Angel DI MARIA: “I still haven’t recovered emotionally”


Angel DI MARIA spoke about the pain of losing three finals.

Angel DI MARIA commented about losing the three finals, his injuries, Lionel MESSI and more. Speaking to ESPN Radio, here’s what he had to say:

“I still haven’t recovered emotionally. From the 2014 World Cup final until today, I think it will always be there and will continue to be the same pain and suffering for having lost three straight finals. It’s tough to recover. Thank God football gives you the chance for revenge and we have the chance to do well in the Qualifiers to reach yet another World Cup.”

On his injuries in the finals:
“These are high stress moments with a lot of anxity and lots of matches. Knowing that one represents his country has a lot of influence in one’s head. I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve talked to a lot of people. I try not to let it happen, to take the pressure away from the big matches. I didn’t do therapy but I did speak to people to help me. In a club, it can happen because you play a match every two or three days but with the National Team, it’s happening when you reach the important matches or big moments, things like that and one tries his best not only on but off the pitch as well.”

On Lionel MESSI:
“He’s a very important player and we can’t not have him on the National Team. Thanks to him we’ve gotten where we’ve gotten in the World Cup and in two Copa America’s. It shows in every National Team match that he’s the guy and that we try to help him reach the objective. At times you get criticized a lot, you can get rushed and not think at that time and say things.”

“We’re all coming back and we’re all very anxious about playing in another World Cup.”


  1. well I did say bauza had to make a statement in picking his 1st team on principal, he had to show them who was boss and that no ones place was “set in stone” and we cant don’t count hig “dropping” as being dropped as it seems hig himself requested not to be picked as he wanted to focus on juv.
    ill still wait until his 2nd team picks as I guess he wants to be able to see all of them close up and then I hope if they cant show him what he wants its high past time some of them were relegated to the bench and some gone.
    as always Argentina has some fantastic talent that just does not get a chance simply because of our coaches.
    we will have to wait and see what path bauza goes in the next 3-6 months, only time will tell.

  2. River Plate to win 16th international title this night. Recopa Sudamericana against Independiente Santa Fe.

  3. Mafioso, this time let me to do it myself;)

    Ezequiel Garay on Valencia CF radar. And perhaps also Pity Martinez.

  4. Hi. I have a question for sombody living in Argentina.

    What was Higuain’s comment on his 1 on 1 miss in 2014 World Cup Final and 2016 Copa Final? Football teams do anything to create a clear chance for 90 minutes. Higuain got the chance twice and he threw them away so easily. What a jerk! Even amateur footballer can score in such a situation. Maybe Higuain dose not take time for self-examination after losing. Don’t forget he missed penalty in 2015 Copa Final too. I haven’t seen any No.9 player like Higuain and I am pretty sure he will be the same in the futere due to his mental preparedness. I heard that Lionel Messi went to Italy to see a a famous nutritionist after 2014 World Cup and asked how he can be the best. See the difference between Messi and Higuain after losing the final.

    I don’t like Di Maria. 2014,2015,2016…Bench-Wammer for physical weakness. He will struggle both mentally and physically in the NT again. However, he has a lot of nerve and I feel bad.

    I can see Aguero is a best friend of Messi. I used to think he came to World Cup and Copa to socialize with Messi. I hope Gurdiola will change Aguero drastically for 2016-17 season because Bauza can’t.

    By watching Argentina’s finals to Germany and Chile, I noticed Messi and Mascherano crave for winning the Championship with the albiceleste shirts. Their eyes and expression on the face said they want the trophy badly. Your goalkeeper was alright. But I doubt if the other players in your NT were eager for the championship like Messi and Mascherano. Messi and Mascherano cannot motivate the players. Your manager must select motivated players who are willing to die for Championship. I pray for your NT win 2018 Russia World Cup. Good Luck.

    • The elite forwards in club futbol make 1 of 3 shots on goal in average. Penaldo, Bale, Drogba, Messi, Aguero, Neymar, Klose, Bati, etc etc all average somewhere around that stat. Do you know who was the leader in those stats while at Madrid? Higuain!

      He did miss them, especially the WC final.. but! stop dumping all the blame on him. The cold fact is that the whole team, particularly midfield, failed in every final to create at least 3 clear chances for our forwards. Had he gotten 3 he would have likely scored. He did, it was offside, then he should have been giving a pk maybe and then he missed.. he is human. He did not rise to glory, but fuck off wirh it being his fault. THE TEAM FAILED. We need better midfieldera and team play.

