Argentina list for World Cup Qualifiers for October


Edgardo BAUZA has released the list of players for next month’s World Cup Qualifiers.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Serguo AGUERO are back in the Argentina squad for next month’s matches. Here’s the full list.


Marcos ROJO

Nicolas GAITAN

Lionel MESSI

Argentina's list of players for October's Qualifiers
Argentina’s list of players for October’s Qualifiers


  1. Honestly I defend Bauza’s decision for not making any major changes but for the love of allah DEMICHILES IS CALLED AND GARAY ISN’T….What the hell is going on? It’s it’s really hard not to get angry here!
    It’s sad that Allario is excluded inorder to have aguero and higuain back but that’s the reality of the situation and one must accept it or atleast be ok with it.
    Remember that Sabella called Guinazu, sosa, despato, brana, montillo and quite a few others but the final list for the WC was different so I’m hoping that Icardi, perotti, vasquez and tagliafico will all get their chance to show off their stuff eventually.

  2. calling back demi in the squad is just a prove that we are going to see the same result as we’ve seen in 2014.
    why demi when we has so many better cb at the moment??? garay is well-experienced and so much better than demi as a matter of fact but ignored.

    he don’t changed tata midfielder from copa, not even a player. when it’s so clear we have many others who can fill 1-2 spot in the mid. who can definitely bring some fresh breath and ideas.
    he changed tata forward to nothing, infact could’ve make it worse with the inclusion of pratto who just came back from mount everest. who’s next, tevez???

    last but not least, we have at least 2 world class goalie at the moment; one who is still young and the other is well-experienced who never given a chance at a bigger stage which is ashamed considering his form that never decreased all this years.
    it’s a shame really.
    another coach who just wasted many talent, and repeating the same old story.
    yes, argentina probably going to russia but to win it, it’s not even worth a dream.

  3. Our coaches are just pretending to make deep and unbiased selection. Bauza said he has list 60 players to follow. What for the list if he has no balls to drop losers? It’s hard to believe no one new of the 60 players is enough good to be pick up. This time our coach really deserves to be called COWARD.

  4. I am very disappointed with bazua because there are no real left back how possibilities that…we need turned over a new leaf……..he is too much like sabella…we need like peps styles…..all player in going to attack even golakeeper too…

    Bazua can do it…..





  5. Very bad team selection. ….Bauza you don’t know how much we are dissatisfied with ur selection. ..
    No Icardi
    Higuain and Aguero are best for club football. …
    They are given many chances. .let some others play in NT…..

    Same sort of Biglia Demi

    Lets use some young raw talens e.g Lanzini. .Rulli…Icardi. .Vazquez…or others who are performing continuously outside the Europe …….

    Is Messi Mascherano doesn’t want Icardi? ??
    I love Messi
    But previously what Bauza said is the indicator of this…….

    Lots of final loss
    Aged players given lots of chances
    Coaches changed
    Messi retirement and comeback
    Bauza announced like “door is open for all”
    At last climax…Higuain 🙁 No Icardi Rulli or no young blood reinforcereinforcement

  6. KidultHood

    I just recorded your statement about Olimpic Games players and if in future one of Rulli, Ascacibar, Gomez, Pavon, Soto, Gianetti, Martinez or other will do good things for our NT I will bring these your words here to confrontate. And you know what will you do then? You will hide from shame, as always. We know very well your reactions.

    And if you want to insinuate that it’s Lanzini has mentality of loser (just because he is playing for West Ham) and not Di Maria something is really wrong with your logic. BTW what about mentality of Rojo and Romero? They are bench warmers in other not best team of Premier League.


    This is for those who want to petition for the inclusion of the youth players, you can try your luck there.
    My only concern at this point is how Bauza organizes his team this time regardless the roster. I want to see how balanced his team will be this time with more firepower available. Then when we have qualified, then I will be worried about names, the squad depth and then plan B and C. These players went to the 3 finals because the somehow know how to fight together to get there. How we play is all that matters now. We can have Rulli, Lanzini, Icardis, Paraedes etc but if there is no balance they will still struggle to win matches.

