Edgardo BAUZA: “I might call-up a CB”


Edgardp BAUZA spoke at a press conference following Argentina’s 2-2 draw against Peru.

BAUZA hinted that he might call-up a center back for the match against Paraguay as both Nicolas OTAMENDI and Ramiro FUNES MORI are suspended.

“The match went just as we expected it. With Peru pressuring a lot. It costed us a lot to try and control the game. There were lots of imperfections in the second half.”

“It’s very possible that I call-up a center back with both Nicolas OTAMENDI and Ramiro FUNES MORI out.”

“Argentina had more control in the first half. In the second half we didn’t take advantage of the space.”

“HIGUAIN continued what he does in Italy. It’s gratifying seeing him score.”


  1. Favourite 4 teams that can win Russia WC2018 are Germany Argentina Spain France Expect argentina all 3teams has Top GK(Neuer De Gea Lorris) excellent MF(Silva Kross Progba) what argentina is badly missing. Need to bring Rulli Franco Lanzini Parera to cover week position because its difficult to win worldcup of latin team from europian soil.

  2. @maya without neymar brazil is big zero they kicked out of copa in group stage by peru atleast argentina draw without messi. The main fact is argentine players look ambition less where Brazil looks energetic n focas. Brazil won olymic gold where argentina lost copa final makes the difference between both side. Players haven’t forget final defeat yet need time to recover i’m sure after next month qualifier we can see different team in copa argentina scoor 19goals but in WCQ argentina struggle to find net

  3. Argentina has Best attack in the world on other hand sad part is worst Midfeild in the world. Need to bulied storng MF to win WC2018 look at Germany and France team compare with Argentina how difficult to beat them without Good GK MF. Bauza please bring Rulli Franco Lanzini in the team, Icardi will flop like Aguero or Higuain without MF, Lamela deserve to start ahead of Dimaria and Messi can’t save alone everytime if messi has xavi or inesta NT then messi already had 3cups

  4. * Sorry to say this but feel at the moment current Brazil side is almost the best in the world.
    * They got two solid defend minded center backs in Miranda n Marquinhos. * In front of them they got Fernandinho who got great stamina n good reader of game. He helps both defensively n offensively.
    * They got the best full backs in Alves ( in spite of his age still he is doing things ) n Felipe luis. Don’t forget they also have Marcelo when he is on song very easily dismantle any team with his crazy runs n energy.
    * In mid-field they got hard working Willian who can work hard almost 90 minutes tirelessly n Oscar who can be a reasonable play maker in mid-field but the crucial factor is Coutinho who link very well with full backs n create chances with ease.
    * Neymar playing in the position of Maria but certainly he is a fearsome factor n much consistant compared to Maria n also always he got support from the full back Luis.
    * Their forwards either Gabriel Jesus or Barbosa or Firmino contribute at least to some extent.
    * In the end they play as a team.


    * Rojo lacks discipline in life. He smokes a lot. Certainly he can’t contribute in attack which needs lot of energy and at any time he can get a red card. Against Uruguay Mas contributed reasonably in attack n combined well with Maria. But after single game he was totally ignored. Rojo comes to the team just coz he is ROJO.
    * There are lot of harsh criticism on Zaba but we have to accept at least he contributed a little in attack n creativity than Maria r Aguero. He passed his prime n can’t play full 90 min but he will be a valueable sub if he comes for last 30 min.
    * Even in the first half Mascherano was giving lot of wrong passes. In the match against Alaves in La liga, he clearly demonstrated his age factor as he was having a very tough time in the right flank. The inside forwards very easily get past him with their paces. He must accept that he should play only in one half.
    * Di Maria…we are all tired. Once we hoped that he will be our saviour. We believed in him more than Messi. But he plays reasonably as a creative mid fielder for PSG when he plays in right. Why the hell we repeat the
    same mistakes for infinite times. If he is going to fail, why not let him fail in right side at least once ?
    * Aguero… neither have the fitness nor the passion any more it seems…
    * Dybala, Kranevitter deserve chances. Kranevitter should be tried in 4-3-3.
    * Ruuli, Cabellero, Lanzini, Perryra, Paredes, Perotti, Garay, Taglifico, Icardi… the list is endless but feel the very crucial one at the moment is Enzo Perez. He was also a key reason for our last world cup adventures. Helped us both defensively n offensively. Last week against Atletico, just dribbled from half way line like a forward. Pure box to box mid-fielder. But how a coach like Bauza select him if he got plans with Rojo n Romero.
    * And finally Bauza… pure emptiness like our mid-field.

    • Maya

      “Enzo Perez. He was also a key reason for our last world cup adventures. Helped us both defensively n offensively. Last week against Atletico, just dribbled from half way line like a forward. Pure box to box mid-fielder”.

      I understand you. We need player like Enzo along of one CM defensive minded indeed. We need the kind of runner. But:

      1. Enzo in 2018 will be 32
      2. There’s more players to the position to considerate: Pizarro, Augusto or Nacho Fernandez of River. I hope people here will spend some time to see Fernandez from RIver in full game because I’m not sure it’s just my impression or he is really as much interesting as the rest to say the least.

