Edgardo BAUZA on Mauro ICARDI: “He will be called up.”


Hey everyone,

Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA has spoken with Mauro ICARDI and has confirmed that he will be called up at “any moment”.  Therefore, we should anticipate a call up soon. He also explained that he will not accept any conditions set against him at all. He was quoted as saying: “If at any time a superior or player imposes conditions on me, I’ll pack up a bag and go home.”  He also said that his contract “has been signed until the end of World Cup 2018 in Russia”.  He also went on to say that he is not bothered by the critics.  He went on to say “We lost against Paraguay at home – it’s logical they they criticize.”  Moreover,  he also went on to say: “We spoke about ICARDI with ZANETTI (Vice President of Inter Milan) about the National Team advising him that at any moment he will be called up.”

What do you guys think? Do you think he is telling us the truth or just appeasing us? Also, who do you think we should drop if ICARDI comes in? Pratto? Higuain? Aguero?










  1. this quote from bauza was missed
    “I have to speak with Tevez but for me he still has a lot to give. He is a player that 100% could still be called.”

  2. I don’t care who makes the cut, who drives,who misses the easiest chance or who can’t defend. I only care about win. So don’t lose in Brazil match. If you lose just declere your resignation in the post match interview, otherwise it will be bad, very bad for both of us.

  3. The next games for which Bozo has to select a team are in March 2017…
    At any time? 4 months from now at the earliest…

    Unless someone picks up an injury in the CL or league games next weekend. Not unlikely given our recent experience. Hope it is not Messi this time.

  4. Argentina will miss qualifying for Russia 2018 under the hands of Bauza. I can feel it, sense it, and see it.

  5. Bauza: Stop wasting time talking rubbish about bringing Icardi sometime somewhere and somehow, other lazy called up players didn’t need all this exhaustive procedure, you just called them up…..we became trained on this game of you….now instead, think about what you’re going to tell the media after your expected loss against Brazil.

    • as much as i dont think pratto is the best answer id rather see him coming on then kun or hig, pratto actually works hard for the team and is not afraid to get stuck in both offensively and defensively-a good plan “b” being the classic old fashioned no 9 type that is not afraid to throw them selves around as well as is solid in the air.

  6. Don’t believe it until I see it. However, even if Icardi is called up, it would be naive to expect him to make a huge difference. He is a striker and strikers need service and a functioning midfield behind them. Anyway, I would also drop Aguero to accommodate Icardi.

    • Yep spot on EnganChe! Even if Icardi does get called up, he’ll struggle to get quality balls because of the fact that Bauza is continuing this fucked up tradition of playing 2 DMs. We’re effectively playing a 6-4 with no true centre midfielder or attacking midfielder. We need both a CM and CAM in order to start scoring goals.

      It’s a fact that we have scored nearly the least amount of goals in this wcq campaign. For fucks sake, We have only scored 2 more goals than Venenzuela who are last. Any decent coach should realise that it’s the midfield where our problems are, and has been the case since Bielsa left.

      Hate to say it but If we continue with this same system, formation and same shitty midfield or lack of one, Arg will not qualify for the Copa.

    • No reservation overhere enganche. People will even blame more Icardi,even worse than Hig and Aguero if his fate is to play with maschie and Biglia duo. If Bauza could listen to the mounting presures of not picking Icardi that is a good move, but not righ to the heart of the problem of the team-Midfield and full backs.

      • only if icardi misses chances and if we watch him for inter in the last few season and look at his stats icardi has one of the best shots to goal ratio in Europe and he has had to live on scraps with inter just like the n/t strikers but in saying this most knock out games and finals are very tight and chances are few and far between meaning a striker may one get one or 2 chances in a game but they must take those chances, if we look at those 3 finals their was only 1 or 2 chances in the copas and a big 3 in the w/c final and our star studded strike force took how many of them 🙁

        in all honesty its hardly like icardi can do worse then the stars.

        • Pablo you still believe Icardi was/is the missing figure of Argie NT? We all agree that he earned his selection way before time ; but considering him as the one to solve the inadequecy existing due to the presense of Machie Biglia(in mid) Zaba and Rojo(fullbacks) is another thing imo.

          • no he is not the sole answer at all, he is one of about 6-8 players missing but what I’m saying is when chances are slim and finals are usually that way then we need some one up front who can thrive on minimal service and its not kun or hig, they have had their time and chances and the rest is and should be history.

            its obvious a creative mid fielder is needed, 2 full backs are needed, wingers that can cross and play the intelligent ball instead of running in circles, strikers who may have little service at times but when that chance arrives they don’t look like a rabbit in head lights, more youth integrated into the team and lastly a coach but that is the least likely to happen with the poor pay offered by the afa.

            the bottom line is big changes are long over dew and have/should have been implemented during the last few years, we keep going back hence we are not going at all forward.

        • Then Icardi may continue to struggle like the current forwards unless the mid and the whole stragedy is reformed,privided that there is one abintio?

          As you mentioned the chances created were slim and there is no guaranty that he would turn them all to nets. Case in point; let the presure especially from the local medias also mount more for the inclusion of right players to fill the desparately missing elements;

          1. Mid and full backs

          2.proper plan B to coup with sitauations of messiless.

          3. Above all, merit base selection than being stuburn and incline to selection of players merely because the coach or the captain used to befriend/knew the players earlier.Beluschi Bufarani Biglia Maschie Aguero(to starting IX not to the team at all) Demichless Roncaglia etal being the proof.

  7. it drives me nuts a player like aguero brags about reaching three finals despite not winning any of them like he is playing for low fifa ranking team ,that tells us what mentality he has .this n/t of argentina and players that think like you should be tossed,i would rather have players which less talent but mentally tough and fighters,

    • Amen…..Aguero is the biggest loser in Argentinean football history. I really can’t stand him, Higuaín, or the Diva.

  8. Seriously I think Bauza takes the step to save his job in case lost againt Brazil. He thinks: If I promise to take Icardi they give me more time.

  9. drop augero

    managers are always critised even after wins. Look how much we all hated martino (not me) now look at the mess we are in.

    • tata was poor and we are in this mess because of tata who also refused to bring in young and potential new talent, tata also refused to change tactics and by sticking with the same old players nothing has changed with bauza who is also keeping to many of the old guard that are past their time-spineless coaches both of them.

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