    • what balanced you talk about??? balanced if it has players you pick you think who can win a match??? that’s still not balanced dude. you just pick your favorite players who you think suit the position regarding who’s the coach is still very much not a balanced squad either.
      you also need enough talents, and also experienced and also youngsters as well. if you still wanna see banega who you think can work in the middle better with the recent coach, it’s still not proven balanced either as we see banega is still struggle when it comes to nt even when he’s been given so many times.
      can you names your balanced squad now? not all, i just wanna see your first 11th that’s all.

      • I don’t give a shit about first 11s or whatever. My point is that these players are not completely useless as a lot of you make them sound like. I want change too, but I also understand that the coach wants to work this group of players for now. For example, if he replaces Biglia with Augusto the midfield will look different. What if he wants to check how Aguero can play with Pratto? Or he wants to try new formations? There’s a lot of different possibilities with these group of players but just because we were treated to the same old tactics and 4-3-3 formation of Tata doesn’t mean that’s the limit of these players to me. This the same myth that Argentines had about Messi when he couldn’t replicate his Barcelona form in the NT shirt. Then Sabella devised a way of making the Messi influential with the NT. All over a sudden Kun, Di Maria and Higuain were also playing great for the NT. Experiments will come but that’s up to the coach when it will happen. Not because the fans are in panic mode. So in a meantime the coach wants to experiment with the experienced players. Youth players who show strong form and consistency will eventually force their way into the squad.

        • I agree. Cant change everything at once or uou will have chaos and zero chem. First Bauza needs to get a good undersyabfing of the group, then refine his tactics, then pick best players.. Mundo turned into a bunch of knee jerk, playstation haters, sad 🙁

  8. I’m actually not that mad on him for not calling Icardi for some reason. But what worries me is he called Rojo and didn’t call anybody new in midfield.

    Its been quite obvious that we need a new midfield and 2 fullbacks. Without a good midfield even MSN will also struggle to score goals.

    Rojo is a bad leftback. Masche-Biglia-Banega midfield is totally useless and on top of that we have Di Maria. The team will again be very frustrating to watch away from home.

    • That is right. For me not calling Icardi is not worst thing. Worst thing is that another coach is ignoring our week links. If a player play shit again and again as Rojo, Di Maria, Banega… I don’t see a risk to try new players in their places. The worst thing is Bauza is another coach who apparently has not idea about Argentina sources and potential. Our NT is still more fossilized. It’s not about Icardi it’s about all stile thinking and narrow prespectives of selections.

  9. the 60 players who he’s going to call is none other than the list from pekerman, maradona, batista, sabella, tata era…which is why we still see demichelis here. i guess next he will call tevez, lavezzi and gago as well.

  10. Rojo , Demichelis, Banega… they should not be there… its Blasphemy to include these players in the team…

    Rojo is a below average defender who is never ever going to play under Mourino and some low table spanish or italian side is going to buy him eventually…

    Demichelis is in the team to guide and act as a mentor to these defenders!!! Otamendi zabaleta mascherano have had a better career than him… he is just occupying a young defenders spot…

    Banega… why is this out of shape player still in the team… Can’t Argentina produce a better playmaker than banega.. we have been going through Drought of goals not because of crucial misses of Higuain or injuries of Diamria and Aguero… its becuase we don’t have a single player other than messi who is a good creative mid…

    and regarding Dimaria ,Aguero, Higuain ,Romero…. seems like its impossible for them to be drooped with the club form they are enjyoing… Romero’s regular selection is the most bamboozing one !!
    there is some positives though.. Bauza has included two quality youngsters in the team.. Dybala and Correa…

    Ps: Where is our best defender Garay???

