Poll: If you can call-up one player, who would it be?


It seems there’s a lot of talk these days about who deserves to be called-up to the National Team (though to be honest, that’s pretty much every discussion!). However, there are a lot of young (and maybe not so young) players who you might want to see called-up and there are a lot of positions which should be changed or at least have other players looked at.

With that said, if you can call-up one player to the National Team, who would it be? The options are below with the choice of picking “Other” (although you would have to specify in the comments who you would pick)!

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  1. we need a balanced midfield and attaking but defensively sound full backs…. messi is the lone creative player in the team.. our midfield is super defensive.. 2010 wc has forced us to go too defensive in the nidfield!!

    • A good start is get rid of di maria and his main job is to serve the strikers but as we see he fails to do that.

      If we look at tbe copa we looked far far better when d.m and big ware not in the team then come the final both played and we looked poor again.

      For me big to tbe bench and d.m gone totally as he offeres vertiually nothing thse days.

  2. Yes he needs to be given call up if he continues like this but Icardi is not going bring balance in midfield. I don’t see Icardi doing better than the current strikers if we continue with a dysfunctional midfield. Messi is currently doing the midfielders job of carrying the ball forward because there is no midfielders or fullback who can quick bring the ball forward in transition when spaces are open.I don’t support the idea that all the transitions must involve Messi. Even at Barca, Leo shares playmaking duties with Iniesta and Neymar although his their playmaker in chief.

    Franco Vasquez, Lanzini, J Correa and Perrerya can make a huge difference on the current team more than Icardi IMO. These players are mobile and can create quick forward transitions and cause havoc in the attacking half because they can drive the ball forward at pace on their own. Hopefully Dybala can help with that responsibility. Leandro Paredes is good long range passer and a good CM but he’s not runner for me. Biglia replacement maybe, but I don’t see what else he’ll add to the current midfield as doesn’t make any dangerous forays forward.

    • call first, everything else will be a next move, that if it is my decision to make. i don’t have to wait until the end of the season or wait until he break a world record to call a critical striker such as icardi.

      • Unfortunately the decision is not yours, and you don’t have influence on it. Icardi call up can wait. He will do nothing out of the ordinary without good service. I have seen that at Inter already with Mancini in charge. Even if he was called up the last time he wouldn’t have made much difference. It’s not like there were a lot of missed opportunities. He’s not like Batistuta, who could score even with poor service or heavy marking. Fixing the midfield regardless the personnel is a more important priority than calling up Icardi now. Bauza has to devise a way of making quick transitions. It’s the only way attacking players can make a difference. Icardi’s time will come when the coach sees fit. Not when Mundo experts see it fit.

      • Agree with you Travis: Calling Icardi has nothing to do with the mess in the midfield. Icardi deserves a spot in the attacking department….midfield won’t get fixed as long as the chicken head in it. The rationale behind having Icardi is that none of the strikers other than Messi is a better player than him: Aguero, Higuaín, Alario, Dybala and Pratto are all mediocre comparing to Icardi. Simple, obvious and no rocket science. However, Messi and Co. are the obstacle of calling up Icardi, also the coach is powerless or he pretends to be one.

        For me this is the case: Aguero, Higuaín, Di Maria, and co in the squad…..it means bye bye WC 2018.

  3. This kind of poll is just an acclamation that Icardi is worth trying and shoul be given a chance. Bauza need to build the team for WC 2018 and need a striker that can do the job. Why wait for another years and rely on the same old horse. With Dybala, Kranevieter, Vietto, Mas, Rulli and Lamela joining the team – start the journey

  4. Hi Enganche,

    Agree with you..there is no point in getting Icardi or as a matter of fact any forwards for the time being..

    If Icardi comes in and he misses a one and only chance..i know we will begin to curse him as well.instead lets protect him till we get the midfield straightened..

    For sake of discussion, we can say mascherano moves back to defense and biglia gets the midfield postion which will give enough room to make a point..

    We need couple of versatile midfield players – be it Paredes or peryra or anyone..

    Hope we can get one poll for midfield options..



  5. I see that a slight majority of people so far have voted for Icardi and I certainly understand why. However, without a functioning and dynamic midfield 20 Icardis are not gonna make a difference. In my opinin, midfield is everything. We need someone other than Messi to unlock defences if necessary. Even the best #9s in the world don’t always convert opportunities into goals so we need players who will increase the probability of a team scoring by creating multiple chance for our forwards.

