Argentina and Inter legend Javier ZANETTI spoke highly about Mauro ICADI and Lucas ALARIO.

The vice president of Inter mentioned that ICARDI will get a chance to play for Argentina and that the two players currently in Argentina are on his personal list. Here’s what he had to say:

About Mauro ICARDI:
“If he does well with Inter, he will certainly get a chance to play for Argentina. He’s someone who can still do much more. I often tell him that if he continues to work hard in training and during the games, his moment will come.”

“I like ALMIRON (Paraguayan), I’ve seen him in some matches, he would do well in Italian football. ALARIO’s a good player as well. I have him on my personal list of likes, he could have a great future.”


  1. The chemistry between kun, higuain, Di Maria and Messi should be automatic to say the least since they been playing together forever and yet it’s not, WHAT GIVES?
    ….and that has nothing to do with who is coaching the team.

    • You know, when players don’t train with each other day in and day our on a regular basis it’s kind of hard to maintain the chemistry, although to certain extent you have a point. Maybe, the problem is that certain players are simply not trying hard enough…

      • It is all the same for all countries so why should it be all different for Argentina? Are others more talented? No, More motivated? some are but why is the question!

  2. When fat higuain and useless aguero weren’t available alario and pratto were called not icardi that says it all.
    Higuain even refused to be called but he will be there when ever he feels ready.
    Aguero,higuian,di maria,romero will all start 2018 worldcup.
    Politics ruined argentina football we have to accept that reality.

  3. No doubt Icardi should be in NT but now when we have Alario already in place of Icardi Bauza should be consequent. It’s time for Alario trial apparently. First give a try Alario 2-3 times in starting line up and then we will look after Icardi. But only if Alario will not be enough good.

  4. Problem is not with coaches calling Icardi and co….the main issue is Messi who insists on having his buddies: Aguero, DiMaria, Banega, Pastore, Romero, etc….of course there is no room for other talented sharp strikers.

    • False… If that was the case messi’s buddy higuain would have been there… He wasn’t… And players like banega, dimaria and pastore are great midfielders and they do NOT have any influence on a forward being called up or not!! Hello!! Say bauza choosing alario and Pratto instead of icardi… But not messi and not our midfielders!!!

  5. “Argentina and Inter legend Javier ZANETTI spoke highly about Mauro ICADI”

    their is nothing else to say but call him up now and as Zanetti is speaking so highly of icardi then we know its time for those concerned with his past all those years ago to also let it be and allow this pure no 9 a chance to see if he can be what we want as he certainly has earned that chance.

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