Argentina vs. Brazil – Match Preview


All eyes will be on Brazil in these World Cup Qualifiers as they host Argentina.

The match will take place in the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte, home of the biggest dark night in Brazilian football history, the 7-1 loss to Germany. However, Brazil have never lost a World Cup Qualifier at home. Should Argentina somehow manage to get a win, the Mineirao would have to be seen as a curse venue.

But that’s a big somehow manage. Argentina have been in an absolute downfall since the Copa America ended while Brazil has skyrocketed since the Copa America. The Brazilians managed to win gold in the Olympics and with new coach Tite, are at the top of the World Cup Qualifying table following four straight wins.

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For Argentina, it’s one win, two draws and one defeat and a drop to 6th place. The last World Cup Qualifying match between the two came last year in a 1-1 draw in Argentina. The last World Cup Qualifier between these two in Brazil came in June 2008, in a match which ended in a 0-0 draw and a Brazilian crowd who started chanting Lionel MESSI’s name.

Edgardo BAUZA has already announced his starting line-up with Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN up front.


Argentina's Line-up against Brazil
Argentina’s Line-up against Brazil

BAUZA is going with the same players used in midfield as Alejandro SABELLA went with at the World Cup. This is Enzo PEREZ’s first competitive match for Argentina since the final of the World Cup.

The big news for Argentina is the return of Lionel MESSI following his absence in Argentina’s last 3 World Cup Qualifying matches. If Argentina are to do anything, it’s going to be through him.

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  1. My worst disappointment is dat i felt like going back to the sabella era. The line up which was released yesterday showed it very much. Perez’s substitution in d half time was surprisingly in line with sabellian tactics. The featuring of our “fantastic four” again in d second half completes the similarity! Bauza seems like a carbon copy of sabella. Sabellism prevails even after he quitted the team!

    • Sandy I understand your frustration. But comparing sabella with bauza is blasphemy. Sabella was a master tactician whereas bauza is a headless coach who like to appear for interviews and nonsense talking.

      • @niklucky02
        I respect your view but the similarities are so obvious. Sabella had luck which this fellow doesnt have. Bauza is sequel to sabella without luck.

        • If you think to win more than half the matches as sabella did is luck, then I think we need that luck badly.

          G W D L GF GA GD Win %
          40 25 10 5 74 32 +42 62.50

          • I based my judgement on my own observation. To be frank, except for d statistics, nothing was great under him. The last decent coach argentina had was pekerman. How can a genuine argentine fan forget that 24 passes goal? But under sabella, we were not able to put 10 passes together. I dont know how many matches we won under pekerman and his statistics but i do remember that we played beautiful football under him and that we were fearful opponents to others. Now there are hundreds of reasons to support afa appointed clowns. A tata martion fan can claim that argentina had reached two copa america finals under him! But these coaches have ruined the NT. Sabella was neither a good tactician nor a good strategist. It is due to him that the idea of 6 players defending and 4 players attacking with no proper midfield got prominence in our NT. All those crappy players- romero, rojo, maria, hig, demichelis, etc cemented their place under sabella only. Now when we criticize bauza, some of us think that this crappy team selection and tactics started with him only which is not the truth. It has always been there. If u criticize bauza for playimg with 6 defensive players and 4 attacking players with no proper midfield and players playing out of position, then dont justify sabella; because he was a “master tactician” of this tactics. I love argentine football team and i support/ hate players accordung to their performance, not based on statistics alone eventhough that also matters. The truth is dat sabella achieved this good statistics due to messi and luck thats why menotti had to say that without messi, argentina wouldnt even have qualified for 2014 wc. If we want to see a freeflowing and formidabble argentina, we will have to criticize the coaching philosophy and team selection of all the coaches from 2010- maradona, batista, sabella, tata and bauza. So bashing bauza and praising sabella in d name of statistics alone doesnt seem logical to me.

  2. Except messi n enzo, nobody deserves to be in d team. I watched today’s game to see enzo perez playing and i have felt that he has been alienated in d team. First of all he was a fish out of water on d right wing. Secondly, messi and masche didnt exchange ball with him. I dont know whether i simply felt so. If argentina seriously want to achieve something, we need him in d central mid field. He is dynamic player who will be a frequent threat to the opponents. He is better than coutinho. He can do more than what coutinho has done for brazil today. If messi or masche has any problem with him, coach should try to solve it amicably.