      • And Lanzini to the list as well. He should play box to box midfielder role as in his begins in West Ham. And not like currently AM or LF

  5. As terrible as it was my judgement of Bauza starts after the Paraguay game. That’s where his learning curve grace period ends. If the same shitty football is what we’re going to witness the next match then we’re doomed. Since Sabella left our midfield has been dysfunctional. Fullback positions need to Like I said few weeks ago that we need Enzo, Lanzini (as CM), Augusto or Vasquez in the more than Icardi. These are the players that will bring balance to the team. I guess no one will argue now. DiMaria looked like his better self operating from the middle. IMO one attacker and one DM have to be sacrificed for 2 CMs. Because 2 bodies in the middle of park is recipe for disaster. 4-2-3-1 needs to go.

  6. And we saw clearly what happens if both your central midfielders do not like run forward to engage and help in attack (Kranevitter, Mascherano). It’s dead midfield.

  7. Just put in gaitan!!! Put in the players that play well!!! Not higuain ,rojo, di maria, or aguero! This is the formation…

    Mercado Otamendi Funes Mori Mas
    Masherano. Augusto
    Messi Banega Gaitan

  8. I feel terrible to say Argentina national football team without Messi is a bunch of sheep.

    The AFA assigns a person who is incapable of making tactics for a new coach and the coach select players indifferent to tactics.

    In my opinion, football player needs an ability to understand tactics and then a good sense to read the game.

    Many players in Argentina NT are weak in the head and lack the ability to read the game. And the coaching staff doesn’t have an ability to make up the players’ weak point because they have a same problem.

    I think Di Maria is a brainless player and Aguero is a single track mind player. When they run aimlessly, Aegentina coaching staff must give them an instruction. But coaching staff don’t know either and can’t control the players. Shame.

    Bauza says to the press he believes in Higuain and I want to tell Bauza people are losing faith in Bauza quickly.

    A one man team can’t win the World Cup. I feel bad because I don’t see Argentina young players are good. European young players are more talented and trained more systemically than Argentina young playere. Brazil has Naymar and he is above Dybala. Brazil NT finished replacement of generation and won the Gold medal.

    Only one can be a champion. So,do the right thing when Messi is in Argentina squad. If Argentina can’t win the 2018 World Cup with Messi, the chance of winning a trophy will disappear. Sad.

  9. Real fullbacks: Gomez, Tagliafico, Peruzzi
    Second CB to pair with Otamendi: Garay/Musacchio
    Creative and running central midfielder: Nacho Fernandez
    Best available striker: Icardi
    Someone quite new on left flank who is hardworker, intelligent and promising one unlike Aguero or Di Maria: Lucas Janson

    ………Nacho F..Mascherano

    The new players are best available players on the positions to my knowledge. Lucas Janson as well.

    • Even with the players he called up a better team could be made without even changing the formation. If he wanted to play 4-2-3-1, why not play Masche-Pizzaro midfield?

      Bauze said he will call a new CB, I think he should be Cuesta. But a completely new pair of CB worries me. On top of that they will be flanked by Rojo and Zabaleta. Pure and simply, nightmare awaits.

      Someone should tell him that this is football and not American football. It is a whole unit that attacks and defends together. You cant just put 6 defenders and 4 forwards and hope to be competitive.

      And well, we were totally outplayed by “Peru”.

      • Mascherano with Pizarro is matter of course for me now. If Bauza will not play with Pizarro what for he even call him. We need different kind of second midfielder, it’s so obvious.

        • “We need different kind of second midfielder, it’s so obvious.”

          And Fullbacks. Different kind of fullbacks. Seeing Rojo starting on our left side (which is the traditional attacking side of La Albiceleste) makes me vomit.

  10. Plzz no more Funes mori, rojo and zaba in the starting lineup… plzzzzzzzzzzz… bring GAray and Musschaio back in the team…. plzzz bring in attacking fullbacks and creative CMs!! Pleaseee… This guy Bauza is making tata look like Pep guardiola!!!

  11. U r a nation of a bunch of god gofted forwards.thats true and is your strenght. so utilize your strenght. But so far none other than sabella (forget the wc2014 experience coz he lost his top guns due to enjury) able to bring out the best of these forwards.

  12. I watched the game last night and I just knew Peru was going to answer our goals with ones of thier own and they did.

    This team does not need a coach, it needs an exorcist to exorcise the demons. It never gets old..watching Argentina play like they did last night….slow, no plan, losing the ball when it counts, no passion, heck the ball refuses to bounce their way because they don’t deserve a lucky break.
    Masche as WE ALL painfully see it, IS DONE, FINISHED, KAPUT.
    Look at Brazil….damnit it, they’ve been in hibernation for the past 4 years and now they’re back and just in time to twist that knife deeper in our side.

