Edgardo BAUZA on Mauro ICARDI: “There’s no problem”


Edgardo BAUZA took to the press once again to discuss the team.

In what seems to be a weekly basis, Edgardo BAUZA has once again commented on Mauro ICARDI and the team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I can assure you that I spoke with the leaders and there’s no problem whatsoever. My only priority is the team and the National Team. A player who’s here and creates a problem or has something against the team, there wouldn’t be a need to tell me. I’ll drop them from the team because that’s the priority”.

“I’ve called-up HIGUAIN because of what he’s done and PRATTO because I know him very well.”

“In my opinion, he’s the future of the National Team. I want him to practice, to be here, to talk with the guys, that he feels like a player of the National Team. I feel like he still has a lot to grow.”


  1. Are all the people that support Higuain, Aguero, and DiMaria unaware of what has happened in the last 3 major tournaments? These guys are nothing more than club players, and not even reliable club players…Guardiola recently made comments about Aguero’s inconsistency, Juventus is unhappy with Higuain’s weight, and is DiMaria even relevant anymore at PSG?

    They’re own clubs are sending them a message…Our f’**ing football federation and fans are held hostage by these losers…AND I mean that literally, losers…They haven’t won shit….and they never will. And Messi doesn’t have the balls to crack the whip as they are all buddies…Don’t believe me? You see any other serious club team or national team post instagram and twitter pics constantly of their players posing and paling around?

    Until this shit stops, and players are called up on merit, this shit will never amount to anything.

  2. I never get the hype around ball playing goalkeepers in today football. I need a goalkeeper between the post not a midfielder. This ball playing goalkeeper strategy comes with a lot of risks that are easily avoidable. It’s laughable hearing commentators drool over themselves saying ball playing goalkeepers are the new modern way for goalkeeper to play. What? Goalkeepers has been doing antics in the back with the ball as far as I can remember.

    All Pep Guardiola did was copy Rene Higuita (Colombia) and Jose Luis Chilavert (Paraguay) goalkeeping playing style and bring it to Barcelona then act as if he created something unique with regards to goalkeepers playing out from the back. You can add even the Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos into the mix, it’s no surprise that Victor Valdes playing style at Barcelona was similar to Jorge Campos. I like Pep Guardiola but nothing is unique about the guy, all he did was copy from the Dutch, South American, and Mexican football teams.

    The media acts like what Manuel Neuer is doing and has been doing is something new. Watch some videos of Rene Higuita of Colombia and you’ll see how striking similar he and Manuel Neuer goalkeeping style are. The only difference is that Rene Higuita is a little bit more radical in terms of playing out from the back, he tends to dribble is way into the outfield all the way into the opponent goal area no matter the circumstances around him. Now we have this wannabe Rene Higuita at Barcelona in the name of Andre Ter Stegen making a fool of himself and the entire institution of FC Barcelona.

    I’m fond of traditional goalkeepers like Iker Casillas, Buffon, Edwin van der Sar, Oliver Kahn, Peter Schimeichel, Petr Cech, and yes, Sergio Romero. I don’t care for the likes of Neuer, Valdes, Ter Stegen, and David De Gea style goalkeepers.

    Jose Chilavert is one of my favorite goalkeepers of all time. I use to love seeing him and Roberto Carlos going head to head on the football pitch. Then there was that knockout stage game at the 1998 world cup between France and Paraguay. For much of the game It was France vs Jose Chilavert. France vs Paraguay was one of the best games of the 1998 world cup. It took Blanc and Peres to finally get by Jose Chilavert.

    • Nothing about Guardiola is unique,he copy everything from here and there.His speciality is that he can implement them in his own advantages.Not everyone can do that,Batista tried to copy him failed miserably…The ball playing GK concept he got is from La Volpe,when he was in Mexico.

  3. Still worried about how Bauza is going to react to the most inept side of the team-THE FLANK ISSUE. I can see why it is awful Icardi’s omittion with out any aparent footballing reason but honestly that is not what the team lacking in integration of youth and wining trophies. The dystrophy is evident eapecially in the aftermath of Rojo’s transfer from Lisbon to that arogant coach under the team with a bad record of Argentian players handling. If,there is an issue nearly to be considered as seriou as the flanks it should be the mid department, in my view. How many loses do Bauza want to witness how ridiclous would be to make a dou of Maschie and Biglia? Infact, he impliedly have mocked Tata in his first interview when he tried to explain how Messi was isolated in the final.

