BAUZA’S List of players


Hey guys!

It has been reported that these are some of the players that Edgardo BAUZA is looking at to change the look of the Argentine National Team.  BAUZA plans to listen to the fans and call up various new players for the next WCQ’s against Brazil and Colombia in November.  What do you guys think?  Who would you guys recommend from this list? Would you keep any current players?


Gerónimo Rulli (24):

Agustín Marchesín (28):

Marcelo Barovero (32):


Ezequiel Garay (30):

Federico Fazio (29):

Alejandro Donatti (29):

Víctor Cuesta (27):

Germán Pezzella (25):

Matías Caruzzo (32):

Federico Fernández (27):

Santiago García (28):

Julio Buffarini (28):

Alexis Soto (22):

José Luis Gómez (23):

Nicolás Tagliafico (24):

Cristian Ansaldi (30):


Roberto Pereyra (25):

Fernando Gago (30):

Ignacio Piatti (31):

Franco Cervi (22):

Franco Vázquez (27):

Lucas Ocampos (22):

Iván Marcone (28):

Santiago Ascacibar (19):

Sebastián Blanco (28):

Walter Montoya (23):

Giovani Lo Celso (20):

Leandro Paredes (22):

Fernando Belluschi (33):

Marcos Acuña (24):


Mauro Icardi (23):

Ezequiel Lavezzi (31):

Lautaro Acosta (28):

Cristian Pavón (20):

Carlos Tevez (32):

Jonathan Calleri (23):

Marco Ruben (29):

Hernán Barcos (32):

Ezequiel Cerutti (24):

Ramón Ábila (26):


  1. Unfortunately Bauza is not that kind of coaches who can discover a talent or to make a balanced formation depends on the players he has.
    the team problem since 4 years was the lack of playmaker, Bauza can win the WC if he implements a balanced way of play that can attack and defend in a proper way, and this issue can not be implemented without a strong midfielders.
    the classical 4-4-2 is futility.

    Zabaleta Otamendi Mori Mas
    Mascherano Paredes Banega
    Messi Dybala

  2. Lionel Messi has lost three games with the Argentina national team since the 2010 World Cup. Even with a coach that knows nothing about adjustments of formation.

  3. We are going circles here.
    We are not seeing the real problem.
    The real problem starts at the Afa where Mafiosos have taken over. They don’t care about winning all they care is making money.
    It is proven that in 2006 the AFA signed a contract with Renova a Russian company. Renova organized games for us around the world and made a list of players which should be called.
    If you dont remember I do!
    Which coach would work under such conditions?
    A yes man!
    They are mostly average coaches.
    Average coaches do average things.
    Some of the players know they are untouchable and do whatever they want.
    they use their status to make demands, they mostly demand inclusion of players(their friends) and exclusion of players(not their friends) or else!
    The coach ends up being a puppet.
    He signed up for this.
    They try to fit those untouchables in the formation and players end up playing out of position.
    As mentioned they are average coaches so they have average tactics.

    We discuss things like:
    – this formation is wrong.
    Which formation has worked for us?
    Why because we play players out of position. If implement a formation use the right personal for it and give them the right directions and it will work.
    We are not doing it.
    – Players in Europe are better than in Argentina or vice versa.
    We cant put ourselves in such category. Why limit ourselves?
    Why exclude good players not matter where they play?
    For me Tagliafico, Gomez, Peruzzi,Ascacibar are good enough to be tested.
    they are players we lack!
    It is primitive to go only local or international.
    For example if Tagliafico plays for the National team. He will be noticed by European clubs and bought like Mercado was.
    What now should we exclude if then because he would be an European player?
    – Young vs old
    I have said once if 2 players are the same level. I would alwyas go with the younger one.
    Because the older one is beaten up, he will regress and the younger one is hungrier and will develop.
    It’s not about young and old. It’s about the right mix.
    It’s about deserving players not age.
    Players must win a place in the team every time based on merit. Football reasons!

    It’s not easy like some people are saying!
    Just change the players, or the tactic, or coach.
    just get rid of favoritism and base your decisions on merit.