  3. local player or international player .. choose the line up that is to be a perfect play with a plan.. if you dont get best out of his players then messi icardi dybala gomez otamendi or any … 1. romero- he dont deserve nt because he is a bench warmer.. if you put no 1 team he will cost a match.. some body think he is good but not because he had to deal with a ball only a few times in argentina … thats why he escapes.. he is not a world class .. he need to be out of this team.

    2. zaba- he is good rb we have but he lost his pace.. and no energy we can use him as a back up.. otherwise he will cost a match..

    3. otamendi.. strenth strong in the air and advance tackling some times good some time gets bad.. because he dont have a pace.. and he is good with a ball compared to other cb… ***** he is to be in the team.. his partner must have a pace.. other wise problem.. (i will choose) most of the time with any formation

    4. funes mori.. we saw his glims of error .. he was destroyed by chelsea and today.. some of team mates saved up to now.. he strong in the air .. but he not good with ball and no use in possession game play.. with messi he wont on the pitch…(may be back up )

    5. mas he is average and not good with ball or LB IS OUR PROBLEM… WE NEED get the ball jordi alba.. because messi need that kind of full back.. on left side and important place in this team.. some of them said taclifico.. i dont know about him.. but need yound and energy full back.

    6. MACHERANO IS great but not now .. he is the destroyer now because he is playing dm with national team.. but he is lost pace.. and he cannot dribble to past any of them in midfield.. ( but we can use his regular place CB) OR needed in the bench..

    7. biglia he is a good passer but no energy no pace.. and too old.. he may be benched or get out of this team..

    8. enzo perez he is have great energy and experience.. he dont have accurate pass but he is still capaple to give something.. and aggression is good.. ( needed to be in CM NOT RM)

    9. DIMARIA.. once he was tirelessly runed but now he dont do.. he is gettingh oleder .. and he and messi in the same team .. that will destroy the team honestly because he is not good with ball he having good cross and some through ball his best place RM OR CAM HE IS NOT A winger or cm.. he need proper CF LIKE ICARDI WHO good in the air (ronaldo, benzema) not auguro messi or higuain.. that is a problem

    10. gaitan he is better supporter for messi than the he is good in the air and support the striker well.. and need to be in 23

    11. banega good passer and dribbling and he dont have a pace and that is why he dont know the best possition for him cm or cam.. he will be used only in 4-3-3 and other midfielder need to be like vidal otherwise he will make the team worst.

    12. pastore he is good cam but we dont have cm to support him he is also bad with defending but good coach can use him well.. energy is less.. and messi needed this kind of player..

    13. parades. he will get better because he is learning .. good passer good energy.. he can develop.. but not good at the moment but he can..

    14. ascasibar.. i dont know about him but i saw his statistics he can dribble that is what we needed in midfield and passing rate is 85 and he needed to be in the team.

    15. messi- i am big fan of him.. but some body says argentina win with messi loose with messi.. thats not he can help more than anyone because he can play too many positions rw and cf or cam.. thats why he is best in the history.. i know his weakness he will defend only he looses the ball other wise he wont.. so we need midfielder to back him like barca… he needed player run around him tirelessly.. how many ball messi gets in a match that will make him more dangerous .. barca know but argentina not.. if arg not use him proberly .. then they never get trophy..

    16. auguro- top class striker but his weekness is not win a ball in a air.. and good in the box any one in the world.. he is inbetween 9 and 10 that is the problem good coach can get him out best… but he is good with ball and good dribller than higuian and icardi

    17. dybala- he is fast and needed to be in the starting line up because he can play only cam or second striker.. he can support messi and icardi or higuain or parrato..

    18. higuin i dont love him because he feares in a big match.. other wise he is a good cf and he support messi well his movement and ave in the air.. and good in the box.. but i dont like him at the starting lineup and old too..

    19. icardi- some body want in the nt too too but he is not good as aguro and higuain when compare to talent but he is better than both in the air and energy physical strenth .. and he can help better than the aguro and higuain.. he is good finisher but he lacks in the dribble.. but he is my no 9 for argentina..

