Match Highlights: Paulo DYBALA great goal, LAMELA, AGUERO score


Paulo DYBALA scored a great goal for Juventus while Erik LAMELA and Sergio AGUERO opened their accounts for this season.

Paulo DYBALA scored for Juventus in the final moments of the game to earn them a 2-2 draw against Espanyol. A fantastic strike from outside the area.

Erik LAMELA scored a header for Tottenham in their 1-1 draw against Everton.

Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City in their 2-1 win against Sunderland. Willy CABALLERO also started in goal for Manchester City.


  1. romero
    augusto- paredes
    Gaitan Perotti


  2. It was typical Dybala goal. It is his favourite place to shoot. But it is also Messi’s favourite place. So one of them must play somewhere else. It may be difficlut for Bauza.

    • If you want messi and Dybala to play together I think the sacrifice to drop deeper will have to be messi’s to make.
      With age it was going to be a certainty but now with the demands and calls for dybala to not only start but to partner messi it will only make sense for messi to drop deeper and have dybala cut in from the right.
      Also I wouldn’t consider dybala start up top with messi on his favoured right. We still need physical stature of a number 9. So whether it’s Higuain or Icardi Dybala will be best suited to play the second striker.
      Messi will have to play deeper. He’s done it anyway when we have been inept to create play for him when he’s high up so it’s not new!

      • exactly my thoughts vik.
        it’s not a problem for messi to drop deeper, and let dybala play the second striker with icardi upfront.
        this front 3 is just the scariest forward russia will ever seen in 2018.

  3. Lamela looked super dangerous yesterday….kid looked super comfortable.. kudos to spurs for keeping their faith in lamela.. especially pochetino

  4. Yesterday Ever Banega and Icardi started for Inter against Celtic which they won 2-0.It was all Banega match!He is our best midfielder,without any doubt!

  5. great to see lamela in this form.
    to me, he should be the leader of the youngsters such as krane, dybala, icardi, lanzini whom all i would like to see sooner in the team.
    put lamela in the middle together with lanzini and krane, then we have form a great team in the mid. to me, no more masche, banega, di maria in the mid to dominate the first 11 anymore.

    • and i’m also glad willy caballero start for city. props to pep. i bet ya, if pep is argentina coach right now, he will call all the players that i’m asking for this past 2-3 years.

      sabella never call up willy which is so ashamed of him, old fool. even when caballero in a great form that year, he still don’t call him up, what an ass. pep start willy in just his first official match for city. great mind thinks a like pep.
      i can’t wait for rulli to be in city, he will learn from willy a lot. kudos again pep.

    • Thank you Travis!
      Couple of months ago I wondered the same with Lamela being central. His tenacity and grit for spurs would benefit us. And that’s thanks to Pochettino. Also….he would always have his creative and flair ability. He’s born with that. For me it’s a no brainer.
      But I got slated by someone calling it fantasy football. Cant remember who said it. But some folks dont seem to watch players movement or work rate off the ball.
      I will be bold as to say lamela’s work rate to get the ball back is up there with Mascherano and miles better than shitty Biglia.
      Question is though…..


      I am not too sure about kranevitter playing the defensive anchor?
      However with the inclusion of Lamela you would have 2 creative deep lying playmakers and retrievers.
      Lamela puts in the hard work where life is easier for Dali Ali and Eric Dier. Ericson aside Lamela is the only one who presses high for spurs.
      He’s got to be in the starting 11 for me now

      • Lamela works very hard for my Tottenham and is becoming a massive fan favourite.
        He has made many doubters turn aroud and they now praise his commitment, stamina, work rate, skill and he has also become an enforcer and that is some thing i never expected from him.
        He never gives up.

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