Sergio AGUERO, Lucas PRATTO, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, more score


It was goals galore on Saturday with the scoring coming from England all the way to Brazil.

Sergio AGUERO scored twice for Manchester City in their 4-0 win against West Brom.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN scored against his old club Napoli in Juventus’ 2-1 win.

Luciano VIETTO scored for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw against Sporting Gijon.

Santiago GARCIA scored for Werder Bremen in their 3-1 loss to Freiburg.

In Portugal, both Eduardo SALVIO and Franco CERVI scored for Benfica in a 3-0 win against Pacos de Ferreira.

In Brazil, Lucas PRATTO scored for Atletico Mineiro in their 2-2 draw against Flamengo.

Sergio AGUERO’s goals:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s goal:

Luciano VIETTO’s goal:

Santiago GARCIA’s goal:

Eduardo SALVIO and Franco CERVI’s goals:

Lucas PRATTO’s goal:



    “I could never ask him to do,what Luis Suarez do” pep on Aguero,though he intends to improve him more.

    Ironically Bauza has even tried to deploye him as midfield player,though it is well known that he is not even good enough to do the hard work of forwards like suarez’s. This is what exactly ridicluing our current best forwards. No formation to suit them,but only a formation/strategy that makes it hard for Aguero/Higuein to replicate their club form. Even Sabella made that gross mistake when he subs Aguero for Lavezzi in 2014 WC final.

    None of the current forwards could be effective unless acompanied with hard working mids or atleast one plus right wing turned forward like Lavezzi. If not, Messi shall be used as false 9 surrounded by hard working/simulated forwards like Pratto,Dybala and Perotti.

    • Aslam,

      1. Santiago Ascacibar (Estudiantes)
      2. Alexander Barboza (Defensa)
      3. Gonzalo Martinez (River)
      4. Jose Luis Gomez (Lanus)
      5. Augusto Batalla (River)
      6. Ezequiel Barco (independiente)
      7. Nicolas Tagliafico (Independiente)
      8. Guido Vadala (Union)
      9. Martin Benitez (Independiente)
      10. Giovani Lo Celso (Rosario Central)
      11. Lucas Castro (Tigre)
      12. Jonathan Menendez (Talleres)
      13. Lucas Menossi (Tigre)
      14. Gaspar Iniguez (Tigre)
      15. Jorge Figal (Independiente)
      16. Lautaro Gianetti (Velez)
      17. Ian Escobar (Talleres)
      18. Cristian Romero (Belgrano)
      19. Lucas Rodriguez (Estudiantes)
      20. Geronimo Poblete (Colon)

      • Driussi, Pavon, Quignon, Cubas (injured?), Tomas Andrade…

        Other interesting players for me:

        Agustin Rossi (Defensa) our best young goalkeeper with the ball at his feet

        Emanuel Reynoso and Nicolas Gimenez (Defensa) creative attacking midfielders, atm Reynoso is on pole position for “playmaker” role of Defensa, Reynoso the better passer, but Gimenez got a powerful and precise shot. And in Defensa plays one of my all-time favourite argentinean playmaker, the old “mexican” legend Daniel Luduena “El Hachita”. With Lucas Lobos and Christian Gimenez, one of the 3 best argentinian players in the last 10 years in Mexico. Yeah and Nicolas Gimenez shooting technique very similar to an other legendary player from Mexico Walter Gaitan’s. (He was Riquelme’s sub in the golden Boca in a few years).


        Valentin Vada-Bordeaux (unfortunately missed more than a month due to injury, will be very hard for him to be a regular starter again) DM-ZM-deep lying playmaker

        Tomas Pochettino-Defensa a good ZM with great passing, but he is being played in wrong position by his coach, always as winger, but he’s definitely a slow guy. The same situation just like Sebastian Driussi, who finally plays at his natural position and plays great after long long misery as winger. Sadly a cardiovascular disease ruined his career years ago.

        Bautista Merlini-San Lorenzo helluva hard.working attacking
        midfielder. Very similar to Alexis Castro in this.

        Julian Fernandez (Olimpo-DM)-a haunting dog

        Tomas Conechny-the new Dybala finally got some minutes.

        Heinze’s Argentinos is very interesting team because of young players. Colman ex Boca player, the 3 MacAllister children, Esteban Rolón, Ezquiel Ham, Facundo Barboza etc…

          • My favourite Primera Nacional team always CHacarita. No matter which league they are playing the club always gives youth national teams few youngsters. Young, prospect team.

            Jonathan Menendez (LF) and Ian Escobar (LB) are just former CHacarita players. THe second is very promising fullback (born ’97)

            Unfortunately Nico Gimenez had not many minutes in the season. BEfore season I thought he will be important player of the team. Menendez, Escobar, Reynoso, Gil, Komar, Godoy, Gimenez, Ramirez, Kruspzky all they are interesting players. 20 years old Mauro GOnzalez former Slovan Bratislava player.

