Edgardo BAUZA to announce list on Friday, AGUERO/HIGUAIN/ICARDI


Edgardo BAUZA is expected to announce his list of players for Argentina’s October World Cup Qualifying matches on Friday.

BAUZA will announce his list on Friday and there’s some news about it. According to reports from Argentina, Mauro ICARDI will NOT be called-up this time around to the National Team. However, judging by BAUZA’s recent quotes from Thursday, both Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO could likely be back in the team.

Here’s what BAUZA had to say about the new list:
“I don’t think it’ll differ much from the last one because we had such little time working together and I want to take advantage and build on the work we’ve already done. Except for AGUERO and HIGUAIN, I will speak to them and after that make my decision.”

“AGUERO scored 3 goals (against Borussia Monchengladbach) but he had a knock on the knee. Hopefully it’s nothing. But before I can confirm anything, I want to talk with him. We’ll see who’s there and who isn’t.”

“We’re close to taking a decision about if he can be called-up or not, because we have to take into account that we don’t have the player with us. At the club, they see how he’s doing, if he’s doing well or not. Those decisions are different than ours. For that reason, I’m going to try and have as much information as possible.”

The report about Mauro ICARDI not being called-up is not set in stone as it’s just something floating in the media. As mentioned, the list will be out on Friday and we will have it here on Mundo Albiceleste!


  1. Guys our coaches don’t have time, don’t you understand they don’t have time, again don’t you understand they don’t have time to make changes, they don’t have time you must understand that they don’t have time.
    Sarcasm they are the only coaches who during 4 years say they don’t have time.

    Afa hires coaches like Bauza to manipulate them as they wish.Bauza is like a average looking woman/man that will conform and agree to whatever a good looking woman/man wants so that he/she stays with him/her because for Bauza this is his ultimate dream. He doesn’t have any other bigger realistic dreams because for example Barcelona is not calling him, so he will do everything possible to conform to live his ultimate dream because he doesn’t have any leverage. He’s doesn’t have full power.
    This problem will exist until someone of stature who has leverage like Simeone takes charge of the team.
    Until then our coaches will be powerless to make changes because players and afa will intefere with the coaches decisions.

    Rulli made 1 mistake while Romero is a making mistakes every game and is a part time professional goalkeeper.
    You give up to easily on players, it seems you have given up on most of the Olympic players, and have replaced them with others.
    don’t give up so easy.

    • Ghostdeini

      It’s not give up. Rulli is our future and rather near future. He will be better than ROmero, But he should be introduced gradually. Even best olimpic players – Rulli, Ascacibar, Gomez – have made some mistakes (Rulli had 2 big bloopers that cost us 2 goals). Ascacibar is our future as well but It doesn’t mean he should play in starting line up right now… All the 3 – Rulli, Ascacibar, Gomez – have deserved for NT.

      • If we need to integrate a new Goalie, I think this is the perfect time. If we do it now the new players will have a full year before world cup.

        Basically I don’t expect Icardi to score goals left right and center from the first game. Why don’t we call them and start playing them from the bench? We give them 10-15 minutes of game time and 1.5 weeks of practice with the team. That’s how it is supposed to be no?

  2. don’t worry about the update on icardi Roy, because i already knew it; icardi will not get a call up, EVER.

    as always, we will stuck with 2 untouchable heroes; higuain and aguero. unless if they volunteered not to get a call up, we will see them along other regulars as well; biglia, di maria, romero, zabaleta, rojo, and banega.

    vamos argentina!!!

  3. ………….Romero

    sub. among others Rulli, Batalla, Zabaleta,Funes Mori, Lisandro Lopez, Ansaldi, Ascacibar, Augusto, Correa…

    ? – someone in Di Maria place – Perotti, Lanzini, Cervi, Salvio, Gaitan, Joaquin Correa, Gonzalo Martinez, Lucas Zelarayan or Lucas Janson

    or Dybala as LF and Vazquez behind Icardi. It’s not good idea to play Vazquez on left.

    Of course this line up is so far to realize. It’s nice to dream.

