Ever BANEGA, LAMELA/GAITAN set to start for Argentina


With Lionel MESSI and Paulo DYBALA both out for Argentina, Edgardo BAUZA is forced to make some changes to his starting line-up when Argentina play Venezuela on Tuesday.

In training, Ever BANEGA has started in Paulo DYBALA’s role (behind the striker) and it appears as though one of Erik LAMELA and Nicolas GAITAN will start in Lionel MESSI’s place (on the right side of the attack). Here’s the rumored starting line-up:

However, there are other question marks in the air. It remains to be seen if MAS will start as left back again now that Marcos ROJO is no longer suspended. The second question mark is the right back position between Pablo ZABALETA and Gabriel MERCADO, though it looks as if the Manchester City man will get the nod to start. Up front, Lucas PRATTO is expected to keep his starting spot. Here’s the rumored starting line-up:



  1. As ever, Banega could be an assets or liabilities, he can play, hold the mid and score like a beast when in form, a good combination with Di Maria to explore and attack. Both are seasonal type of player. Di Maria will be the play maker and Gaitan will start instead of Lamela. Pratto need to fit his shoes and dynamic movement; although i’m not confident he will score.


    where is ICARDI???

    this is the best time to put icardi in the squad.
    whose here don’t recognize icardi’s talents and ability???
    whose here don’t want icardi in the team???
    whose here don’t think icardi is the best choice for the striker???

    some people want to give more time to pratto and alario to prove themselves??? which mean, do they really want to see pratto and alario in russia 2018??? instead of icardi, vietto and even calleri???

    pratto play in what league??? and he never play in nt team before, not even in youth team.

    • Travis, i agree but i think there is a serious problem with Icardi, probably Messi and the other team members are not comfortable with him and don’t want him in the team. That’s why every coach ignores Icardi. it’s sad that non footballing reasons should take precedence over merit. I do not really foresee Icardi playing for us ever. But if i am proven wrong i will be happy

  3. With this set of players my problem is …no one is a scorer but Pratto! And that in its self is worrisome …because Pratto is our 8th best striker..! This is why someone like icardi is important to Argentina… With the injuries of messi and aguero, expulsion of dybala, unfitness of higuain and attitude of tevez, icardi would be key to have up top to team with Pratto. Against a defensive Venezuela Argentina should have 5 in attack not just 4. Meaning taking out a holding defensive midfield like biglia and adding two attacking ones in lamela and banega;
    4-4-2 woild be more suited for the current personal
    Zabaleta, mori, otamendi, rojo
    Mascherano lamela banega dimaria
    Correa Pratto

    Hopefully with just one goal scorer on the pitch we will find some kind of scrappy goal to win in Venezuela 1-0.🙏🏼

  4. 2 of them, Banega,Gaitan/Lanmela are sufficient bearing their slow speed in mind, otherwise the team would be static and predictable especially if Zaba and Mas or even Rojo and Mercado are expected to ignite the wing attacks. We need some one that can fill the gap of the full backs, provided that he is healthy and reliable also as fast as Di maria??? Banega will improve the mid section,though.

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