Jonatan MAIDANA called up!


Hey everyone,

With the loss of Nicolás OTAMENDI, Ramiro FUNES MORI, and Pablo ZABALETA for the match against Paraguay, Edgardo BAUZA has decided to call up Jonatan MAIDANA of River Plate. It is expected that Martin DEMICHELIS, Mateo MUSACCHIO will start as the two central defenders. If you all can recall, MAIDANA was actually on the list for the last Copa America Centenario.

We will have to wait and see how the back line shapes up. BAUZA has at his disposal Mateo MUSACCHIO, Facundo RONCAGLIA, Gabriel MERCADO, Marcos ROJO, Martín DEMICHELIS and Emmanuel MAS.

What do you guys think Bauza should do with his options at the back?




  1. We need combo of hardworkers and skilled players.Di Maria and Aguero are done,just throw them out of team already.And Bauza please forget the idea of double 5,it does not work and it destroys the the balance the team should have.

    In Forward lineup we should keep Higuain,Dybala,Correa,Alario.Dybala should play as forward,not as winger or playmaker.

    Midfield can be like:Masche,Ascacibar,Pizarro,Paredes,Banega,Gaitan,Perotti,
    Lamela,Perreyra,Marcone etc.

    CB options are fine,just drop Demi and call Garay in his place as experienced veteran.But Fullback needs new bloods.Gomez,Peruzzi,Tagliafico should be tried.For talent alone Gomez should be in the team.

    • Midfield is the key as you mentioned and trying to turn the forwards in to the role they are not qulified for is wrong for results and inappropriate for the talent of the players as they will continue to struggle in regaining their confidience in stead of contributig what they have.

      Hope Bauza will continue to monitor the situation of Peryera and implement a right formation-talent based approach for every department. Thus,ths likes of Banega,Pizarro,Mascharano Dimaria are meant to be in the midfield not Dybala and Aguero.

      Mercado Demi Muscchio Mas

      Pizarro Maschie Banega Dimaria



      • Sorry, I mean Mafioso. But with Ghostdeini too

        Jose Luis Gomez is our most promising fullback since Sorin and Zanetti time and why he is still out of team. He is in good age with some experience after Olimpic Games. In 2 years, in Russia, Zabaleta will be under level we need I daresay.

        • Gabriel Jesus starts for Brazil.And he is doing well.But what really he achieved or proved more than our youngsters?

          If Gabriel Jesus was Argentine,would he be a starter for Argentina?I think he would not be even on the 30 players list.Like Gabriel Jesus of Brazil, Gomez had a cracking season for a local side and good performances in (miserable) Olympic campaign…With Zabaleta aging,Mercado and Roncaglia playing as CB,it is only logical that manager will want a new and young RB.But it does not happen.

          The current core player failed in 3 finals,it drained their motivation and confidence,whatever positive attitude and hunger they had…it is so obvious when you see them play…We need new players,we need it now.

          • (Gomez is also Primera winner with Lanus last season. Will get some experience in COpa Libertadores 2017).
            And if, after all this, we are made to wait any longer for introduction new LB and RB, among others, we will land in Russia without real fullbacks one more time. If our current players are poor at all I don’t think the introduction must be huge risk.

            Coach must be kinda visionary. As it was when Bielsa call up Mascherano straight from River reserve before he debuted for Millionarios. Sorry for excerpt still the casus but Mascherano was so good from the very first in NT. Maybe some of our youngsters are ready and we even don’t know that. We have interesting fullbacks: Gomez, Peruzzi, Salazar (RB), Tagliafico, Elias Gomez, Soto (LB). There’s also Buffarini. Bauza was takling about him but he really just talking a lot.

            “it drained their motivation and confidence,whatever positive attitude and hunger they had…” Another crucial thing. It’s so clear when we are watching AGuero, DI Maria, Higuain… thesedays. They will never refresh their confidence to state from 2010 or 2011.

          • @Gonzalo,

            I forgot to mention Buffarini,another pacy and skilled fullback.I don’t think Bauza has a problem with game understanding,but it is the player selection and starting XI.

