Match Highlights: Lionel MESSI scores, Barcelona win Spanish Super Cup


Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO lifted yet another trophy with Barcelona.

Lionel MESSI scored the third goal (and also assisted one) in Barcelona’s 3-0 victory against Sevilla to win the Spanish Super Cup. MESSI lifted his first trophy ever as captain of the team (first captain Andres INIESTA out injured) and his 29th overall. For Sevilla, Matias KRANEVITTER, Joaquin CORREA and Gabriel MERCADO all started for SAMPAOLI’s team with Luciano VIETTO coming on as a substitute.

Javier MASCHERANO had to be taken off as he was injured. The length of his injury remains unknown.

Lionel MESSI’s goal:

Lionel MESSI’s assist:


  1. Kranivitter absolutely rubbish ,he will not be the next mascherano.No speed no skill at all .Even Ascacibar is better than Kranivitter.Not to mention Mauricio Martinez ,Ivan Rossi ,Guido Pizzaro Those are promsing defensive midfield especially Ivan Rossi.

    Joaquin Correa is such a good promsing attacking midfield .Very skillfull just lack of experience .He will be better than Pastore .

  2. I know that Gabriel Jesus is great talent but if he was Argentine I don’t think any Primera Division club would sell him for more than 20 mln (let alone 32mln). I always thought Brazilians are estimating better their talents. They make better deals.

  3. To be accurate we are producing excellent youngsters but they are not just coming through Argentinian youth teams.Dybala and Icardi are prime examples.This players join European clubs too young,some mature there and some fail.So I do not worry much about it.Most important thing is having stability in nt level like many people mentioned.From 2010 to 2016 we have 5 managers,that highlights the problem.

  4. Off topic

    These Olympics are bad news for us. First our (second choice) team disappointed, second Brazil has a now a generation coming up that’s better than their previous one. Winning a Copa is going to be tougher. And third, the Germans have a now good youth team as well. We used to dominate youth tournaments in the past decades (multiple WC youth cups win and 2 gold medals at Olympics). Are we going to lose that as well?

    Of course our best players weren’t at the Olympics, but after losing to Brazil and Germany so often this century (senior level) these developments are certainly not good news for us.

    • Agree with you Richard.

      What we probably don’t see is we are ending a cycle, a great one. Unfortunately, we did not win anything. 3 finals in 3 years is a great achievement but we did not win anything. Brazil is going to have a positive cycle. After Messi is gone, we may not win anything for many years.

      Problem with the youth team is it looks like they just want to show individual skills to a club contract in Europe.

      • Actually we lost 3 finals over the course of 2 years. It’s World record. I don’t think any generation of players in history had/will have another chance like this. That’s why I have no more confidence to these players. And it’s not only about Higuain and Di Maria. Look, we have a lot competitive talented players out of NT that all his NT carreer will not got 3 chances for tournament, let alone 3 tournaments for 2 years…

        I can’t prove that this generation will not win WC because no one can do that. But I’m just convinced about that. They are on big tournaments at least since 2010 and it’s just unfair to other players who are out of NT and waiting for a chance.

    • Agreed. But we can blame only ourselves. It’s AFA & Argentine coaches fault that they can’t build their team as organized as Germans or Brazil. Individual skills & show off won’t help you to win trophies in modern football.

      After 2007 Copa defeat, Afa wasted 4 years & 2 major tournaments (WC10 & Copa11) of Messi generation to realize that Argentina needs a decent coach like Sabella. Thing is, we need continuity with a good coach. When is the last time Argentina had a coach who spend the full circle(4 years including Copa & WC) with the team? Yeah, it was Marcelo Bielsa, who’s time ended in 2004. Than what? Since then, We gave no one this full circle ever again! Peckerman, Basile, Maradona, Batista, Sabella, Martino… one. Bauza? Time will say…..

      But look at Germany, Brazil, Italy etc. They like to continue till major failures. Even Brazil coach Dunga after Copa loss asked CBF to follow the Germans! Only continuity can help us.

      • Good addition. Menotti and Bilardo served many years. These days, it is come and go like in Argentina club football.

        Löw has been the German manager for years and before he was assistant of Klinsmann. That is stability and continuation of vision.

        Spain’s Del Bosque continued Aragones’ work. Again stability as key factor for success.

        Hopefully Bauza does his work well and stays for a longer period of time.

        • If your coach knows that he will be coach only to first lost tournament then he will not take any progressive (i.e. risky) steps. He will play the same proven, good players because they are guarantee of some level. Even if the players unnecesarry are best in your nation. But if you want do something grand you must to take a risk. Our coaches are not enough ‘El Loco’ as well. Not only Martino was procrastinator.

          • Guys, I don’t care much about losts of our young teams. Remember generation 95-96-97? Win in ’95 U-20 World Cup, Silver coin in Olimpics ’96, and Win in ’97 U-20 WC. And they win nothing on senior level. We know what they did in 2002. SOmetimes history of football is very paradoxical and ironical. Maybe we need first to lost every youth tournament to win something on senior level. Our upcoming generation may not be worse. I’m Argentina fan long ago before Messi and I don’t think anything will change. We will still among potentates of football.

    • I also have a feeling that whatever this generation has achieved(!), they will not be able to repeat that again. I don’t think we will be able to reach more finals in near future. Next generation of players who are coming through, are worse than previous generation also. We are also overrating our youngsters like Brazil are doing.

      Remember we used to go out of the quarterfinals? That could be the norm again!

      • Argentina always was among competitors for WC. We were often in quarter finals only but it was about a bit of more luck. In ’98 and 2006. IMO We have not a real team long time (I think about attack). We have a stars but not a team. If we will able to build a team in future no worry about our ‘status quo’ among best national teams. Don’t worry, our ’93 vintage is not less telented than ’88.

  5. Guardiola was seen remonstrating with Otamendi and later said: “I don’t like it when central defenders go down on the pitch.I don’t know about last season because I wasn’t here, but we are here to get him better.”

    Aggressive and last ditch tackling is what separates everyone from Otamendi.Remember how Otamendi made that last ditch tackle on Bale from behind to save the match?

    • Funny he said that. It was pep who installed Masche as a CB, who is another beast of a last ditch tackler!

      Having said that I totally expect Otamendi to become a better defender under pep. Pep should improve his marking, positioning and game reading…all these attributes are supposed to reduce the amount of last ditch tackles from a defender!

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