Diego MARADONA on Lionel MESSI: “Leave him in peace!”


Diego MARADONA took to the media to defend Lionel MESSI.

MARADONA hasn’t always backed MESSI but in his latest comments, Diego made sure to defend the National Team captain. Here’s what he had to say:

“He (MESSI) doesn’t have to lift a World Cup to be considered a phenomenon. Enough with that! Enough of the whole he doesn’t have a personality, that he doesn’t sing the anthem… Leave him in peace!”

“The kid has all the right to retire from the National Team like he did during the summer. All the right. And then everyone comes out asking him to come back. Even the ones which were criticizing him before!”


  1. What gets on my tits is Aguero will go and score a penalty today and a hat trick against Everton.
    Sorry to digress.
    The moral with supporters is clearly at an all time low. Bauza will pretty much call the same squad next month due to the opposition. He’s just too frightened to take that jump.
    But keep aside the AFA and the managers inept ability to get a cohesive team, anyone here who feels they are done due to those factors are free to leave.
    No excuse….and I mean no excuse is allowed to overcome your love for the team you have followed.
    It’s what it’s all about: highs and lows….you always reply to those favourite terrace chants such as
    “Where we’re you when you were shit!”
    Reply:”we were here!”

  2. The problem with Argentina national football team is not only the AFA and coaches but also Argentine journalism and fans.

    Frankly speaking, I am starting to feel tired of reading comments by some fans in Argentina because there is nothing better than bizarre newspaper headlines from Argentina.

    The fans insist stubbornly that unbalanced national Teams were created by coaches because of Lionel Messi and players have been selected by coaches according to Messi’s opinion.

    They start with “I don’t know if it is true that Messi…blah-blah. But, I believe Messi is doing something wrong to our national team. In my humble opinion, he has a negative influence on our national team.”

    If you believe that he prevents your favorite young players and local footballers from getting a call-up, find evidences to support your new beliefs.

    If you don’t know whether the story of Messi is true or not, you’d better write it in your diary.

    All we want are the facts and right answer to the problems with Argentina football.

    Argentina has a long way to go to get the national football team on the track and how long time it will take depends on fans like you.

    Calm down.
    Have a logical mind.
    It ain’t over till it’s over.

    • the media has been quite and has taken shit from all the failures, if this would happened to Germany they would have rousted the team.
      They roust their team even when winning.
      this is the problem with us, we are sissies, thin skinned.
      People criticize you to do better.
      Argentine media and expert don’t exist.
      the only thing they criticize is messi.
      Messi should also be criticized but there are also bigger issues.
      Messi is no angle neither.
      The players and coaches should be not criticized, they should be rousted!
      just now there are a few expert and fans that have woken up and see the danger, we have a problem man, we are risking qualification.
      but continue to live in your utopia where Argentina doesn’t have problems we are 1st in qualifiers all wins.
      lie to yourself.

  3. bottom line is, ARGENTINA won’t be available in russia 2018.
    we just have to wait until 2022.

    will mundo albiceleste still be posting, debating, discussing, bullshits and all here, even if nobody here going to watch world cup in 2018???

  4. WoW, I don’t know why some people in here always feel the need to tell us that they are done with THIS TEAM yada yada yada…..NEWS FLASH….. we do NOT CARE.

    Just stop posting here and go find yourselves some other winning team.

    BTW…..a real fan NEVER QUITS …..in fact you get more attached to your team when the chips are down and they are pretty DOWN as we speak.

    • The answer is because they care about Argentina national football team. Those people have feeling of love and hatred toward the national team. That’s all.

  5. I opposed the hiring of Maradona, Batista, Sabella, Martino and Bauza…and don’t regret one bit!

    Tabarez overachieved with Uruguay 10 years ago and then won Copa America, he earned it.
    What have our coaches achieved although having the best player in the world and probably 2nd best player of all time?
    Having some of the best players?
    Finals, We won nothing.
    all our concerns were later confirmed.

    What are Olarticoechea’s stripes?
    who did he coach?
    He was not qualified to coach the team.
    Judging players based on the olympics in such condition were we couldn’t even field a team is not right.

    I agree with you on 2 things.
    Yes some of the youngsters are overrated but some are cracks.
    …and yes the players that didn’t fight their clubs have no heart.
    sadly 80% of our players put their clubs before the NT.

    I think you should stay here and root against the team…reverse jinx.

    • Every nation must have it’s downs that will spur and turning point leading to success. After Brazil losts in WC and COpa America I have heard only they have not new talented young players, the source dried, and something like that. Now after one year they are again potentate with some injections of youth mixed with older players. How is that?