  11. Demichelis? Rojo? Roncaglia? Calling Demi is criminal!!!! Higuain the choker’s price tag was so mouth watering for Bauza..that choker with headless Diva Maria and injury prone Aguero shud just dieeee or disappear..vanish from earth!!
    All the coaches are same! Slave of AFA

  12. ”It is not just about qualifying for world cup. It is about having a winning team with the right mentality, the team selected so far is like chosen for granted without a belief and there is no healthy fight for selection.”

    And what have those ”highly” rated players being mention here won? What winning mentality comes with selecting the likes of Lanzini?

    As I’ve said, none of those JOKERS who took part at this year Olympics should set foot near the Argentina NT. If that’s your definition of a ”winning mentality” then you know nothing about winning. These players disgrace the Argentina shirt in Brazil hence none of them should ever put on the blue and white again.

    Portugal won the Euros despite playing to a stalemate in like three games with some poor results in the group stage. Argentina tie with Venezuela and it’s the end of the world here.

    • Well,We have seen Fat higuain, Man City golden boy Aguero, Godly thinking Di Maria etc a lot..

      In a way, one can point fingers at Messi as well..retiring from National Team and making a case of not playing again and joining again was like a joke..but messi being messi is an exception..

      I don’t see why we should not experiment little by little….Nothing to get personal..everyone in this forum knows some football..

  13. It is not just about qualifying for world is about having a winning team with the right mentality, the team selected so far is like chosen for granted without a belief and there is no healthy fight for selection..

  14. Argentina have only conceded one goal in three straight finals and that was in 120 minutes of play against Germany (who had more rest than us) at the 2014 world cup. Rojo was name in 2014 FIFA world cup team of the tournament, and none of you trolls can take that away from him. This Argentina team also have one of the most consistent defensive record at FIFA tournament. At Copa America, the USMNT had ZERO shot on the Argentina goal for over 90 minutes. Rojo save this team time and time again. Romero did the hardest job in the shootout at this year Copa, he stepped up and saved Vidal pk, which gave Argentina the upper hand. It’s not Romero fault we lost any of the finals. Rulli? This guy is way beneath Romero, did you not see him flopping against Portugal and Honduras U23 team at this year Olympics? None of these pathetic players who took part at this year Olympics deserves to be a part of the team, maybe two years from now if they improved. Lanzini over Di Maria? This is the most pathetic thing ever! West Ham team is a JOKE, got destroyed by an average Watford team with a bunch of rejects who couldn’t make it at the bigger clubs they played at before. West Ham couldn’t even make it to the Europa League, instead they went crashing out to a team from Romania.

  15. People here act as if Argentina got knockout in the group stage of the last three FIFA senior football tournament. The gold right now is to qualify for the world cup, nothing less. Look at Chile struggling, this could have easily been Argentina struggling to make the top 4/5 spot in CONMEBOL, but that is not the case. Football team takes time to gel, just look at Mourinho at United, so why should Buaza change the entire lineup of a team that made three finals? Buaza does not have the luxury of a club team where they have plenty of games to make up for bad results in the long run. Seriously, I don’t see any of the players being mention here making an impact in Peru/Lima, I’m not willing to take any chance with our world cup hopes. Let Buaza do is thing, get us to the world cup, that’s all I’m asking of him.

    Portugal won the Euros despite playing to a stalemate in like three games with some poor results in the group stage. Argentina tie with Venezuela and it’s the end of the world here.

    • you cannot repeat the same erors over and over even a 1 yr old child who burns his hand learns the first time

      he doesnt get back from hospital and burn the other hand on the same stove

      its groundhog day with these fuks

  16. Our coaches are powerless, they are just puppets. Don’t hate them because someone else makes the decisions and they have no other choice but to conform.
    Groundhog day/

  17. Who is d untouchable in this line up?
    Marcos Rojo 😊
    Even messi can be subbed with lamela but does Bauza have a genuine back up player for Rojo?
    Funes Mori can be a back up for him but he could have kept ansaldi or tagliafico as a legitimate back up for Rojo!
    Rojos legacy with the NT is his aimless runs, dispossessing the ball most of the times, aimless crossing, poor defending and a lot other poor quality stuff!
    By selecting Rojo, Bauza is mocking at the fans.

