Edgar BAUZA reveals chat with MESSI and MASCHERANO


Edgardo BAUZA reveals what was said during his conversations with Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO.

Earlier in the month, new Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA travelled to Barcelona to speak to the two captains. With it also came Lionel MESSI’s return to the National Team. BAUZA has revealed what was said during their talks.

“I told them what I thought and they told me a lot about the group. They said it’s extraordinary. “You’ll see Paton (his nickname) when we’ll be working, you won’t have any problems, everyone adapts, everyone wants to play, everyone would die for the National Team, they told me.”

“I went (to speak to MESSI) not to convince him, I went to talk football. We spent almost two hours talking about football and naturally it came out (from the conversation) that he would be on the list. I told him that in Argentina there are 100 idiots, who speak and criticise, but I told him that people want much, and if you are still heeding 100 idiots who criticise, you would go crazy.”

“I imagine him in two or three positions, something we’ve already spoken about with him, but we’ll see it here. He has that pressure naturally by who he is. And he knows it. And we all know that when the ball goes through him, he can make something different happen. But we need help from the team.”

If the criticism still hurt MESSI:
“I believe so. MESSI or anyone. I’ll repeat myself: If they say “We’ve come second, we’re a mess”, it hurts and that’s very Argentine. It’s normal that it bothers him. But to be the best, you also have to be able to deal with it and put that away.”


  1. Bauza is in my mind another version of Sabella (to some that is good and others not so much). I’m glad that after hearing Bauza for 2 hours, Messi thought enough of him and his ‘plan’ to announce he was returning to the Seleccion. It is just a shame that during the ere of arguably the best player in history, AFA is a complete disaster…timing could not be worse. A shame.

    • AFA is in shambles but CBF has been in the same mess if not even worse for decades now but Brazil still managed to win 2 WCs, COPAs and Confeds cup 2x. As much as corrupt AFA is in shambles, however it can’t be used as an excuse to lose 3 finals.
      Countries like England, Netherlands and France have professional organized federations but I don’t see any trophies accompanying their well organized set ups.

      • agreed, it does not help that the afa is a mess worse then humpty dumpty but too many of our players have simply not turned up when they were needed the most- during a final and this has been happening since 1990

        most of this is on the head of management as they keep picking the same teams year after year, we keep making the same mistakes of taking/playing injured or players that are still recovering from injuries and out of form players, players playing in incorrect positions just so they can play etc.
        best examples are bil 2002, sab 2014 and tata the bone head managed to do this twice in 2 years learning nothing at all in that time-epic fail tata.

      • Are we getting into the Arg vs Bra argument? That wasn’t the point being made here. AFA has been bad for a long time as well but it is quite obvious we have come to a boiling point lately. The tournament might not even start because there is no money and we have an emergency president put in place by FIFA…All this during an era of players (offensively by in large) that is above what we have had in quite a while. Messi is the obvious one but DiMaria, Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano are among the best we have had. Losing 3 finals in a row sucked…believe me…but it goes to show how talented a group it is. Is that the ‘reason’ we lost in the finals? Can you say that having a better run and supportive AFA would have meant we would have won even one of those? Of course not, but for a fact it didn’t help in any capacity. Germany and Spain are examples with an equivalent level of national team talent…They have the wind at their backs. We have it blowing in our faces.

  2. When it comes to Aguero, having Pep is a good thing. There will be 3 improvements in him for sure

    1. His diet. It will result in less injury and more stamina to play 90 mins regularly.

    2. His defensive game

    3. His ball hogging has to go away. He has to play for the team

    These will be developed naturally. Whether he will bring them to the national team is an open question. But you can be hopeful. When you change naturally and it becomes you second habit, it becomes a part of you. That is the value of institution and education.

  3. The more I read about Bauza the more I get excited to see what does he have in his bag..everything he mentioned so far sound just about right and I can’t wiait to see how the team is going to look against Uruguay ..Vamos Argentina!!!!!!

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