          • Conechny needs time. As far he is shaky but it’s understandable.
            Some time ago I have wrote mail to San Lorenzo official site with question how it is Cristian Barrios is only 5ta Division player while he is not less talented than Barco already Primera player and even younger than Barrios. Believe me or not but few days ago I saw Barrios in Reserve league game for the first time what is noticeable promotion.

        • Andrade is competitor for Lo Celso IMO. The same age and also very talented.

          In this season there’s a lot youngsters as starters in league. Even players born ’99 – Barco, Maxi Romero, Sandoval (yesterday scored for COlon).

          Borgnino (’97) of Atletico Rafaela scored 3 goals as far. Conechny, Cristian Romero (’98 Belgrano), outstanding young CB.
          And a lot of ’97 players. Sosa (Tigre) worth watch or another LB Escobar from Temperley.

          • Where do you following the reserva and juvenil leagues? Don’t you know a site with lineups, goalscorers from every youth divisions? Sometimes i search the clubs websites for infos, but thats all, Argentinos reserva section is not even refreshing right now.
            And what makes you think Barrios is such a big talent? I only know one Youtube video from him, but only based videos Valenzuela from Racing will be a monster too, Sebastian Riquelme too, it’s very tricky. At least we’ve seen Conechy on U17 Sudamericano and WC, and he was great.

          • Official San Lorenzo site. But you may enter ‘San Lorenzo 5ta division’ in YT and you have highlights every game of San Lorenzo on the level. Barrios is in most of them last year. I found also one full game with him on the level. Now he is somwhere between 5ta division and reserve league. The kid still keeps the same outstanding level. I don’t know why he is not on bench 1st team as Conechny. Both ’98.
            Barrios is faster than any other player I saw. It’s not about fast of sprint but all his movements. Incredibly nimble.

            Valenzuela now play in second league for Nueva Chicago. I saw his 2 games of the season. He does not looks good at the moment. Nothing of the extremaly talented player of well known video compilations. He needs time.

            I recommend Sosa of Tire. Really interesting LB,LM.

  2. Rulli,Romero,Caballero




    Pastore/Vazquez,Banega,Gaitan/Corea,Di Maria/Peryera,Perotti


    The list is infinity. But with a proper vision and strategy of implementation-the coach can count on the above list for various plans.

    • some good players their and for me in this list and with my culls their is plenty of space for more new faces
      Rulli, Romero, Caballero
      Garay, Otamendi, Muscchio,
      Gomez, Tagliafico
      Perez, Augusto, paredes, Pizarro, Ascacibar, Mascherano, lanzini
      Vazquez, Gaitan Corea Peryera Perotti
      Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Pratto

    • Its not so much the players but the coaches.. the team.

      Case in point, Higuain under Napoli had a coach, a system and teammates all looking to consistently feed him balls to feet in the box, result is standout season. Put the same player in a team where everyone is a heqd down dribbler and then always looking for Messi and the coach cant find Higuain a system that gives him space (our #9s have been chronically outmarked and isolated in the box).. result, 1 shit chance per game.

      Stop hating. The whole system is fucked.

      • “Higuain under Napoli had a coach, a system and teammates all looking to consistently feed him balls to feet in the box, result is standout season”
        or the Italian lge is really weak and it is, if we taking last season hig went missing in napolis 4 biggest games vs, juv, ac and then the 2 cup games all in 1 month and add to it how many he scored for the n/t and he did have chances to score for the n/t and even missed in the last game from 6 yards.

        kun scores a lot of goals for man.s in the epl but at champions lge level is average and in the semi vs real.m vanished.

        facts are facts and we have to accept some of the big names are no longer “international class” and by keeping them their is why we are failing, we can add bad coaching and their selections of the same failing players to the mix.

        I agree coaches have a lot to answer for and its always about picking the correct players for their positions and that is some thing we have failed badly in doing but in saying that some of these players have been with the n/t for up to 10 years and their is no excuse for the way many of these players have played and are now playing for the n/t.
        some one made a joke and its seems the more some earn the more effort and the better they play and that seems so true for some of our biggest “on paper” names.

        • I agree the system is screwed but its way past time some of the bigger names stood up and fought like tigers and started playing at n/t level like their lives depended on it, their is little urgency, little passion, little will to win and this is on the players heads no matter how crap the coach is, we are simple do not see that will to win from to many of our superstars (excluding messi).

          as we now know with out messi we are totally totally fu**d

        • spot on pablo,pipita has never been considered world class even at club level ,simply because he is never been a big game player not with real madrid nor whith napoli,kun had the talent but is very weak mentally and injury prone .we failed to many times whith them,give youngsters a chance like dybala and icardi in attack its not like they are gonna do any worse than them,its not even possible especially if the coach comes to his senses

  3. 1988 – what a vintage it is. Still new players born in this year are emerging: Garcia, Mercado, Trejo, Perotti, Mas, Pratto, Szymanowski, De Blasis, Buffarini…
    But vintage ’93 will be plantiful too.

  4. Cervi had assist not a goal. But I think he should take Gaitan place if injured.
    Salvio has much of Lavezzi IMO.

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