    Conaider young full backs and send an immenient warning to the bench warmers to look for a club where they could have minutes to play than spending their precious time in partying and smocking cigars.

    Why is Peryera not good enough with his own style,at least for plan B. Why not Tagliafico or even Ansaldi(i know he is good enough aside from his yesterday’s performance,as he even can shut messi’s ass up in different occassions) instead of Rocanglia or Demiageless?







    Dybala—–Banega—-Di Maria


    I would like the above formation,(with some degree of flexblity depending on the circumstances) for the up coming matches.

  4. There is clearly a big problem with Icardi and it’s sad but that’s way it’s always been with managers of all ilk.
    Remember passarella and his problems with Redondo and Batigol, Or Pekerman and his rejection of Zanetti or Tata and his continued rejection of Icardi or even Sabella and in his strange insistence on not selecting Caballero for the WC, not even as a reserve!
    And I won’t comment on maradona and batista because I consider them both to be clowns.
    I only hope that Icardi doesn’t lose heart and continues to speak through his football until the point where cries for his inclusion will be too deafening to ignore.

    Before I go I would like to make a mini scouting report: A friend of mine who watches league 1 religiously (for some odd reason) pointed to me to a little argentine gem by the name of Óscar Trejo, who plays as a midfielder for toulouse. I watched 3 full games with the this guy and I must admit that he’s damn impresive. He’s a total midfielder with incredible passing and defensive skills.
    Now it’s abit too early to be calling for his inclusion in the NT but he’s definitely a player worth following.

    • i hope you know that the problem with previous players and coaches were all personal, such as riquelme and maradona which you didn’t mentioned, and the rest you stated.

      icardi don’t even touch a hair on sabella, tata, bauza asses 🙂

      • I know that some were personal and not all. For example passarella had a problem with long hair but Sabella and pekerman had no problems with caballero and zanetti as far as I know.
        As for Maradona, well like I said he’s a clown and most of his actions don’t have rhyme or reason.

        Don’t forget that Sabella is the one who gave Icardi his NT debut (although it was only 10 min or so) but tata and now bauza’s exclusion of him clearly points to a non footballing issue.

      • Travis, at least Sabella capped Icardi with NT, plus back then Icardi was raw and not at his peak as now with inter. The blame should be thrown on both the loser tata and clueless Bauza because Icardi is the gem, captain, and solid number 9 for a great club “Inter”…..plus his personality on pitch and his hard work……I wish Messi learn from him some leadership tips.

        No matter how hard we as fans press on the issue or some journalists, Bauza will not call Icardi….he gave his spot to his buddy Pratto. I also sense that lots of veteran players are jealous of Icardi for some reason.

        • yeah…i know, sabella was like given a door open for the next coach to do what’s best for the next pure striker such as icardi when he’s ready and on his peak (although i still think he’s an ass, i mean 10 minutes for such raw talent? come on…).

          do you know that gotze who tarnished our dream at the last wc was only 20? isn’t he also a raw young talent already play in wc final back then? i wish icardi was included in the 2014 team and turn the table around for argentina. i wish he get in the field replacing that old crack fat and bored higuain on the field and score the winning goal for argentina in 2014. yes, i wish that.
          “would a God who is good” decided the german won and bleed the heart of all argentina fans that year?

          • I can guarantee you if Icardi was in WC2014, he would occupy the german defenders and scores for Argentina, we would be champions by now. Icardi was so needed in Brazil…..can’t believe how coaches manage against their team !!!

    • Mamoun,

      it’s always good to hear about someone new who may be competitor for few burn out players. I mean Oscar Trejo.Then I’m going to follow him as well.

      • Do so please Gonzalo and let me know. Like I said it’s too early to start declaring him as part of the NT setup but he serves a mention.

        Also I’ve been up to date with the primera and the following players are really impressing me:

        Gino peruzzi (boca) Shown his talent long ago when he shut down neymar and he’s getting better and better especially in the attacking department.