  6. Our biggest problem is that we have so many great players.
    Other National teams just have 20 great players and it is easy to choose.
    We have 60 great players according to Bauza.
    To choose from such a big pool of players is not easy!
    You have to have a great mind who chooses wisely and fits meshes them as a unit.That great mind sees which is the best formation according to the strengths of the players and chooses by testing who has the best chemistry.
    The Alchemist has been our weakest point.
    We need an Alchemist who turns our golden players into the most expansive piece of gold in the world.
    we must built a Pyramid of Gold.
    Hierarchy is needed because too many cooks in the kitchen leads to failure because everybody does whatever he wants.
    We need role players, fighters and runners.
    A image of last night’s game stuck to my head, after Banega was red carded there was one scene where Icardi chased the defenders to pressure them off the ball and ran back 10 meters in front of the box like it was nothing, man he looked fast.
    When the center forward does that you don’t have to put 2 defensive midfielders and 4 central defenders to defend because defending starts there and Dybala is the same, so is Messi when he wants to. All of thm move without the ball.
    And I want Perreyra and Lanzini, not because they are the best players we have, they aren’t! And we have better players but they offer something we lack 2 way role players. Lanzini can play on the left midfield, can defend, runs and helps in attack and Perreyra can play in right midfield, can do both.
    I prefer them to Augusto, Perez, Lavezzi because in 2 years we need LUNGS.
    And so do Tagliafico, Gomez, Peruzzi.
    We must find chemistry because many of our players are under performing for us while shining for their clubs, which for me means something is wrong with our team.


    • Yup, Neither Pereyra nor Lanzini are best in one aspect but they are good in most so that makes them versatile players we need.

  7. Guys,
    Help me understand. Tagliafico is a name I have heard only over here. Why is that no manager talks about him? What’s the deal going on? I have not seen him play a full game, so I have no opinion.

  8. Alario also scored. A goal of Icardi style. So Bauza still has some argue for Alario.
    While GOnzalo Martinez is better version of Lanzini. Both No.10 of RIver. Both generation ’93. THe same position.

  9. My dream team



    —————————-Heguin ———————–

  10. tagliafico, tagliafico, tagliafico……..

    i will select tagliafico. i dont have any other option in my mind. because all these years, i mean since 2011, i have been tired of seeing rojo in the left wing! if i get the chance to omit a player i will omit rojo only. if i select ansaldi, then the coach may drop zabaleta for ansaldi and continue with rojo in the left wing. so only tagliafico….
    i dont disagree with any of your point. i would like to see icardi, vazquez, perryra, cervi, garray, perrotti, gomez, etc. in the NT but one player i want to be out of the team is, no doubt rojo.

    in football omitting the wrong player is more important than choosing the right player.

    • We badly need midfielders who can defend and attack. Paredes is one of them. Even calling Icardi(He should be in team for sure) cant help much…situation will be same without a fluid midfield.

      • I agree, this poll is retarded. Even if we got “stuck” with Higuain, Kun, Messi upfront we can win a cup with good coaching and a solid defence and mid.

        Our main issues are a) lack of offensively capable full backs (Zaba while not a threat is excellent at widening the field and retaining pocession, but he is slowing down)..

        This puts even more pressure on our midfield where besides Masch we are lacking grit, stamina, energy and never say die. While I like Banega, Biglia Lamela DiMaria.. rhey are not doing it. What we need is a midfield of Perreira type players that will outrun, out grit, trackback AND be smart on the ball all game long. For me Perreira, Enzo, Masch, etc are the only midfielders pulling their weight.. the rest are good subs.

        • I agree. I think we need rather type of runner than type of passer. I’m not convinced by Pereyra but he is just the type of player. Give him a chance.

          Banega was supposed to be the midfielder who will solve problems with one excellent pass and give some contribution to defence. Now we know football is not so easy, it’s illusion. Almost every decent team on tournament level can neutralize such so called “beast” of playmaking.
          In modern football you need outrun a match first of all.

        • Gomez and Tagliafico are our future fullbacks. Rojo is NT starter since his 20. So what about Gomez (23) and Tagliafico (24)? Are They too young?!!!

        • No, you can’t win a world cup without having young strikers who are 24 years old or less, unless you are Italy and balance things out with a solid Italian defence.
          Going to world cup with Messi, Higuaín, Aguero, and Pratto who are all over 29 years old means tired legs and another disaster.

  11. List is too short.

    Icardi, Tagliafico, Gomez, Pizarro, Rulli, Ascacibar, Zelarayan, Lanzini, Gonzalo Martinez, Joaquin Correa.

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