  13. Yellow card KING Mascherano’s that back pass was for WHAT!!!!!! Peru was nowhere near on attacking at that moment!!there were 5 players to pass and even a chance for counter attack…BUT NOOOOOO this low IQ shit back passes to a Peruvian player…and then imbecile Fokin Moris..he didn’t need commit that foul.. Guerrero’s heavy touch went too right, so all he need to do just wait and guard that damn guy..But as a mediocre player he commit that foul

  14. This result was really disappointing, really sad to see how the team is struggling to score goals. Argentina was playing with six defenders and four strikers with nothing in between, but despite this flawed in the starting XI, the team could have easily walk away with three points. Argentina was clearly the better team in the first half, the team took the lead twice in a very hostile venue. Peru came out hard in the second half, an adjustment Buaza should have been anticipating. For a team of Argentina statue, how do you give a way the game with like 12 minutes to go? I mean, Mascherano gifted Peru the equalizing goal in what would have been a winning goal from Higuaín. I agree that the team suffered against Peru in Lima, but almost all teams does when playing against Peru in Lima.

    I said before the game that Kranevitter offers nothing going forward, he adds nothing to the midfield, all he did was prove me right, spending majority of the game in his own half. Every time there was a loose ball in midfield it went to a Peruvian player because Kranevitter was none existent on the pitch. Why not start Pizarro, who couldn’t have done any worse than Kranevitter against Peru?

    Mascherano forget he wasn’t at Barcelona making some stupid dumb back pass to Ter Stegen. The man had Otamendi in front of him and another option to run into midfield with the ball yet he chooses to make a back pass to the goal keeper from almost the half way line, this was madness, Mascherano gave away what would have been a hard fought victory for Argentina in Lima. Please leave the Barcelona rubbish back passes in Catalonia, no need to bring it back to the national team.

    I feel sorry for Dybala, the guy had nobody in the midfield to connect with going forward hence the reason he drifts out of the game in the second half. Correa is just raw, always want to do too much with the ball, and whenever he passes the ball he over hits it out of bound or to the Peruvian goalkeeper.

    You can’t blame strikers for yesterday performance, there was no combination of play until the Zabaleta assist for Higauin goal. Having the best strikers in the world means nothing if the coaches can’t utilize them and get the best out of them by setting up a credible midfield around them. The team barely can get behind the opponent defenders with slick smart ball movements. Aguero should take a break from the team, but with all that said, there wasn’t any decent chance created for him to lash unto.

    With Argentina at the moment everything has to be individualistic, there is rarely any consistent team ball movement going forward from the halfway line to the opponent eighteen-yard area. It’s like the team is always waiting on some moment of brilliance to come from somewhere. The team doesn’t consistently play through balls for our attackers to get a sniff at goal. I’m not going to sit here and blame the likes of Dybala, Higuaín and Di Maria because the starting lineup was not balance enough to complement the attacking players. Right now I would give all of our attacking players for two mids like Fabregas and Matta who can at least hold onto the ball in tight areas and make precise passes for 90 plus minute of a football game.

    Buaza is all talk and no game, he probably forgets he is a coach and not a poet. All the elegant poetry in his press conference doesn’t bare fruits on the football pitch as far as I’m concern. And guys please, there is nothing Icardi would have done to change the outcome of last night game, Dybala who is a better player had little effect on the game so what say Icardi? And it’s not like the midfielders and wingers were creating chances left, right, and center for the forwards who then misses them all.

    • I even have labelled Krane as the kid versiion of Biglia. Also thought Bauza is a path maker for Brazil,Germany,France…

      Still we need Banega,Peryera,Tagliafico and Ansaldi.Atleast, they will give us a chance the team to compete hard in WC and other finals.

      Higuein,Leo,Dybala, and Alario as forwards-nothing more. Open your eye bauza stop inheritting the worst qualities of the earlier coachs. You were suppoaed to integrate youths to fire the flancks and midfield only not to destroy by convincing retiring players to renounce their decission to ruin the team. Zaba and Maschie shall be in the team to ignite the youth not erode their confidience like in yesterdays’ match-Demi shall be gone if tbe two are in the team,provided they will take his seat at the bench roster. Feel bad for Krane and Dybala already. Maria is still useful with the limited options in hand for Bauza.

  15. Bauza ..u r talking trash..u fking ugly cunt!! admit that u were clueless ..admit u r a 3rd grade coach..admit u were heavily depend on those so called club stars like..choker higuain, lazy aguero, cr7’s cok sucker Diva maria..bench warmer Rojo, clown romero, Yellow card KING idiot Muscherano, wtf Karnevettor, or Baby face Dybala..son of biach!!!

  16. where the heck , the balanced team you were talking about ?
    6 of your line up are defense minded players and the rest are attackers. is this what you call a balanced team.
    i really feel pissed. this is worst argentina i have ever witness even worse than maradona’s

  17. Don’t worry Mr. Talk! We are getting to use to your defnition of slow motion play-Thus you have Demi,Rocanglia and Zabaleta as Marshalled by Mascherano,Kranevitter and Aguero as mid fields.

    The scariest ever team to Argie funs since Maradona era is coming this Tuesday and probably more is coming under Bauza regime a gamble for world cup slot.

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