The current state of the Argentina National Team


It’s incredible how badly Argentina has fallen. Yet just as remarkable is the fact that a win on Tuesday would put them back on course for qualification.

One win in five matches. One win (which could ultimately prove to be decisive) against Uruguay has kept Argentina afloat in World Cup qualifications the past few matches. What happened against Brazil was not accidental. The 3-0 result, which easily could have been more had Brazil not fluffed their chances in front of goal, was coming.

Brazil’s been on the rise and Argentina has taken an opposite trajectory. But the results involving the other teams in South America went Argentina’s way. While Brazil and Uruguay are drifting away from everyone and have half a foot in for Russia, the other three teams ahead of Argentina are still very much within distance. So much so that a win for Argentina against Colombia on Tuesday (combined with results going in their favor) can see Argentina move up to third place behind Uruguay.

The three teams ahead of Argentina (along with Brazil and Uruguay) are Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. Ecuador have a home match against Venezuela where they are expected to get three points. Chile are at home against Uruguay where they can very easily drop points and Argentina are at home to Colombia. A very likely scenario can see Ecuador winning with Chile getting a draw against Uruguay. A win for Argentina would see them leapfrog both Chile and Colombia and go into fourth place. But just as much, both Ecuador and Chile can win and Argentina can draw or even lose to Colombia.

Pablo ZABALETA and Lucas BIGLIA cited that psychologically speaking, it’s getting to the players. Edgardo BAUZA doesn’t seem to have a very strong tactical plan (if a plan at all) and many of the players shouldn’t be starting for the team. In a match, you look for your goalkeeper to make a key save. Sergio ROMERO did not do that. Pablo ZABALETA (who’s been a strong servant for the National Team) is not getting any younger and was getting toyed with more than once. The center backs were clumsy, the left back spot is up for grabs, the midfield has no creativity or balance and the attack, well, the less said, the better.

In short, the team is in need of a massive overhaul. Many have been banging on the drums since the end of the World Cup. The teams needs new faces. Young, dynamic players who are hungry to play. Currently, it’s a squad consisting of broken down and slow players. Argentine coaches are always very scared of introducing young players into the squad. The last one to regularly do that was Jose PEKERMAN over a decade ago. Since that time, coaches have been hanging on to the players they know for the longest time. And it is continuing to cost the country and the fans.

On current form, there would be absolutely no harm in starting Geronimo RULLI over Sergio ROMERO. With the way things are going, there’s no reason why Leandro PAREDES and Manuel LANZINI should not be in the squad. With the way he’s been playing, Angel DI MARIA should not even be anywhere near the team as Argentina has more than enough capable players to replace him. Good or bad, we know what Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO can bring to the team. What we don’t know is what a Mauro ICARDI or Luciano VIETTO can add to it.

Simply throwing names in there and starting them mean nothing if the team doesn’t have a plan. And that’s when the coach comes in. BAUZA says one thing and does the other. He states that MESSI is very important to the team and that he should not be isolated when on the pitch. Yet come kick off, DI MARIA is all the way on the left losing the ball and HIGUAIN is offside and offers little to no movement. MESSI’s options? Passing it to Javier MASCHERANO or Lucas BIGLIA.

There was an instance near the end of the match where MESSI received the ball and dribbled past a few Brazilian players. Got inside the area and crossed it (the ball was blocked). But in the area was AGUERO who had just gotten there and a Gonzalo HIGUAIN who wasn’t anywhere near the area. There’s simply not enough support among the forwards.

And the supporting cast isn’t helping. The squad does not have enough players who can score from distance. Not enough players who are willing to track back but also good on the ball in moving forward. What’s been happening is MESSI is receiving the ball in the middle of the pitch and has no passing outlet. If MESSI is going to be played in midfield, he needs dynamic players around him willing to get the ball and make the runs. Otherwise, he’s being marked out of the match and the other players stand there without any idea of what to do.

The midfield against Brazil was completely overrun and overworked. When they did get the ball, they were very slow and predictable in their decision making. Very static in everything. For BAUZA, it’s one thing to go with three central midfielders in a World Cup Qualifier to try and grind out a result. But it’s another when it’s your actual gameplan for every match.

Against Colombia, it could very much be a different kind of match. This team has proven in the past that it’s capable of winning. But it’s also shown us that they are capable of reaching rock bottom time and time again. Which Argentina shows up will depend on not only the tactical plan of the coach but the mentality of the players.


  1. If the rumor that Enzo Perez has been dropped for Banega is real, then absolutely there is no meaning in keeping any hope for future. The only player who tried against Brazil is dropped.. What to say?

    We are cursed.forever.. in the form of our coaches…

  2. What is the team selection?.. I want to ask bauza… What the hell he is thinking… Why he called 23 players… If no one can make a competition in the main 11… And particularly midfield Mach and biglia… Why he called pizzaro buffarani acuna mussachio… For what… I’m really sad to see the line up he gave us… No idea fuk*** bauza…. With out trying anything with available players… He called him as a coach… That’s disaster.. This line up..already lost energy…. Ball watching in Brazil match…. Who will save Argentina national Football team

  3. Dear Mr Bauza,

    With just 2 days to go before our teams meet and contest a spot for the 2018 WC I read your line up on the web. On behalf of the Colombian team I would like to thank you for sharing this info. We now know what to look out for. I will show and instruct our defenders how to mark Pratto. We will analyse video images to see if he moves towards first or second post when crosses come in, his dribbles (inside or outside) and which leg to defend when in shooting position. A big thanks for taking out Enzo and replacing him with Banega. Ever has a difficult season at Inter and will continue that in the NT. We are so happy you did not select Icardi. That would have jeopardised our current third spot.

    Given the mental state of your team I will instruct my players to score as fast as possible to make sure you break down and we can easily sit out the remainder of the match. We cannot assume anything as you still have Messi. But Messi is busy with his hair, tattoos and beard these days and less with action on the pitch. Without Dybala your threat is limited. With your line-up I think we will do well in San Juan.

    Sincerely yours,
    Nestor Pekerman

  4. Bauza’s status is getting worst. Started with a WIN…and DREW two. Finally LOST two. Day by day…team is going DOWN. Is it just a fault of Bauza ?

    What about Aguero’s Penalty miss and and at least a point miss against Paraguay ?
    What about Mascherano’s back pass to GK that lead to equalizing goal againt Peru ? Dont forget Mascherano had other option to pass..! We lost sure 3 points there at least..and a third place on the table…!

    Agreeing Bauza is not good enough…but if anybody thinks changing just coach will do wonder…they are absolutely wrong. This group of players lost 3 finals… They had hit psychologically. Mentally they lost it. Now physically too. Whoever comes as next coach..cant help this team. This team will get worse by time.

    If THREE final lose is not enough to change this team….let it crash big. And don’t forget the way we lost….with NO goals in finals…with this world’s best attack. Everyone knows the issue is at midfield…but cant fix it WHY ?

      • It is Bauza’s duty to recognize the midfield problem and fix it. It is Bauza’s duty to bring a player to account for a fault or negligence and then make sure it won’t happen again. However Bauza does none of these things and we want him to step down.

    • Fucker bazua can try….




      Best player in best possession for Argentina..That team can make defarance…No need 6 defender with Mascarano at midfield…

      • I really liked this Lin up because it solve all the problems… Defense have more ball control and pace… Midfield have movement and pace… Di Maria can perform with this line up… And Correa can solve the left wing… Spot on… But bauza with his age.. He loses the memory power… He don’t know what have to do…

  5. All the expected teams are in cruise mode except Argentina..Without funds AFA cannot do anything..i believe the issue is not just with National Team, but also impacting local clubs in Argentina..

