Paulo DYBALA injured, possible replacement


Paulo DYBALA has picked up an injury and is a doubt for Argentina.

Paulo DYBALA has picked up yet another injury while playing for Juventus. The injury was initially feared to be a tear but it has since been reported that it is not. DYBALA is expected to be out for 2 weeks and is a doubt for next month’s World Cup Qualifying.

There are rumors that Fernando BELLUSCHI could be called as a replacement.


  1. If you want know why Argentina won 1978 wc listen Menotti speaks…U have to be able to see team’s problem,to make them win a wc.

    “Our national team has huge difficulties when there’s no Messi, there is no Plan B or any kind of idea,” Menotti told Radio MARCA.

    “Argentina have become set in their ways of playing two defensive midfielders that end up running 20 yards with the ball, it’s a vulgar team that can only be saved with the presence of Messi.

    “If it stays like this, we must change the coach [Edgardo Bauza] and the tactics, or we will have many more difficulties if Messi is missing.”

    • Well..this is what we have been discussing day in – day out in Mundo..i think we are better coaches than Bauza on paper..

      There is already lot of pressure on Bauza and Mascherano..both of them talk very well and do not deliver..

      • Bitter truth! Inefficiency in developing plan B is especially the worst nightmare of the team. How can the team struggle this much?

        Even for plan A;i seriously doubt if there is any sane person who still thinks the team is developed to maximize messi’s briliance. Employing two immovable midfields and full backs-practically 6 centerbacks is meant to abuse Messi and recently Dybala’s talent-as both are compelled to play out of their position even Aguero is the latest victim.

        I never have seen as clueless coach as Mr. Talk.

    • Guys,I’m new the log.I’m here to lend my support to our awesome team.
      Looking at some worldcup and copa highlights it is very evident me need a lavezzi type player who can create space and work hard on the wings, both offensively and defensively. I think Angel Correa can be the fit but he need to work hard and improve.Two left sided wingers/forwards doesn’t make sense, they both need to cut in and shoot similar to MSN
      If Di Maria plays he should go back to his position in midfield.
      possible lineup –

      DI Maria Masche Enzo Correa

      Mas Funes Mori Otamendi Mercado

      We need wingbacks asap

    • Ghostdeini, I thought a liitle bit about our last topic and then I was enlighten: it’s impossible that I prefer players running a lot (even if they are not so intelligent) If it was true – Di Maria must be my favourite player;) LOL While he is my ‘bête blanche’ if not bête noire for some time.

      Sorry for that ‘L’esprit de l’escalier’

      • Gonzalo,
        we had a great debate, sometimes it got personal, maybe we often misunderstood each other.
        Real men should be able to disagree with each other and patch it up. In the end I must say I understand your point about midfielders and that is why I want Lanzini and Perreyra to start, but we can’t have every player be the same, the right mix is necessary.
        As far as Paredes goes, I think he is not the worst thing to happen to Argentina so that you must write essay about him, He is a nice option and has potential that you weren’t able to see yet, I don’t care if he starts or not, I just wish him the best.
        I have noticed that when he is partnered with De rossi he is better.
        ————de rossi———–Paredes————–

        and less so when he is the sole one in fron of the defense.

        which I think is an argument that he more suited to play centrally and not defensive midfielder.

        • I have said about him enough and even too much. My point of view. The reality will verificate or falsificate my view. I do agree he is not worst thing to happen to Argentina;) Certainly not. Maybe I started from wrong end. Indstead talkin about his weakness as if he was worst player of the world I should say: I think we have better. Finally it’s my general thought. Or just we need other kind of player in central midfield. Time will tell. Maybe yes maybe not.
          I also thought that pair Ascacibar- Paredes will be perfect because they are different and both will supplement each other. Now I think rather we should take most universal/versatile/many-sided players even if they are not perfect in any element of football art. It’s just my current idea of midfield. It’s still in evolution;) But I must to admit it’s difficult resist the temptation of give trial for duo Paredes-Ascacibar. Although at the moment more interesting idea for me is: one DM with two box-to-box around.