    20. musachio he is good defender with pace.. he lacks physical strenth but i will use him in starting line up






  4. I hate bauza the most.This guy is too talkative but didnt do anything to change. Tata , Maradonna all try their best but this one never try to build up a real team for argentinan. where is his list of 70new players ?

  5. an old man team ,no coach ,no speed ,no tactic ,no Skill .Argentina has lots of football talent but we once again using Mascherano ,di maria ,zabaleta,Biglia for many years. we have Franco Vazquez ,Roberto Pereyra ,Leandro Paredes ……

  6. This fuckhead of a coach has to go and go immediately. We all knew he was stupid with his tactics, formations, player selections and strategy, but to take off the best midfielder who was the only one making penetrating runs and taking on the Brazilians, instead of a defensive midfielder, is just stupidity….we were 2-0 down and needed more attacking flair in the middle, yet he keeps 2 DMs on and takes off Perez. And I mean what coach reveals his team selection and strategy days before the game??? This coach and team are totally fucked!!!!

    I am Argentino and it is embarrassing watching my team be like this. I don’t enjoy watching them play because I know they’re not going to score goals. This has gone on too long now. We are the laughing stock of the world and AFA should be fucking ashamed.

    Brazil looked organised, structured, skillful, and motivated. They embarrassed Arg today. Even if we miraculously qualify for the World Cup, we won’t get out of the group stage if we go in with the same fucked coach and fucked team.

    It’s getting to a point now that if I see the same team selection with the same coach, I just won’t watch as its a waste of time and emotion.

    Argentina, you’re letting your fans down BIG TIME and you should be fucking ashamed!!!!

  7. I’m done with this sh*t show. As a die hard fan for the past three decades, I can honestly say that I just can’t take it anymore.

    Good luck to you fans here, hopefully this team makes it to Russia, but history should’ve taught us all by now.

  8. I am happy it was not a 7:1…it is timeup for Bauza..

    I am true Argentine fan..But Honestly it was nice watching brazil football…

    Everyone of them in form and played the position correctly..their Bench was top notch too..

    We complain about Icardi, Tevez, Garay..etc..I really wish Bielsa comes back and cleans this mess..Guys i really wish Armando Perez gets his act together and appoints a good coach..

  9. i thought we were parking the bus tonight based on players selection but this clown needs to navigate his brain and than start thinking about how to play a game ,the other games pretty much went our way 1 point would have been good for the standing and a boost for the game with colombia,that ship is sailed now ,honestly i don’t see how are we gonna win against colombia or any team for that matter.for a long time we have had so high expectations and i think its time to lower them cause its just getting worse.i just feel sorry for the fans first and then messi,certainly we don’t deserve this.a shitty federation of course its gonna give you shitty coaches and shitty coaches of course are gonna make shitty tactical decisions and player selections it all starts from the top.

  10. Romero should be where he truly belongs… the bench!!! Dimaria is finished.. weakest link in the team after Rojo got kicked out… my list in order of weakest link in the team

    3.Don Masch
    4.Funes Mori

    These players have to go!! they have to go at any cost if argentina is to make it to the WC

    and mr skeloton Bauzaaa!!With him in charge even god can’t save us!!

  11. Argentina have reached a stage where so many changes need to be made.
    1. Romero is just not good
    2. Funes Mori is as average as it gets
    3. Full backs are playing like centre backs but with no pace nor positioning sense. They just cannot support attack.
    4. DiMaria is dead and out. He is getting heckled at his club. He is at the bottom of his career
    5. Biglia is one dimensional, playing sideways
    And on top of all this we have Bauza.
    We need a complete clean up if we want to be competitive. Messi might take us through to WC 18. With this team to win a tournament we need a million lady lucks like what Portugal had in Euro16.

    By the way we were lucky that the score read 3-0. It should have been 7-0 had Brazil been a great team.

  12. We say today what jogo bonito means from Brazil .. beautiful
    they had plans …we were clueless…after 5 matches under bauza we don’t know what type of football we are trying to adapt. I am happy that Brazil showed Argentina what they deserve…I mean we now everyone clearly knows there’s no energy….like zaba and biglia was being runned by Neymar like a stick…mas is average at best .don’t Argentina have better lb? common there’s no movement…I didn’t find anything beautiful except a Enzo and Messi one two in 1st 1 thing beautiful in whole 90 mins??