    Bauza will resign as soon as he believes he is running out of personal cash..

  6. “I never put qualifying for Russia 2018 in doubt,” he told a news conference.
    “The points we’ve lost hurt, but we still depend on ourselves. The group is strong and that gives us confidence.
    “We’ve lost points that we didn’t think we would and it’s normal that criticism has come out. Hopefully in San Juan the people can spread the importance that this shirt has. We need that support.
    “We haven’t had a regularity in our play. The players have to impose the ability they have. The players know their condition and they know what they can do. I trust that.
    “I work thinking about going to win the next game, as always. We’re really looking forward to it. We’re thinking about playing a good game and winning.”
    I am getting more frustated as this guy speaks!! like who on earth does t notice the problem.

  7. Di Maria’s wife came out an made some comments today: If you do not like the performances, go and watch Discovery channel, no one asked you to watch Argentina national team. Also, she said: Its only a game and people should look at other things.

    What she is forgetting is these players are representing a nation. In your private life you can go ahead and do whatever you want. But when you represent your country you have to fight. No one asked Di maria to play, he can retire from NT. There are others who will show a little more pride for their motherland.

    • It looks like Di Maria’s wife and Icardi’s wife have one thing in common. They say that can ruin their husbands’ career. If a player and his wife think it is just a game, the player must go home and watch Discovery channel when Atgentina NT plays a game.

      • “They say that can ruin their husbands’ career. ”

        i hope so in this case as it should be over and is in reality is way over in regards to the n/t and what a shame di maria wife did not speak up 3 years ago.

    • What other things should we look at ms di maria.a country’s qualification is at stake here.
      Di maria is mentally weak and his wife isn’t helping him.
      Let him watch with you the telenovela and both of us will be happy.

  8. Pablo, thank God, good to hear that you are allright and i hope the same for El Pipita Mamoun as well.

    As for Bauza, i really didn’t expect him to be such a failure and i also think that he has to step down but i will say it for one more time that this won’t be enough.

    Argentina should have won at least one world cup since 1986 but the reason we didn’t is simply because it is being run by wrong people. Stepping down of an usuitable coach is something which makes sense but stepping down of senior members of afa who are running things all over these years and also selecting these coaches, is what that is really needed.

    A great team can crush and burn if you put someone who is not able to lead behind the steering wheel and the same happens if you put someone not good enough to drive a f1 car.

    We have been living “stone ages” since 1993 and i like everyone else in here hope this ends soon.

  9. Possible eleven for Tuesday:

    Romero, Mercado, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Mas, Mascherano, Biglia, Messi, Banega, Di Maria, Pratto!

    So the only changes are Mercado for Zabaleta and Pratto for Higuain. Our genius think that will bloody change everything.

    This dude cant even think of anything other than a Masche-biglia midfield. On top of that, enjoy watching Di Maria for another game.

    And off topic:

    How is Pablo and Mamoun doing in New Zealand? all good?

    • istiaque: thank you sir for your thoughts, we are all good where i am but the 2.30 am civil defense siren did not amuse me at all, i do live near a beach but it did not effect us at all-so far. im near a main town called Dunedin.

      as for the team please no not that inept mid pairing again.
      as ive said before no matter this what result end up being i hope bozo goes, fired or resigns i dont care just get him out of the set up..

      i cant find the article but even the great kempes is calling for icardi to be included.

        • niklucky02: if you ever make it to n.z do inform me on her or email the admin for my email address as its always nice to catch up with fellow supporters and their is always time for an ale or 3.

    • Pratto for higuian is good but taking off enzo and keeping biglia and useless di maria is wrong.correa should be on for di maria and enzo for biglia.
      Bauza is hopeless at this point.

    • I’m all good Istiaque thanks for asking. Unlike Pablo I live in the north Island so the tremor levels we felt must’ve been quite different.

      As for the line up, well take out Biglia and put perez in there and bench Maria and give Acuna a chance.

      • elp: good to hear all is good up your way, wow some damage is around and bad for as confidence levels have plummeted again.
        they say it takes about 18 months from a quake for people to feel safe again but seems to get to no respite form it all.

  10. Argentina legend Mario Kempes urged Edgardo Bauza to call up Inter striker Mauro Icardi. “How long have we talked about this?”

    Icardi has a remarkable scoring record in Serie A, bagging 67 goals in 134 games, while in all competition for the Nerazzurri he’s netted 63 in 121 matches.

    Despite all that, the 23-year-old has only one senior cap for Argentina and that was in October 2013.

    “Players need to be sought out in Argentina and all around the world,” 1978 World Cup winner Kempes told ESPN FC Radio.

    “We are simply not conforming to the reality of the situation. How long have we talked about Icardi? If he performs like this on the pitch, then I really don’t care what he does with his private life.”

    There have been consistent reports that Argentina boss Bauza is ignoring Icardi because of his marriage to Wanda Nara, who when they met was married to Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez.

    However, with the Seleccion struggling badly in World Cup qualifying and beaten 3-0 by Brazil this week, there are increasing calls from fans and media for Icardi to be given a chance.

    They have scraped two points from the last four World Cup qualifiers, failing to score in the most recent two against Paraguay and Brazil.

    • well i dont see any articles on argentina media stating about bauzas mistake..they dont even thing aguero higuain di maria have been on fault even slightly..

      this circus will go on if we dont fire bauza or theres a albeit chance in any dead materials too
      OR someone can bang his head with a hammer to make him realise :-P:-P

      • Like a professional coach should know about this things easily
        i never thought luis enrique was a good coach..but he keeps plan simple and does the basic things very well.
        & he always says how he watches replay of matches to correct things..its like we are making excuses to teachers to submit our work later. !!!!

    • It seems a Messi fan made a video clip for free to help Argentina NT coaching staff and it is too shameful to even mention that ordinary football fans in the world are more intelligent than Argentina NT manager and football analysts.

      Argentina’s media and press start to blame Messi again after losing to Brazil and it is their daily routines to blame Messi if the NT lose. I can’t understand how they could be indifferent to the AFA’s problem, incompetent coach, outrageous tactics and focus only on Messi.

      We say the AFA does not have money. But it still manipulates Argentine journalists and mislead the public through mass media. It is obvious people in authority intentionally interrupted the development of Argentina football for their own benefit.

  11. No matter the outcome of the Colombia game it is clear that we need a full overhaul! It is time to turn to the youth and get them ready for Russia.






    Subs: Banega, Pyerea, Perez, Kun, Correa, Musacchio, Mercado, gaitain,

  12. I am not sure if any coach is ready to work for free with AFA..i believe where did all the money go???!!

    We have no choice but Bauza…the other option is Bielsa..but AFA has not told why Bielsa was not chosen earlier..

  13. bauza is going to play aguero next game.never ending saga of higuain doesn’t play well drop him and play aguero and when aguero plays shit select higuain.what a trash??now he’s gonna go back to banega.I’d rather like to see belluschi who’s got some silky skills and is a good passer of ball.why not overhaul a complete midfield.enzo as central mid,guido as def mid and belluschi attacking mid interchanging with messi.definitely would be interesting.would open up new passing avenues I reckon.and masche in central defense alongside otamendi Mercado in rb and mas in lb got no choice whatsoever .

