Poll: What do you think of BAUZA’s Argentina list for October?


It’s poll time again!

With Edgardo BAUZA’s second list being released, what do you think of it? Are the returns of Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO a good thing? Is the fact that Martin DEMICHELIS still included making it a bad thing? Vote below!

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  1. If our team had Battistuta, crespo, caniggia or even kempes we would still struggle with this mid field… the only attacking mids are dimaria and banega .. and dimaria is morelike a wing forward … and banega the only creative mid beside messi… Dimaira has struugle to keep his fitness during the crucial time and with zaba and rojo and dimaria there is no supply from the flanks… Banega is nothing but overrated player… he has done nothing till now… pastore also like banega has been very inconsistent and often injured… So whenever a team parks the bus and with messi surrouned by few defenders our strikers are left with very very few occasional chances to score… We need atleast 2 defensively sound Creative mids … and attacking fullbacks.. Rojo Banega Romero has to go… Zaba can still be a good backup… Mercado also seems to be providing nothing upfront.. ..

  2. If Bauza has a brain, then the forward line up should be:


    Yes I chose Higuaín over Aguero, he had a better scoring record for NT than Aguero, and less injury prone…..Aguero joins the NT as a social media expert by taking selfies and does his backroom dance…..that all I got from him. I put Higuaín there since he has better touches on the ball and more dangerous than Aguero, also his height topped selfies pro “Aguero”.

    Drop: Aguero “selfi champ”, Lamela “glass man”, Pastore “Ballerina”, and Di maria “Chicken head”.

    Bring in midfield: Peryera.

  3. I thought peryera’s omission was attributable to his injury and due to Allegri’s(highly overated and fool enough to be an Argentina’s NT coach) ignorance that was dragging him from being called up, he is having a faire minutes of play in his new club after he easily managed to integrate with the team,then again i can only see how inexplicable is the situation with NT selection.

    He may not have the flair of standard already set by the likes of Requelme and Aimar in the wjite n blue shirt, but certainly good enough to the current ‘hunger pangs’ that the team is going through in the mid section. Let Biglia have Maschie’s role and Peryera with Dybala and Maria run the field behind Leo and Pratto/Higuein/Alario.

    Parades, Lanzini and others could also be an option but are not replicating their sparks of last season,owing to lack of minites on the field. May be Pizarro needs to be called up. If the likes of Vasques and Angel Corea are going to make it,pastore and and Dimaria need to get away.

    Zaba and Rojo the gratitude for what you did in the Argiedraught of flancks right in the aftermath of Sorin/Zanetti era is immense,especially your solid performances in the 2014 WC. Tbe exit call is wide open to include you guys as well. I believe there are more legit candidate than you guys to run the flanks,even Mercado has shown the earned the spot more than u guys. Consider Ansaldi and some one from the local league. I mean if Mercado ingrained easily who was in local league while called up,why mot the youth?

  4. After many days I write something on mundo.

    There have both negetive and positive things in buaza ‘s list.
    if i judge based on percentige then it is 60-40(in my opinion).
    Firstly i talking about negetive…
    1.muaro icardi.he is sensational.
    2.i want to see “juaqin correa” in the list.if he and icardi get chance it may be good for attack.

    3.rojo and di maria.both are very poor and horrible when they cross the ball.di maria is so irritating.he(di maria) tried to dribble all the 11 players of opposition site.
    4.biglia and higuen.i cannot tolerate hig’s face.
    Now positive things
    After all i am not pep gardiola or morinho.may be buaza have other plans.

    I really want to see argentina get the wc trophy 2018.

  5. Wow! Excellent team selection. I am very satisfied to see the return of Aguero-Higuain. Though don’t understand the inclusion of Correa, Lamela & Kranvitter. I just hope, Bauza slowly bring some other necessary players to make all the position perfect before Russia World Cup.

    I want to see this team in 2018 WC.




    Messi __________________________________Dybala


    Subs: Alario, Palacio, J.Sosa, Lanzini, Gonzalo, Roncaglia, Batalla.

    You may surprised to see some of old names. But we need experienced ones with young talents for balance. Batalla, Mammana, Lanzini, Alario can learn a lot of things from Romero, Demechelis, Sosa & Palacio! 😴

  6. Bauza will bring more young player to this team. Icardi(23), Lanzini(23), Pereyra(25), Parades(22), Vietto(22), Rulli(24),…you can see these players in coming lists of 23. Now its so early for Bauza to change the team.


    This is how i am seeing our young team right now. They should be in 23 list.

  7. Argentine defence was good but not now

    Garay Otamendi mori masche mercado zabaleta are ok….not rojo roncaglia demichelis…may b basanta ansaldi..mas

    Pereyra Lanzini Vazquez Enzo Agusto Yacob Paredes Kranevitter

    Dybala. .Messi
    Icardi. ..

    Sub – vietto calleri dimaria etc

  8. Rojo, no matter how well he played in 2014, that was 2 years ago, right now he is awful, a bench warmer for MU and when he gets a chance to play, like against Feyenoord in Europa League, he flops big time.

    Roncaglia, a very mediocre player, neither a good centre-back nor a decent right-back.

    Demichelis, who also had a good world cup but is way past his prime.

    Remove those three and the list turns more or less decent.

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