            Bauza said he knew Peru was gonna press us,so what did he do?Use two CMF who has no ball and passing skill?Pressing is done to disjoin the oppoent’s player from each other and here we had midfielders who was not known for linking with forward players.There was too much distance between the midfield and forward line.

            He also said Peru was gonna attack us in number…what did he do to counter that? playing 4 forwards…Midfield was attacking-wise dead,defense-wise out numbered.

  2. i’m expecting this will be the line-up bauza will start against paraguay.


    bauza has no more time to try new player, he’s on the verge of a defeated.
    his selection is pure crap, don’t expect his starting 11th to be better. one bad move, paraguay will slaughter mascherano and his 2014 friends.

    god help us!

  3. Saturday practice!!!! Bauza used a 4-4-2!
    Mercado demichelis musacchio mas
    Pizarro lamela banega gaitan
    Correa pratto

    I think that might be the defense back four,
    Obviously he is resting some players.
    Would love to see dybala and higuain up front like at juventus.
    Lamela gaitan and banega is a great attacking three with two forwards up too.
    We always have a more attacking formation at home.

    • thats not bad at all. Mascherano Pizzaro as CM with Gaitan and Lamela as left & right midfielders. Dybala as a second striker with Higuain up front.

      Not bad at all!

    • May be Bauza needs to give some test for back 4 thats why he used Dybala,Higuain and Aguero in the other team.Mascherano,Dybala and Higuain will play.

      Mercado demichelis musacchio mas
      lamela Mascherano Pizarro gaitan
      Dybala Higuain

  4. With or without Messi we are not a team. 2006 was a team. 2008 semifinal against Brazil was a team. 2014 Belgium game to 2nd half of the finals was a team. 2016 Semifinal against the USA was a team.
    in those games almost everybody played in their position.
    Players like lucho gonzalez, kily gonzalez, sorin, maxi rodriguez, enzo perez, agusto fernandez, lavezzi(not as striker) are needed.
    not these guys but similar players.
    They are not stars they are soldiers who give their life on the court and are all over the pitch.
    Tagliafico is one, so is gomez, peruzzi, Perreyra, lanzini(he is no alpha dog and is wasted this season being playmaker)
    We have to find these kind of guys and mix them with some of our stars while benching others.
    Play the player in the right position and if a player is slow like Banega surround him with runners not with Biglia or Kranevitter. It becomes overkill.

  5. There is a famous saying, “It is not easy for us to see ourselves as others see us.” English people and Argentina live with memories of the past. English people think their national football team is the hot favorite to win the World Cup. But the reality is that England NT is no threat to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

    Football fans say Argentina National Football Team without Messi is on the same level as the England National Football Team. Some Mundo people say Argentina national team is still strong without him and the team will emerge even stronger if he retires. If someone says this in global football journalist community, the man will be laughed at.

    People here think Argentina National Team will be a good team if AFA changes a coach and a coach changes players. I don’t see why not? Do it.

    Optimistic people say as if only Argentina has young players with potential and time to improve. Soccer powerhouse in Europe and Brazil has young talents too. The nations in Europe manage their time effectively and have money. What has Argentina been up to today?

    Many fans of Messi didn’t like when he canceled his retirement in September because they wanted him go back to his National Team after the AFA created a new team. Football is a team sport. Argentina national team lacks many things. Messi can’t be a midfielder/playmaker and striker/goal getter at the same time.

    A few people here insist that Messi is selfish, Messi has a bad influence on the national team, and he didn’t do well in the finals. When Messi was surrounded by 3-4 opponents, what other players did? If opponent team blocks Messi, Argentina loses the game. It means Argentina is a one man team.

    Football should not be a religion. When Spain were knocked out of Euro 2016 after losing 2-0 to Italy, Spanish football journalists analyzed the causes of failure and wrote articles discussing how Spain can Improve their team’s performance in the future. What did Argentina newspapers and media do after Argentina’s final defeat? The Newspapers headlines were Lionel Messi and it said he failed. I don’t mean to offend Argentina and deify Messi. I only want Argentina will face up to the reality and correct problems as quickly as possible.