  14. All-time home records in WC-qualifiers:

    1. Spain 1934-2018 55M 46W 9D 0L 163-25

    2. Italy 1934-2018 51M 44W 7D 0L 130-14

    3. Brazil 1954-2018 46M 34W 12D 0L 138-26

    4. England 1950-2018 49M 37W 10D 2L 137-26

    5. Germany 1938-2018 44M 34W 8D 2L 135-31

    6. Argentina 1958-2018 64M 45W 15D 4L 134-43

    7. France 1950-2018 50M 37W 9D 4L 120-26

    8. Uruguay 1958-2018 71M 44W 19D 8L 129-54

  15. There are a ton of issues.. but for me, the biggest is coaching, which is the same mistake everyone has done since Sabella. This team is essentially still the group he created.. Sabella played a hyper defensive, counter attacking team with a very very deep back line. This is why having two monstruous defensive players like Masch and Biglia worked despite their lack of offensive power or speed. This is why we could have slow defensive fullbacks, its why Demicheles did great under Sabella, its why DiMaria and Messi and Pipita and Kun did great, countering with a ton of space where they could run at defenders in a high line, no need for midfield build up, just keep the score 0 0 and feed them a few breakaways per game. This got us to the WC final. It was a good plan.

    Since then, Tata and Bausa are insisting on high line defense, with essentially the same players and same formation. Its why we are getting murdered. If we played a very defensive 541 like Sabella did most of the time we would not be winning much, but we would not be getting blown out 3 0 by Brasil either.

    The other factor is since these players DID get us to 3 finals back to back, bitter sweet as it is, we have to stand up and aplaude them. What they did is NOT easy.. and had luck been on our side as far as injuries, etc.. we could have won 3 back to back and everyone would be saying how wer are the best team in recent history, futbol and life is cruel, especially for Argentina. The issue is, besides these players being older, besides them having little to no time to rest their bones from final after final (NT and Club), their good results of past made it impossible to introduce youth. Had we sucked more, Icardi and Dybala etc would all be regular starters for sure.

    Sometimes you have to crash hard to rebuild anew, now we have complete meltdown of the NT.. which hopefully will not leave us out of Russia.. and hopefully will bring on a bold new face to the team. Vamos Argentina!

  16. Our problem are many and some of those I can think of…

    Poor off the ball movement – Whenever Messi makes a run through the middle either neymar or suarez makes a false run to draw defenders and make space for messi and his fellow forward. Here in argentina, higuain remains static when messi tries to release the ball or play a 1-2 with him..

    Coach+AFA – nothing to discuss.

    Lack of creative midfielders – We lack, still we don’t need many when you have Lionel Messi. Messi just need help from his felow strikers and midfielders in the attacking 3rd. In our current team none other than Banega can provide that help but our coaches are in no mode to start him, wait they have Bigila (Argentine Xavi).

    Lack of through balls – again same issue with off the ball movement and creating spaces. If guys like Mascherano and Bigila can multiple touches and gave enough time to opponents to close all the spaces how can you expect that one player can make through balls? Also to make through balls a team need understanding among the players, one player need vision to make that pass and another player should be good enough to read his felow player. Perfect through balls are dream. Only in Sabella era Gago used to make those passes.

    Poor set pieces – Di Maria’s corners and Messi’s free-kicks against Brazil says it all.

    High defensive line – should only work if you have good ball players, players can keep the ball position and you have fast wingback to cover the ground.

    Lack of System and Substitutions – I can only blame a coach for this. Do we really have any system? Mascherano and Bigila trying to build attack and Messi is playing behind them says it all where we are up to. Substitutions – Concede goals and then bring all your strikers that’s all I saw in Bauza’s tactics.

    Individual Mistakes – when players are not aware about their role in the team this is bound to happen. I thought Only Messi has the free role but I can see Mascherano, Di Maria, Bigila, even Otamendi everywhere in the ground.

    Squad Selection – Forget about bringing new players, selecting correct formation etc etc when a coach select can 4 right backs but only 1 left back in your 23 members team says it all about his team selection.

    When I look at our star studded team, I honestly feel that these guys capable of beating team in the world BUT then when I see them playing on the field I feel any team can beat this argentina team. This team lacks a proper formation, motivation and willingness to sacrifice for the team.

    Whenever I look at the team the first thing comes in mind how Romero and Bigila are our undisputed starters? How Icardi and Garay are overlooked? How Di Maria always plays 90 minutes despite his no show? Why same team starting matches after matches despite their poor showing still failed to build any coordination? Why Messi and Mascherano are excepting all these nonsense? Can’t they see what’s going wrong with the team?

    tbh problems are many and way beyond these points I mentioned.

  17. “It was one of the toughest defeats of my career,” he said
    after the defeat ion Belo Horizonte. “We were doing quite
    well. One mistake cost us the first goal, but I think the
    biggest problem was the second.
    “But we have to be positive, in three days we have a very
    important match.”
    this guy bauza hasn’t still learned

    • Drop Lewandowski from Poland, he was totaly useless in every big tournaments, only good vs weak teams, but when big cup comes he’ll choke again. Thats the same analogy.
      Nemanja Nikolic (Legia) better striker, than Lewandowski ? Just like comparing Jansons to Agueros.

      • Csabalala@

        That’s Poland, not Argentina! If Dybala choose that country over us than he could have already played multiple matches with Lewandowsky. But as Poland don’t have quality strikers in pipeline as Argentina, so they don’t have any other options.

        On the other hand, We are wasting our talented backups like Icardi, Dybala, Alario…..etc and giving lifetime guarantee to Flopguero & Hequeen in NT no matter what!

        That’s the difference.

      • Csabalala:

        1. Lewandowski was not useless in big tournaments. He is very important part of the team even if without goal. He is leader unlike nemo Aguero for example.

        2. You still think that good selection is to take most popular players while we actually seeing now it’s wrong approach. If selection based on popularity and statistics you would be a coach no doubt.

        3. Believe me we have a lot of players who would give our team much more than Aguero because they could more fit/tailored/adequated/corresponded with other players. Good team it is not sensless patchwork of superstars. You need stars paired with modest/quiet players that are doing his tasks quietly. Why are you still don’t understand this clear idea. Instead you have always tons of statistics that are without importance now when we are talking about players like Aguero, Higuain or Di Maria. No matter what they did in clubs or in past of NT.

        You still want them in NT. Great. No more questions.

    • Aguero 28, Higuain 28, Di Maria 28 years old, Crespo played still 32 years old in NT, Batistuta with 33, Batigol in WC2002 after a catastrophe season(23/6)in Serie A. They were dropped only after became shit in their clubs. Aguero and Higuain still one of the 5 best CF, Di Maria still the best assist maker in the world, we see day after day, what they can between professional circumstances with professional coaches. Then coming home into these conditions with these amateur coaches like working after Silicon Valley in a third world country.
      What will be the difference with Dybala, Icardi and the others? We’ll blame them, but the shit mountain stays there. AFA with this whole medium like cancer, hanging parasites on a corpse.

      • Don’t always blame coaches. It’s players responsibility too! How come a coach like Luis Enrique won treble with almost same Barca squad after Tata fucked up there? He coached a good AS Roma side but failed to make any impact with them! Messi & co. after finished a trophy less season took responsibility next season which boost Enrique’s career in Barca. For me, he is an overrated manager.

