Poll: Which midfielder would you like to have back?


One of Argentina’s biggest problems of recent years is the lack of playmakers on the team.

The entire playmaking responsibility has fallen to Lionel MESSI (with at times even Javier MASCHERANO trying to pull the strings). This hasn’t helped Argentina much but for a while, Argentina had a surplus of playmakers to choose from. Out of the following, which would you (hypothetically) like to see on the team during their prime?

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  1. We keep going back to the 80s and 90s, let’s look forward than back. No point in basking in the glory. We require new playmakers, so let’s talk about that

  2. Madrid wants Pochettino


    About the topic, we had such a golden generation of midfielders: Aimar, Requelme, Almeyda, Redondo, Veron, Gallardo, Ortega, Simeone, Luis Gonzalez, Mascherano,… I can’t believe we didn’t win anything :(( Anyway, Argentina never lack of talent. If Bielsa is back, you’ll see great midfielders coming out. I don’t understand Bauza, he looks like Maradona in disguise.

  3. Just wondering, why is this a list of only players from the late 90’s and early 2000’s? Where are the likes of Ardiles,Bertoni,Bochini,Monti and so many more?

  4. i would like to have Redondo,world class midfielder and difference maker not like the ones we have today,just average,but any of roman seba and aimar would be needed badly

  5. Past is past I will love to see paredes and ascaber…we need young blood at midfield….l tell it before and talking it again Mascarano is one of the worst central midfield one the world but he must be one of the best central defender in the world…

  6. * Our problem is not only attacking midfield but also defensive midfield.
    * We need players like Lucho Gonzalez or Redondo or Sorin ( when he plays the holding role )to join Mascherano in defensive midfield.
    * If we had a player like Modric or Kroos or worst case Fernandinho, Messi would have won everything with our national team.
    * Reality is we got good players in all the positions. But those names are never cared by our great coaches. Lanzini can be moulded to some extent to the likes of Modric, but he may get his debut like Belluschi ( think he played during sometime before for our team ) by 33.
    * Now feel Saviola is one of the unsung heroes. Even though a forward, he worked really hard for the team in midfield. He tracked back a lot to get the passes and give free space to Crespo and always involved in our build up to the goal. Even though Pratto works like Saviola, unfortunately he lacks the vision n execution of Saviola. Dybala must play the role of Pratto with either Aguero or Higuain as lone forward.

    * Personal favourite is Ortega n Aimar. Ortega changed my passion of our team to addiction. But the situation is not the same compared to his times. Pressing has dominated. He don’t have the patience n stamina to help both offensively n defensively. But his creativity is unmatched. But the biggest problem we know is his temperment.
    * Yeah we need Veron at the moment. Huh.. a great pass from Veron, Batistuta makes a nice turn to left n hit a beautiful shot with left foot but unfortunately hit the post. Just minutes later Ortega out Berkgamp with wonder goal. Life sucks. We are cursed ever..

  7. Aimar is what Messi is missing in the NT, But the team needs a Veron type right now. Brujita covered a lot of ground and he had same long pass of Riquelme. We need soldiers who can press and carry the ball. Veron could turn defensive situations into offense in seconds by picking up a player with a 40 yard pass or start a counterattack by drive by himself. Something that lacks in the team today. Look at Banega in the last match. On 3 occasions he had the ball alone with acres of space to exploit but still he couldn’t even advance with the ball at his feet. By his third touch he was dispossessed easily. We need midfielders who can bring ball to the attackers swiftly not stationary passer who give Messi double duties.

    • “On 3 occasions he had the ball alone with acres of space to exploit but still he couldn’t even advance with the ball at his feet”.

      good observation

  8. Riquelme is not dynamic enough for what we need now. We dont need his free kicks with Messi in the team. Aimar offers everything Riquelme did in midfield (minus scoring free kicks) but adds constant running, which is what we need and what Messi needs.

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