Match Highlights: Mauro ICARDI scores and assists against Juventus


Mauro ICARDI continues his impressive form this season.

The Inter captain scored one and assisted the other in Inter’s 2-1 win against Juventus. The Serie A champions scored first which meant Inter had to come back from behind for their first victory against the old lady in 4 years.

ICARDI’s goal was a fantastic header and his assist was an outside the foot cross to PERISIC. Ever BANEGA had a solid game but received two yellow cards and was sent off in the 90th minute. Paulo DYBALA started for Juventus but didn’t have the best of matches. Gonzalo HIGUAIN came off the bench late in the second half.

ICARDI’s record against Juventus stands at 7 goals in 8 matches. That’s 7 goals scored against the great BUFFON.

Mauro ICARDI’s goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s assist:


  1. […] As mentioned in the past few weeks, we will begin to cover more Argentine players from outside of Europe. As well as goalscorers from Italy and Greece, we also have a few goals from some former Argentine internationals in the MLS from North America. If you missed it, we had goals from Lionel MESSI, Manuel LANZINI and Luciano VIETTO from Saturday. And on Sunday, it was the Mauro ICARDI show as he had a goal and an assist for Inter against Juventus. […]

  2. Bauza knows it is the right time to call Icardi , the fans are frustarted and demand this asap. No way to improve the goal scorer with the same players, Kun and Higuain have been given a chance in 3 finals but can’t delivered. why wait for another championship..

    • It’s over now, no way Icardi would join the team. The new puppet did ask Messi and Mascherano and they said no to his proposal, not because of the old story but more likely that either Aguero or Higuaín would lose their spot….Messi demands having: (Romero, Mascherano, Aguero, Higuaín, Di Maria, Banega, Biglia, and Rojo). This list has a guaranteed and must reserved seat.

      Unless AFA hires a world class coach with an impressive resume, this non sense coaching experiments will lead to none, zero, trophyless campaign.

  3. Icardi continues to be Juve’s tormentor-in-chief. I have no worries about this guy going to Russia. He’ll be in the final squad unless his development as a striker takes a downturn, when the final squad is announced Bauza will know that this guy will be one of the strikers he’d like to have on roster. As for now, coach needs to fix the midfield and the flanks. Otherwise Icardi will suffer the same fate as the current strikers, lack of service like Dybala and Higuain are currently suffering from a flat Juve midfield.

    • bauza can do that by changing all the current midfield we have at the moment;

      our problem since sabella:
      biglia, gago, di maria

      continue with tata:
      biglia, banega, di maria

      now bauza who don’t do any change as yet:
      biglia, banega, di maria

      we have so many midfielders ready to take this job.

      • Please stop sensationalize the truth. Some of you only want to talk about the Venezuela game with the weakened side but nothing about the Uruguay game with the stronger side. I don’t know which game where you watching but did you see Banega on the field against Uruguay? The starting midfield was Biglia, Mascherano with Di Maria and Messi playing deep and there was better fluidity in attack. More chances were created by the same bunch of players. Anyway like I said some fans will only see change when the personnel has changed regardless the changes on the pitch.

        • wow…are you sayin that you want biglia, mascherano, and di maria leading the midfield for the rest of wcq?????? if so, i’ve got nothing more to say.

          • I don’t why you always take things out of context. Read well before posting. But of course, sensationalizing gives you some satisfaction. I’m talking about what has transpired and changes in transitions with the midfield so far. Does that mean I want Biglia?

          • I do consider Biglia is a weak midfielder, but with all honesty, di Maria is even garbage and making the starting line up is just pathetic….he doesn’t deserve to be sub. not to mention a starter. He’s the worst player we have so far, heck I prefer Sosa over him now, at least Sosa can hold himself and tackle a bit before losing the ball from first touch.

        • How many world class players Uruguay have comparing to Argentina? Also, it was a narrow win considering we played with all our troops…..even our bench was better than their starting 11. How many goals did we score so far comparing with other less attacking teams?
          Venezuela game was almost lost and the team would get humiliated, yes missing key players, but guess what? that can be the case in world cup decisive game…..Perhaps Messi would get injured before the WC….possible, so what’s our backup? No excuse to say we didn’t play with full squad….this is the nature of this game…..players get injured, some get unfit, and others get suspended….that’s why coaches select the best of the best in the 23 player roster so they don’t blame luck when a player got injured.