    • Yup,
      and just want to mention that 2 basal DMs of current winning game by game Brazil team are playing in Chinese league every day (Renato Augusto and Paulinho). So our coach must have broad prospect to pick up best players and not only most popular.

    • The question is, “do you trust a “yes man ” like Bauza to make talent decisions on who should be not only called up but whose place in the line up they should take?!!!!”

      • No!
        In the summer I went rage super saiyan mode writing long posts against his appointment.
        I don’t expect him stepping down.
        He won’t change willingly only by force I hope it isn’t too late and we qualify.
        I am really worried and scared.

    • If Acuna will play well against Rafaela and Bauza will not take him over Di Maria then I have no any trust in him more.

  4. this change nothing, infact will get worsen.
    if you see that list, there’s still names from 2014 squad or from sabella era.
    imagine if bauza call up gago, fede, lavezzi even hernan barcos for the reputation that they have been played in tough qualifiers before under sabella. this will be worst even.

    i bet ya bauza WILL NOT call up any new younger players at this point, especially the names we’re crying for here. i’m pretty sure he will get another experienced players. he’s just panic now because he have to face the big match of his life next against brazil. yeah, that’s a one tough match considering now brazil are a lot more better as a team gettin’ into the match without any pressure. while it will be the “do or die” match for argentina.

    IMO the team needs major overhaul.
    get rid the 2014 names, even mascherano should be cut off here.
    but i don’t think that would happened anytime soon.
    not under bauza.

  5. Bauza will be in dilemma.

    1: If he doesn’t change the team and lose both match against Brazil and Colombia hes OUT or everyone want him to be OUT because they will tell this team reached 3 finals under different mangers, now see 5 points in 5 matches and we are out(almost) of WC.

    2: If he changes the team and lost then many will come and say, he has killed a team which reached 3 finals in 2 years. But still here many will support him, actually he tried something to improve.

    Either way he wont be safe if he cant win next 2 matches or at least 4 points from next 2 matches. Bauza has guts to change? Or he will think the safest way to win is to use same team with Messi and try the luck ?

    Many players in Argentina team have the mentality of, “we are a super team we reached 3 fnals bla bla…” and they forget(try to hide the fact) how did it happened. Messi is the reason everyone knows..even they know this but still these idiots(players) will tell we are a super team. They want their place cemented there in NT. Thats why they repeat this.

    • But he is the only guilty in this situaition because he should have change some names befeore his first game yet. Now it’s more risky than before. Guilty by cowardice.

  6. What you guys are not understanding is no players new or old will thrive in bauza system! A new coach is needed not a bunch of new players!!!!!!!!!!
    There is a Misconnect between the midfield and forwards much like when Maradona was coach. Honestly we only need acouple fresh players, with bauza everyone is playing out of position and not even the coach knows what there are suppose to. BE doing!!! Biesla!!!!!!!

    • Change 2 DM tactics..and Remove Aguero from 23 we will be balanced. Aguero wants to play every match that hurts the system. Higuain is the first choice CF for every coach but Aguero cant sit out. When he plays and with 2 DM Argentina are out of shape. Icardi should be first choice CF and Higuain as sub.

      • Nominally 2 DMs is not the problem. Problem is what your DM’s can do on the pitch. Again look at Germany. They have still the same pair of DM – Kroos, Khedira. They are goalscoring DMs. Both scored in qualifiers within last week against North Ireland and Czech Republic. Khedira attacking as winger or AM is nothing strange in this team. Kroos shooting form penalty box line or with some running moments it’s also nothing special.

        WHile our defensive midfielders are not enough enagaged in attack. They never encroach some places, areas on the pitch. And this is even when they are good passers. Mascherano is good passer (sic), especially with his planar, sharp, acute passes what I saw in 2004 and I saw also in last game vs Paraguay (despite his losts). He still try to release good pass but that’s not work in typical tight, tough games against SOuth American teams. You need more movement because even acute passes are usually intercepting in games like last. Opponents defenders just waiting for the passes to intercept.