      • I don’t get why people put players before team.
        Believe me I like Higuain and Aguero more than Icardi and dybala. The former 2 had their chance and now they need to step aside for the latter 2. I am against banning players, they need a time out and they can come back later but not based on reputation or friendship, but football reasons.
        No doubt we have great youth talent coming up.
        What we don’t have is team players or someone that teaches all the players how to play like a team.

        When I see Lamela play for us I think is that guy Lamela?
        he is so timid and scared almost like he is shaking nervous, while for Tottenham he puts his chest forward, is calm and brave.
        Why is that?
        Pastore was the 10 at Copa 15, I noticed that most of the time either Messi or Di maria dropped deep and intefered with his duties, he just gave them the ball. Even the striker which mostly was Higuain dropped deep to intefere with his business.
        These guys want to do everything alone, they are control freaks.
        I don’t know if any of you guys has played organized football, I have!
        Teammates are important, I simply couldn’t get chemistry with some of my teammates, there was no trust between us and every time I got on the ball I felt uneasy because i couldn’t trust this guy on my team. It affected my performance. Not that any of us was a bad player but we simply didn’t mesh together.
        While some other made be brave, I knew I could trust them and could go to war with them and it also affected my performance.
        It’s the same with our team.
        it is hard for young players to play with Messi.
        I sometimes feel even Aguero who is a star on his own feels uneasy playing with messi because he simply admires and wants to impress him.
        the youngsters admire messi, aguero, higuain, di maria they want to do well and it creates a psychological burden and it affects their performances.
        our teams has trust issues.
        we simply are not a team.
        Sometimes the bigger tree needs to be cut for the smaller one to grow.
        We need to be a team not a 1/2/3/4 player team.

          • Barca and Real, especially Barca uses you and then throws you to the bushes.
            As soon as they were sure Messi would be their star player they chased out Ronaldinho who was having a decline, the same with E’too and countless names, it will happen to Messi too.
            They stay on top because they are able to grab the moment when to change the team.

            Look playing for Real and Braca is every players dream it seems, not because they like these teams but because there they can become most famous and can earn money not only from the club but from the sponsors.
            Real and Baraca have other options, they can buy everyone they want, so players shut up and do what is asked of them.

            It’s human nature, the people that treat you bad you like the most, the people that treat you good you are ungrateful.

    • “What are Olarticoechea’s stripes?
      who did he coach?
      He was not qualified to coach the team.
      Judging players based on the olympics in such condition were we couldn’t even field a team is not right”.

      Agree Ghostdeini. I see still big contradiction on this judging of Olimpic Games players. First people judge the team really strictly as if it were very serious undertaking of Argentina federation prepared long time (like Brazil Olimpic team) with all best U-23 players and so on. Afterward the same people are criticizing AFA for put up B team (last minute) in Rio and also coach of women teams what is ridiculous indeed and all the bankruptcy of Olarticoechea stuff. So double standards in judging this team.

      • Some fans rooted for the olympic team to fail, enough said.
        I don’t like Bauza as coach, have made it known even before he was assigned coach. I don’t hate him. I just thought and think he is not the right person to take over.
        Now that he is coach I hope that he does well, I have my doubt and I am scared man, I can’t imagine 2018 without our team.
        I support many teams but:
        my holy grail is winning the world cup!
        this is my team.
        I will never root that this team loses.

  6. Argentina is the most overrated team in today’s football. If the English NT had a football cousin it would be the Argentinean NT. And I hope this team doesn’t qualify for the 2018 world cup, and I hope this new Argentina coach drop all the current players on the squad for all the fan favorites, I want to see these players get embarrass by wide goal margins on the pitch and at the same time miss out on the 2018 world cup. The only downside is that Buaza will be the first coach to not get Argentina to the world cup in over 100 years. How pathetic, Argentina has become the Manchester United of CONMEBOL, losing home games to teams that never happen in their history before; Paraguay and Ecuador comes to mind!!

    This is what all the ungrateful fans deserves, there was no need for Sabella to step aside because he did a great job with the team, but no, the fans wanted him out before the world cup was even over. The worst part is, Tata Martino was doing a good job but fans delude themselves in thinking that Tata was the worse coach ever!! Note: Óscar Tabárez has been coaching Uruguay since 2006.

    Argentina has no vision, no future and none of these JOKERS people want to be in the squad are worth anyone’s time. I mean, as Csaballa (from Hungary) said, (and I agree with him) none of the players talk about here, especially the ”youngsters” are better than the other players from countries like Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. This is a FACT!! Argentina got knockout of the 2016 Olympics by Honduras, and guess what, Honduras got HAMMERED by Brazil in the same tournament!!

