Franco VAZQUEZ can still play for Argentina: “I feel very Argentine”


Franco VAZQUEZ could still play for Argentina and might get that chance.

Despite having already represented Italy twice, VAZQUEZ (currently at Sevilla under coach SAMPAOLI) has come out with some surprising comments regarding the Argentina National Team. VAZQUEZ’s two matches came in international friendly’s against Portugal and England. Meaning he has not played an “official” match (a World Cup or European Qualifier or a tournament), therefore he would still be eligible to play for Argentina.

VAZQUEZ’s comments came after Edgardo BAUZA said this:
“If you can play in the national team, you will be taken into account.”

Speaking to Radio Continental, here’s what he had to say:
“I’m surprised. I was training and when I finished I grabbed my phone and had a lot of messages. I feel Argentine.”

“Another coach had closed the door on me, and now I open it.”

“For any player, to be in the selection of a country is always a goal. I am happy to have been named by the national team coach, but I cannot think beyond that because it isn’t known if I will be able. I must remain calm.”


  1. RB: Zabaleta/Mas CB:Garay/Otamendi CB:Mustaccio/Anyone tall (lol) LB:Anyone but Rojo

    CDM:Mascherano/Zucculini/Kranvitter/Biglia (in after 75 minutes up by 2 goals – lol)

    CM/CAM: Vazquez/Lamela/Pastore

    RM/RW: Dybala/Messi LM/LW: Gaitian/Correa/Lamela/Lavezzi

    RF: Higuain/Messi/Dybala LF:Aguero/Dybala/Lamela

    Dybala as RW or RM because he tracks back more than Messi. Messi is needed further up the pitch like his 90 goal season. Lamela LM cause he tracks back too. We need Pastore (in form) for CM or CAM, unless Vasquez. I left out Icardi because he will prove to be overrated trust me.

    Vasquez is needed – we lack true CAM like Riquelme in recent years:

  2. I would like to see in Sevilla Joaquin Correa along Vazquez. Two interesting for NT attacking midfielders.

    • J Correa is one of best passer among our u-23 midfielders,can pick up teammates in difficult position with ease.Also has a brain,most importantly!

      People ask if AFA’s condition is key to winning a cup…yes it is a key.If we could call all our best U-23 players for Olympic and hire a sane manager who is not borrowing money from his daughter,we could win that tournament without much sweating.Just look at our U-23 players we have missed: Dybala,Vietto,J Correa,Kranevitter,Paredes…each one of them are starter for one of the best teams in their respective leagues.Brazil managed to call Neymar,we could do nothing about Dybala.This is what made them champion,us being knocked out of group stage.Nevertheless I don’t think Brazil is producing super talents for future and back into business.Gabriel Barbossa and Gaby Jesus are good dribblers but extremely over hyped…and their midfield and defensive talents are no special either…U can’t name a young promising Brazilian midfielder.

  3. International football is going to wrong direction. It’s still more reminds club football: you may to play for everyone. It’s like transfers. Yesterday Italia, tomorrow Argentina. I hate the side of football.

    But Vazquez is last exception for me. He should take Banega place. Vazquez is better than Ever on most elements. Stronger phisically, better dribbler (best dribbler last season of Serie A), and, maybe most important, he has great long range shoot what we lack a lot. I thought about Pastore or Mancuello (once) in Banega place who does not convince me, but Vazguez is best choice I think. I see him on AM position.

    • i agree with u gonzalo…there were a few palermo matches that i watched when vazquez and dybala were then rocking serie A those days..i must say that i had a glimpse of zidane for most moments on his best outings..i was actually cringing to the fact that martino did not even have a glance at him to consider him to be a national team material..Subsequently when he chose italy , i felt some resentment towards him

      Nevertheless , i hope he’s called out now to enhance our squad….Messi and vazquez in the middle would be a mouth watering effective partnership as i see it

  4. Vazquez is a great player,very skilled and creative.I don’t care if he has played two friendlies for Italia…He certainly can bring something to NT,why not take it in this desperate times?Just call him for qualifiers and play him few minutes,Italy won’t be able to call him whether we call him again or not.On the other hand,if he shows good performance,it’s all win.

  5. In the madness of the sevilla and espanyol game I thought he was very good.
    I believe in giving someone a 2nd chance. I mean if he wants to represent and has the chance to then all the better for us. He dropped deep and fought for retrieving the ball. He’s a taller version of Banega. We need more creativity in the centre. Why not?
    I wonder what folks here make of players like Orsi, Monti and Di Stefano after representing other nations. Heck Alfredo turned up representing Colombia as well as Spain.

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