Ezequiel GARAY joins Valencia


Ezequiel GARAY has signed with Spanish club Valencia.

In the final hours of transfer deadline day, Ezequiel GARAY has left Zenit and signed with a deal which would keep him at Valencia in 2020. There were very strong reports linking GARAY to Chelsea but Zenit’s manager had confirmed that GARAY wanted to go to Spain and join Valencia.


  1. Ghostdeini and Gonzalo, this is so true, we need warriors in our team, players willing to work their socks off, that’s probably more important than just talent alone. Kun is a typical example of that, the talent is certainly there but you rarely if ever see him work hard for NT. We need hunger and a desperate will to win, that’s a formula for success more than anything else in my opinion.

    • Bauza may implement best tactic but if you have not eager, hunger, thirsty, starved (I don’t know right word in English here) players it will be not enough. The current players are tired as Spain but by losts and not wins.

  2. my team:

    7-8 players with 2 lungs, high intensity, two way players, team players, good technique.

    • I like it. We need much more warriors. Perreyra never was liked by me (because of his inconsistence) but he is type of player we need. Chile type of player with warriorhood. He is not perfect in any aspect but he is decent in most sides – just versatile.

      • Yes he is not a star player but he is a warrior, two way player and knows his role because he is a team player. We need hierarchy installed, we need players like Augusto, Perez,Lavezzi, Kily Gonzalez, Lucho Gonzalez, who are role players and Perreyra and Lanzini are just that!
        and most importantly help defend and attack.

        • Right. It’s just impossible that players who lost 3 finals and other tournaments (in quarterfinals) will fight as

          New tactic is not all. Bauza may be smart coach but if he will not take more eager warriors to Russia it’s impossible to win.

          1. Right selection 2. Tactic 3. Element of risk 4. The Will to win

          As far I may only believe Bauza is better tactic than Martino but the rest? We must wait.

          • Agreed. We need warriors! That’s why I always feel upset not to see players like Enzo Perez, Perotti, Ansaldi, Icardi etc in our squad. Oh…add Garay too!

          • My post was break off

            Right. It’s just impossible that players who lost 3 finals and other tournaments (in quarterfinals) will fight as players that are new in NT and must to fight after place.

            New tactic it’s not all. Bauza may be smart coach but if he will not take more eager warriors to Russia it’s impossible to win.

            1. Right selection 2. Tactic 3. Element of risk 4. The Will to win

            As far I may only believe Bauza is better tactic than Martino but the rest? We must wait.

    • I think rather Gomez over Ansaldi. Ansaldi is fantastic but Gomez as well and we need to think of future. I doubt Ansaldi will so good for 2 years. I’m not sure but it’s possible.

      Gomez is not just good RB. He is best RB for a long time. To strike while the iron is hot. We need real fullbacks in Russia.

      • I also prefer Gomez, players can change but the shape of the team must be intact.
        Hierarchy and role players that attack-defend and are very good with movements without ball are needed.
        A team must have a shape and players must play in their position ideally.

        • Sorin was 19 years old when debuted. When he was 23 has played on Copa ’99. So Why not with Gomez. He is 23 and not less talented. He is even more dutifull in defence.

    • Really the line up is very near to mine. Paredea and Ascacibar because Kranevitter attitude is fully defensive while Paredes may give his passes and Ascacibar his runs.

  3. I was feeling really bad for him. Now this has to be a come back. I would take him any day over Otamandi. Also he is our best penalty taker.
    It can be a blessing in disguise that he is in Valencia, who is going through a very bad time. He is going to face attack after attack and if does well, he should, he will be back for 18WC.

  4. BAUZA: “Messi is fine & won’t have problem in playing 90 mins. vs URU. I see no physical problems. It’ll be intense match & we need him

    “In last practice, Messi worked normally. Yesterday we gave more rest because he had just arrived. He has a great desire to play.”

    “I heard everything. Our Medical staff is in contact with all clubs. We’d have been the first to not risk if Messi had a problem.”

    “I left San Lorenzo as champion of Copa Libertadores & with the same approach, let’s leave Argentina as world champions in 2018.”

  5. Great for gray …He was our best defender in 2014 World Cup…Hope he will become his best again…

    I would not mind if bazua play like this




    • Who needs roper fullback when you can play centerbacks on that postion eh?

      He is tall, strong and agile who dribbles well, defends well and crosses with both feet. In any Argentine manager’s book those attributes are totally unnecessary for a fullback! Rojo all the way!!!!

  6. Some people seems to forget that Argentina didn’t just magically appeared in the last three finals, they had to play to get there, yes, playing six and five games got the Argentina team to three successive finals. This is why Buaza can’t just change up the NT for the fun of it. Argentina is getting to finals but not carrying over to the finish line. Buaza job will be to fix all his players psychological issues on the pitch.

