Rumored line-up for match against Peru


The first rumored line-up is out for Argentina.

Edgardo BAUZA now has all of his players available as Mateo MUSACCHIO was the last one to arrive on Tuesday. With all his players there, BAUZA has his starting line-up ready, according to the media. Only position remains unclear that of MESSI.

Here’s the rumored line-up:



  1. a anyhow win will stop all critisism but nothing but a win may arrise many question on bauza`s selection…………

    hope a huge win

    • i agree with this and these games should be both reasonably easy wins no matter who takes the field.
      its a shame bauza had failed not included other players as we have discussed here as we will not learn any thing from what i think is 2 easy wins and worse is if we win them both with ease (as expected) then their will be no changes next time around when changes are needed.
      it would have been a good set of games to try other options but just as a thought perhaps bauza is not thinking of other options and what we see is it barring injury as so far this is what it seems that the status quo is what it is..

    • Actually an away peru game is about as tough as they come. I remember for the 2014 WCQ our boys were nearly killed by peru’s savagery, so I won’t be the least surprised if this game will be just as tough.

  2. the mache and krane pairing is interesting for many reasons that they are very alike… Arg hasnt had a true 8 years though i liked the work agusto put in in la copa… id like to see a more attacking box to box player in that role and if doble 5 why not go 3 in back and an extra mid bc seeing zaba and rojo go up is borderline maddening …. i hope for 6 points and continue building with the youth Arg has at it disposal

  3. I personally would’ve loved for Enzo perez and Franco Vasquez to have been included because they would add so much to the midfield.
    Perez has played alongside the team before (and was amazing!) and his game resembles that of Augusto Fernandez, yet for some reason he was ignored by tata and now Bauza.
    Vasquez is damn talented, good at defending and attacking and while I wouldn’t strictly classify him as a box to box, he can almost certainly carry out that role with success.

    A formation like this might’ve worked well against a physical side like peru:




    But alas it’s not meant to be, atleast not yet. So based on Bauza’s selection I would go with this:




    Essentially a fantastic 4-esgue set up with Banega taking messi’s role.

    • Is Vazquez eligible to play since he had a call-up for Italy? I like him too, very interesting player. As for Enzo, yes he is probably the closest thing to box-to-box midfielder we have. He was good during the World Cup so why not include him again.

      I bet both are on the list of 60 (or 600) players Bauza is “watching”.

  4. I’ve kind of anticipated Kranevitter and Mascherano pairing. Kranevitter is neither a deep-lying playmaker nor a box-to-box runner so I’m curious how is this going to work out. Then again Biglia was not any of those either. My guess is because Masche is more experienced he will be more active in the attacking sense just like he was against Uruguay with Krane staying in position. We’ll see.

    Also, Higuain, Dybala and Aguero at the same time is interesting. It could either do wonders of backfire big time.

    There is also a problem of Gaitan, Correa, Kranevitter and Rojo not getting any regular playing time at their clubs. We talked about Romero not starting ad nauseam but it seems to be less of an issue for goalkeepers.

  5. On paper it is 4-2-3-1, but unlike the previous Tata system, Bauza does not restrict his attackers to certain only areas of the pitch. I expect Di Maria and Dybala to have free roaming roles. As against Uruguay,Dybala was dropping deep and DM was alternating between flanks as opposed to him being stationary on the left the entire match. E.g. like when he set up Dybala for the shot that rattled the post from the right. It can also become 4-4-1-1 when defending, if those 2 drop deep to help in defense. I guess people are too consumed with names to remember Bauza talking about adapting and finding a balance during the game. And we have seen that happen already in both matches. He also talked about defending and attacking in numbers, which was a little evident but I expect improved collective off the ball movement this time. So anyone looking at formation as fixed a la FIFA PS will obviously have problem with the line up will see no change. Guardiola, Tito Villanova, Tata and Luis Enrique all lined up Barca in a 4-3-3 formation. Same team, same players and same formation. Same result? Hell no. Last time, Bauza said there are things to be corrected. No one here has touched on that topic because there general notion here is that if Icardi, Rulli or Paredes don’t start, Argentina will not win anything. Well,I’m looking forward to see how much has been corrected so far.

    On players now, I am happy that Banega is not starting this time this might give us more pace. No need to bash him, for I’ve already highlighted his lack of legs and lungs despite his skills. He’s good sub for managing leads. I’d love to see Pizzaro get some minutes to see if he shows any promise.

