On this day… Martin PALERMO saves Argentina


On this day in 2009, Martin PALERMO saved Argentina’s World Cup qualification chances with a goal which will forever be remembered. The scenario for Argentina going into the Monumental that night against Peru was simple. Anything but a win and chances of qualification for 2010 would have been very low (with one match remaining against Uruguay in Montevideo). MARADONA finally gave in and called up Gonzalo HIGUAIN who scored on his National Team debut in that match. But that was overshadowed by yet another chapter in Martin PALERMO’s incredible career.

Unfortunately, I slowly see some similarities between that qualification and the one we are currently in. But for now, let’s just enjoy the miracle from that night. Forever greatful to PALERMO, many (myself included) questioned MARADONA for calling up the veteran to the National Team. But you know what, for more than once in his career, he came up clutch for his team. Thank you PALERMO.


  1. Big goal but Argentina would have qualified regardless … pissed my off thinking about how we should have had riquelme playing but fucking Diego and his ego costs us a possible World Cup as Messi/riquelme only lost one game when starting together ..

  2. What will happen if we are going to face similar kind of drama again this time? And who’ll be the hero if we really face it? I am afraid, we don’t have anyone in this team!

  3. How can I forget that day, it was raining hippos and elephants not cats and dogs.
    I remember my heart sinking after the damn Peruvians scored the equalizer, I think my heart stopped beating for few seconds, thinking all was lost, how could that be I kept telling myself…. and that very rarely do one goes from despair to absolute euphoria in the matter of seconds …..all I saw was Maaarrrtiiiin running to the corner. Ripping his shirt off while the rest of the team jumping and celebrating.
    I believe I jumped out of my chair almost hitting the ceiling. Ripped off my shirt and ran around the house SHOUTING LIKE A FOOL, WE WON WE WON WE WON.


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