        But unfortunately this not the same case when it comes to Argentina. Our trophy less long reigns & continuous bullshit managing killing the self belief of our players! Otherwise how could a team like Argentina able to lose 3 consecutive final without scoring a single goal? Ofcourse it’s players responsibility in field to show up in big occasions. I still remember Aguero said before 2014 WC, “I am going to be the golden boot winner”. Let leave that joke, but how many goals he scored in WCs? Yeah, it’s still 0 for our world class selfie boy!

        • This is what… Happens in club you have 70 mathes per year but inNT only 6 or 8.. How many times same team playing together… Its not players fault… That’s coach fault.. All of you need to understand… If they can succeed in club not in NT… Definitely is a coach who needs to change… I’m dreaming of Argentina to lift a trophy…. Hope it will come soon…

      • Don’t compare Higuain and Aguero with our great Bati and Crespo. For NT Bati>Crespo>Higuain>Aguero

        Still we are waiting for next Bati….we hope ICARDI..can be..

        • I agree the names mentioned are not at all in the level of bati and Crespo, we have hopes for icardi but I’m not sure if any of us will be alive to see him play for the n/t again )if we can call 10 mins as a sub play time).

  18. Bauza not ready to take risk against Colombia…planning to field the same old 4-2-3-1.


    Most probably he will field this team.

    Messi and Aguero wont be helping defense. Dimaria…no comments. Pratto will be target man…so we will go to same old situtaion of two blocks of players.

    I want Higuain play for Pratto and using Mercado or Roncaglia for Mas (Zaba LB) and lose the match to Colombia. Players,coach, AFA and everyone should understand clearly how badly we are playing.

    When Sabella used this players they were 2-4 years younger. Now most of them are old enough to replace…and have a mentality of losers with 3 final lose.

    Anyway we are losing with this old guys. Try something new now. These players will be 2 more years old at the time of coming WC. This team will be even worse that time. Its nice we are in trouble now….not very near to WC. It would have been a humiliation in WC otherwise.

    Icardi(Higuain),Dybala(Aguero),Correa, Vietto(Lavezzi)etc can give a new dimension to the team. Paredes(Biglia), Pereyra(Di maria), Lanzini,Lamela…we have players. We need changes…wholesale changes. Changing one or two wont make any differences.

    • But AFA still showing their support on Bauza. And some journalist blaming Messi & this generation of losers. I am afraid even if Bauza resign from the job, AFA will hire another joke like Batista next year.

  19. Somehow teams like Germany always find a time and space to test and introduce new, young players. In qualifier game against San Marino they had players born ’97, ’95. Galore of young call ups. And within few days they will arguably get another chance in friendly against Italy.

    While we stick for years with the same bunch of doomed losers.

    • The only way to do that is change the qualification system. Not one group with ten teams but two groups of 5 teams or 6 teams if we put Guyana and Surinam in conmebol.

      That is 8 or 10 qualifiers less so time for friendlies to test new players.

  20. still hasnt learned anything..
    “It was one of the toughest defeats of my career,” he said after the defeat ion Belo Horizonte. “We were doing quite well. One mistake cost us the first goal, but I think the biggest problem was the second.
    “But we have to be positive, in three days we have a very important match.”

    • Incredible: “We were doing quite well”. He lives in own world.

      “in three days we have a very important match”. So the last one was not important.

      • Actually until first goal Argentina seemed OK and Brazil was mainly defending. But that was a plan of Brazil to allow Argentina to play and then counter( They are extremely dangerous in counter now). This coach still didn’t understand that.He thought until that moment ““We were doing quite well”.

        This Brazil team will be easily nullified by a coach like Mourinho, Simeone, Sampoli etc. I think even Peru coach (Argentine) can do a better job than Bauza in their next match against Brazil with their low profile players.

  21. I love Argentina come what may, even if we don’t qualify, my passion for Arg football will never come down, only bitter frustration and disappointment.
    VAMOS ARGENTINA. We need hand of God desperately to lift this team

  22. still if Vauza is there and we will lose with same type of forward and midfield..defense also has broken down
    make the other players play who are sitting in the bench..lets the first XI sit in bench except MESSI,OTAMENDI and ENZO…

    last successive results are very bad with bauza..we did not yet seen planB or tacticsB from bauza though i think bauza has no plan A also….


  23. Argentina’s press and local fans should go after Bauza like crazy and demand AFA to sack Bauza regardless of the result against Columbia… And make sure Masch and Messi’s mafia will be finished .. cry baby Miley cyrus aka Messi should realise that Don masch and his syndicate will never get him the WC that would make him the indisputable all time best player!!

  24. This Bauza is outdated no doubt about it. Good coaches make the team perform instantly. Look at what happened when Pekerman took over, we won 4-0. Sabella had a slow but steady and reliable start. This Bauza guy kept talking rubish, and showed clueless act throughout.

    Part of the big problems is the players themselves. They are too old and slow. Did you see many times one or two Brazilians running through our 6 men in defence like a piece of cake? No coach can help this! You need speed, which the old men don’t have.

    Forget Sampaoli, he won’t quit Sevilla. No one leaves a multi-million-dollar salary and works for a corrupt organisation with low income, and even unpaid. Bielsa is the only reliable option that I can think of. I hope AFA lessens their politics and Bielsa scarifies his ego a bit so they can negotiate and help us.

    • “Part of the big problems is the players themselves. They are too old and slow”

      I totally agree and the game has changed when so many teams are playing it at a very fast pace these days.
      for us we just don’t have with the personal in the currant setup to play at pace for long and this falls on the heads or both tata and now bozo for not addressing this problem that is now sinking us big time.

  25. Brazil under Tite
    5 matches 5 win. 15 scored and conceded just one that was an own goal…!

    Argentina under Bauza
    5 matches 1 win 2 draws and 2 lose. 5 goals scored and conceded 8…!

  26. For me Bauza has to step down. But even if he does, i don’t think that he is the major problem here. Since 2006 under Pekermans tenure, the only good coach Argentina has had was Sabella and we reached the world cup final and should have won it. Appart Sabella, afa was constantly selecting inadequate coaches having as a result to turn Argentina from the well known around the globe traditional powerhouse to a second grade team. If we won’t qualify, every objective football fan (not necessarily Argentina fan) will be upset therefore, every football fan from around the world should demand the resignation of most of the senior members who run afa.

    I agree with Pablo about the yellow team. It is always very annoying loosing to them even in friendlies, even though i think that there are no any friendlies between us and them, therefore it is always a big deal loosing o them.

    I don’t believe that fifa would have ever done something to help Argentina qualify, on the contrary, they usually make things difficult for us, like 1994 world cup and most recently the awards to Chile. Fifa usually does these hings with Brazil who always have atleast one game during a world cup being favored by the referees and Germany. Doping control never took place in a Brazilian or German team as far as i remember.

    Argentina has to give it all, because a world cup without Argentina ain’t a world cup, not only for me but for the most people form all over the world who objectively like football.

    The current team does not have anything familiar from the real Argentina team. The real Argentina team is football itself that is why most of the people and especially us the fans will never stop loving and supporting this team.

