AFA apologize to Barcelona for Edgardo BAUZA comments


Edgardo BAUZA loves to talk and it appears as if one of his latest comments has angered FC Barcelona.

Edgardo BAUZA took to the media to talk about Lionel MESSI’s latest injury. The Argentina National Team coach was not happy with Lionel MESSI being rushed back from injury and played by Barcelona. Here’s what he had to say:
“Barcelona sent us messages asking us to take care of MESSI. But it was them who didn’t take much care of him.”

Barcelona coach Luis ENRIQUE replied to BAUZA’s comments saying:
“The truth is that we all look out for MESSI’s well being along with the well being of every player at our club.”

Following those comments, the AFA released a statement apologizing to Barcelona about BAUZA’s comments. Armando PEREZ spoke to BARTOMEU (Barcelona president) stating “We have to have a good relationship with Barcelona”. Barcelona spokesman Josep VIVES came out and stated:

“The AFA has contacted Barça to express its apology for the comments made by the manager in relation to the injury of Leo MESSI. (Barça and the AFA) will work so that Leo MESSI recuperates as quickly as possible because, as Luis ENRIQUE said, ‘MESSI is a global ambassador for football.”

Personally speaking, if there is someone to blame for MESSI’s injury, I think it’s everyone involved. From Argentina to Barcelona to MESSI himself. Of course Barcelona are the one that pay his salary but in my opinion, I don’t think they have ever given him enough time to fully recover from his injuries.


  1. Icardi can’t create chances of his own,but he can make the bad/average pass to look good,he can make the most out of a flawed pass.He does not need the most clear cut chances,half chances can be enough!

  2. last night sevllia lost 3-1.I am very happy,cause many people lots of talking about kranvitter,vazquez,correa and changing the team.
    those people think that sampawli is better than bauza or some others.(about sampawli) i saw nothing but walking here and there from sampawli.


  3. Sometimes these are the biggest problem..AFA will interfere in many things and will not allow individuals to work..Not saying Barca does not take of Messi..but it could be handled in a different way..

  4. Kranevitter was a starter for Sevilla today again which is great news. Mercado started as a left-sided centre-back for the second time in a row. Clearly Sampaoli sees him as a more of a central defender (which he is) than a fullback.

    J. Correa, Vietto and Vazquez also got some minutes.

  5. Buaza speaks the TRUTH, there is nothing for him to apologize for. Messi missed Argentina game against Venezuela because of this same groin injury (which wasn’t that bad at the time) yet Barcelona played him against Alaves 3-4 days later. Not even Masche should have played in that game against Alaves given the long distance he had to travel back and forth from Europe to South America, then people had the nerve to blame Barcelona lost against Alaves on Mascherano. If injury was the reason for Messi missing the game against Venezuela, then why is it that he played against Alaves four days later in La Liga?

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