  13. The strikers arn’t to be blamed.. they didn’t get a single goal scoring opportunity from nobody… dimaria was at his best.. forget about crosses his corners were of under 10 level… Messi needs to standup and ask the board to fire this joke of a coach and say bye bye to his best frends aka Don masch, Dimaria, Zabalera,Banega,Funes mori, Romero,Biglia, .. i would keep our strikers because they havn’t got any supply what so ever!! And that substitiution of Enzo perez with aguero was height of madness from Bauza the skeleton!!

  14. This team reminds me of a team of 1994 world cup.. full of veterans no pace no motivation nothing.. they were destroyed adter the 1990final mentally and with maradona’s doping charge they were finished!!!

  15. This game just got me sick.being an avid fan of Argentine side since 94 I’ve always been left frustrated .but today just got me puking on be honest I had real high hopes with El Paton as he had 2 copa libertadores but with each passing game it seems clear that he does not know what he is doing and letting guys play without the tactics whatsoever.his selection doesn’t seem anything different from his predecessors and only difference is that this guys are more older hence unable to perform.our goalie is a bench warmer and has been so for years whilst rulli has been flying high and is currently one of the best goalkeeper in La liga.funes mori on the other hand can’t even get a first team action in the everton side.zabaleta is old as fuck and he’s glory days are long behind him.masche recently put in one of his best performances for Barcelona in central defence .di Maria has been running like headless chicken since world cup 2014.and three man defensive midfield with messi left to hoof hopeless long balls to isolated higuain does that seem a right answer to carve open a well drilled Brazil side.phew.

      • Exactly mate.garay and masche in cb with mercado and mas flanking with kranevitter protecting a backline with belluschi and Perez or acuna supporting messi dybala and icardi upfront would be an attacking energetic Argentina exciting to watch.but this piece of shit bauza keeps picking the elites who never were elites with us to be fair

  16. if funes mori is as good as some of you make him to be he wouldn’t be playing in everton!!! now please dont comeup shits to defend everton !!

    • Right, and if our 23-24 years old local heros are as good they would play in european big clubs a long time ago. Tagliafico, Gomez and so on…and this is very sad for the future…

      • Csabalala,

        just don’t try to sidetrack attention to local players (who didn’t get a chance) while your European superstars who you always defend -Di Maria, Aguero- are so poor. Don’t try do this because no one get it. It’s paranoid to talk about South American clubs level now when all what we see at the moment are European players. So your approaches are really funny and out of theme. Talk now about Di Marias and Agueros. Let’s face reality.

        You may still praise only European players but don’t forget that today one CHinese league player also scored.

        • But they are be not better than these tired players (they are limited footballers, it cannot be a coincidence they play at home yet, look at Emmanuel Mas, imo hes better than Tagliacifo in attack, and what has changed ? Rojo do this smoothly all day.

        • Local regular players will never ever make the difference at the highest stakes. Give them a chance, at least they are younger. (Maybe) Barco’s will make that, but one year and Barcelona will buy him, or Real Madrid or Manchester United, big difference.

  17. They have no balls or inspirational coach. Need to tell Romero to leave to get first team football same with Rojo. Why does he keep sticking with Higuin?. Di Maria does nothing has no balls.

    Too conservative afraid to go on the attack against Brazil thus the formation… Biglia lost the fire. the defence is shocking lack strength and depth in defence, mori is not good enough need a monster best move mascherano back.

    Should be playing lavezzi need players with character not boring players…. Manager needs some character man just boring.

    I swear we better make the world cup or I will be very sad I wanted to tavel to Russia. Actually even if we some how make it might not travel if I don’t think the team has a chance to win it.

    Get some balls and fire and say goodbye to fear, laterzzz

    PS. Zaba sucks, where the hell is gaaray?