    • Gonzalo, how can you forget peruzzi in your list??? he is one good rb we have beside zabaleta, even better than mercado imo. he just never get a better chance to prove himself, that’s all.
      peruzzi and ansaldi on both rb and lb are 2 great combination we should have for wc 2018. both are two attacking minded and i think are alike.

      peruzzi…………….ansaldi or Tagliafico

      • Still Zabaleta instead Peruzzi because we need one young and future player (Gomez) and one experienced (Zabaleta). My hierarchy is: 1.GOmez, 2. Salazar. 3. Peruzzi 4. Zabaleta

        but Ansaldi and Zabaleta perhaps will too old in 2018.

    • Gonzalo, with your in depth knowledge of Argentine players both in Europe and Argentina I am surprised to see Romero in your line up. Rulli should be there or if Bauza goes for experience Caballero.

      • ROmero has stupid mistakes but in less important games. He has luck on his side. In most important games of tournaments he was not only very solid but to a certain extent mentall leader of the team, along Masche.

        First Rulli should give a chance as starter in less important matches. We saw him on Olimpics. He still can fuck up things more than ROmero. Needs experience.

        If we want to introduce many young players (Gomez, Tagliafico, Dybala, Icardi, and the 5 one) we need experienced core: ROmero, Otamendi, Garay, Masche, Messi.

  4. Bauza should considerate also Pizarro teammate Lucas Zelarayan who just start to play his best as before in Belgrano.

  5. The teams problem is not strikers but the midfielders.Midfield lack mobility,skill,balance and most importantly creativity.Drop Biglia,bring a ball playing and passing CMF.Drop Di Maria ,bring someone who does not loose ball frequently and make better decisions during build up play.Drop Rojo,bring someone who can contribute offensively and defensively. Try Pizzarro,Paredes,Vazquez,Perotti,
    Tagliafico and Ansaldi.

  6. Even if Icardi is called up we still need creative midfield to provide balls to him. Icardi is a classic #9, meaning that he need service in the box, without it he will be almost useless. If Messi is marked out or has an off day, who is going to supply to Icardi? Using Dybala for that role is a bit of a waste, although he can probably adapt.

  7. Sad to know that Icardi was not been called yet. After the 2 unimpressive performance without a deadly striker, Bauza should make his mind to call the young players especially Icardi who MAYBE can solve the issue. Kun and Higuain are the best only at their glamourious club not N/T.

    Wake up, Coach ! take a bold decision

  8. It seems both aguero and higuian are making every excuse not to be selected yet mr bauza is literally begging them to come.
    But he can’t select a better finisher(icardi) than those clowns cause that will upset some people in the locker room who were friends or classmates or something of an irrelevant player(maxi).how does this even make sense.

  9. I don’t care for strikers, get some fresh CDM and CAM in the starting XI. Biglia, Masche and Banega in the starting XI will not work. Argentina always struggle to score goals when Biglia starts, just look at the recent Copa America, as soon as Biglia got back in the Argentina starting XI the team failed to score for the first time in the competition.




    —————-Dybala (Dybala can play Iniesta role for Argentina)

    Messi———————————— Di Maria


  10. He might have spoken to Messi and Masche and they probably said no.

    Lets hope he gets these two jokers to play properly and make up for all their pathetic history with the NT.

      • Lets face it, sleeping with your friend’s wife is as low as it gets, surely there are consequences and repercussions.

        He would have been called by now already had it not been for this little issue!

        • That shouldn’t be an issue at all.the guy is professional on the pitch & in the locker room.no one ever complained about him,he is the captain of his team at young age.trouble maker on the pitch & (locker room) like tevez was regularly selected but not icardi.it is clear some of the players are blocking this guy and it is sad.
          I hope this turns out to be lie and he gets selected.

          • We will just have to wait and see what happens but i also will be very annoyed if icardi is not in the team.
            As most of us have been saying its way past time for the kuns, hig, d.maria and big are moved aside to give others a chance as these lot have had far to many chances and the end resaults are always the same.

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