    • I still remember on how bauza was stating that starting 2dms is needless and how the whole team needs to be involved in attack and defense
      his tactics may not have come into clear implementation but the team he sends out in the match is talented bunch of groups and that’s it no balance at all

  6. Starting Mascherano and Kranevitter together is the same as starting Biglia and Mascherano together. We will have Kranevitter stuck inside Argentina half of the pitch for the entire game with no end product going forward, which then puts a lot of pressure on Mascherano in midfield who is already limited going forward. Mascherano will have to spend the entire game babysitting Kranevitter which will restrict him from connecting with the attacking players. Why not Pizarro and Mascherano? How long will these Argentinean coaches stick with two body men in midfield with no creativity ability? Huge Zabaleta fan here, but why start him against Peru in Lima though? Zabaleta technique and control is far superior to that of Mercardo, against Peru though, Mercardo is more useful in terms of athleticism. Even considering to start Correa against Peru is a joke, I have never seen this kid put on an impressive display for Atletico Madrid whenever he starts, Correa usually have the most lackluster performance, no wonder Simeone doesn’t start him in big games. I would rather have Vietto over Correa any day despite is current form, at least with Vietto he will work hard for the team (we can all thank Simeone for ruining Vietto career). Start Dybala or Gaitan in Messi place, what’s so hard in that coach? Both Zabaleta and Kranevitter are on the slow side, God help us if we have a bunch of turtles on the pitch playing against Peru in Lima. Start Musacchio over Funes Mori. The Argentina starting XI need it’s five quickest players on the pitch; Di Maria, Rojo, Mercardo, Musacchio, and Pizarro.

    Pereyra needs to move to Spain or Germany, go play for a team like Villarreal or Valencia in Spain. Leverkusen or Schalke in Germany would also be a good career move too. Get out of England/Watford ASAP. Look how the English game has ruin Brazilian Oscar. And Willian is not fairing any better either, a moment of brilliance here and there and that’s about it. And as for Lazini, starting his young European career in the EPL was the biggest mistake he made, he too should move to Spain or Germany. At least with Lamela, he played in Italy before, and to be honest, I don’t see how Lamela game has improved in England since his transferred to Spurs. Lamela would be perfect in a team like Borrussia Dortmund.





    Aguero/Dybala/Gaitan—————————————Di Maria


    • Pizarro is not quick, slow as hell, from an objective point in PES 2016: Mascherano top speed 81, explosive power 79>>>Kranevitter top speed 75, explosive power 76>>>Biglia top speed 71, explosive power 73>>>Pizarro top speed 68, explosive power 67. This is about right, what i seen from them.

      • I am PES player,I can tell you u can’t get the idea how fast a player is by seeing PES speed rating.If the player is well known,he will have better speed rating,if he is not it is slow rating.I am not saying whether Pizarro is fast or slow..just saying PES speed rating sucks! 😛

      • You rate player according to PS FIFA, PES and Whoscored or whatever stats? Seriously? No wonder there are increasingly so many keyboard coaches who think it’s a must that Bauza experiment with uncapped youngsters in competitive matches.

        • “The Argentina starting XI need it’s five quickest players on the pitch; Di Maria, Rojo, Mercardo, Musacchio, and PIZARRO. ”

          Pizarro. Here’s a totaly wrong statement, and i read this myth of Pizarro’s great speed not the first time here(of course they never seen him play). I always confirmed he’s slow, than i look for PES stats to confirm or refute my feeling, and of course i was right, btw he’s a good midfielder, but not because of speed rather despite his slowness.

      • Speed in football isn’t all about how fast you run (otherwise Rojo would be one of the best players in the world!) but rather how quickly you react and move the ball forward. I don’t know how many games you’ve seen of pizarro’s (I get the feeling that “none” might be the answer) but he’s not slow by any account and in addition he thinks quick on his feet, he’s very athletic and has a good footballing IQ.
        I don’t know if he’d fit with the NT or not but he’s definitely worth a try NOT rejection because he doesn’t light up a speed meter.

  7. Unless the line up remained as rumoured one-Bauza’s talk are meant to serve some one behind the curtain not the team or messi. Another Biglia with less exprience,Krane,will partner The old guard Maschie in midfield!!! wow Bauza is the man struggling to create a link between mid and forwards with Zaba and Rojo runing the whole flank. Nice job and a bright future for teams like Germany,France abd Brazil for 2018 WC. Like tata he is even considering whether Dybala is reliable than Correa or not!!!

    It is only the coaches that can stop Argie from claiming trophies not its players.

    • Brazil? If they lose Neymar for any game they’re DONE! Just look at the 2016 Copa, 2015 Copa, and 2014 world cup. Brazil is in no better shape than Argentina, don’t even go there. Brazil is a one man team. Marcelo and Dani Alves are not better defenders than Rojo and Zabaleta.

  8. I like this starting line up a lot! I think this downstairs foursome is exactly what Bauza had in mind, in other words it’s his defence when every player is available.. Remains to be seen if Rojo and Zaba can really come up big when needed in terms of supporting the attacks. If not, Mercado (I’m sure that mundo-friends are ready to name 5-10 players for those spots) in.

    Kranevitter and Masche are an interesting pair in midfield. I’m afraid that this selection will leave too big of a gap between our midfield and attack (which has been a problem for many years now..), but I’m also a bit hopeful that Masche will take a more playmaking role and he and zaba are going to find Dybala and Di Maria. Those two names mentioned, because of great responsibility of play making. I’m hoping to see Di Maria positioned really low so that he would have space ahead to run to.. I know that many here hate Di Maria, but I have a feeling that he will get the job done for us once again.

    Oh and then the attacking two.. Higuain up front as a #9 and Aguero a little behind sounds lethal. Remains to be seen. I’m rooting for victories from both games. No goals conceded and 2-3 scored. And all this with a solid and well balanced 90 minute efforts by the team. VAMOS!

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