    The whole Argentina football system need to restructure, boasting about local football teams and coaches winning pathetic tournaments like Copa Lib or Sudamericana doesn’t make the nation football better. Buaza is a prime example. Please just shut down the whole thing, what a pathetic organization the AFA has become.

    If the country was serious about incremental changes, then they should have taken the 2016 Olympics seriously. All these youngsters I keep on reading about, why wasn’t they at the 2016 Olympics? This was a tournament that should have spring board Argentina future players into the senior team…My question is, why the likes of Paredes, Dybala, Kranevitter, Icardi etc. didn’t fight their clubs to be at the 2016 Olympics? These guys were too timid to fight their clubs so that they could be release for the Olympics in Rio. You know how beneficial this would have been for the national team if Argentina had a great Olympics? The team didn’t even need to win the whole thing. We all see it worked out well for Brazil, they had a plan to build on the success of the 2016 Olympic winning Gold medal team. And another thing, Portugal just didn’t throw in a bunch of young players out of nowhere onto their roster, Portugal had a successful U21 youth team at the European 2015; U21 championship. Despite Portugal losing to Sweden on PK, they were easily the best team at that U21 tournament, the same tournament they hammered Germany by five goals to zero. So like all the other well develop nation, Portugal had a process to integrate new blood. We have seen this with Germany, Spain, France and most recently Brazil at this year Olympics.

    There is no way a banana league republic run football organization should win the world cup. This is the main reason African teams does poorly at world cups despite developing talented players. The corrupt AFA regime does not deserves the success of a world cup title. Following Argentina NT is a waste of time, not worth the effort. I’m finally DONE with this JOKE a football federation and team.

    • Argentina failed to qualify for WC 1970.

      WC does not yet excist 100 years…

      Agree with most of other statements.

      • I know, it was just an overstatement. A this rate it seems like Argentina haven’t won a major football title in over 100 years..lol

    • As I said many times: You was not a Argentina fan but only fan (?) of one generation (Di Marias, Agueros, Higuains, Banegas, ROjos, ROmeros…). If they are done you are done. You fell like bankrupt person I understand. But you also must realize that just people like you (in AFA and everyehere) bring about and led Argentina NT to this pitiful moment. Yes, they led by blind adoration and protection of our burn out famous generation of players and all this stagnation in NT by years. So that’s why you must off-load your frustartion now before you left.

      “none of the players talk about here, especially the ”youngsters” are better than the other players from countries like Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. This is a FACT!”

      Oh, I always loved that kind of compelling arguments “this is FACT!”.

    • Bauza lost against Paraguay at home first time in history. I like Sabella but dont you remember We lost to Venezualea first time in history (Home & Away) under Sabella. Which is worse ?

      I read somewhere it was not fisrt time Argentina lost to Paraguay at home.

      • Argentina did not lost to Venezuela at home under Sabella. At the time Argentina lost away to Venezuela, Sabella had just took over management of a team that was in crisis mode.

  7. Maradona the greatest footballer of all time!
    A sad case of human being.
    A borderline terrible coach and expert on football matters.

    I don’t expect from Messi to win us a world cup. Winning it is very hard because it is once in 4 years and everything has to fall in place to win it.
    All you can do is your best and still lose.
    The problem is we are not doing our best.
    I don’t know if it’s true that Messi and mascherano intefere on who gets called or not. (my personal opinion they do)but the players must concentrate more on playing football than politics.
    Let the coach do his work and be professionals, that’s all I want.

    • EnganChe bro

      I see you also take matter of promotions some new players seriously;) I mean, your new picture with Lo Celso. It’s also my mission;) Hehe. My Ascacibar promotion job is done now cause he got enough popularity here. Lucas Janson is a harder task… heh

      • Yes sir, it’s about time we move forward, besides a classic Argentine enganche is almost extinct, the endangered species, so to speak, a player with vision, great through pass… a creator. Lo Celso is the last hope 🙂

  8. International fans often speak about Maradona openly,

    1) Maradona is an attention whore and incoherent.

    2) He is a pathetic old man living in fear if Lionel Messi will lift a Word Cup trophy and treats Messi inconsistently with those feeling.

    3) How dare Maradona say that he wants to coach Argentina national team again?

    If fans care about Maradona, they need to tell him “pipe down.”

  9. Oh common Deigo. You will wait until we are in the next tournament to say, this team dont have spirit, dont come back here without the cup.

    He has nearly turned like Pele, a chamelon.

    I saw a stat that Messi played 7 international tournaments for Argentina and have been to the finals on 5 of them.

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