    To #Gonzalo# – You placed significance on that Argentina defeated Chile 2-1 in the qualification without Messi in the past. That’s great. Bear in mind that Messi fan clubs want Argentina NT keep winning without him. You said Messi is Argentina football tactic because he is in Argentina squad and blamed him for all that. Did Messi ask this to AFA and the NT coach? The answer is no. If you think Messi likes this ridiculous situation, it is because you lost in your mind. There is one more thing you should know. Messi fan clubs hates to see Messi being a tactic of Argentina because it will put too much pressure on him. They hope Messi will play in a strong and well-organized national team. In fact, the fans joke they envy Christiano Ronaldo for his good fortune. Portugal proved they are not a one-man team as winning the 2016 European Championship without Ronaldo. You believe it is only a matter of time and Argentina already has a strong team without Messi. Show it to them.

    • Nothing has changed in my thoughts about Messi and our team with him if you ask me. I don’t want to start elaborate the theme again and again. Just one question to you:

      Is Argentina team well balanced when Messi is there?

      We know the answer is: is not. And important thing: Messi is the reason but I never said “Messi is guilty or blameable”. Do you understand the difference? These are two diffrent things to be a reason and to be guilty. Coach is to blame finally because he can’t accomodate presence of best player in the world (perforce player with big ego) with requirements that team game imposes and with necessity to boost confidence of rest players and dispose responsibility equally. Argentina players are like childrens around mommy when Messi is there, they can’t to mature and grow. We have top goalscorers of few European leagues and still Messi must to save us alike ‘Deus ex Machina’. WTH? But I can still to imagine our team as a real team with Messi in. I saw some flashes of this under Sabella. Theoretically the team should be only better with Messi. But as far it’s mission impossible for our coaches to bring both together.

      That’s why I’m so steamed everytime when our coaches are talking without end about how is Messi important.

      WHat about Messi surrounded by 3-4 opponents? I may just to say again: You should to know when you are surrounded by 3-4 player it means few of your teammates are without marking and free so best thing is to attract defenders and pass to your partner. If you don’t know that then your coach should gives you such instructions. It’s minimum of tactic that coach must to dose team because it’s team play. I didn’t saw none of these things in Copa final. Running to and fro with 3-4 defenders is always blind alley unless you play against Getafe or Almeria.

      • A one-man team is a group or team that relies solely on one person. If a person doesn’t know that it has a negative meaning, the person lacks comprehension skill. I already wrote that a one-man team can’t win the World Cup on a preceding page. (October 7, 2016 at 12:20 pm)

        #Gonzalo# says Argentina national team is unbalanced because of Lionel Messi and Argentina players are like children sitting around their mommy when Messi is in Argentina’s squad.

        #Gonzalo# believes Argentina players can’t grow mentally and improve their performance if Messi is in the Albiceleste’s squad.

        #Gonzalo# thinks Argentina national team managers can’t make an effective team if Messi’s name is included in the squad.

        My time’s up. 🙂

  6. Argentina never won any cup when Mascarano playing defensive midfield …I think he is world best central defender And world most worse DM in the world…In midfild when ball at Mascarano lags than FUCK of Argentina…ITs TRUTH….
    Rojo is never selected in Bangladesh team…we need only one Defensive midfilder..who is like speedy, Energatick and strong and must be clever…

    • No reservation with almost all of ur pounts about messi. Ignoring an ego would clear all of the clowds fogging the judgements of some clawn mundo funs,obvioysly.

      But as an argentian fun am worried about the ignorance and egoioistic attitude of Bauza than any person currently who would like to be a key board coach for nothing.

  7. I am scared we are going to miss the world cup.
    You all know that I almost went crazy when Bauza was selected.
    He is a good coach but not what we needed, hopefully he turns the corner now.
    He is here to stay.
    we must win the next game!

    According to us none of the players are good. None of the players is performing well to be honest.
    Why is that?
    This is the question that we must find out.
    For me it is clear that some of the players have overstayed their welcome, but not all.
    some of them need to be dropped from the squad completely while some of them need to be benched and some younger players need to be integrated while some of them must be watched how thy progress.
    We don’t need to rush judgment on any of the players.

