Rumor of BAUZA stepping down, SAMPAOLI taking over


A rumor that’s been swirling around the media since Friday and one that would surely make many Argentina fans happy.

There’s a rumor making rounds that in December, Edgardo BAUZA will step down as Argentina National Team coach. The new coach? Well, according to the rumor, it would be Sevilla’s Jorge SAMPAOLI.

I can’t seem to find the original source of the rumor but it’s something which has been reported even in some media outlets in Argentina. The only way I can see this whole thing happening is if the AFA Have a secret agreement going on with Sevilla and SAMPAOLI which would allow him to take over. Other than that, I can’t see how this would happen.


  1. Simeone is proven with number of games in La Liga..but by no means trying to take credit out of Sampaoli, we will have to see the consistency of Sampoali..but the need of hour is Bielsa to tackle the big names in NT and AFA.

  2. Paredes scores for Roma today. Guess he is integrating well eventually;eventhough he has already had an acount of his own with Roma way before he got loaned to Empoli.

    • At Emploi Paredes got the opportunity and he utilized that. Now hes establishing into the Roma squad. Meanwhile Jose Mauri performing well in Empoli now.

  3. This headline is wishful thinking but no beyond wild dream especially with missing out on qualification becoming a danger, desperate times bring desperate measures.
    For me, it’s not too late to kick Bauza out for me. If coach likes to talk then he better be able to back it up with performances. He is romancing with big name players instead of being like General demanding guts and self-sacrifice from his troops.

    It’s not too late for world class trainers to fix things when they have the resources. All that matters is how prepared is the team going into the WC. 2002 World Championshad problems in WCQs and changed coaches 2 times during the qualifiers but went to the Japan /Korea as an unknown quantity.

  4. Even pratto seems team player not higuain… He feared in the finals… And messi will do the job… And sampoli is the best option…. Sari made higuain better than who not sampoli make Aguero icardi dybala and messi to be a better…

  5. He is not overrated… And we need to support messi… With ball passing centre back like mussachio garey otamendi.. And mache because… He never fit dm… His side way pass or back pass… And he wanted ball all the time… And important places Lb and Rb we need pacy players not sit and pass the ball like rojo… And dm like hard working aggression players like Perez Augusto midfielder like forward thinking and ball control Vazquez Correa lanzini padtore banega… Not selfish di Maria.. He never going to be a team player… And forward like icardi dybala..

  6. He is the solution to Argentina…and lovely attacking play…. And old starts not fit to his style… And I’m bug fan of messi… And I’m big fan of fan ganzolo… He is honest… Messi can’t win the world cup on his own… He needs a. Team…

  7. In a game of tactics Sampaoli clearly outshine Simeone. Sampaoli is a coach very competitive, very difficult to defeat. This match shows we want Sampaoli not Simeone. If Sampaoli can make wonder with Chile and make this low profile Sevilla better, it is sure he can make Argentina great.

  8. A. Correa on the right wing is totaly out of position, idiot Simeone finally start to play with him, but where, man ? And now Simeone conclude that he’s not good enough in the starting 11.. However overrated Carrasco got the opportunity again, again and again on his natural position. And now the belgian scored some goals and Simeone described him as a world beater, LOL. Nonsense…

  9. I was just searching in internet to find out, is there anybody in our worlds best NT who has sure spot in their club starting x1…apart from Messi and Dybala. What a shame. There are players who play regularly but never get call up. What a shame.

    These players keep on telling we reached three final…we deserved better etc. only reached finals because of Messi. Agree the fact and go away from the team or kick them out. We need players who plays regularly and should be used in their own position.

  10. Simoene has recently started to deploy A. Corea as a right wing and that looks a permanent intention of the coach-this time ahead of Saul and Gaitan. In his recent interview he mentioned forward is a function that Corea should put behind for this season.

    If Simoene manages to effectively turn Corea in to right wing; Corea will have no one to compete in the NT for that role. I personally consider the move smart,even smarter than deploying Dybala to left wing.wing suits more to A. Corea next to Lavezzi(who also used to be considered forward than wing exactly like Corea).

    He is there in today’s game as a starter.

  11. Future Argentina National Team

    Emiliano Martinez

    Victor Salazar Alexander Barboza Funes Mori Alexis Soto

    Ivan Rossi Guido Pizzaro

    Messi Franco Vasquez Giovanni Locelso


  12. Mamoun,

    Piatti for me is most interesting option than Perotti or Acuna in Di Maria place. Still not old. One of those unfulfilled World Champions U-20. He s weakness was mentality but now with age looks to be more resistant,

    • Ignazio Piatti is more interesting imo, one of the 5 best attacking players in MLS (Piatti, Giovinco, Kljestan, Villa, Mauro Diaz). Complete player(but old) he and Mauro Diaz are on a different level than american players. Diego Valeri great too there, not the strongest league, but phisically strong and quick. Playoffs will be interesting, Eurosport broadcasts the matches here in Middle Europe.

      • That is right. I like both Ignacio Piatti and Mauro Diaz. Some time ago I was writing here about Diaz. Both pleasure to watch.