  18. People are blaming player not coaches tactics, he has no idea what he is doing? 1 week training for a formation and now everything mess up. Play Higuain and midfield, Aguero on right side and Messing for defense. I dont know what the hell this man is thinking. TaTa was blamed but he didn’t destroy the defense sabella build. Now this man is destroying best player in the country from defense to attack. God bless Argentina

  19. We never be a good team if Mascarano play at defensive midfield….fuck of Mascarano…world best worse defensive midfield in the world….same to you biglia son of beach…

  20. The good part is this was expected. I voted for Brazil win above, not because I want it that way, but that is what I predicted and I was right. So, these 3 points we would not have counted anyway. This is not the game because of which we will not qualify. Its the other games.

    Can Bauza resign? People from Argentina? Or they like our Gonzalo will go for the easy route, blame Messi for the loss. Oh wait, forgot that he was not playing in the goal or defense. But so what, just blame Messi.

    Romero, my goodness, this guy does not even try. I can tell you if Romero was in Brazil goal, Biglia would have scored and we would have gone one up.

    • I’m not blaming Messi only but all the team including Messi who was supposed to be by you our saviour before the game. But with comparing you defend only Messi – so something smells in your thinking. Messi was not playing in defence but what about our 0 goals? You want to blame only Higuain or Di Maria?

      • What about 0 goals. Did u watch the match? The entire attack for Argentina was only from the right wing and Brazil just had that packed. Even Aguero who plays on the left for his club was brought in to play on the right. It was a no brainer for Tite. We hardly got close to Brazil goal today. No point in discussing with you. Even god could not have saved Argentina leave alone Messi with the tactics Bauza adopted today. You were praising Enzo Perez, how many times did he make a good pass or did he have a good shot at goal. The philosophy of Argentine football from Bielsa to Sabella to Bauza has always been an unbalanced one. We just have done well and went to 3 finals bcos of Messi. In reality the coaches have made this a crap team. Bauza is Sabella 2 without luck.

      • ur not blaming messi only .. ya i agree but aguro messi higuian dimaria .. you never know what happened in the match.. when match starts brazil feared both coach have a same plan .. that is to defend. they started to slow poor bauza plan is to defend and give the ball to messi he will do everything this is relegation team plan.. i know what going to happen before the match even statrs.. when brazil attack from the start we have a chance.. but they didnt.. and then we take possesion with three cb and two dm who can pass the ball side ways.. and dimaria on the left wing then team is 10 member .. we took possion we never create any chance for messi and higuain.. because both full back lacks pace .. and mache only having the ball pass to full backs or biglia two cb are left watching .. they pressed we never give ball to messi in the right area.. game over and then they are young they have energy later in the game.. and 3-0 you blame all… think first.. aguro good in the box higuain best pocher .. but he is not holding the ball and not good in the air thats why i already said icardi is proper no 9.. and paratto is good to holding the ball. the coach to blame .. every body has the quaility if you dont use properly .. thats not their fault.. it is a coach fault.. they never play as a team that is the problem.. watch uruguay vs argerntina dybaly and messi inter change the place and team look good on right side but not in the left.. at that day we totally dominated uruguay…

  21. Bauza’s Tactics –

    * If you need goals, just play 4 strikers
    * If you need to defend, play with 3 defensive midfielders and 4 CB.

    Just look at Brazil: how a decent coach can solve all the problems. I still believe any decent coach can turn these players into champions.

    • Dybala was painfuly shit so far in NT, Icardi without balls is useless, a great poacher nothing more. Angel Correa lost the ball machine again. We need fast thinking players, whos good with the ball: Paredes, Lanzini, Dybala…and of course Icardi upfront.

        • agreed and its was noted by the commentators that hig is just to slow, his movement was slow and poor. its about making space and that is some thing hig is never good at. we lack serious moment from far to many players, age and the speed of the game has simply caught up with to many of our old team

  22. We announced our x1 years before the match..and Brazil fielded team accordingly. They played 4-5-1 instead of 4-3-3. then quick counters killed us. Same old Maradona coaching era is Back.

    Dont forget the best joke ever made by Bauza; “I am convinced we will win the WC”

    Many of our players also believe the same….this is the mentality of our coach and players.

    Maradona Batista made worst Argentina…Sabella got us back. Now Tata and Bauza killed the confidence and team made by Sabella.

