Roberto PEREYRA in agreement to join Watford


Roberto PEREYRA is very close to joining English Premier League club Watford.

According to reports, Watford have reached an agreement in principle to sign the Juventus midfielder. PEREYRA’s agent has confirmed that a deal in principle has been reached. Apparently, the fee is in the £13 million region. Should that be the fee, PEREYRA would become the club’s record signing. Here’s what his agent had to say:

“There is a negotiation going on between the two clubs. There is a draft agreement but in football you can tell it is done only when there are signatures. The two companies are working to make ends meet.”


  1. Probably another player we can label as unfit for the national team. If you can’t make it to the starting line up of a big team after they recruited you from another European team, you fail to live up to expectations. It happened with Vietto (from Villareal to Atletico), Iturbe and many others. Watford is nowhere near Juventus’ standards. Peyrera may look okay to many of us, but apparently the Juventus coaching staff who saw him every day, doesn’t think he has enough quality…

    • Sometimes (well most of the times) we overrate our players. We must wait for our youngsters to become matured.

      And I have always thought Vietto as overrated. He will be like Saviola, who is a good player no doubt about that, but not an Argentina national team caliber striker!

      • Don’t forget Saviola was top goalscorer and best player World Cup U-20 in 2001. And I remember all the noise about him and his transfer to Barcelona. On the other hand a lot of our stars emerge from nowhere and far from youth NT. So all I want to say by this we shouldn’t suggest ourselves too much by results of youth teams.

    • While there is often hype, your statement I cabt agree with it. Starting roles are hiiiighly dependant on club politics, leaugue politics (italian vs foreign) and most importantly competition. Was Aimar shit because Riquelme benched him at the NT? Or was Redondo bad for not cutting his hair to appeaae a dumb coach? Or Maradona bad because ge did not stick at Barca? Or was Sneider bad benching at Madrid before winning the Champions with Inter? Or is Icardi bad for not getting a callup to the NT?.. I judge a player on what their potential and what they offer to the NT. I dont give a shit if their clubs dont value them.. look at Romero, easily top 3 mvp for the NT last 3 tourneys and he is a cronic bench warmer.

  2. Ya. For me he is the best box to box gen 2 we have seen recently. Good going forward, tenacious in defence, gritti, tireless. Perfect wide mid in a 433. He probably moved to guarantee playing time.. and moneeeey.

  3. Never a big fan of Pratto and it’s difficult to say of how he will look in NT but as far best thing about him is that Bauza send a clear massage: even if you are famous player from Europe with ton of goals or assists you are not necasarry my starter.

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