Poll: Who should start up front vs. Uruguay


With the line-up all but confirmed, who would you start up front for Argentina against Uruguay?

According to the media, the attack will likely be DI MARIA, DYBALA, MESSI; PRATTO. Vote below on how you would line up the attack!
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  1. Icardi, Lamela, Dybala, Messi…DiMaria, Higuain, Aguero should be strictly bench players in case of emergency. They have had their chance and failed but you may be able to count on them for 20 minutes here or there. Mascherano and Kranevitter should be your destroyers. Biglia is useless. When he isn’t injured he is missing penalties. Augusto and Enzo are just average players. Bottom line though is Icardi Lamela and Dybala should get the minutes. Higuain DiMaria and Aguero scored the same number of goals combined as I did in the last 450 minutes of final games including 6 , 30 minute periods of extra time. Club players that shrink time and time again on the big stage. They can be a spectator now like us, especially that fat bastard Higuain who not only chokes but apparently can’t keep his hands off the pizza. When your new team says you are fat that’s saying all you need to know.

    • San Isidro: I totally agree with you. It is pathetic and outrageous to see again DiMaria, Aguero and Biglia in the team as starters. Higuaín is gone so we can’t complain although he’s a better option than both Aguero and the fragile DiMaria if you ask me, at least Higuaín tries his best and he doesn’t get injured after 5 min on pitch as the glass men (Aguero and DiMaria). Now, where is DiMaria’s name in the world of football today? nowhere….only here on Mundo, no one talks or even remembers him anymore…..he’s a one pony trick. Aguero is aging and injury prone, another useless tad when it comes to international football….Biglia is the hero when it comes to penalties, the savour in decisive games, does his looks get him a starter position? most likely…..This line up is pathetic and makes me wonder if this generation’s era will last more than Dinosaur’s !!!

    • san isidro: yes agreed “Icardi, Lamela, Dybala, Messi” drool drool at this potential combo.

      I struggle to have some of the others on the bench, kun for example has come on in 3 finals and has done some thing close to nothing in bearly raising a sweat and scoring exactly zero goals but back to city and that massive pay check he scores goals for fun-perhaps we have to accept he also is not world class and will not be.

      d/m does what exactly? runs about like a race horse but then the killer ball is only done from him while he plays for his clubs. the sad thing is d/m could be world class but at n/t level plays for him self and not the team, a world class player does not look world class once in every 4-5 matches they do this 95% of the time.
      another who plays best for his pay check.

      bil should also not be their at the moment and he offers what exactly?, oh yes that is it he keeps potential talent out of the n/t-brilliant grrrr

    • I agree augusto is way better than biglia.. I would rather lanzini to be honest… biglia not a bad player, but we have other plans that can do the same and more

  2. I think it should be

    Lamela, messi, dybala… idk about our # 9… I saw pratto miss a 1 v 1 vs gremio for his team to win 2-1.. cracked under pressure… I saw calleri with no pressure and cracked 1 v 1… only forward I haven’t seen play is alario…but if aguero was healthy that’s who I would choose and icardi as sub

  3. Gonzalo… If aguero was healthy I would agree with you and have Sergio playing in dimaria place. I truly believe with angels injuries from too many minutes and pace and 1v1 capability, he is what Argentina needs off the bench! An explosive sub that changes games late!!

    • I think Di Maria muscles are too weak to bring the burden of finals when you must play your 120%. He is type of asthenic and such overloads are beyond of his organisms strength. And it’s only one reason of which Bauza should invest in someone other I think… For me he should be sub and nothing more.

      Still the LF position of our team gives most possibilities of manoeuvre.

      • Di Maia in full rythm is an incredible player,for example the Copa America opening matche.But it is clear to see he always carry extra motivation for his club and selfless in feeding like of Ronaldo and Zlatan which is not the case for Argentina.How is it that his injuries always come with nt tournaments?

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