Juan RIQUELME: “Let’s hope MESSI doesn’t get injured.”


Juan Roman RIQUELME spoke about Lionel MESSI, the National Team, his time with Argentina and more.

Speaking in the media, RIQUELME commented on how important Lionel MESSI is to the National Team. He also mentioned that he would have liked to have played a match alongside someone with Argentina, comments on the 2006, 2007 and 2010 tournaments. Here’s what he had to say:

“Let’s hope MESSI doesn’t get injured. Because if he does, any team can beat Argentina. We have the best player in the world, it’s logical that when MESSI plays, we’re a strong team and when not, we’re normal. I said that the day he gets injured, we go to being a normal team and they said I said that in a bad way. When he gets injured and we don’t get points, we beg him to come back.”

“It’s always him, we have faith in him. He’s unique. He’s gotten to several finals which is not easy to do. hopefully he does well against Brazil and Colombia. Hopefully we don’t suffer in the qualifiers. We’re still dreaming to see if MESSI can gift us the World Cup.”

“The group in the National Team has been there for a long time… And now’s a good opportunity against Brazil to win and gain confidence. But we will suffer there too because NEYMAR in 90 minutes will do something, just like MESSI.”

“I’d have liked to have played a match alongside REDONDO… Unfortunately, I was unlucky.”

“Argentina has to play at La Bombonera, here, we would qualify.”

“I wanted to win something with the National Team but I think I did well, I ended up winning at the Olympics. I really thought we would win the 2007 Copa America. I believe we played well at the 2006 World Cup, we got eliminated without losing.”

About the 2010 World Cup:
“I wasn’t on the same page as the coach at the time (Diego MARADONA) and I ended up watching the World Cup on television. I did what I had to do and I missed out on one World Cup (2010) but I grew up believing in something and I wasn’t going to go against that. I think those things were clear (with MARADONA).”


  1. I don’t know why Leandro Paredes had not been even considered … They try Kranevitter I don’t think that he deserves to be there.

  2. One great help messi has done to the nt managers is that he helped them go ahead with the crappy team selection and saved them from the burden of building up a team. We were never a team in 2010wc, 2011 copa, 2014 wc, 2015,16 copas. Why the following players are still clinging to the nt?
    1 maria
    2 higuain
    3 agueri
    4 lavezzi
    5 rojo
    We can also add biglia and romero to this list.
    These players have not proven anything great with the nt. Ofcourse they had their moments. But they dont deserve to be in the nt again.

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