  18. Hi All,

    I did not expect a overall change..but atleast for the sake of bench warming, he could have called new players..atleast 1 new change..

    if we do not win both the matches..Mr.Bauza will be walking on a thin ice…

    Or is it all conspired to bring Simeone? Gosh..i am sorry..i am thinking too much

  19. I understand you guys and I share your frustrations. At the same time I give a lot of credits to Bauza for accepting the NT while everyone refused it. I want you to understand that any bad result can put us out of the top 4 teams easily. Therefore he must address changes carefully. I want to see Lanzini instead Di Maria, I want to see Icardi as well, but the coach can’t experiment in a such tight qualifiers. Be careful guys too much criticism put too much pressure on the team…..

    • @Marc
      In these tight qualifiers, to experiment with maria, rojo and the likes would be too costly. That is the truth. It is not the other way around.

  20. why martin dem why bringing him from the dead, why roncalgia we know he is no good, why afraid to try icardi, why garay never been called since he is the best CD we have for ages, why this team is managed as a Messi friends and family we know messi is best ever but still Argentina team is for all

  21. Best line up for Argentina in WC 2018 (4-2-3-1) Rulli- RB Otamendi Funes Mori LB- Mascherano Vazquez- Messi Dybala Lanzini/Dimaria- Aguero/Icardi

  22. its not the coaches or messi or the afa


  23. and so the currupt messi continues to get his way lets go train and play with my personal freinds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh im a good coach i jusat pick all the euro names like a 12 yr old playing fifa and put them all on the field in a EVERYONE DOES IT 4231 formation

    these people these coaches these players are all PREMADONAS AND THINK THERE SHIT DONT STINK




    • They sacrifice a lot for Argentina… And whom are you talking about… ?! There is not ego on la seleccion!! The only one with his head up his ass is higuain when he has a one on one…lol

  24. This is disappointing. Too many players have a subcription to the national team no matter their fitness or form.
    I had hoped Bauza would pick new players and give them 20-25 minutes to get used to the wc qualifiers.

    Dybala will be the difference however.

  25. We seriously have big problem as our coaches maybe have crazy our no character. Dem, rojo, romero …. Please . Icardi man i feel for you. Our only cold blooded and most compsed 9 is left in the cold because of non football issues. Pathatic

    • Dybala is a better 9 than icardi so let’s be fretful for him instead of lavezzi. Romero needs to be replace but caballero is better and more experienced that rulli at this point. Demichelis is a veteran and is needed to balance youth and experience… That’s how a team works… More his wisdom and savy than actual playing time.

  26. I’m expecting Rulli, Lanzini, Icardi, VAZQUEZ get next call up, many fans expect changes quickly but every maneger aren’t powerfull like Pep or Morinho who take bold step immediately, Bauza told players who performs well today may not maintain this form at 2018 which indicates he will also rearrange Argentine squad too but its too early for him to take such bold step

  27. I was certain Bauza will not make many changes from his first call up because its to early to take bold step droping senior player where top5 leauge just start, players like Lanzini J.correra Icardi have to performe well to get call up for next qualifier. I’m sure Bauza make key changes in upcomming call up squad and judge talent properly from top5 leauge player

  28. Hi everyone
    Something which we may not find it in another National Team, out of 24 players called up, 6 who are rarely playing for their clubs (Romero, Rojo, Funes Mori, Demichelis, Augusto , Correa) and 5 not playing regularly (Zabaleta, Roncaglia, Mercado, Kranevitter,Gaitan )

    11 out of 24

    • Who are you comparing Argentina to ?! Gods team of dead legends?! Argentina has the best team, talent wise in our history! PEROID! I guess you expect all 24 players to be starting for Real Madrid or barca?!

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