  23. Gonzalo your hatred for Messi is amazing.I am sure you are really happy today.We are still in the race for qualification bcos of him. Only satisfying thing today is all the other results went our way. We played into Brazil’s hand with a moron of a coach. By just showing energy you dont get results. By playing smart u do. That is what Tite showed. Brazil packed the right side with all their midfielders and just took Messi out of the game. Enzo Perez was played out of position and not sure which coach would disclose his tactics before the match. Brazil had no one on the left side of the pitch bcos Mas and DiMaria were absolute waste of space.The need is to get in form club players and play them in the position where they are comfortable. There was not one diagonal ball today from Biglia or Perez or any of the wingers. They are just playing in a system that makes no sense to anyone except Bauza. I clearly see a Sabela 2 with luck drained out in Bauza. Funes Mori and Biglia are a joke. Romero just isnt fit to play in even 1st division.

  24. Thanks to Peru we are not dead yet. This team is done. It lacks speed, strength, determination, precision, toughness, tactics etc. We have now conceded more goals than we scored. Looking at this match it is clear that we should have said goodbye to this generation after the Copa Centenario. They have all run of out of steam. Years from now, they will say this is the point where Neymar became better than Messi who had been the world’s best for over a decade.
    Looking at the facial expressions really says it all.
    We are not going to beat Colombia with this team.
    A week from now AFA will be looking for a new coach to build for Copa 2019. Too bad we won’t see Dybala and Icardi at the WC.

    • Neymar will never be world’s best.he has the talent but not the discipline needed.
      We are playing bad but if we beat columbia(very much possible) we will be back in qualifying position so we should layoff this idea that we are already out.

  25. And where was Messi saviour? Was he on the pitch? How long some childish fans will keep idea that he is enough to win. He is shadow man without team.

    • Gonzalo,
      I usually do not post like this, but you are the dumbest guy here when it comes to football. I am really sorry. Just tired of your stupid list of local names as if they are god’s gift to football.

      The coach plays a 4-2-4 and gets run over. No supply. Every time Messi gets the ball there are 3 players around. This is the problem with Argentina, people like you, too emotional and thinking through heart and not your head.

      My sincere apologies again. I am not mad at you, just sorry for you.

      • I know the truth is very bitter but you just must face it. If you want to still looking for Messi excuses so I don’t know who must switch thinking.

        • Ya… Think when team loose because of Messi when team win because of Messi… I don’t agree that.. Because I know the weekness of Messi and Argentina.. I think gonzolo think from the heart not in mind.. You mention some local names.. They may be good.. But look why city juventus spend on aguro dimaria higuain they are world class their own things… Aguero good only box… He is better than anyone… Higuain is a pocher.. Dimaria not a winger or cm he played good in between them.. Each of them are playing free in their club other teammates support them… If you want use them all in a correctly we need good coach.. Messi only manage rw and cf. And if aguro plays outside the box he will worst… If you play higuain and aguro we need pace full backs to deliver the ball inside the area…

        • Without space..Messi’s effect can be nullified. Mourinho,Simeone and mancy coaches showed that..already. Brazil brilliantly closed the space for Messi.

      • precisely!

        I can agree that I hate the fact that he hardly scored from those free kicks when it matters.

        Anyhow! where do you even start. Lets forget it. Its rotten top to bottom from inside to out.

      • Because Neymar has a team. Messi has not. But some people stil waiting only for Messi’s come back. He is back and… we see… You even don’t understand my general idea. It’s not Messi hate I’m just hater of Messi’s brainless supporters who take him as saviour while we need a team more than Messi. Anyway I’m not going even to evcuse myself here. Think what you want and keep still delusional ideas.

        • But you are judging people incorrectly. I see everyone complaining about Bauza. I don’t think anyone ever said that just put Messi in and we will always win.

          I fear that is what will happen in Argentina. Everyone will be like you, just blame Messi. He should not have come back from retirement in my mind.

        • It’s not first time man. I’ve heard this talk even in 2014 when you said Martial will be better than Messi and I don’t wanna take it any further. You and I had some quality discussions where we agreed and disagreed.

          Of course Messi needs a team, who does not? Its a team sport, where 11 players plays and some of the 11 players are called their star players like in every sports.