          • “we had a great debate, sometimes it got personal, maybe we often misunderstood each other”.

            Best advice here is forget the animosity as soon as possible and conducting business as usual. Other way posting here will become unbearable.

            No problem. According to my calculations some quarrel with you was unavoidable because you was the last person here with which I was not squabbled;) LOL

    • This is the fear that everyone in the dressing room has, if Bielsa comes in..he would revamp the entire team and it doesn’t matter if it is Messi as well..

        • Bielsa may be couragous enough to revamp but all what he can do is to disgrace the team like in 2002. I still believe Menotti has a point and buolding your team around the best player ever is not an abomination at all,saving the plan B ofcourse.

          • Bielsa can do great teams. COpa America 2004, Olimpic Games 2004. If you didn’t saw, plaese do not talk.

            Don’t judge a man after his blunders but if he is able to emerge after disaster.
            Easy to say: saving plan B. Besides I have impression that we had teams around Messi already. Few times.

        • Gonzalo. Watching 2004 copa is the least that any Argie fun can do. Am sure everyone has seen that. It was one of the copas that was full of B team players especially Brazil beat us easily with out any of their superstars back then. Don’t hype that. It is hard to forget a pain and lose like 2002 and offseting that was hard for him despite his olympic sucess.

          And as far as i can tell none of the teams are built to maximize Messi’s role as they should. The matches played after the group round matches of WC 2014 are examples to confirm how Messi existence won’t matter at all and we have seen all the price for that.

          Still you are allowed to talk as no one is going to dictate you not to express what you feel at all,though i would care less to respond with your pre judgmental attitude.

          • “Brazil beat us easily with out any of their superstars back then”.

            If I remember rightly? Brazil beat us easily? Probably you even don’t know which Copa tournament is talking about. Brazil beat us easily in 2007, not 2004. In 2004 Argentina lost in penalty kicks. But Argentina was the better team. Just watch. Brazil team was B but not the rest teams.
            So what to say about las Copas. Argentina rivals of last 2 Copa were more weakened. Brazil actually didn’t existed. Uruguay without Suarez. Mexico with B team, easy path to final…And they still couldn’t win. The team a lot of games was rather not convincing.
            That Argentina 2004 it was team of young, unexperienced players playing tournament for the first tima together so That was feat. And the team was playing really good.

            If you think Argentina still didn’t won a tournament because the team was not enough concentrated about Messi OK it’s your opinion but I must to say it’s rather aberrant because it seems opposite is true. No one want to resign with Messi but as it was many times said MEssi should be cheer on the cake and not all the cake.

            In fact there’s no Plan B without team which can winning witout Messi (just in case his injury).

        • Any thing you say would never make that loser a man. And to my knowladge this is beyond the tips of Iceberg. It is the whole picture of that stuburn loser and nothing can twist the matter-even if one can committ a red herring fallacies to make him look good-ad hominium and slippery slope being the noticable one’s ftom my observation on your points.

          • If you have not any arguments just leave the theme.

            THe Bielsa job was just starting work when he left. We need Coach for years like Germany. Not to first lost.

  2. Messi and Higuein/Pratto would be enough to lead the front. The rest of the field shall be full of mid players. As he promised 4-4-2 will practically make the team 4-5-1/4-4-1-1 with Messi’s inevitable deployment to the mid ;Brazilian mid will have little space to run the field. Counter attacking is the likely option for us.

    Mercado/Buffarani Ota Mori Mas

    Perez Maschie Banega Gaitan



  3. For at least 18 months I have been looking forward to see Messi and Dybala play together. Due to injuries and dumb selection choices (Copa 2016) they have only played 45 minutes together. And again an opportunity goes by.

    We have to wait until March 2017.

    It feels like a curse.

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