would help out our right attacker in dealing with being double or triple marked.

    We should also pick an attacking left back/wing back to give the squad extra tactical flexibility.Rojo is very solid defensively but doesn’t supply much going forward so his left back competition in the squad should be a more attacking minded and capable player like Ansaldi or my personal choice would be Juan Sanchez Mino

  2. I only have a problem with Banega and Biglia. I don’t want to see these 2 guys on the pitch at the same time. Yes Banega is good for possesion retention and performed well in the COPA but I think he cannot neither cover a lot of ground nor carry the ball from defense to offense at pace which is why our midfield looked very static. Just remember what happened when Agusto who was covering ground, was injured for the final vs chile, Argentina midfield went AWOL.
    We can not have Banega and Biglia on the pitch unless Masche is not playing.

    • Totally agree on Augusto, he was so important as a box to box midfielder, something that Biglia naturally couldn’t do since his not that type of player. Someone like Enzo Perez would have been a much better replacement for Augusto or even Guido Pizarro who covered the most distance in the last Mexican league season. Once Augusto went the whole balance in midfield was out of whack in the final.

  3. Demichelis looks like a legend given the national coaches’ favourite. Remember Pelegrini liked him too. I simply can’t explain the choice.

    • i think he will be good one as coach..he played at germany, spain and england…so hope he retire as quick as posible..beside his face look too old become player,, so as totti..can you believe it..since PS 1)

  4. i just wanna say, any coach (for albiceleste) even if he is decent, don’t pick up the talent we have such as icardi for the number 9, is nothing more than such a arrogant bastard.

    at least make a damn clear statement once and for all why they all don’t want icardi in the team; sabella, and tata never make a clear statement on this. bauza should make a clear statement why he doesn’t make icardi in his first list. if he don’t pick icardi now, i don’t think he will ever. these coach are bozos the clown, all three of them.

    the afa is just a circus in argentina and these 3 clowns are their bozos; sabella, tata and bauza.

  5. Guys..are these the only wish list…Any coach cannot make everyone happy..

    We already have good GK, defense (Except LB), Forwards (Only If we really want a little tall forward then we want icardi..)

    Bauza should give a winning mentality to the team and the most important is the midfield needs to be more lethal.

    GK – Rulli.

    CB – Garay..

    RB – Buffarini….

    LB – Tagliafico,Ansaldi..

    Forward – Icardi,Vietto, Correa,….Tevez…

    Midfield – Pereyra, Paredes..any good warriors i missed out?? The current midfield looks very soft..

  6. Compare this team with the teams which won WC , Who is Spain 2010 – who is xavi iniesta, busquets, puyol, ramos, xavi alonso etc in this team , Italy 2006 – Who is Cannavaro, Pirlo, Gatusso, Totti etc is this team , Brazil 2002 – Who is ronaldinho, roberto carlos, ronaldo, rivaldo in this team…Germany 2014 – Lahm, scheinztiger, kroos, hummels, nuer etc. We need player who can dominate and not show sparks of brilliance, except for messi and masherano ( growing old) unfortunately there is no one compared to the wc winning teams…may be dybala can be one them time will tell..unless Arg produces players who can dominate a game , rather showing sparks of brilliance, it would be difficult

  7. its a decant list but I’m disappointed bauza did not make an immediate statement by dropping some of the big names as a massive wake up call to some of them as apparently it was hig who does not want to play for the n/t as he feels its more important to play for juv, it seems it was not bauza dropping him but on the other hand it means all of the so called big names will have time with bauze at close quarters and I imagine if he cant motivate them immediately then I can only hope he will take immediate action and axe those who are not preforming.

  8. I want to team like this…………….

    ——-Musacho—— Masca——Otamendi————
    -Farnandez— Banega—kranvitter–Maria–Lamela-

    I want pressing high—–like bercelona—-we don’t have real left and right back in this scuard….so I don’t want to 4 or 5 central defender in starting eleven….Bazuya should keep Mascarano in his right place last standings man..As last 7-8 seasons with Barcelona …he is one of the best central defender in the world…when we don’t have world class full back than Bazuya need formation change…

  9. Bauza typically uses 4-4-2 system.I am a fan of it as it provides a mean for starting two CF.


    ———Di Maria————Mascherano———-Banega—————————–Lamela——–


  10. Given the formation Bauza has used most recently with San Paulo was 4-2-3-1 here is what I think is going to happen


    Zabaleta/Mercado—-Otamendi—-Funes Mori——Rojo


    Messi———-Banega———-Di Maria


    This is what I’d like to see with the players from the same list 4-3-3



    ——Augusto——-Mascherano———Banega/Di Maria–


    Don’t think it’s gonna happen though

    I don’t think Mas is that good but he can’t be worse than Rojo and I’m curious to see what Pratto can offer as CF

  11. he seems to be a smart coach.. doesn’t want to start with controversy by dropping some useless big names which most of are dying for… and also he has accomplised his first task by persuading masch and messi to revert their decision… seems like a thinking coach..

  12. For me seeing Messi make a u-turn while the inclusion of Dybala and the exclusion of fatty( higuain) already justifies some credit for Bauza’s first team selection…Dimichelis’ inclusion is still a big enigma though considering him to be other coaches selection too

  13. it would be good for icardi if he goes to arsenal but chances are less. i havent read anything about him very recently. all i know is that napoli and arsenal are interested on him. i hope bauza cant keep him away for a very long time.

  14. it’s a decent list if not good. i am not much worried about demichelis’ inclusion because i feel that he wont be there in 2018. ottamendi was there in sabella’s first list and he even scored the first goal for sabella’s argentina but he was not there in 2014 wc. so this list doesnt mean that it will be the same for 2018 wc as well.
    one man whose inclusion always worries me is that of rojo’s. ever since copa 2011, he has been called up consistently.
    i am also curious to see the formation. i was a little premature to judge bauza but he seems to be more open minded and easier to convince for the players.

  15. No Higuain is a positive point. However the exclusion of Garay for someone like Demichelis is just weird. Rulli and Icardi must be there as well. Beside these, I am happy with the list.

    • Dear Chainsaw,

      Garay hasn’t played for a while is my understanding and Lets wait on Garay move to Man.Utd… If that happens, he would be called automatically..Hopefully it happens..

  16. Like i mentioned in earlier blog..very defensive midfield..need warriors and creative midfield who can judge the situations..But i will wait for next set of qualifiers..Overall the list is ok..Not complaining much about Icardi exclusion or Demi inclusion..not sure if he would play as well..

    Higuain needs to slim down, Ansaldi injured..so Rojo has less competition..Rulli can be added next time as he is just out of Olympics..

  17. And that is what has said Bauza and previous coaches to Icardi:

    “I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you”

    sorry it’s not funny. He is my favourite on the position too.

    • So you are not happy with pratto inclusion,weren’t you advocating players like him(local based) to be included.what is wrong with pratto.

      • Don’t take this so literally. That was frivolous joke. No allusion to any player. Pratto is not my fabourite as individual but actually I’m interesting about his chemistry with the rest.

    • Personally I would have killed icardi for what he did to a man that let him in his house and took him on his family vacations…
      But in football, I want him on the NT

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