  26. Loosing to these guys in this manner is the worst to happen to me since world cup final lost…… even the copa final lost was better. Bunch of loosers

  27. Every Brazilian player selected are in form players who are playing in a position they play for their club. And we pick players who are either out of form or bench warmers or play them out of position or have no match fitness. Coupled with lack of tactics, we have the no 1 team in the world.

  28. Bye bye bauza…. With this Lin up you can’t come back… I already said with messi other team will counter… Because they know how good messi in counter attack.. Poor tactics… They give ball to us see our mid and defence no pace… Use young full back with pace… And take out biglia , macherano Romero and Everton hero mori zaba lost pace..

  29. Now enter aguero n banega two huge tumors in the team.. romero supporter must be worried how are they going to defend world best keeper.. oh yeah that tie breaker against the mighty holland!!!

  30. At least we can see how laughable weak is south american club football nowadays, this Bauza was a pope at that level 😀 Btw the “great philisopher” Bielsa results in Brazil 1:3 and 1:3, this idiot is easily worse coach than Bielsa which is nearly mission impossible…

    • THis is not comaprable. Tite is also SOuth AMerican clubs coach. Was Sabella weak coach? He was not. And at that time Bauza was also good. Both won COpa Libertadores. It’s uncomparable still. To talk here about South American club level is weird and sidetrack while we see how weak are our current players from Europe.

      • Sabella was an average coach at maximum, at maximum, compare him to the world bests. Have to fire Bauza after this match, a MUST and recall Sabella, not too late

  31. And please to campare Tite and Bauza along the side line. Tite is all the time active while Bauza dead as our team. Without faith from beginning

  32. banega should come in for biglia and perez should move to centre 4-1-4-1 perez and banega in centre and laveezi for dimaria in wings messi in right side

  33. Two shots, two goals. Painful. We had the possession and also good shot from Biglia and that Messi freekick, but they scored, we didn’t. Enzo is doing somewhat good. Let’s hope for better last passes and shots. Banega for Biglia, also Lavezzi and Aguero in soon.

  34. Romero.. funes mori zabaleta masch biglia .. banega dimaria are cancer in this team.. now this dumb coach has no option other than bringing another useless worthless below average drunk banega!!!!

  35. Masch is the worst player on the field. He takes much time to release the ball. Hes very slow and hes a shame for old Masch.

    Change the tactics (Bauza know any ?)..attack..we are losing anyway.

    How ? Aguero for Masch…Lavezzi for Dimaria.

    If they allow me i will play instead of Romero..!

  36. So this game is lost…no surprise either. So sad right now…we will miss the world cup, it is not a joke, we will miss out on a place in Russia. And to lose against Brazil now is just the worst feeling ever. I am going to bed, no need to watch the second half…it is a second half I have seen many times before….we will lose 3-0….our players are losers…our coach is a wanker, a total moron. Good night form me.

  37. If we are going to lose this game i want to lose with huge goal difference! !! Thats the only way some major players n the dumb coach os gonna get out!!! Brasil loss will put immense pressure on the board to fire this skeleton coach!!!

  38. Paraguay is 1-0 up so we are now in seventh place…
    Play is too slow and predictable. We get caught on the break.
    We’re not gonna turn this game around.
    Hopefully this does not become 4-0 or worse.
    Another sad day.

  39. I have said it: If bauza still in charge for November games, then Argentina won’t qualify for the WC. Bauza is a high school team coach. Brazil is on fire with the Titi.

  40. Tell me how is that Enzo is so active while he is not even natural RM and DI Maria with comparing so invisible. We need energetic players like Enzo. Di Maria shouldn’t be on the pitch in second half. Lavezzi, Pratto on.

  41. Seems like its gonna cost us a place in the next world cup to get rid of our retired generals!!! You have lived too long to become a villain now!!

  42. With 3 pure DM”s on the midfield, sorry 2 pure DM”s and a CB, Enzo Perez, Biglia and Mascherano what do we expect ? Balanced midfield my ass…Brazil midfield Fernandinho ZM Paulinho ZM Renato AM…all of argentinian coaches are B-C category from Bielsa and Sabella to Tata and Bauza, south american club football niveau, 3-4 goals differences from the top coaches. All of argentinaian coaches are garbage, loosers…and btw this Tite or who is a clown too…

    • The deadweights are costing his job but he is still insisting on them.
      Peru winning is helpful but we won’t qualify if things don’t change.