          Unfortunately, Bauza is not the answer to our declining reign….a coach that has no balls in calling fresh blood and rely on Messi and Mascherano in approving his decision, it means there is no leadership quality in this man.

  4. Even if Icardi gets callled, it will not make any difference to the national can see Dybala going deep to get the ball today..there was no assistance..this is the current state of Argentine midfield NT football.

    However,Icardi has speed which i could see today..this is missing among the current forwards…Higuain tries,but cannot..Aguero loves to walk and only walk..

  5. I think Bauza is being careful. He *just* took over.. I am guessing he is gonna keep the old guard until he figures out his gameplan, he is in testing mode now.. lets see how he adjusts after the Venezuela lackluster performance. I believe once he knows exactly what tactic and formation works best for the team, by doing and reacting to performaces, not wishing to emulate a preset idea.. then he will make cuts to the roster and find the best players for each spot..

    Making cuts, new faces and new team tactics all at once is a very quick way to chaos, understanding your team mates is huge.. happy to see Banega-Icardi and Higuain-Dybala.. its an edge.

    • My interest right now is the tactical changes and player adjustments Bauza is going to make. I already saw a glimpse of changes against Uruguay and Venezuela. Of course some fans concentrated on the names more than the tactics and didn’t see any change. But I understand them. Of coz there was still elements of Tata influence. That’s normal, Pekerman’s first game in charge had a lot of elements from Bielsa era. Tata’s first game was played in Sabella style.
      I’m sure we’ll learn more about Bauza’s game plan for the team when we lock horns with competitive opposition like Brazil, Chile and Colombia. I see the Peru and Paraguay games are still part of rebuilding process. But I expect some tactical changes.

  6. lets be sincere here and not blinded…a coach that selects Pratto and Alario over Icardi……do you really think this coach will bring the WC when it comes to displaying the best tactics against giant coaches out there? Basic football says Icardi is our best # 9 and the best striker we have now after Messi…..basic, simple, and no brainer……Bauza has no clue, or he wouldn’t stumble against the mediocre Venezuelan team.

  7. this is a good quote from pocc at Tottenham

    “I always say to all the players, the truth is on the pitch. If you deserve to play, it’s not about names, it’s about performances.”

    • interesting and as ban is messi’s friend then…. to be honest i dont believe messi gets to pick the team at all but the drums are beating louder and louder to have icardi included with a number of high profile players calling for icardi to get a chance.

  8. Banega still should remain in the mid,forsure. He had never betrayed us. Infact he was not entirely recovered in copa 16. If any one leaves the mid, it should not be him but the old aged dinasours like Biglia,Maschie or Augusto.

  9. It’s not all about Icardi. Icardi should be the begenning of reform though. Bauza won’t solve all problems if only call Icardi. We need much more. As far he just talking a lot and nothing more. Total ‘myopia’.

    • Agreed its about reforms and we need some soonier rather then later.
      We all know what certain players can do and cant do but time is slipping to fast to w.c 18.
      In icardi’s case its hard to understand al over him or even pratto.
      As we know kun and hig will look solid up to w.c time and than…..

      The sad thing is we will beat both the next 2 opponents in our sleep and when we do we will hear changes are not needed and this is why when it becomes “squeaky bum time” we get let down again and again and again.

      • Oh yes. Just wait with the players (Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Banega and others) till end of qualifiers and than… in december 2017 or January 2018 everyone will tell us:’it’s too late for changes, it would be lethal for the team. THey must remain because team is consolidated’. So if there’s time for reforms it’s just now.

  10. Its no longer funny to see icardi not called up and his stunning form is not new at all.
    its actually shameful to see 3 successive manager’s Ignore him (10mins under sab does not really count)

    He been scoring goals for fun for in the last 3 plus years and what he offers that we dont see from some of the others is he is a hard worker, thrives under pressure, so far is injury fee, is full of confidence, is a born winner, puts the team 1st and has a never say die attitude that we know is missing from some of the incumbents .

  11. I’m sure Bauza will give way finally and call up Icardi but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. It’s about all approach to selection. Very narrow horizons.

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