        Germany had also Kimmich. Impressive right back. He is 21 and somehow not too young. But Gomez is too young as 23 for Bauza. They are more young players not only on the bench.

        • I am not against 2 DM. As i mentioned below we dont have apporpriate players to play 2DM tactics. Thats why i told to change the tactics. We have many AM instead, we need to change the tactics and utilize that.

        • Kross and Khedira are central midfielders, not defensive midfielders. In fact Kross was an attacking midfielder before starting to play as a central midfielder.

          Both Biglia and Mascherano are defensive midfielders. If we are asking them to be central midfielders, then we are just not seeing the bigger picture.

          • This is pure nominalism. As whatever it’s name. The fact is Khedira and Kroos are playing exactly in the same place as pair Mascherano and Biglia so no matter about naming conventions. Both pairs had the same defensive tasks and duties but somehow Kroos and Khedira still can find a time, energy and abilities to score goals.

          • Could be. But in my opinion defensive midfielders are a little different than central midfielders. Not just in name but also in tetms of natural abilities.

  7. IMO when Bauza bring on Pratto against Paraguay there were much more movement. He just gives much more energy and running than both Aguero and Higuain at least. So kick out the two players but not necessary Pratto. He is at the same age as Aguero and higuain but has thirst and something to prove I think.

    his goal last night

  8. There’s a lot of interesting names that are no on the list: Enzo, Lanzini, Nacho Fernandez, Janson, Peruzzi, Perotti, Zelarayan, Vietto, Batalla, Driussi, Alejandro Gomez, Salvio, Gonzalo Martinez, Mammana, Barboza and so on.

  9. Have you guys heard about the hype today on argentine media that messi literally stopped the call up of icardi due to his affair with wanda? if this is true, (imho i think messi and his friends are more than capable of )he warrants outright critiscm frm the media…his action would just jeopardize his own international career as the whole world knows what icardi’s capable of

    • Let’s push Lionel Messi to retire from international football again. Then, we can solve all those problems in the Argentina National Football Team immediately.

      If Messi disappears from the squad, we can see Icardi paly in the 2018 FIFA World Cup and don’t need to feel annoyed by his friends.

      Many fans blame the NT coaches by saying that the headless coaches never learn from mistakes and never changes.

      I regret to inform you that problem is not only the AFA and coach but journalism and fans too. Everything looks clueless and senseless.

      So, what are you going to do? 😉

  10. I Bauza should call up some player from the list like;


    Midfielders & Defenders:
    3.Franco Vazquez
    4.Lenadro Parades
    5.Farnando Gago
    6.Lucas Ocampos


    These are the players i expect.With 4-2-3-1 formation Messi on the right winger lenardo parades as central attacking mid along side him lamela/lavezzi on the left wing and in the upfront Icardi will play as a number nine and his substitute will be Alario/Calleri.

  11. one thing i found interesting was kun in say some thing close to “i would not be surprised if im not picked for the next games” and di maria ” im not playing well for my club as well” its almost if both of these fools are asking the coach not to pick them-actually you 2 just stand down and make your selves not available at all, have the balls to ‘fall on your own sword” as you have both failed us for the last time.

  12. Messi might be available for the game against Brazil, but there is no way Bauza gets 3 points. Brazil will defeat Bauza and his retarded players. Against Colombia no more than 1 point if we really improve, and again we won’t win…..Bauza is zero comparing to Pekerman, simple and automatic.

    Now, this may distress you, but Argentina won’t qualify for Russia 2018 I’m afraid, call it reality shock or awaited reality. Things will change for the best after this disqualification. Messi and his buddies won’t win a world cup, and Argentina’s ranking will drop to 15 by the end of this year.

    If you think Bauza is ready for Russia, then your either too delusional or on some type of drugs.