  43. It will be good for Argentina if both Colombia Vs Chile and Uruguay V Ecuador end in a draw.

    And a win against Brazil will put us on third place just two points behind leader.cheers.

    One game and BIG change..!

  44. i must admit I’m very very nervous and don’t have the best hopes but never ever do I want to lose to any yellow team-ever.

    I want to see every player fight as if its the end of the world because losing to them is close to it for any Argentine and the bigger picture I don’t need to mention as its steering us in the face and that would be unthinkable to happen to us.

    we have messi and that means we always have a chance.

    vamos Argentina!!!!

  45. I want Argentina to win this match mainly for two reason
    1: To kick start ‘our journey to win WC 2018’- Great confidence and rhythm back.
    2: To become the first team to beat Brazil in their soil in a WC qualifying match-History makers

  46. Okay! It’s time! The real classic ARG vs. BRA! Let’s play to win! And only to win. It is worrying that the fans here are getting scared and are talking about draws. Talking about not making to the World Cup and other stuff like that. Let’s end the fear and play! Our players will give it all they have and a lot can happen in one football game. it will be tight. It will be even and it will be a real treat and a joy to watch! Two very talented sides with lots of individual shine moments to expect. I hope and cheer for our boys to win it! I suggest you do the same! So let’s stop hiding our head in a sand.. Let’s hold our heads up high. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

  47. Today I will start watching the game prepared for the worst case scenario. Not that I want us to win or anything, but we also need to look at the bigger picture.

    We are not in form, we don’t have any discipline in the team. We don’t know what is our shape, where our midfielders will stand or what our forwards are supposed to do.

    At this point I hope we don’t lose and get a draw out of this match.

  48. I want to be as optimistic and practical. I would be happy with a draw..

    If we are losing, i also want Bauza to know this is his last match..Even this would be optimistic and Practical..

  49. The moment i saw th image of d expected line up, i was reminded of the 2014 line up. Brazil has been changed from tip to toe where as arhentina is still d same! How can our coaches be so rudely unimaginative? Bauza says that it will be a mid field game. But do we have a proper midfield? I dont think so. Masche and Biglia can defend the Brazilian attack in d midfield but they wont create in d central midfield. There wont be any build up play in d midfield with messi left alone with the responsibility to create. I am curious to see how perez and messi plays together.

  50. It is pre match night/day…only 10 hours remain.But here the mundo community is dead silent ahead of biggest match of the year.But yeah everybody will come here when it is time to vomit out their frustration!

  51. The stakes are pretty high for us. I would not be surprised if we end the match with 10 or even 9 players. An early red card for either team could be a decisive moment in the match.

    Remember Mercado’s tackle early in the game against Uruguay? With video refereeing (introduced at WC 2018) he would have been sent off in the first half hour. Today it is still up to the referees.

  52. “We have the old guards and they are fantastic but we can’t fool ourselves into thinking they are eternal.” Giampeiro Vetura( Italy head coach)


    Well said and already started to implement it. Can’t you see it Boza? Messi and co won’t stay forever;start to use young full backs,Mid and even upfront. If Italy gives a chance to a 17 yrs old goalie what is Rulli or Gomez or Dybala/Paredes/Ascacibar missing to get a chance at 22/3.

  53. “You can limit their impact. You can try to decrease the number of chances, but I am not telling you how I will try to do that,” Tite told reporters in Belo Horizonte on Wednesday.

    “There are several players can make a difference and decide games.

    “I do not agree that victory depends on a single player. At some point he may shine, but only because the collective is working well.

    “On the pitch there will be [Philippe] Coutinho, [Gonzalo] Higuain, [Angel] Di Maria, Douglas Costa, Gabriel Jesus. There are many players with great technical qualities that, in an individual play, in a moment of creation, can make the big difference.

    Tite’s side have won four successive qualifiers since his arrival and lead Conmebol’s race to Russia 2018. They are five points clear of sixth-placed Argentina, who are winless in their past three matches.

    “The fact that Argentina are outside the qualification places doesn’t boost our confidence,” Tite added.

    “We have not qualified yet. If you look four rounds back we were back where they are now. We are all aware of this.”

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