  27. the reality is the cycle was coming to an end after the 14 w/c for some players but the afa picked a yes man in tata and even picked his 1st team for him, bozo is only their as he is another yes man and as we know biel turned down the job because he “could not work with the afa”.

    the media have a massive role to play and they are run by afa buddies, after the yellow teams 7-1 their media demanded heads and demanded certain players not to ever play again and most of them have not mean while our media are silent, we have just had our pants pulled down ands reamed hard but no scathing attacks on a crap coach who is way way out of his depth, a spineless team with almost zero passion that over half of them should not even be in the wider squad let alone the starting 11.

    the only way we will get some what out of this mess is after the col game no matter what bozo steps down or is fired.
    reality is biel to take over as I see little chance of samp and zero chance of sim or pocc at this stage and time.

    we are not dead or buried yet, their is still a faint pulse but time is ticking and time is not at all our friend.

    ill put it this way if bozo is to stay we will not qualifie but some one else who actually has some ideas and has a large set of balls might just be able to bring us back to life with some radical but obvious decisions with the team and its players

  28. Argentina will lose the game against Colombia. If they lost to Paraguay home and were lucky not to concede 6 goals by Brazil, what makes you think they will rebound back in 4 days and against a clever team like Pekerman’s Colombia.

    Messi has full blame here too. He wanted his friends to be starters, when he doesn’t like certain players they are either snubbed or sub’d in the second half. This is cult like environment and Messi & Masch mafia still operate magnificently giving a blind eye to the lame coach and reckless players.

    What makes Di Maria take a starting position? Higuaín? Aguero? Romero? Beiglia? Banega? What Lavezzi is doing as a sub? he’s not even in a big club and getting old. The answer to all that is Messi wants his buddies play alongside him. I don’t feel sorry that Messi doesn’t have a world cup under his legacy since he was the one who killed his chances. He doesn’t have the insight that when players like his friends come to play without a passion, nothing will come up regardless of their club performance. At a club level, money and bank account balance motivate them…..playing for their NT is like going for a vacation and taking photos by their specialist Kunt Aguero. Messi’s leadership as a captain is crap as Diva Maria’s childish goal shot.

    ***Messi and just 3 days prior to a crucial and decisive game against the most organized team today (Brazil), he went to do his new tattoo to wake up the next day with a tingling and probably sore leg, oh wait vacation time just started…..that tells you a lot about the mentality of our players when playing for the NT.

  29. Mascherano must go back to the defense. He is wasting a valuable midfield spot. No typical holding midfielder is needed if we don’t play attacking fullbacks. Our fullbacks don’t make runs, so what’s the point of covering for them? Let them stay in their half, and let the midfielders create width.

    And it is time Romero, Zabaleta, Funes Mori, Biglia and Di Maria are booted out of the team. I wanted to add Higuain and Aguero to this list, but our Genius did not call anybody that will be an improvement. Lucas Pratto isn’t an improvement over higuain. He is fat, clumsy and has a first touch worse than Rojo.

    Mercado Otamendi Mascherano Mas
    Perez Pizzaro Banega
    Messi Higuain Correa

  30. First of all I do not think Bauza is intellectually capable of creating a good system that suits us. And what is our strong suit? ATTACK! However angry I am with Aguero and Higuain, I must admit that they are very good forwards. If people like Pep Guardiola and Massimo Allegri think they are good, they must be good. They are not our problems, rather the problem is the system in which they play.

    Let us assess what we have. We have world class forwards, an above average defense and an average midfield line up. The main problem of ours is we are not utilizing our full resource. For example, Mascherano does not know how to play in midfield, but none of our managers even bother to think he aint a midfielder. They just cant get pass the idea that when he was 19 he used to play as a midfielder. Our starting goalkeeper used to play football regularly when he was 23, but because he saved a bunch of penalty in 2014, he is still starting for us in 2016 and I bet he will for two more years.

    Have you seen our recent games? What do you think, which formation we use during possession? I could not figure that out. What kind of shape we maintain when we are not in possession or when awe are in possession? If we were using 4-4-2, was it a diamond 4-4-2 or a flat one? Because I could not tell that by watching the game. We need to know how we are going to play, which formation, which shape. Our players need to know where they have to be in every situation. At the moment it looks like eleven players are doing whatever they want.

  31. I am not at all upset by the result of this match. The day Argentina goes to Brazil and beats them in a serious game, we will have nothing to complain about. That can happen only 1 out of 10 times.

    I never counted these points to qualify. But the issue is how clueless and pathetic the team is. I am not sure they will win Colombia game. Can anyone say with a lot of confidence which of the remaining 7 games we will surely win?

    Its very easy for the opponents. Put 3 players on Messi and stop him for whatever few balls that comes his way. The remaining players don’t do anything anyway. You don’t even have to be smart or skilled to stop Argentina these days. We have seen that will some minnows of North America too.

    • “I am not at all upset by the result of this match”

      i usually don’t at all make personal attacks but you are so wrong by that statement and if you don’t get upset losing to you hated and deadliest rivals then you don’t at all get supporting a team like Argentina, we Argentines and just like them on their side despise each others teams and their is no love lost, the overall record is only 46-43 i believe to them,

      i despise the yellow team in any game no matter what the game and enjoy every loss by them a lot.

      did you know their most yellow team supporters were backing Germany to win the w/c final despite that 7-1 as under no circumstances did they want us to win it despite the most humiliated semi score line in history just days before.

      their is a saying “i support Argentina and any one who plays the yellow team”

        • off course! you are right, that is what I mean.

          Having said that, no matter how much I hate Brazil, I will have to accept that most of the times we go there we are not going to win. The reason, they are very good too. That is one of the reason they are our fierce rivals. Just because I hate them does not mean I am don’t respect their capabilities. That’s not me.

      • The media has a serious role to play in today’s world. I am really not sure what is the root cause, but someone needs to think about the right issue, which is to qualify. I do not see Argentina win or go to the finals. But at least I expect them to qualify.

        The other day Christian Vieri was mentioning (read joking) in live TV that FIFA will do something to make sure Argentina qualifies. FIFA will find some doping scandal and cancel some south american country to fit Argentina in. For that we need to be at least in 6th position.

        • To be honest, I think we will qualify without that kinda help. We still have seven games to play where we will play against some of the direct competitors like Colombia, Uruguay and Chile.

          I am worried, but I’m not worried about not making it to the world cup. The thing that worries me a lot that nobody seems to care about the real problems. I have never seen an article in Ole that says is our fullbacks bad? or is it a good idea to masche and Biglia together? Or who is our box to box midfielder? I don’t see them. They ask all the wrong questions like all the average incompetent Argentine managers that are currently working there in the league.

          The league is in a state that all managers plays it safe, and use tactics from 1965. No pressing, no real organization etc.

      • The media and press will make their work easy by saying “Messi doesn’t work hard in the NT and he loves Barcelona more than Argentina.”

        The media must discuss AFA problems with the public and who will be a next coach after Bauza.

        Stupid journalism wastes time and repeats the same mistake.

  32. If I am not wrong no coach has even been sacked by AFA. They have all resigned. No one has been sacked. So unless Bauza leaves by his own,there is no chance.

    Tite transformed brazil in a few months.
    Sampaoli did that with Sevilla.
    Pizzi, Pekerman any good coach can do it in a few months.

    Here is Bauza’s tactics
    1. Keep the same roster so that no one can blame him. If he overhauls he have to justify that.
    2. Start with 3-4 defensive midfielders. If we get a lucky goal, like Messi against Uruguay we try to keep it 1-0.
    3. If we concede a goal first, take out the anyone other than Mascherano and Dimaria who is in the midfield and replace with another striker. Eventually become 4-2-4 and concede a few more goals depending on the hunger and capabilities of the opposition.