        Ignacio Fernandez (River) The standout from River’s midfield. This kid can do it all, attack and defend! A box to box that Argentina could use. Still too early to call him to the NT but if he keeps his form up for the entire season then he should earn a trial.

        Marcos Acuna (Racing) Another fantastic box to box midfielder, same as above in regards to keeping up his form for a season to earn a NT trial.

        Nico Tagliafico is getting even better and now his attacking side is showing and its high time he’s called up for the NT.

        Honorable mentions include Nico Blandi (san lorenzo) and Druissi (River) who are the in form strikers of the moment but then again the NT is over stuffed with strikers.

        • Mamoun,

          please to keep follow Nacho Fernandez. I need to confrontate my opinion with someone that he is good choice for NT, real box to box.

          And please to spend some time and see Lucas Janson of Tigre. I can’t remember any other winger who would be so much engaged in defence. For me it’s most interesting offensive player in Primera. Kind of Aguero but more agile and active.

  5. The question journalists should ask Bauza is: why do you select Pratto and Alario over Icardi? What makes them as number 9 more useful than the Inter captain?

    • yes exactly….but again his answer would be: “Icardi is on our 60 player watched list” hehehe…..Although I hate tata, but the man didn’t say something stupid to fans as Bauza now.

  6. i never bother to read mundo this few days because i’m sick of getting the same shit from argentina coaches over the years.
    they promise this, and that, telling us this, and that, say they will do this and that. in the end, it’s nothing.

    i start with this, why sabella never call willy caballero at all?
    he was in a great form in 2014, way more better than romero in that year, the best goalkeeper in 2014, EVERYBODY IN MUNDO KNOW THIS. also that year, fazio, gaitan and ansaldi was in their best form as well. sabella even managed to mock at us by given icardi some shitty 10 minutes to play in a less important match, what an asshole.

    why tata martino never call icardi after he took over from sabella? icardi was the best striker in italian league in 2014, so logically he should be in the team already in 2015 if not in 2014, yet we never seen him at all. what kind of manager don’t want a striker like that in his team? certainly an idiot one.

    this is 2016. icardi is clearly the future for argentina, after what he accomplished in 2014-2015. he is not too old from alario so called the future of argentina, even not too old from vietto or correa, yet he seems to be ignored too by bauza, so what else hope is there???
    when he said he pick higuain for what he done before, everybody know what higuain did in 3 finals, so what is he talking about? higuain these days is well-known as a choker, and not even a decent striker anymore. no one should believe in him anymore.
    so, he pick his friend, pratto, whomever in what form and quality he has, it doesn’t matter, because he know him, from his previous life i supposed. oh well…that’s about it.
    i don’t think bauza will lead argentina to win the world cup at all. he’s not any better than sabella and tata martino as it seems now.

  7. I don’t buy a single word from Bauza on Icardi….here is the hint:
    “A player who’s here and creates a problem or has something against the team, there wouldn’t be a need to tell me. I’ll drop them from the team because that’s the priority”.

    It’s evident that Icardi won’t participate in the upcoming world cup, but I’m sure he will be picked by the new coach after both Bauza’s failure and Higuaín, Aguero, DiMaria’s usual choke.

  8. Are the plastic fans here going to blame Mascherano for Barcelona defeat against Celto Vigo earlier? Where is that Argentina2018 keyboard coach at?

    I haven’t talk about Icardi for a long time, it’s high time you people forget about the woman theft Icardi. The man disgraces the Argentinean football family. It’s like that movie, “The Last King of Scotland.” The president (even though he was a terrible person) took this doctor under his wings, and of all the woman in the country he chooses to sleep with one of the president wife. I felt sorry for what they did to the doctor at the end, but this was all avoidable if he had not slept with the president wife and get her pregnant.

    What about Paredes? All this talk about how he was great against the mighty Astra in the Europa League. I mean, he was great, yet fail to start against Inter Milan?

    Lanzini is doing a great job helping West Ham United get relegated to the English Championship.

    Pereyra, I was a fan of this guy unfortunately he is not good enough for Argentina. Majority of the players at Watford didn’t make it in Serie A.