  13. Actually all time the Argentina team depends on Messi. they assumes Messi will score but now the new era of football we have to remember that now the football is team game.despite of new era of football Messi as a god can change the game last we should remember, messi is human.

  14. All the team needs is a coach that can see how we have a dead midfield and full backs. It is ridiclous to rely on Maschie Biglia/Krane combo when you have aggressive and inteligent players warming the bench or are ignored at all for the call. Pizarro Perez,Paredes and Peryera could have contributed much in builiding solid mid-strong enough to protect center backs and assist the upfronts-mainly Leo,Dybala and Higuien.

    Paredes is steping to fill a huge responsblity left by Pjanic and Derossi at times. He is without any doubt one of the talents-some pundits labeled him as unfinished mid reminecent with the likes of Gundugan. Peryera has his own plus so did Perez and Augusto. Use them all, am sure they couldn’t do the level of harm that the current dead midfield is causing to the team.

    • to me, as long as mascherano in command of the midfield, there’s no way paredes, kranevitter, pereyra, enzo perez, pizarro, perotti, claudio yacob, piatti and others will be there.
      the midfield problem is not because we have no talents or the coach won’t call them up or fix them, but because mascherano is there and never seems to quit his position to someone better or younger.
      will bauza sacrifice mascherano and put enzo perez in place of him alongside pereyra and perotti for example???

      i don’t think so…

      and what about the trio of
      never happened, that’s right.

      mascherano job is done, he should quite after 2014 final (which he was at his best)

      • Nothing is wrong with Maschie. He can stay in the team if he doesn’t want yo retire but shall compete with the players who are regularly playing as a geniuene midfield for their respective clubs,unlike him,who btw is also losing his switched role to Ummitti.

        Legends spearhead their team. Unfortunately the Dinasours of Argie pritorise their interest.It was shoking when Veron made it to the 2010 WC,despite he was having great time with estudrntes, at the expense of Cambiaso,Requelme and Banega. Despite his inconsistency Banega is/was the only legit mid after Requelene era and is yet to wear the Jersy in WC. Same course of events are likely to hapen to the exiating midfield talents. None of them will get a chance till Maschie, Biglia/Gago retires. Maxi Rodregez retires with honour as his retirement has paved a path of test to multiple right wings like Lavezzi,Gaitan and Lamela which the latter turn out to be useless todate.

  15. Sampaoli is an offensive coach, very aggressive and high pressure like bielsa. Simeone would be the same if given a team like Argentina … we must attack with two CAM … this will help Messi find room

  16. Anybody is better than the dinosaur we have as coach now, imagine still taking Demichelis after the last match. The only reason i can make out is that Demi must be lending his arse to all the corrupt officials in the AFA and to our coach

  17. Sampaoli is overrated. He is just a decent manager not world class. Bring back Bielsa. He and the current crop of players are a great fit. Unfortunately, he already refused to coach Argentina. I guess AFA imposed some control that he didn’t like.

  18. what’s going on with enzo perez at the end of the match vs barca??? did he have an argument with messi and mascherano??? i wish he tell mashe to fuck off from NT forever haha
    enzo perez vs mascherano

  19. sampaoli and simeone are two coaches i don’t want to see managing argentina anytime soon.
    pep seems to be bored at city, why not him? or yes, BIELSA.

  20. If not luck..i am with everyone,only Bielsa can steady the ship..not worried about people complaining that Arg did not win World Cup when Bielsa was in charge..this time we have Messi and Dybala..those are definitely a difference..

  21. To read mundo i’m getting frustrated every day.why all of you insult buaza???against venezuela argentina were backfoot concede 2 goals and it was 2-2.against peru argentina leading 2-1 and then masherano’s massive back that buaza’s fault???against paraguay aguero missed penalty,hig missed clear that buaza’s fault???actually all argentine suffering from psychological problem and it’s solution is a major trophy.argentina’s no problem in coach,player.only problem is luck,luck is not favour albiceleste.there is no logic that argentina not winning a single major since 1993……..

    • FACT. Main issues are players not coach. But we are not seeing real Bauza at NT. Hes a puppet there. No guts to change the players. First time hes managing top players.

  22. Too late for any change unless some one is on drug. The disastour was clear in the aftermath of Venzuella game and have said it worst era even drastically than Maradona and Baptista was aparent. Clueless and stubburn son of what ever…worst insult you may have.

  23. Personally, i can’t be happy watching my favourite team changing managers like t-shirts. The point is to try to find a coach who will stay for a long time to build a team instead of changing coaches all the time and return to the beginning every time.

    Meanwhile, Dybala was subbed off due to injury. I can’t believe the injury thing which goes on and on with Argentina. I am so pissed!

  24. Roy, maybe the AFA realises they have to fire Bauza if we end up with 1 or 0 points after the november games. This won’t make Bauza feel comfortable, but Fifa no 1 missing out on the Fifa wc requires drastic measures. AFA is looking forward for once?

  25. Bauza>Sampaoli. Bauza won 2 CL with two different teams and his track record in knock out stages phenonemal. Sampaoli won copa for chile due to luck plus lack of TATA’s plan B and title draught of argentina by the help of penalty, same team kicked by brazil in penalty shootout in round of 16.

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