    At the end of the day, this current Argentina team has gone eleven straight games without losing in regular time, so why would the coach change up the team to a point that he would have to start from first base in the middle of a tough world cup qualifying campaign? This makes no sense, the coach can’t just come in and play 7-8 new players against an experience Uruguayan team with Suarez and Godin, and away to an improving Venezuelan team. Edgardo Bauza first job is to make sure the team pick up six points in the next two games and qualify in the long run for the 2018 world cup. Losing three finals was painful, but the idea of Argentina even missing out on the 2018 world cup would be an even greater disappointment for the national team than anything I can think of, just imagine Argentina not making the world cup, that would be worse than Brazil 7-1 defeat to Germany imo, this would set Argentina football back to the stone age. I will always respect a new coach decision, it’s the coach job to select the players he see best for these brutal CONMEBOL qualifying games.

    Portugal had underachieving players like Nani and Quaresma yet the coach stuck with them, these players have been around for years. The coach also kept Moutinho who miss a pk in the semis against Spain during the 2012 Euros. Ricardo Carvalho was 38 at the Euros, Pepe is 33 and Bruno Alves is 34, all central defenders. Why didn’t the Portuguese coach drop these so call old players for younger ones? Nani and Quaresma were rejects at club level and were constantly underperforming with their national team, that didn’t stop them from being selected for the Portugal NT. At the end of the day, keyboard coaches are in no position to make tough decisions like the real ones.

    Most comments here do not dwell in reality, it’s all about fantasy Argentina lineups with players who are relegated to mediocre club teams in Italy or England. I mean, we read about all these great talents in the Argentinean league who will win us the world cup, all the coach need to do is pick a starting XI from the Argentina Primera and the team would win every single football tournament. I will get to this ongoing overhype on the Argentina league in my next Paragraph. At the end of the day, a bad federation, corruption, poor football pitches, and facilities get you nowhere in terms of being one of the top football nation in world football. When was the last time an Argentina local midfield player was taken from the local league to one of Europe biggest club team? We haven’t had one of those since Mascherano move to Barcelona. And please, the Milan clubs are just sorry teams going through a depression, they’re not and should not be consider as a big club in today’s football. Pereyra can’t even make Juventus bench yet he should start for Argentina? The guy moves to Watford, Watford of all teams! This is just another Ricky Alverez situation all over again, from Inter Milan to Sunderland and the rest is history.

    Back to the Argentina Primera. When was the last time the Argentina Primera produce a top quality youth team that can actually pass and control a football without looking like the Fiji NT? Argentina failed to get out of the group stage at the 2015, U20 Youth world cup, the team couldn’t advance out of a group with Panama, Austria and Nigeria. Argentina failed to get out of the group stage at the 2015, U17 world cup. Argentina failed to get out of the group at the 2016, U23 Rio Olympics football tournament; seriously, we are talking about Honduras and Algeria here. Honduras denied Argentina a spot in the quarter final, a team where their players doesn’t even play in a proper league. What does the U17, U20, and U23 have in common? They’re all poor passing teams with miserable control. The guys that took part at the Olympics were mostly local players, how can anyone get excited about Argentina football with this kind of pathetic display? I wasn’t even expecting this team to win the tournament, but the way they carry themselves on the pitch was disgraceful. Lack of chemistry does not prevent a player from making smooth passing or control on the pitch, the constant turnover of the football is another frustrating thing coming out of Argentina football. Look at the Brazilian Olympic team for example, they brought the quality of their local club teams to the Rio Olympic team, the passing and controlling was smooth. Argentina Olympic team played a total of six games if you count the friendlies, and by the end of the final whistle against Honduras, they look like the same sloppy team that played against Colombia and Haiti. Germany Bender brothers are proof that Argentina football over all is way off the pace, just look at how the German U23 performed in front of 78,000 partisan Brazilian fans, and also have the nerves to take penalty in the same partisan venue. Even the Iraqi team pass and move better on the pitch than the Argentina Olympic team.