    If I was Bauza at this point and with the roster I have, this is what I would play and hope for best






    Have no idea who is there in the roster also. But prefer a 4-3-1-2

    Then sack Bauza regardless of the results.

    • 3-2-4-1 transform to 4-2-3-1

      enzo perez Otamendi Mascherano Mori

      Guido Pizzaro Banega

      Lavezzi Messi Acuna


      with Guido pizzaro and enzo perez protect messi,Lavezzi Banega and Acuna support messi

      • when you attack ,it will be 3-2-4-1,when you defense it looks like 4-2-3-1 when you play counter attack ,messi will replace pratto together with lavezzi .Pratto in mid field to control the ball with banega ,acuna. Enzo perez can defense and assist in attack on right side .In the most aggressive mode Enzo perez assist Lavezzi on right hand side,Mori help Acuna on left hand with messi protected by pizzaro and support with banega. Mascherano ,otamendi solely for defense. we need to control the midfield and prevent counter attack ,so we need to have 6 mid fielders and all of them must skillful enough . Guido pizzaro ,banega lavezzi ,acuna all can dribble .not to mention messi, Pratto is more skillful than higuain .Some times if we still cannot control the midfield ,pratto can come back ,so we can have 7players in midfield.

          • Still funds Mori… I will replace with mussachio 3-2-4-1 when you loose the ball in midfield it’s easy to attack in wide areas.. Look Mori he didn’t have any pace to close down the wide area… And enzo Perez in rb that’s poor… Levezzi… He is done… He also loose too many balls.. With messi Columbia going to defend only… We will never ever have a chance to counter… We need better passer with one two inside the area… And good with ball.. I need to change your lineup to this mussachio – mascherano- otamendi


            . Messi banega.

            Pratto. 3-4-2-1 how is it

  33. Thank you Roy for this soul searching and shall I say toned down neutural write-up. Surely the coach and team deserve a more scathing depiction if recent performances are anything to go by.

    Forumers who know me know that I don’t really post that often, preferring to read and keep my feelings to myself, and only posting on major events such as the eve of a big match or just after the match…

    But I can no longer take it anymore. If we draw or worse lose against Columbia, we’re just half or one step closer to skipping WC18 altogether. Even if we win, so what. It will just be a false sense of security the coach is fine, the team is fine the veterans will come good when it finally matters… blah blah…seriously? we plan on going to WC18 with the same folks?

    I don’t know about you guys but from my tiny couch, I seriously don’t see our beloved Argentina national football team getting any better from here. Why Bauza is still sticking to the same folks after a number of matches since his appointment is still a mystery to me. Why so many of the passionate fans (and not full time football managers) here can see that having this same team can’t possibly work but the coach can’t see this is also a mystery to me.

    Is there anyone here who can see any optimism in the current state of the Argentina national football team? (And no, don’t tell me that the only way from here is up.)

    Discouraged. Disappointed.

    • @ PAimer
      You are right. If we lose next game, then we may get eliminated. But if we win, that may be a reason for the selection of the same old players. I am not that optimistic about our NT. But this is not in d sense that i am worried about wc berth. I am more worried about the way we play and the team selection. If we choose the right players and play well, i would not be dat bothered about d result.

  34. I don’t trust this team at all. Winning against Colombia is not guaranteed. At least a draw is a must, and hoping that the results go our way. After the next game Bauza must step down, then we must hire a young coach like Dario Cocca, Vivas, etc… We must back that coach to break up the player mafia and refresh the squad with young players by keeping the good players.
    It’s the last time we need to be reminded that our team needs shape, no more central defenders as fullbacks, no more 2 defensive midfielders, no more players out of position. We need players that move without the ball, get faster, and team players, based on merit.
    Changes that will probably not happen.

    Local players like Beluschi are not welcome but players like Tagliafico are. European players like Demichelis are not welcome but players like Dybala are.

    • This time I must to agree with you on any point. Next game must be last of Bauza even if he will beat Colombia by 5:0. And last game of some players. I like Vivas very much and I think duo Vivas-Veron would be great any place but I doubt people will trust domestic coach. On the other hand I never pretend to be coaches pundit so I don’t want to speak a much here.

      “Local players like Beluschi are not welcome but players like Tagliafico are. European players like Demichelis are not welcome but players like Dybala are”.

      It would be general idea: both Europe and Primera are good and bad players.

      • i agree .. bauza needs to be sacked even if we win the next game.. had he been a manager of a club today would have been his last day in the office as incharge!! if there is single perosn in AFA who knows football will sack bauza regardless of the result against columbia!!

    • The so called player mafia is the root cause of our problems.
      I never liked bielsa but at this point he is the only one who has the balls to shake things up.

  35. i wouldn’t want dimaria romero funes mori in the ext match.. next match is crucial.. do or die.. and these three are the weakest link in the team… mercado for zab is also must.. i would rather play lavezzi instead of dimaira..Enzo did a fine job in the world cup after dimaria got injured!! Its true there was not much play in the left flank but thats because of poor play from dimaria !! I have a weired feeling dimaria is Bauza’s son born of incest (pun intened)..

    unfortunately mr inconsistent banega has to play because bauza the genius has not picked any good creative mid !!!

  36. bauza knows big names…this BOZO doesnot see macthes players performing.
    so he subs ENZO in second half though he was the good player.
    a coach without footballing sense is BAUZA.


    banega- pizzaro –enzo

    CORREA(pratto) LAVEZZI

    sub;-buffarini-pratto-di maria-Mas-guzman-mercado-aguero
    coach-(NO MORE BAUZA) .

    TACTICS-(no hig-aguero-masche)-no double pivot midfield-chase opponet to recover ball and give it to attacking very attacking(as everyone knows argentina)

    may be selected if i was coach;- icardi -lanzini-paredes-lanzini-Yacob-pereyra-agusto-gaitan-lamela-vietto-Farendez

  37. please BAUZA resign

    mascherano biglia zabaleta higuain aguero dimaria romero

    these players must be dropped next game

    same players are wasting time but no new one is given chance…

    Bauza will not change whole team bcoz of the Masche lobby( Romero zaba biglia higuain Aguero messi).

    No Tactics no plan no attack no defense

    coach and players all are to be blamed.

  38. what i am thinking is bauza trying to emulate sabellas tactics.

    Eventhough we kept high line defense in second half , we had start with lowline defense and hoping to make counter attack.

    he copied our succesful combo of biglia and masch in midifield during sabella time. but he failed understand sabellas team was lethal in counter attack , but this guy didnt have any clue to make that.

    Ottamendi is no way can be trused , his extra aggressiveness is danger thing to have , paring him with mori is making us more vulnerable.

    i dont want to comment about dimaria,zabelata, kun etc.

    One more thing we have to see is messis position , he is best when he plays with 2 other striking partners, it was alwyas the case. If you guys remember sabellas days where he used to deply 5-3-2 against tougher opponents in away matches , we can hardly see messis magic , either he have to make extra effort or coach have to change the tactic accordingly.
    we can comeback , but when our players it self not showing any metal nor any grit no coach can fix this issue , we need fresh faces in all departments.

    Bring icardi , he is not a saviour and he is not going to make much difference under bauza but adding him is clear indication to our senior players that , “your lobbying of making friends band inside is done”

  39. Lavezzi Aguero messi

    Pastore. Perez

    ?????? Masch ????? marcado


    Problem is defence. Maybe benega start in mid but he’s so hit and miss. Higuin just, I don’t know whats wrong with him for my. Is otemendi good enough?

