Edgardo BAUZA: “A match with a lot of battles in midfield”


Edgardo BAUZA held a press conference to talk about the team and the two World Cup Qualifying matches.

Argentina play Brazil and Colombia in the two matches and Egardo BAUZA has talked about those matches, the team and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“The idea is to fight in midfield and counter quickly. I’m going with DI MARIA and Enzo PEREZ because i know that they can keep up with the game. As for LAVEZZI, we took a look at him and he’s well. For that reason he’s making the bench. We’ve talked with MESSI and we’ve worked with him. I’ve given him a lot of freedom to move around up front. MESSI’s arrived well without any problems.”

“TITE’s teams (Brazil’s coach) are very organized. When we’ve played against each other, they’ve been tough matches. Argentina has world class players who can win you matches. It’s going to be a match with a lot of battles in midfield.”

“The idea to win is there. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be. The match against Colombia is going to be different than the one against Brazil. Both are difficult. We know that we’re going to play against two strong teams, equally as strong as Argentina.”

“The team, I see them strong, good, I’m sure of what I want. It’s going to be two teams with a lot of history. We will not man mark NEYMAR but we will be pressuring him.”

“These players have shown that in the tough situations, they can come out of it.”


  1. Why he gives his line-up so long before the match is a mystery to me.
    Explaining your tactics is just plain stupid.
    Which coach does that?

    Tite will know what to expect and can instruct his team on what to look out for. Of course it will be a battle in midfield. Almost all games between top teams are. If this unwanted transparency results in 0 or 1 point after these 2 games AFA will have no option but to fire Bauza.

  2. Why this guy talks this much? Anybody have any idea?

    He’s like telling every goddamn tactical details there was on this match. From starting lineup to who will be pressing whom, everything! What a moron.

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