Lionel MESSI: “I felt like that was going to be our time”


Lionel MESSI was on a television show in Argentina and spoke about a number of topics.

Lionel MESSI commented on his retirement, returning to play in Argentina and more. Here’s what he had to say:

About returning to Argentina:
“I would love to (return). It is something I have kept an eye on because it was my dream as a child. Obviously my life started to change and went another way, but I have no regrets. It’s something I have kept an eye on. I want to play in Argentine football and Newell’s, where I grew up.”

About retiring from the Argentina National Team:
“Retirement from Argentina? It was just what I felt in that moment. Everything was falling around me. I felt like that was going to be our time, because of the way we were playing and we got to the final. It was a huge disappointment. The dressing room was devastated. We all felt that we’d missed our chance.We got to 3 finals and at some point, something must give. We all want to win. I have been fighting with the Seleccion and my dream is to win something. To get so close and not make it was a huge frustration for all of us.”

About his hair and his son Thiago.
“My hair? I made change to start from 0. After controversy and disappointment, I told myself ‘You’ve got to break this and start again’. I don’t buy Thiago many balls or force him to play with them because he doesn’t like them much. Let’s see what happens in future.”


  1. I felt it was finally going to happen that time, that’s why I was more pissed off after the loss than I was after the WC, not hurt like I was then but just Angry.

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