  40. [My Opinion]

    Concern is not that we lost concern is the way we lost. LOST? Actually we were outclassed by Brazil. Despite our good start we were lucky that we conceded only 3 goals, could have been 4 5 or more goals.

    Few concerns/questions about Bauza:

    – What was his actual tactics? Rather I will say does he had any tactics? What is the role of our each players?

    – Why to start high-defensive line against pacey players like Neymar and Coutinho? Our defense was rock solid under Sabella, weakened by Tata and 4/5 years of works done and dusted by Bauza.

    – Initially before the first goal we saw plenty of ball in the midfield, we were knocking the ball around but where the hell was penetration? Why were dead slow while starting any move?

    – After first half when we were 2-nil down I was surprised to see Kun in place of Enzo in the team. I am literally confused what made Bauza to take the decision as Enzo was our only bright player in the first half. We conceded 2 goals still our midfield looked better but then in the 2nd half once Enzo was replaced it was game over for us.

    – Any team need a player who can hold the midfield together and can create a link between attack and defense, unfortunately we don’t have world class player to play in this position BUT still I will say Banega is the closest player for that role. Ok, Banega is inconsistent, makes mistakes, slow, weak but can he do worse than what our other midfielders like Bigila, Di Maria or even Mascherano is doing? Under Tata our midfield only looked good when Bigila was out of the team and Banega was starting alongside Mascherano and Agusto, can’t Bauza see that? If Banega can vastly improve an average Inter midfield, why can’t ours?

    – When in the 2nd half we were playing without any midfield and we all were clueless still how come Bauza can’t see the importance of improving the midfield? Shocking!!!

    – Again, when initially we were dominating the midfield why Messi was playing so deep? When our midfield looks good our strikers should play upwards, right? What was exactly Messi’s role in the team? Striker? No 10? No 9? Or Defensive midfielder?

    – Is football played only in the right side of the field? Di Maria and Mas hardly had 10 touches each in the first half because they saw no ball in the left and all our guys were moving around right to narrow the field and that just make the life easier for Brazil. They crowed right side of the field to nullify messi completely.

    – When Bauza started with 4 defenders and 3 midfielders (defensive) it’s obvious that he will play for 1 point. He will try to hold the defensive line then will take calculated risk but I saw completely different game plan on the field.

    Now regarding players:

    Romero – How many more years we need to tolerate this bench warmer? This guy has no clue what he is doing. I haven’t seen any goal keep such bad in one on one situation. He had no clue during any of the Brazilian goals and same for previous matches as well. No movement nothing, needless to say about his ball distribution. He should be kicked out of the team immediately.

    Zabaleta – Great player, our best right back for many years but he simply lost his prime and had nothing to offer. I was really scared when I saw his name in the starting XI and needless to say he was outclassed by Neymar. He must need to go with his head high.

    Otamendi – Who told him to act as midfielder and leave the defensive line whenever he wanted? He and his partner in crime mori gave world of spaces in the defensive line. He is good when he remains on the ground on one on one situation but very very bad while chasing.

    Funes Mori – Our future Captain by many but how he deserve his place in the starting XI ahead of Garay or Musacchio or even Demi? Extremely disappointed with his performance. Pathetic display. Simply out classed by Brazilian attacking players just like Otamendi and fellow defenders.

    Mas – What a comedy of error to give away 3rd Brazil goal? But we don’t have any other option as well as great Bauza had selected 4 right backs and he is our only left back. Wow.

    Mascherano and Bigila – Needless to say about the greatness of Mascherano but everything has an end and Mascherano’s best days are actually over. Btw, are they Xavi-Iniesta? Not even Xavi-Iniesta had played such a longer time together. How come and why and on what basis they are starting always, years after year? Bigila must need to drop from the starting XI. Apart from a shot in goal he actually did nothing. All I saw him running behind Neymar, committing fouls and then after getting the ball 4/5 touches on the ball. I only saw Xavi used to take 4/5 touches after getting the ball but still find some way to link with attackers but what Bigila was doing there other than killing the momentum? Bigila should stay away from starting XI, this is simple.
    Even Mascherano? Who asked him to take the creative role? Bauza? He is a player to kill the opponent’s play, that’s what he does the best but all 90 minutes I saw trying to build the attack. Again, bauza’s plan?

    Di Maria – Truly headless Chicken. Considering he is a great/good player but I haven’t seen any immature player like him. What is his role actually in the team? Striker? Then why he is not moving in scoring positon? Midfielder? Then why is not getting involved in build up? Unfortunately Correa is also of that kind just that Correa has the age with him but Di Maria no way can be matured once again.

    Enzo Perez – At least one and only player who actually tried to penetrate the defense but again he played his own game. His linkup game is generally poor and failed to link with any other player but still our best player in the first half and once he is withdrawn we were nowhere in the game.

    Higuain and Kun – I am huge fan of both of these guys and it’s enough of these 2 guys. No movement nothing. When Messi was given no space what role actually they played? I remember once incident when Angel Correa was shouting at Higuain to move so that he can pass him the ball, such a static player Higuain was. Kun tried but no pace, no agility, no movement nothing. It’s time to completely change our forward line. It’s enough of Kun and Higuain and it’s time to introduce fresh blood.

    Finally Messi – When we had the ball position I saw him in defensive midfield. Yes our midfielders were failed to connect with him, kept him isolated but where the hell that aggressive Barcelona leader for us? Why can’t he shout at our guys just to pass the ball to him? What happened to his free-kicks? 3 free-kicks in great position and all wasted. I won’t mind if Di Maria or someone else takes such free-kicks, at least they won’t do worse than him. What role exactly he played as a leader? I am not denying he was very well marshaled by Brazilians, our guys kept him isolated but still I was hopeful about this match despite our poor form (and Brazil is in top form) only because of Messi. I saw a leader in Messi against Sevilla who lifted the entire team despite after going 1-nil down. Where was that Messi for us, rather I saw a very nervous team with a very tensed leader who was running behind referee to show yellow card to fernandinho for his soft foul, that’s very unlike Messi. Sad but that’s a poor game for him.

    Honestly these guys were playing since 2008/09, tried their best and now nothing to offer more. None of our guys looked determined to get the result, team looked dull and tried. These guys are no more motivated. This team needs fresh blood and it’s the time to introduce different set of players who are willing to play for this national team. Who are dying to don the skyblue-white color? This team needs a huge lift and no one can give the lift other than MESSI himself. I really want to see Icardi and Dybala in the starting XI in March along with Pardes in midfield. Enough of those oldies.

    Now it’s a must win for us against Colombia and if we cannot win against Colombia then actually we are in serious danger of not qualifying for World Cup 2018.

    Again Colombia

    – Romero will start, won’t mind if Ruli starts.
    – Funes Mori must need to sit for Musacchio. Even Demi will do better than Mori.
    – Bigila must need to sit and Banega must start.
    – In fullbacks no choice other than Mas but Marcado must start in place of Zabaleta.

    My starting XI against Colombia.

    Marcado — Musacchio——-Otamendi————-Mas-
    —Banega —– Mascherano —— Enzo Perez/Pizarro–
    —Messi ———–Higuain———–Di Maria/Correa—

    We need 3 points against Colombia and probably only GOD can save us but considering the current form I am not expecting not more than 1 point.

  41. It’s hard to fathom this but it appears that even Maradona was a better coach. The game against Colombia is the absolute last chance for Bauza.