    First of all, let’s think a strategy!
    What does fit us?
    Our strengths lie in our offense but our defenders aren’t bad either.
    A team must have shape!
    just look at the last game two units: defensive and offensive.
    – Rojo out of position.
    – It’s either Mascherano or Kranevitter, never both.
    – Dybala is not a winger.
    – Aguero is not a playmaker.
    – what di Maria is I don’t have a clue.
    There is a lack of balance in pace, age, and no shape at all.
    it simply doesn’t fit together.
    no full backs and no midfield.
    it reminded me of a game between the Netherlands against the Republic of Ireland in 2002 World cup qualification.
    The Netherlands needed to win and after the 2nd half Van Gaal the Genius put all his strikers on the field: Kluivert, Van nistelrooy, Van Hooijdonk, Haselbaink and took wingers, defenders and midfielders out where Haiselbaink ended up playing side midfielder.
    No goals scored for the Netherlands!
    It has been a running gag for us too!
    we play 6 defenders and 4 attackers.
    we think more defenders equals better defense, and more attackers equals better attack.
    You cant have 3 arms and 1 leg. A human body needs 2 arms and 2 legs.
    We need shape, competition, and balance.

    • I always try to find positive in any situation.But to be honest,Bauza does not know what he is doing.The starting XI had no balance,I said that when line up was confirmed.

      Players lack hunger.If you fail to win 3 consecutive final,your mind gives up.The only player who had some hunger was Higuain,because it was his miss that was costly and his 36 goals+94 million transfer pride made him eager to prove some point.Same can not be said for Aguero and Di Maria.Aguero has been useless for a long period of time,so is Di Maria.You either change them or continue to suffer.

      Bauza knew Peru was gonna press,but choose two midfielders who have no skill to keep ball moving under pressure.No ball holding skill,no incisive / forward passing.A half dead attack with a dead midfield,2-2 seems big result.

      Attack needs fresh players,the players who have hunger.Midfield needs creative / willing runner / incisive passer.

      The problem with current Argentina team is not game approach or tactics,it is the wrong players in the XI.A problem that can be solved if Bauza wishes so…If everyone can see where the problem is why can’t he?

  8. Last week I read a rather shocking number.
    Bauza won just 5 of 49 Copa Libertadores away matches as coach.
    If the showings against Venezuela and Peru are an indication of his international away performances, we can already start building a new team for Copa 2019 and WC 2022.

  9. Speechless overhere and Finger crossed for Messi,z one and only saviour,from encountering another injury against Brazil and Colombia.

    Bauza decieved us more than Maradona and Tata did.Under Bauza it is as impossible as an impenetrable fog for any of the promising futures to serve their conutry. To begin was he is entirely reliant on the old dinasours. And for those who already selected Bauza like Maradona is on fire in destroying their confidience. I still can’t forget how Maradona almost destroyed Otamendi’s career by playing him out of his position in 2010. Dybala,Kranevitter are going to be the likely victims of Bauza.

    Mr. Talk Would it kill you once to select a player for his position. At first you create an impression on me as if you have your own tactic,not bothering me who is selected at all,except for Leo. As time goes by however, you are even worse. You don’t select a right player for a position nor you have any plan of youth integration,may be youngster for you is in referrenca to your age. How can you not see Augusto is twice as Biglia for box mid role and Banega is efficient in Dybala,Aguero and even Messi stead as Pire CAM. Do you have to be a tortise to measure how Zaba is getting slower for to be in the starting IX. can’t you see the stablity Garay would brought to the center backs.

    In a nut shell you are destroying everything that was good in place forget to integrate the youths.

  10. very nice maidana, enjoy the fun dressing room as a one happy family, and please ask mascherano why the fuck he told bauza not to call icardi, and then get back here in mundo and tell us what he told you. also, call up sabella and tata for the crazy naked pillow fight party you going to have this weekend.

    one thing i realized now, as long as mascherano is in the team, we won’t get to see argentina with a major title. he bore the number 14 shirt, next to 13 which is a curse number. mascherano is a curse object indeed.

    please admins, get rid of the mascherano pic in background because it’s a bad luck. don’t wanna see that clown face either.