  13. well my mood is no better at all but the list means nothing, zero ,zilch , narda unless mr useless bauza actually picks some of them and i have no idea if he will or wont as we saw his stupidly in the games vs peru and then repeated the same mistakes vs para.
    kun as no 10
    di maria 2 more games doing some thing close to nothing
    dybala on the right wing
    wrong subs and incorrect subs and all to late
    we are short of defenders why was mach not their at cb (as he is for barca every week) instead of demi
    refusal to change tactics despite the obvious and lots more grrrrr my head hurts

  14. I’m realistic!
    Mascherano, Aguero, Higuain, and Di maria will not go away from the team so I just hope they will be benched, especially the last 3.
    First of all, we need a vision to build a team with strategy and clear plan, playing style.
    We need Balance!
    Bringing players in and playing them out of position will end in a disaster, latest example dybala on the right wing. He has never played there, it’s not his position.
    the second step should be: making the squad younger and hungrier.
    Rulli, Garay, Tagliafico, Peruzzi, Gomez, Ascacibar, Paredes, Perreyra, Lanzini, Vazquez, Icardi.
    Play Mascherano in defense or not at all.
    Just changing players will not work.
    We need to improve both:
    Tactics(Balanced team play) and Player selection.

    • No way Diva maria will be benched, and either Higuaín or Aguro (not both will be benched)…..Diva is always there as a starter…..we understood Bauza’s predictable game plan.

  15. For me the most important thing is the coach must identify the problems and fix them. By showing a list like that just show that he is panic and don’t know what to do. I am afraid that he is thinking there is no problem with me and my tactics. it is all players’ mistakes.

    Bauza needs to fix the four back. There are many DMs and wings in the team but no one playmaker.

  16. I doubt he would go for a total overhaul since he won’t have time to work with a completely new team and we risk getting hammered in Brazil. Having said that, I think we most certainly need to dispose of Di Maria, Aguero,Higuain, Rojo, Demichelis, maybe even Mercado. Bring Tagliafico, Gomez(Buffarini), Rulli, Icardi, Pereyra (or Lanzini, or Vazquez). I’d like to see Ascacibar and Lo Celso slowly getting some time too even though both are still very young. If Garay is fully fit and recovers from his injury he should start with Otamendi and Funes Mori on the bench.

  17. Bauza has to becareful here… the team didnt need a major overhaul just an insertion of youth & talent to take golden age over the top… certain players should be moved on from like Demichelis & Zabaleta & look to replace Romero Rojo Fide Biglia in strting lineup though i think they can be on 23… biggest mistake made by Sabella & Tata made was not having subs for injury, fatigue or card accumulation… not only ur best to the 23 but ur healthiest… i agree with Menotti as in so far team has no vision no set task goals just go & play & u can see it in Bauzas player choice for 11 & subs which have been porous thus far… Bauza has to choose players like what he wants with Alerio for future and also help now… Pratto and Pipa no pinta nada junto on the 23… id rather go with Icardi on list to groom for future players like Correa, Dybala, Rulli if 3rd goalie is taken, Lanzini have to be on 23… guys Vazquez, Piatti, Pereya,Paredes, Lo Celso (hes young but to see if ready to contribute) have to be given a chance on 23… the mid has been an issue for years & its time to solve it… also need to take 6-8 defenders who can play & are healthy, How do u leave Garay off the 23

  18. No Lanzini, E.Perez, Perotti in the list? But Tevez, Gago, Demichelis are still there! Btw, I don’t know if Bauza will really change the faces of Argentina against Brazil/Colombia, but here is the team I want to see.




    Pereyra____Ascaciber/Mascherano ____Parades

    Messi _______________Icardi______________Dybala

    Subs: Mercado, Vasquez, F.Fernandez, Banega, Alario, Gaitan, Correa

    Or classic 4-4-2




    __________Messi_______Icardi/Dybala ___________

    Subs:Pereira/Ascaciber/FF/Gomez/Alario/ Lavezzi/Abila

    If Perez available, I will always put him in the squad.