    No one should come on here and pretend like it’s all rosy in the Argentina Primera. The Argentina league it’s not what it used to be, the league has regressed big time. Don’t tell me about the next forward coming out of Argentina. Show me young midfield players with the technicality of Veron, Aimar, Requelme, Cambiasso Masche, Zanetti, Sorin, Redondo etc. These players were not just promising players; they were swoop up by some of the biggest clubs of their time. A guy dribble and score and all of a sudden he should be playing for the national team according to the local league expert. Trust me, every time I try to watch the local Argentina league it put me to sleep. Argentina haven’t had a world class league in a long time hence the reason I barely follow the local league. Argentina use to produce some of the best passer and some of the best midfielders in world football, now the team has to content at being second and third best behind the likes of Spain, Germany, Holland, Croatia, France, Chile, Belgium and even defensive Italy when it comes to flawless passing football. The Argentinean players doesn’t learn how to pass properly anymore when they’re young, so by the time they reach the senior team the bad controlling and passing carries over. The country needs to get back to basic, produce proper players instead of all these wannabe Maradona’s type forwards. The world cup is becoming like the UCL every four years, this Euro centric pattern have taken over the world cup, and only the international team that spend the most money on their football will win the tournament when the dust is settle. PS: Good seeing Garay trading is football in the mainstream once again instead of playing in Siberia among Woolly mammoth.

    • My compliments for these wise words.
      Qualifying for WC 2018 is now priority 1. Come October 2017 we still have 8 months and at least 4 or 6 preparation games to test new players, different tactics, prepare files (SWOT analysis) on the other 31 competing teams and so on. Hopefully the AFA can set up a better organisation for youth teams so we will be able to keep up in the future with the likes of Germany, Spain etc.

      Today AFA announced improvements for Argentine youth teams: http://www.ole.com.ar/seleccion/afa-selecciones-juveniles-menotti-caruso_0_1642035972.html

    • Well said about the quality of the Primera, very well said.
      Even ex players are feeling sorry for the quality of football there, but some nationalists seems to think otherwise. Pity.

    • KidultHood,

      Is your shame period of another lost final your favourites (Higuain, DI Maria, Aguero…) is end? Now you may back here to start again with your bragging. All on the board. Now with you on the board we may start countless to another flop your favourites. Just waiting only for Higuain. He will back for sure. You are guarantee of final lost but I don’t think in another final again. With the same players we even will not reach final. Someone should learn our coaches to read signs of the time and time for changes.

      I’m not going to polemize with your manipulations on facts about circumstances our Olimpic Games team. You may ignore well known facts of situation before Olimpic Games in AFA and then organisation of U-23 team but it’s dishonest.

      I just want to ask you aren’t Argentina clubs the best in SOuth America of few last years? I think they are.

      “Trust me, every time I try to watch the local Argentina league it put me to sleep”.

      And of course if it was few years ago when your favorites Aguero, Di Maria and Higuain were playing in Primera Division it could be interesting for you to watch Argentina league? You think the leaugue was better when they were playing there?
      And I’m sure if it was few years ago when your fav players participated in Argentina League you would to say exactly the same (I don’t see talents there or they are to weak). Just because it’s Argentina league and because you can’t seprate the weat from the chaff. You have not good eyes. Who would be Di Maria for you when he was playing in local league? Ridiculous player from underground. The only thing i know is still the same: you know nothing about Argentina league.

      I’m watching Primera for years and I don’t see less talent in this league. In future Argentina still will be among best teams on the world. I would reminds the words for KidultHood in a few years time but he will not be here more when his well known favourite players will rest. You are fan only of one generation players and not Argentina. And best prove of that is your continuous antagonisation of youth Argentina teams and the senior and on the others side players from local league and players from Europe. You are not for Argentina as a whole. You just defend your own matter and reputation. But the reputation is lost long time ago I must to say.

      • I just even don’t try to say here how good is Di Maria and other your favorites when they will to score ton of goals and assist in qualifiers. Just let us to wait for WC. My prediction is: we will not reach another final if Di Maria, Higuain, Aguer, BIglia, Banega, Rojo will be there.

    • If you don’t like heart and soul (as Jack said) of Argentina football I doubt you like Argentina football. But I even don’t need to prove what is so obvious.

      • Haha. And I wonder, KidlutHood, what would you tell us when in 2003 Bielsa called up 19 years old Macherano when he was in reserve River team? You would say: it’s crazy, shame or something like that.

        Or what would you say about Dybala when he was in Instituto Cordoba or Palermo SerieB? Actually we know what you was talking about him even if he was among top goalscorers of Serie A… So please stop to judge players of whom only problem is they are unfamiliar for you.

    • And one more thing, KidultHood. I will ask you always: where from the satisfaction of losts Olimpic Team? Yes, that’s satisfaction. Even don’t try deny. Is this Argentina fan attitude?

  7. About F*****g time!

    Our best defender was rotting somewhere in Siberia ffs. Good thing is he’s still 29 and there is plenty of time before the WC. A Garay Otamendi Partnership in a deep defensive line is our best CB paring. Plus he is a great penalty taker.

  8. Finally he joins a decent club in a strong league. We might still see some Garay in the NT after all. The likes of Demichelis being called up and him not is bewildering.

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