  11. This hypocrite Bauza when hired said” we lost the final because our midfield didn’t do much” or something like that and now he plays with a team with virtually no creative midfiled other than Scam_maria… get some balls and break the masch-messi syndicate and then the team will move forward!!! and please try to find the naked pics of officals sergio romero has hidden in his closet or email… and destroy them asap!!

  12. I don’t understand why Bauza have won several Copa Libertadores. There is no chemistry and idea at all. Watching the team reminds me of Maradona’s period. Bauza likes talking a lot, but does little, questionable call ups. Coaching NT is hard and very different from club level, you need to be brave, have urgency, and execute ideas quickly. It seems either Bauza is rubbish, or just too slow to react.

  13. Full bazua should go to……….
    Marcaado …Mussachiho—Mascarano——Mas


  14. The team failed to make few passes together,there was no one to link the forwards from midfield.This is why I ask for ball playing and passing midfielders…U had two specialist DMs,but what did it achieved ? Fours goals conceded in last two matches.

  15. We need 3 pts badly for the next game. I’d start with a more balance team like this:





    • We need 3 pts badly for the next game. I’d start with a more balance team like this:





  16. The idea that 3 forwards will somehow result in lots of goals backfired. Who was the creative midfielder last night? We need specialists on the field, stop asking players to play out position. Kun is not an enganche, Dybala is not a winger, Kranevitter is not a deep-lying playmaker. Bauza, this was embarrassing. Drawing with Peru and Venezuela? We can do much better than that.

    While nowhere near the level of Riquelme or Aimar, Banega should have started, he at least sometimes provides a little bit of spark and creativity. We lacked equilibrium and football brain.

    Somos Argentina…..what a shame.

    • Banega and aimar are equals… Banega was our best player throughout la Copa this year. The thing is he should be with another CAM….. Whether that is a 29 year old Messi or pastore and maybe lamela but definitely a 4-2-3-1 doesn’t fit our strengths

  17. Maidana won’t change anything. We need 3 points Tuesday. Desperately, if we want to stay in play off position. Next months’ fixtures could end our ambitions for a top 4 result.

    Passarella had the guts to start fresh and threw everyone out in 1995 except Batigol. We need someone with his balls now.

    • With the great Redondo too, fckin idiot Passarella. 🙂
      Simeone too, Caniggia had to be there in 98 ofc. The others were evident( Maradona would be 38, Ruggieri 36 in France), we hadnt big stars at that time with older age(maybe Caniggia and Balbo was a bit harder decision, but they had declined yet). Now Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Messi, Mascerano etc all in the TOP5 in the world of theirs position, much much harder and riskier.

  18. to be honest, when you don’t have good side back , playing with 4 players in the defense is useless.
    i wish we could return back to the old fashioned 352.
    mercado , musacchio , demichillis
    lamella , pizzari , masche , banega , di maria
    dybala , higuain

  19. Who cares. The coach is a joker. The team is a joke. There is no strategy. We keep hearing we do not need to make wholesale changes. Or do it slowly. Whereas, I see Brazil and they have happily changed and turned the corner since Copa America.

    Half to first eleven of Argentina national team cannot even get into their club side. What can we expect. We are lucky we have Messi, so we reach somewhere. If he is not there, we won’t even qualify.

    • Lionel Messi is God’s gift and Argentina received him for nothing. Many Argentians including some Mundo member don’t know Messi is invaluable and don’t appreciate Messi. “People never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

      It is probable that Argentina NT will go back to the pastㅡpacking their baggages after the second round of tournament or quarter-final if Messi retires from the NT.

      Soccer fans in foreign countries say Argentina advanced the finals because Messi was in Argentina squad. I am sure Messi watched yesterday match against Peru and he was pissed off just like fans.

      Bauza, if you can’t do your job well step down immediately. Time is running out for Argentina.