  19. Gago, Tevez, Barcos? Please no….

    Gomez/Buffarini Garay Otamendi Tagliafico

  20. From your list, i am happy to see any of the below players. Where is Lanzini ?


    Gerónimo Rulli (24):


    Ezequiel Garay (30): Nicolás Tagliafico (24): Cristian Ansaldi (30):


    Roberto Pereyra (25): Franco Vázquez (27):Santiago Ascacibar (19):Giovani Lo Celso (20): Leandro Paredes (22): Marcos Acuña (24):


    Mauro Icardi (23): Ezequiel Lavezzi (31):

  21. A good list of 23 players could easily be formed from this 60 list and what we have in our current roster.

    GK: Rulli, Romero, Borevero

    Defenders: Otamendi, Garay, Musaccio, Funes Mori, Jose Luiz Gomez, Tagliafico, Christian Ansaldi, Buffarini.

    Midfielders: Mascherano, Pereyra, Vazquez, Banega, Paredes, Lamela

    Forwards: Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Higuain, Aguero, Correa

    4-3-1-2 :
    Gomez Otamendi Garay Tagliafico

    4-4-2 :
    Gomez Otamendi Garay Tagliafico
    Lamela Paredes Mascherano Pereyra

    But Not gonna happen ever.

  22. Such virtual lists nothing are changing. Moreover I do not understand what for to make such lists and limit list of possible call ups. A player from the list who is in form today may be out of form tomorrow.


    Watch out guys Ascacibar is rated as one of the 6 best teenagers right now in the world rated with the likes of Gabrael Jesus and Dembele.

    Can’t wait him and Peryera pairing to run the midfield unlike the likes of Biglia Krane Gaitan Lamela Corea or even old Mascerano making it look immovable at all.

    Mr. Talk,Bauza, funs are ready to see whether you really have the balls of Bielisa to change the team for youth integration. Maschie was as young as Ascacibar may be a year older bench warmer,though.

    Ascacibar Peryera Vazquez Tagliafico Gomez Dybala and Lavezzi can do way much better than the existing slow,Robot, motionless and immovable cold hearted mentally weak players runing the team.

    • Masche was at the same age (19) as Ascaciber when debuted in NT under Bielsa. And he was starter at the age. Straight form River reserves to NT (he debuted in NT few weeks before his debut in River A team). It talks a lot about Bielsa’s courage.

      • Machie was bench warmer in his club,Liver i.e. what am talking too. Needless to be more correct on what is right and ve said it may be a year older..

  24. He is gonna select the same guys again no matter what. He knows Messi will be there in the next match, so no worries. This coach is just a con, who knows really well how to deal with the media.

    For starters, he needs to get rid of the two following ideas


    Football does not works that way. You can’t expect to have a fluent midfield by playing a four men central defense with two static defensive midfielders. You are a stupid moron if you think that. This is not 1980, football has changed a lot. Teams now press you, they don’t just pack the D box with nine men.

    We need to have a dynamic midfield where players have the capability of holding the ball under pressure and pass the ball forward to a teammate. That’s what a midfielder is. In life everyone have to have a particular skill. Like if you are a striker, you must know how to score goals. If you are a midfielder, then you need to know hoy to hold the ball and pass the ball while under pressure from one or two opponents. A midfielders job is not to sit in the middle for breaking up play and pass the ball sideways, that was the job of Liberos in the 80s and 90s. Similarly, a winger’s job is not to put his head down and run. He has to have some creative outputs such good crossing or scoring abilities.

    These are some of the basic problems we have at this moment. We play without natural wingers, and whatever natural winger we have, is a mentally retarded moron who cant pass one player but tries passing four at a time. Moreover, we don’t play with real fullbacks and real midfielders. We just put 11 names on the pitch, thats all.

  25. The list contains most of the players we wished were selected plus some shitty ones(teves,gago etc).
    Gomez. Garay. Oto. Tagliafico.

    Masche. Pereyra.

    Messi. Vazquez.

    Icardi. Dybala.

  26. Rulli-for Any of 3

    Garay and Fazio- for Demichles and Mori

    Soto and Tagliafico- for Rojo and Mas

    Gomez and Ansaldi-for Zaba and Rocanglia

    Peryera and Vazquez-for Aguero and Lamela/Gaitan/Pratto

    Ascacibar -for Biglia/Kranevitt

    Lavezzi for Lamela/Gaitan

    Icardi-for Pratto

    Two of the 5 forwards shall go for the inclusion of 2 more midfields preferably Aguero and Alario or pratto for the sake of Peryera and Vazquez.