    • Nainggolan also did not start against Inter, does it make him a bad midfielder? Or overrated? As for Pereyra, I think you are jumping into conclusions way too fast, what’s the evidence that he was rejected by every single club in Serie A? And why is Lanzini expected to carry the entire West Ham on his shoulders? West Ham’s problems are probably the manager’s fault.

      Your favourite Rojo, in the meantime, is consistently failing to get a start at MU, so what gives?

      • Yep, I respect Rojo because he was a part of a team that took Argentina to its first world cup final in over 25 years. Hmm, who in the world is Lanzini? I mean, when West Ham gets relegated, they will ship him off back to Qatar or China in the middle of nowhere (oh look, the coach of West Ham said Lanzini is just like Modric blah blah blah). I’ve never witness any of Argentina world cup winning teams, but I have witnessed in 2014 for the first time in my life time Argentina making a world cup final. That experience I will never forget even though the team lost in the final. It was a great honor for me seeing Argentina play in the world cup final. You guys are just a bunch of ungrateful fans. THERE IS NO LEFT BACK IN ARGENTINA OR ANYWHERE ELSE MORE CAPABLE THAN ROJO IN THAT POSITION PERIOD.

        • It’s very ironic how you fail to apply your own logic to some players. There is an incredible double standard, if Rojo is as great as you say he is why the heck is he not starting week in and week out for Manchester United? Screaming that he is the best left back will not change the reality. Yes, Rojo had a very good World Cup but that was 2 years ago. How long can a player live on reputation alone? His recent form has been mediocre at best. He is 26, supposedly at the prime of his career, not a youngster any more so there should be no excuse for not getting regular playing time, unless of course, you are simply not good enough. Apply your own logic not only to Paredes but to Rojo as well.

          • EnganChe,

            Kidult Hood is one of those who strongly believe Argentina has begins and will end on Messi and his colleagues. As I said many times for me he is rather only one generation fan and not Argentina. He is expectating after this generation Argentina will descend to “dark age”. It’s his words.

            But still we may ask him how is that prevoius generations won for Argentina 2 World Cups and 14 Copa Americas while the current gerneration nothing.

          • I’m not the one who blindly believe in everyone of our youngsters hence I have some doubts about Paredes for instance. We may debate about which of them are very promising and which are not but KidultHood is the only one who throwing out all our youngsters. Interesting.


          OK. I understand. Now I’m convinced. As always when I see capitals and the magical word “period”.

  9. The hungarian Inter fans are totaly impressed by Banega, they dont understand why came this God-level player in this shitty team 😀 Ansaldi really bad, totaly out of form…
    Icardi with an assist, and zero teamwork, as always. Unbelievable, the laziest fckin centre forward in the history, the only reason this idiot wont be a fckin legendary striker (Batistuta-caliber)…always makes great passes, but nearly never moving his fat ass, shameful.

      • Sorry I’m really angry with Icardi. 😀
        Always the same shit, lazy like hell without the ball. A good passer with good vision, but he’s nearly never searching the ball, zero teamwork. Why not play with that never die attitude like vs Juventus, he would be the best centre forward in the world.
        And here the 50% of Inter fans dont like him cause this reason, they say against the 70% of the Serie A opponents Icardi is not the right man, but they recognize that Mauro is the best player of Inter.

        • So, what is the fat ass comment for? Kinda strange. As for Icardi’s work rate, I have to disagree, he always plays with a deep passion and fights for everything. He’s a number 9, there is a reason why they’ve got him a midfielder like Banega who can get him the ball. Inter has scored 9 goals this season, he has scored and assisted on 8 of those 9 goals. Not sure how much more you want him to do.

      • And they say because Icardi never really step back for the balls to make combinations and move out the enemies defense Inter often suffer vs the most teams, just poachin…and i see this too.

  10. This is what I’m getting from this never ending saga; Bauza will not pick Icardi ahead of Kun and Pipita, not just right now.

    Both are playing well with their respective clubs, surprise surprise and so is Icardi but i don’t see him making that move yet while these 2 are around.

  11. I guess it’s just Bauza saying there’s no problems with Icardi and that if there was a problem, the player wouldn’t be on the team. Somewhat of a contradiction, I know.

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