      • What for Messi theme now if he is not even availabe? Good advice: if you have believe only on Messi stop pretend to be Argentina fan. Just go to one of many his fanclubs. I’m Argentina fan and believe the nation has more to offer than only Messi. While I don’t want to see the like Higuain, Aguero or Di Maria (they are done for me) in team still belive even with these players Argentina may win games of qualifiers if only coach will enough smart. And do you think complainang after Messi is any solution here? I saw the team playing poor games without Messi in qualifiers against Ecuador and Paraguay and the 3 good games against Colombia, Brazil (qualifiers) and CHile (Copa America) also without him.

        To howl to the moon and cry after Messi-dependence is none of tactic just shortsightedness because Messi may win some easier games himself but not the most important.

        • To be honest as far it looks like Martino was better coach than Bauza. I’m sure even Martino after lost COpa would bring to NT more new names than Bauza. Bauza has no guts as no one other.

          • Bauza has guts! Too much guys and not enough brains! 4-2-3-1 doesn’t suit a team with 3 star #9s: higuain, Aguero and dybala. We need a 4-3-3 with two attacking CAM… Either banega and Messi or banega and pastore. That’s right Messi is slower and creating more chances than he takes, put him in midfield roll with Aguero dybala and higuain up top.

        • Poor games without him: Panama (Copa) before Messi came in, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil (good match ? We were not better at home against declining Dunga’s Brazil, no good at all), and good vs Columbia and vs Chile in Copa (which was not even half the team that played in final, Pizzi was at the begining of the road, compare the Chile played 2:1 vs Bolivia after ARG match with Vidal 95’th minutes penalty and the Chie played vs Mexico or Columbia. Not the same league. So more than half the matches we were shit without him, which is very high percentage, in the WCQ with Messi in 3 matches 9 points, without him 6 matches 8 points, enough said…

          • Yes, against Brazil it was very good game. I saw that. I saw Argentina playing good football without him. The most unacceptable here is some people trying to convince that Argentina is helpless without Messi. Argentina can play without him but it needs time. Barcelona also needed the time to learn play without him again before they crash Real last year by 5:0 or something like that.. It depends how long is the period of his absence. If he is out just for few weeks they will helpless indeed but if there’s more time then some players will grow to respnsibiity and team gets new balance.

          • You think the last game against Uruguay (1:0) it was better in terms of tactic? Nope. It was also clueless and exactly the same as we saw in WC against Bosnia or Iran. Expectating only for sudden salvage, some kind “Deus ex machina” in Messi person. It’s as much humilitating for the nation I think.

          • ” If he is out just for few weeks they will helpless indeed but if there’s more time then some players will grow to respnsibiity and team gets new balance.”

            Yes of course, but the team will be way weaker overall(Barcelona and Argentina too).

        • What a comedy…. With out Messi they played good game… Brazil 1-1 draw and Columbia 1-0 the only win without him…. And Messi win only easier games…. Chile 2-1 and Uruguay 1-0 with 10 man he control the game…. He taken into world cup group stage with no one help….. He is not a machine to score goals every time…. If he struggled in a match… Other players helps in Barcelona… But Argentina no one…. That’s why they don’t deserved a title…. Why I support Argentina because of Messi he is doing lot… He got enough title more than anyone in history…. The all time great wants one title with national team… Of he got average balance team…. He will give you a title….. With out him how many points won in qualifiers?…. If you are a true Argentina fan… U should know what best for Argentina…. Poor fans…. The world knows how good Messi….

          • As I said: to be of Messi fan does not makes you Argentina fan yet what is so clear here. I know very well that kind of supporting from East Asia. Most of the fans will left the site when messi will go rest. It’s support depending on Messi presence. Put on Messi in the yellow t-shirt then we know when would they are. A kind of supporting that forces you to shout out loud MESSI MESSI MESSI! without employ brain a much. Sorry but I’m from football culture and I’m trying to analyse some elements of the play and not only to compete about most Messi fan by chanting about his feats (East Asia is not football culture what I see everytime when Argentina plays in CHina or India; therefore some over-emotional people may think that one man may win all by himself).

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