  27. Bauza now is forcing to do something asap he could been done gradually . I’m kind of afraid about his next decision he is going to make because it seems that he is getting confused with some names mentioned on the list who don’t deserve to be there such as: Gago, Tevez,Belluschi, Acsota,Pavon, Calleri,Barcos, Ruben etc…
    I would monitor
    GK.: Rulli,Maschetin

    Def. : Garay,Cuesta,Soto,Gomez,
    Ansaldi,Buffarini, Tagliafico

    Midf. :Paredes, Vasquez, Ascacibar,Cervi,Piatti,Pereyra , lavezzi

    Forward: Icardi

    The forward line( #9)should be in order:
    Icardi, Higuain, Pratto,and Alario as a back up plan.

  28. he needs to make quite a few changes.. if not a whole lot!!

    Romero-> should be benched .. his favorite position!! a good back up keeper
    Rojo->should be shown the door– not good enough to be on the bench also… could cost us a match if brought in as a sub.. like gago cost us the WC final..
    Funes Mori-> average defender.. nothing special… could be a back up .. could be..
    Zaba->a sub .. but i dont think he will last till 2018
    Masch-> downfall has started.. could still be very useful as a backup
    Mercado-> can only be a backup.. very defensive!! we need attacking fullbacks!!
    Aguero and Dimaria-> has to be dropped or they should voluntarily take time off
    Higuain-> a sub …
    Banega-> very average CM.. very inconsistent.. would be a blunder to count on him… a sub may be.. may be

  29. We all know the biggest problem for Argentina is ‘no midfield’. We have top midfielders still cant play as a unit mainly because we use Two static DM in the line up. This doesn’t suit our team. It unbalance and divide our team as two unit.

    We can categorize our Midfielders as below;

    DM: Mascherano-Biglia-Kranevitter-Parades-Yacob etc

    We have Mascherano, hes playing as CB, hes nearing to retirement. Biglia good but slow. Kranevitter and Paredes still not ready. So how can we use 2 DM in the lineup ? We have only 4 players and none of them are suitable for one DM position for Argentina NT. We can pick one and one as sub based on who is in form. Yacob is not an option.

    CM:Perez-Agusto-Pizarro etc

    None of them are wold class. They are not bad either. Just OK. If the lineup needs one we can use one of them.

    AM: Pereyra-Perotti-Lanzini-Lamela-Piatti-Gaitan-Dimaria-Ocampos etc.

    This is where we have plenty of talents. We have to utilize that. Almost all got excellent speed as well.

    CAM:Banega–Vazquez-Pastore-Depaul-Lo Ceslso etc

    For me they are not great in defense or offense. But they are good to balance a team. Some are slow, some are defensively weak, some not ready. We can use one of them if needed.

    While going through these, what i think is that, instead of 4-2-3-1, the best suitable formation for Argentina right now is 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-2-1 depending up on the situation to utilize our strength in the attacking department without compromising on defense. We can do that.



    All 3 AM should be fast and good in defense too. We have enough players in this category. They may not be great defensively but they can do their task and all have good stamina. This lineup is best as it is not depend up on any player. If somebody injured we will have enough players to replace them.




    Here Dybala and Messi can drop deep and give balance when need. We have to use this only when Messi and Dybala is inform and fit. If one of Dybala or Messi not available we have to use CAM instead of a forward and shift to 4-3-1-2 as below.



    I think this will resolve our midfield issue. Now we need to worry only about LB/RB positions. I think we dont have enough players there to try.

  30. I’m confused, I thought this character was a master tactician and we would never feel how we felt when Tata was running the team and then the last 4 games happened.

    Messi or no Messi, this team should have won and won easy against Paraguay at freaking HOME, beat Venezuela and Peru without any serious issues.

    This is not a player selection issue.

    ….and while this is going on, El Diego is back fighting and cussing and and

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