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Hernan CRESPO and Lionel MESSI are the subject of this topic.

As it stands, Hernan CRESPO is the ALL-TIME top goal scorer in South American World Cup Qualifiers among all players. The Argentine legend currently sits at the top of the standings with 19 goals, only one in front of second place Luis SUAREZ who is on 18 goals. For Lionel MESSI, he is in the 5th place position with 16 goals, only 3 behind CRESPO and two behind SUAREZ.

World Cup Qualifiers Top Scorers
World Cup Qualifiers Top Scorers

For Lionel MESSI, Argentina has not been doing too well without him in these qualifiers. The Albiceleste have played 8 matches so far in the 2018 edition, 5 of them coming without Lionel MESSI… And their record isn’t very pretty. Only 1 win out of 5 matches.

2-0 Loss vs. Ecuador
0-0 Draw vs. Paraguay
1-1 Draw vs. Brazil
1-0 Win vs. Colombia
2-2 Draw vs. Venezuela

With Lionel MESSI, Argentina have 3 wins out of 3 matches. You can see all this and more in our World Cup Qualifier page.

2-1 Win vs. Chile
2-0 Win vs. Bolivia
1-0 Win vs. Uruguay

A somewhat alarming statistic but not one totally scary. Ecuador started off the qualifiers in fantastic form while Paraguay away from home was somewhat tricky. The team was unfortunate not to get the win against Brazil as they were the much better team and the big win against Colombia was a massive booster for a team in desparate need of a win. Against Venezuela, well, we all know what happened.

There’s still a long way to go in these qualifiers but for those who are into statistics, there they are!


  1. im not downing on messi but wen fact takes a cricket bat to the face of a fanboy the pleasure is all mine….

    i love messi likely more than the fanboys do BUT I REFUSE TO LIE AND HYPE HIM…

    the fact people post here and are supposed real argy fans globally celibrated messi beating batigols record at the copa WHEN HE HADNT was SICKENING and disrespectfu….(get your facts right)

    theresa huge difference between being a loyal supporter and true fan and being a blind bitch fanboy….

    fact of the matter is this in competitive games in wc’s and copas also messi goal record is trash compared to batigoil and crespo

    i as a argentina supporter am able to admit this FACT instead of being a crybaby fanbitch of messi….

    im also the first to call messi out on his fag fake retirement,that didnt happen whilst watchng the last two games hearing the comentater talk of MESSI RETURN drove me mad WHAT RETURN HE NEVER LEFT HE DIDNT MISS A SINGLER TRAINING SESSION OR MATCH WITH ARGENTINA HE RETURNED AT THE SAME TIME EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF THE TEAM DID AKA THE NEXT MATCH….

    they were talking like we hadnt sen him in 18 months like maradona or some shit

    messi is a great seconde greatest ever BUT CAN WE KINSDLY END THIS FREAK SHOW IN THE MEDIA

  2. Hopefully, Messi will take up this record also. The statistics about with and without Messi is really alarming. More than the stats its the nature of the game played when Messi is there vs. when he is not.

    The opponents shape up differently and play differently. I have no doubt Venezuela would have played lot more defensive and cautious, with 3 players within 5 yards of Messi. As soon as he is not there everyone brings out their tooth and nail, even the team at the bottom of the list.

    This is serious problem for Argentina. Instead of utilizing the best player in the world, they are plain relying on him to win every game for the others. Other than Mascherano I do no see a single player who has the desire to win. It seems like they just want to pass on to Messi and wait for something to happen. I fear once Messi hangs up his boots Argentina will struggle to qualify and come out of group stages. People forget Messi has made going to final a norm, which may not happen when he retires.

    The only other player I am pinning my hope on is Dybala. When he went to Juve he stepped up his game. It seemed like he wanted to win, be the chief protagonist. He was not happy to be a good side character in a big team. If he can produce that in NT, we have some hope.

    Messi will be there for 3-4 years, but we must start building for future.

    I see players like Dimaria, Aguero and Higuain who does not even care much about NT. Look at Higuain, he knew about these qualifiers and the season was starting and look at his shape. Did he not realize he has to come and win games for Argentina. Why didn’t he keep himself prepared for it?

  3. CONMEBOL or South America is by far the most difficult place in the world to qualify from. Even more so than UEFA. Every game feels like a derby. Playing away in hostile places like the altitudes of Quito and La Paz, the heat of Barranquilla, etc. Old age rivalries against Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. The class of players who score a lot here really shows: Crespo, Suarez, Salas, Zamorano, Messi. It’s not easy folks…

  4. Crespo was great striker but the one player I wish was in his prime now is batistuta by far the best goalscorer we ever had n one of the best in the history of football.

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