Hernan BARCOS: “With BAUZA, it’s clear that the door is open”


Hernan BARCOS spoke about Lionel MESSI and the Argentina National Team.

Hernan BARCOS, who played 4 matches with Argentina under Alejandro SABELLA, commented on Lionel MESSI and how if he was playing next to him, he would score 50 goals a year. Here’s what the Velez man had to say:

“He does tremendous things. He’s incredible. With MESSI next to me, I’d score 50 goals a year.”

“With BAUZA, it’s clear that the door is open, it’s a different picture because he gives the chance for everyone. It fills me with more enthusiasm and excitement.”

About how this would be a different experience to his first time with the team:
“Obviously it would be different and a new experience. When I was called-up, it was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. When you’re on the team, you never want to leave.”


  1. Thats not fair if he dont call icardi (young..goalscorer..captein)..you said your door open for every player
    ..and till the end you keep dismiss him..i cant say anythink thn f***k you old a**hole

  2. Carlitos with a terrible attitude vs Belgrano. Deserved that red card.

    Regarding Tagliafico, when will our coaches take notice, I wonder? If we had the embarassment of riches when it comes to left-backs I could understand. The fact of the matter is we don’t. At the very least, there is no way he is worse than the joker Rojo! SMH

  3. I highly hope Dybala will transform from SS to an all-round goalscoring AM in Juve, he gave great through balls today (finally), the workrate, teamwork and mobility is there (the main reason Messi cannot play in AM pos. in Albiceleste), but an Angel Correa (if he start to grow up)-Dybala-Messi—Icardi (Higuain) lineup would be deadly, but atm this team against an elite NT is suicide.

  4. Same faces who were in WC 2014 will be in Russia:
    Diva Maria, Aguero, Higuaín, Banega, Pastore, Biglia, Zabaleta, Rojo, Lamela, and even Lavezzi. Average age of the team no less than 29 as usual, the most aged team in the tournament. No matter what coach we have, no matter what results we get….faces will be the same until they retire or die. Messi will never win a world cup as long as he insists on having his buddies in the roster…..it did cost him 2 world cups already and the third is coming. Realistically a new era will start for WC 2022.

    • Banega, Pastore or Lamela were in which universe in WC 2014 ? Ofc Banega and Pastore should have been there and Tevez too, mainly idiotic player selections of Maradona and Sabella cost us 2 WC, and Diego’s laughable coaching skills.

    • Interestingly enough Perotti played as a false 9. The guy can play in several different positions. Deserves a serious attention in my opinion cause he has been consistently playing well lately.

  5. 17 years old Ezequiel Barco scored his first goal for Independiente. Hope for the best for him. He has a talent to be something special for us. TIme will tell.

  6. I don’t know, I’ve never been of the idea that a player has to play in Europe to be good.

    As an example (might not be the best one) but Jose Basanta played in Mexico and many of us laughed at Sabella for picking him at the World Cup. Yet he absolutely shut down Hazard and Belgium when he played as LEFT BACK replacing Marcos Rojo.

    For a number 9 for us, if you can score, score. If you can score ugly (similar to Pratto vs. Venezuela), score ugly. We’ve been playing with European players for the longest time but I don’t think it would hurt to try out some more local players.

    I for one would love to see Icardi on the team. Icardi up front with Dybala is my ideal attacking partnership (with Messi there as well). But we need a plan B for Higuain (who, let’s be honest, will be back on the team). And if Icardi isn’t getting picked… may as well try out others.

    • Right, Basanta is good example. There is category of players that always have problems with aclimatization in Europe and it’s always better for them to stay in America, keep their best, and then help NT. Every coach has his ‘scandalize’ call ups of some peasants (instead superstars from Europe) that afterward turn out to advance.

      • Let’s not forget that Sabella called-up Guiñazu, Braña and Sosa several times. Guiñazu, while technically on the ball was bad, brought that grit and fight in the midfield which we needed in the qualifiers. It helped sometimes. Braña and Sosa he knew from his time at Estudiantes. Ultimately all 3 were dropped once we got in the latter stages of qualifying. It’s why we might see some players who aren’t necessarily big names under Bauza.

        Let’s not forget that Bauza (and who ever would have taken over) is in a very tough spot. He can’t change the entire team because we’re in the middle of qualifiers. Seeing Alario and Pratto in there (whether forced or not) was a change of fresh air. Under Sabella, we had Montillo, Barcos, Ricky Alvarez, Basanta, Guiñazu, Braña, Sosa, Campagnaro, Canteros, Di Santo and many many others. Only a handful of them made the World Cup. Qualifiers are tough and sometimes we get players called-up because they are in good form (Montillo) or because of injuries (Campagnaro at one point, Basanta and others).

        We will see this under Bauza and under any other coach. Montillo was playing in Argentina (or Brazil, I can’t remember) at the time of his call-up. He was there mostly because Messi was injured and Sabella needed a plan B.

        Also, having someone from the local league or a “lesser known” player could play to our advantage. It could be some of the other coaches or opponents don’t know too much about that player. It’s easy to plan and scout against an Higuain, Di Maria and others because coaches and players play vs. them week in and week out. But planning against (a lesser talented) Barcos or Abila might be harder because they don’t know much about him. Maybe Barcos and Abila aren’t the best examples but I’m sure you guys get what I mean.

        • Actually that’s exactly what I could to say on the theme. Sometimes I have a feeling that playing still with the same players (aside of their form) something is running out and losing. Some element of unexpectedness and freshness.

  7. Barcos was Sabella man. Call up for him would be regress. I don’t think Bauza really want him.

    Pratto is defferent kind of player than Icardi for 2 different tactics so no need to comparate.
    It was never good criterion to talk about who was flop in Europe. There are players that don’t need to go to Europe and still they can give NT something.

      • It’s not about how many times they have played for NT. Riquelme, d’Alessandro, Sorin. Where from Bielsa’s players from Copa 2004? Domestic league, Mexico. It was great team.

  8. In the beginning of career Tagliafico was not attacking fullback. But I see now he is still more and more modern LB. Against Godoy Cruz another very good game of Independiente man. Really Bauza should to think about future and invest with Gomez and Tagliafico as fullbacks.

    • Yeah and Icardi don’t deserve a chance from Bauza, joke. Pratto is not a bad striker, but far from international elite, was a big flop even in a Genoa-level team, Then why not Maxi Lopez or Guido Carrillo ? 🙂 Barcos a benchwarmer in Sporting, question ? Abila cmon Bauza…they are our Fred’s.
      Only Icardi and Dybala are good enough for NT. (Maybe Vietto with time)

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