      • I can appreciate the part where its the whole team i.e. the midfield in capable of creating chances for the striker, whilst also appreciating the fact the stat that you mentioned of 1 out of 3 converted….
        However forgive me Leandro for saying, history has also shown us the luck of the gods!
        Just ask Greece’s Charisteas, scores the winning goal playing for a team that had 48% possession who had 4 shots on goal, 1 on target. How clear cut those chances were for the life of me i cant remember.
        take that into consideration along with Portugal’s 17 shots, 5 on target it would suggest that mediocrity evolves around all players on any night. also a bit of a higher intervention!! you just cant call it.
        its a bit of both for me, being clinical also having that divine intervention to just make it work. it did for Charisteas. it actually worked for all Greece’s goals throughout that tournament.
        But…..if Batistuta can produce goals out of nothing against Mexico in our last winning title….then why cannot a striker such as Higuain react in the same manner? He is after all worth £79 million.
        There is marked difference between both Charisteas and Higuain. I dont care what happened to Charisteas after that euros, I am certain he didnt become a household figure in the rest of europe….but he is a greek god back home since 2004 i bet. Gonzalo however will always be remembered for that miss regardless of whether we count the 1 out of 3 stat in Argentine eyes. i am sure Juve fans wouldnt care less.
        and thats the bitch of it. he can go and hit 2 out of 3 for them.

    • I always had a thing for late bloomers.I hope Trejo can a option for us.Other matured CMs are 30+.Pizzaro should be considered too,only 25.

      • Oh yes. I thought about that many times too. A lot of talented players will never shine (even if we have still hope for that in their early years) till they will not reach his 28-30 and get mentally inured, hardened. And there is other group of players who never showed his talent as youngsters but just emerged as perfect players when matured, out of nowhere. That’s why I’m for Bauza’s scanning of Primera Division not only for youngsters.

  5. I don’t know guys if you actually noticed what is in the sentence:

    “We’re all coming back and we’re all very anxious about playing in another World

    WTF???!!! It’s horrible. It’s unacceptable. THe self-assurance. He just knows that will be in Russia. he knows that because our coaches led to the situation when our gerneration 87-88 fells so confortably. THey all know we will in RUssia to get another chance. It’s the mentallity. They know “we don”t need to fight after place in WC”. They don’t need to fight. It’s worst thing. If I was a coach DI Maria would be never more to play for NT because of the sentence. They should fight, burn themselves to death for place in qualifiers team let alone WC team. But nah, Di Maria just knows he will be there along Higuain, Aguero and the rest.

    You stupid asshole, we have a lot of players for your place. Dybala, Gaitan, Lanzini, Cervi, J. Correa, A. Correa, Perotti, G. Martinez – so you must fight!!!

    Sorry for emphasis but it’s just unacceptable.

  6. i think bauza has made one first terrible mistake as a new coach for argentina. bring in a player who haven’t recovered of almost everything is such a waste call-up. there’s so many players now who can be in di maria place, those whose now are ready and fresh both physically and mentally.

    in 2014, i asked for gaitan to replace di maria, but so many against it. i want princess di maria out again from copa, but one of the poster here (i can’t remember his name) thought it was stupid as di maria was argentina footballer of the year and argentina will win copa if di maria is in the squad. yes, his wish is fulfilled, di maria in the squad, but then we saw di maria got injured in semi-final and argentina didn’t win copa that year. where is di maria in copa final 2016??? i don’t remember seeing him at all.

    so, that’s why i think bauza has made a terrible mistake if he call up princess di maria again this time.
    maybe i’m wrong but we’ll see where princess di maria will be in 2018, and what will be his condition at that time.

    it will be a thrill to see that…

  7. “We’re all coming back and we’re all very anxious about playing in another World Cup.”

    It’s just sad. How many times?

    One more time: “those who don’t learn from history are doomed are doomed to repeat it”.

    We don’t learn from history. 3 injuries of DI Maria in crucial moments and his poor performances it’s still to little to learn.

  8. “I still haven’t recovered emotionally”

    Bauza should to answer: “oh, it’s great because I just wanted to drop you”

    As I said, this genereation will never recover from mentality of losers. It’s better remove him now than regret in RUssia.

  9. As someone who will never know how the locker room really is I have to revert to speculations and declarations.
    Going by them I find it strange that our coaches seem the ones who beg for acceptance.
    “I have to talk to him” “I have to talk to them”
    I have to conform to their wishes.
    The untouchables have the power it seems and the coach must conform to them or else. Coaches get slapped by players just look at 2014 World cup where Lavezzi made Sabella look bad and slapped the other coach on the bus like he was a little child.
    We blame coaches all the time(me included) but they don’t have real power because the untouchables dictate a lot of things “I want to play with him and him or else”.
    We needed someone who makes the players conform to him or else, that shows them who’s boss. Guardiola, Mourniho, Conte are showing their new clubs who’s boss by chasing out players like Schweinsteiger, Hart, Toure, Fabregas.
    they have the power, our coaches don’t.

    • I have serious doubt that any of our “not the best” coaches has any authority to make serious changes.

      IMO coaches should never listen to the players and the fans. They gotta do their own job ’cause at the end of the day its their own arses that is on the line!

  10. Him and kun….I count the minutes during every game when they decide to break down..can’t rely on players like them regardless of the talent.
    They multiply their efforts for the paycheques they receive.

  11. add me to the list of those sick of the very very average (I’m being kind)efforts d/m puts up for the n/t because club football is more important to him and it shows how he busts a gut for his club teams but for the n/t barely raises a sweat(add kun to that list).

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