Sergio AGUERO a doubt with a knock, GAITAN could start


Latest news out of Argentina is that Sergio AGUERO could miss the match on Tuesday due to a knock.

Sergio AGUERO, who didn’t have a very good match against Peru, is likely to miss the match against Paraguay according to reports. The line-up would now include Nicolas GAITAN in on the right with Paulo DYBALA occupying the middle spot behind HIGUAIN.

Here’s the updated rumored line-up:



  1. I want Gaitan + Lamela in place of Aguero and Dimaria …
    Mascherano in defence and Peruzzi in midfield

    Mercado +Musachio + Masche+ Mas

    Gaitan -Banega -Peruzzi

    Lamela. Correa

  2. I think we should adopt a traditional 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 ……4-2-3-1 does not just work for us…or atleast managers don’t know how to implement it.The problem becomes selecting the 2 CMF and the hole playmaker.2 CMF are too static and skill-less,hole playmaker whether it is Pastore or Banega seems confused what to do in that position.

    I propose something like that:
    Defense 4: Mercado-Musacchio-Otamendi-Mas
    Midfield 4: Messi-(Banega/Pizarro/Paredes)-Mascherano-Perotti
    Forward 2: Dybala-(Higuain/Alario/Icardi)

    For me,Otamendi-Mori duo looks superb one day,leaky another day.Otamendi is out of position in this paring,may be that’s the reason of it.However both of them are good defenders individually.I watched Musacchio in his recent matches,he is almost back to his best..always in right place to rescue his team,he is a leader in backline that we can use…only one risk is he is injury-prone.

    • Even if we decide to play 4-4-2, we will be needing two very good central midfielders and 2 wide midfielders who runs, passes, intercepts and tackles. I am not so sure about either Banega, Paredes or Mascherano suitable to do those jobs (together). Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths but if we look at pairs they does not complement very well. On the other hand, If we play a 4-3-3 then we are lacking goal scoring wingers and wasting the talents of our considerably large lists of second strikers. Like if we play Dybala as a winger, his talent is gonna get wasted!

      Whatever the formation is, we need to play at most 3 forwards and not 4 or 5! When Messi plays, use him and Dybala to interchange between RF and false 9 like in the Uruguay game and play a genuine number 9 like Icardi or Higuain. In midfield play people who will be able to run, pass and defend. Like:

      1) Pizzaro-Mascherano-Pereyra
      2) Lanzini-Mascherano-Peredes
      3) Pizzaro-Banega-Mascherano

      And the most important team is the team needs to have a shape at all time. It is virtually impossible to defend in numbers or in an organized way without having any definite shape. Like in the last match when Mascherano was ahead of kranevitter, he did not know where to stand or what to do. That can never happen again.

  3. I don’t trust Lamela nor Gaitan, neither Aguero-Lavezzi would have done twice of any of the above players if we continue to count on aged players. But this is only an if-useful for complain and woe. Let’s see what will happen against Paraguay and hope some of the players prove us wrong.

  4. Bauza’s approach so far has been having maximum big names into the starting XI,even though it looks ludicrous when you try to imagine them in any standard formation.Aguero,who has never been an decent striker(and a nt player as a whole) for us is made to play the playmaker role…what can be more foolish than that? Drop Aguero and Di Maria,if u don’t have the gut to call new players,call Lavezzi atleast.He will do better than any of those.

  5. I am sure Aguero will play the next match for Man city. His commitment to the NT is zero. Anyway it’s good for us if he leaves

  6. Injury is sad but it is a blessing for team. Aguero and Di maria wont help the team. They should retire or be kicked out of the team no matter whether they are good or bad.

  7. to me, gaitan was at his best in 2014, he should be there in brazil instead of augusto fernandez, and maxi rodriguez, and hell he is a direct replacement for princess maria that year, but sabella the fool never call him. gaitan nowadays is not better than di maria.

    someone like diego perotti or enzo perez should be there, but unfortunately again we’re going to see the same bullshit from princess di maria.

    i’m expecting argentina going to lose the match or maybe a tie. there’s no way argentina can win this match when they have a clueless coach.
    it’s so clear that bauza have no idea what to do. he said some good thing but in the end, he is someone who is precisely “never walk the talk” kind.

    lets talk about world cup 2022.

  8. I have been following and supporting this team since forever, I do not care about club football unless an Argentine player is playing and that is all and I am sure their are many here feel the same, this team is our passion and devotion. Argentina was always knowing around the world as a team of uncompromising worriers that strike fear in the hearts of their opponents even though not possessing sometimes of the best talent. We lose a lot of times but with dignity but with this group of player you just feel like we are boys playing against men. Sometimes we need 2 or 3 super talented players and the rest are fighters with no die attitude that are ready to give their lives to this team and what is represent.

  9. Waiting for another member of board of directors of the mafia run by Don masch—“Injured Maria ” to comeout with clutches with a sad face because he slipped on a banana peel in his kitchen!!

  10. Aguero can go to hell with his never ending injuries. I wish diva Maria will follow him so the team can finally include only men.
    As for Lamela he’s a horrible player and not sure he will fill the gap.

    The problem is aguero will be called up for the WC just to have a vacation in Russia due to his injuries.

    • Dimaria would be a SUPER SUB!! Angel is always hurt come finals or semifinals because he is over worked ! With dimaria coming off the bench he can be a difference maker late in games as a sub. Honestly, gaitan will create more space than aguero, who played like he was hurt against Peru

      • i never understand why people think a player would make a great sub if they are not in good form and d/m is playing like crap and his decision making is also crap. at the moment he should not even be in the squad

        why does any one want a player who is playing like crap to come on to try to win a game.

  11. Sometimes it is better to take a knock and sit out, instead of putting yourself in spotlight..

    The current team needs energy and motivation..this can only happen if all of them take a break from NT and look from outside. They can be called again once again if things start ticking..this is basic management Mr.Bauza. You don’t call players again and again when they are tired and out of form..

  12. I honestly don’t believe this BULLSHIT, how can a player be injured everytime he plays for his country???
    But, glad he’s not playing because Nico will play his ass off while attacking-defending and Kun will only look sad, grimace in pain and walk slow around the pitch.

  13. I am sorry to say that but usless Aguero made of glass. He can be the best striker in England but that is it. I can not believe what is happining to my beloved Argentina as we went from men like batistuta and crispo leading our attack to these glass made kids, no mantality no tougness no nothing no wonder why perue and vanzuila become challenge for us, i rest my case.

  14. look at the copa we played far better with gaitan who was in place of d/m.

    as for kun once again he is past n/t selection in play, style, commitment and as always he always getting injured-simply put time to hand in you n/t shirt kun and pass it to icardi

  15. This may sound terrible but I think that’s good news. Gaitan is better. Hope Di Maria gets a knock before kick-off too so we may see Lamela. Aguero who plays so well under Guardiola sucks for Argentina. Kun is what is called a “pecho frio “

      • Yes, Lamela was anonymous against Venezuela, no question about that. However, if you recall, he was one of our better players during the last Copa and even scored a couple of goals. He was also very lively after his introduction in the final but it was too late. The bottom line, he can’t do much worse than Di Maria.

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