    What a week,, first Trump gets elected, now this.

  42. i have no hard feeling anymore..this chemistery juz dismiss…bye bye argentina…thnx for all good and bad memories

  43. Players good in the club… They have definitely talent… The coach must have tactics to use them with his tactics not because seria A icardi or higuain or dybala will be top scorer and laliga messi BpL auguro ligue 1 dimaria will be the top assists maker… Play there clup position because no time like club in NT… We can’t put all in the starting line up… To get best out of them is coach job… You all needs to understand this…

  44. What is really odd is that all those familiar names who have played along Messi for years still do not understand that movement is key. Give Messi passing possibilities and he will destroy defenses. Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria and all others stand still when Messi has the ball. Those deadly one-two’s we see at Barca are not possible if players stand still. It’s a mystery that they still don’t get it. It must be frustrating for Messi and coaches.

    That is the reason Aguero, Higuain and Di Maria must be booted from the NT. They don’t belong on the bench either.

    The fact that Romero is benched by various coaches at three clubs in a row and still is between the poles in the NT is ridiculous. The guy should never be selected.

    And I can go on and on.

  45. That mental case Romero almost concede a cheap goal when another idiot Funes or some other idiot back passes a ball to him when clock showed less than a minute…… That fakar must goo first and then cr7’s cök sucker Diva Maria …… M city hype Kun ….. Bulky Pregnant Higuain…yellow card King Mascherano ….another m city hype otamendi…old papa zaba…one dimensional choker Bigilia …and most of all clueless talkative skeleton Bauza or whatever his name is…. If I had money I wud hire some one to kill all of these mother fakers!!!!

  46. what a turmoil , we were WC finalists and 2 copa finalists. look at the state now all happened with in the span 6 months.
    where as brazil they are rising from the shambles , our team is now just bunch of friends playing together for fun and having beer later.
    need to bring young players ASAP
    When we are playing 2 defensive midfielders , we should have good wing backs who can support the attacking players.
    People are looking fore Next diego , next messi , next batti , but for me we desperately need players like sorin and zanetti.

  47. Well,we need major changes. From gk to striker.

    It is time Rulli should be our custodian, i aint blaming this loss on Romero. He is a decent keeper but ne needs regular playing time in club to prove his worth n match shatpness etc

    Mas did make mistake but wr cannot expect much from on the first.

    Zabaleta needs to be on bench four players were ball watching for the second goal n neymar breezed through from zabaleta side.

    Mori need to be x and replace with mussachio.

    Midfield we need vaquez from sevilla hes still eligible for argentina

    Maschaero is still fine in midfield but his age is catching up. Hes a great leader

    Messi should play at his barca position and needs more support when attacking

    Di maria should be on bench n replaced by perroti etc

    Enzo had a decent showing

    Dybala n icardi up front

  48. Csabalala,

    I just want to say it’s unfair to judge players who didn’t get a chance yet as not better than the current just because they are not playing in Europe yet. Who knows if Gomez, Peruzzi or Tagliafico won’t better than Zabaleta or Mas? Who knows?

    In the end, we have not better possibilities now than these footballers. If you have better idea for cast of the positions you may always share your ideas here. IMO there are no better possibilities on this position, especially in Europe, (Ansaldi is not future player, maybe Santiago Garcia).

    No player deserves to get critic before he played for NT. It’s unfair if you want judge him beforehand. FOr example I’m not very optimistic about players like Acuna or Alario but still want to see them for trial. And not only one full game trial. No one think about domestic players like Tagliafico or Gomez as saviours. Me to. I just talking still about POSSIBILITIES, ALTERNATIVES for this poor team. Do you see the difference? No one think about Primera players as saviours.

    Let it never again be said that Gonzalo is talking about domestic players as saviours because I just talking about ALTERNATIVES all the time. No guarantees. No guarantee Tagliafico will be better than current full backs (but personally I believe only his warriorhood and passion makes him better LB than the current even if he is not better than Mas in attack).

    I want to see wide perspective of our coaches for sellection because they are seeing only top of frosted iceberg i.e. almost only most popular players from Europe. Remember these Chinese players of Brazilian team and don’t shut the NT door for players from Primera, Mexico, Brazil, USA or even China. Everytime we may see evidences that teams builded only upon most popular and obvious players are rarely best teams. If it was so simple selection would be boiled down to rank of popularity

    • Local players or international I want this team pass together and move together with ball… Talent is there… When biesla era world cup qualifying matches got record points… And pekerman era in group stage match they pass together 24 times and scored a wonder goal.. This team cannot pass together more than five… Then who to blame… If you want win a tournament you have plan a plan b and c also… It depends on how the opposite team play.. The coach must have playing style.. And then use talent correctly… Every team has weekness but every team needs style that needs to hurt others strong… This don’t have that… That’s the problem… And players playing yearly 10 matches… Too much change affect team… But this team playing more than 8 years especially auguro and dimaria didn’t understand the movement of Messi… They never support… A good coach can change that.. It’s not players fault… Don’t blame the players for this result…

  49. Well written Roy.
    Brazil only seemed to have one major plan. To stop the balls to/from Messi, with the whole team having got clear instructions on how to do it. They looked very compact in doing that. But then where were our other 9 players.
    Masche should only start as a CB. Enzo Perez, for me, was the only midfielder who looked forward, but he needs time to understand Messi. When KUn came in for him, I was sure we were going to suffer more.
    DeMaria and Kun are now playing simply because of their names. Look how in the second half, there is an opportunity for us to counter, Messi runs with the ball, gives the ball to Kun and runs forward, its clear any player with team in mind will push the ball forwards for the running Messi. Kun, takes it even further, on an angle away to the goal and it is 100% clear he will lose it and yes he does.. We rarely got those kind of moments, and we have individualists like Kun and DeMaria.. unbearable it was.
    I feel so sorry for all Argentinians and Argentine fans world wide. It was very painful to watch. Brazil didnt even had to play very well to win this 3-0.

  50. 2 obvious things:

    1. Changing players only nothing will improve here

    2. Changing coach only as well, because the current players are burned out.

    We need change both coach and most of the players.

    • Coach is a must go. See how much prepared Tite was for Messi, what plans did Bauza had for Neymar, or even for scoring??? other than asking Messi to take care of mf and attack.
      Most players need to go. Masche should go to defence and the whole mid field should be replaced with hungry players, with at least 2 who can make forward passes.
      Right now, we are not just blocked in the mid, but we also look like playing without wing backs…

      • And we must change all the things now in hottest moment of qualifiers. It’s the worst thing. Why we are forced to do revolution in only now? Just because Bauza is coward who didn’t want do this stright after Copa. Everyone was talking: it’s not a time for changes (so when? in the middle of qualifiers or at the end of qualifiers). So, here we go. Some players didn’t deserved to be even on Copa 2015 let alone 2016.

        Bauza thought that the players are atleast guarantee of some silver coin. He just wanted to cut coupons without changing a thing and therefore his cowardness have to be punished.

  51. Send this post to broadcasting/radio stations and football journalists in Argentina. Bauza is insane and he doesn’t know his job.

    Argentina NT looks like Messi with the Amateur Footballers and this is not a team.

    A smart coach will not make Di Maria a starter.

    We may need thousands of protesters in front of the AFA office to fire Bauza and kick Higuian, Aguero, Di Maria and the useless players out of the NT.

    I don’t think Higuain and Aguero will play better than now in the future.

    • Nothing is personal. But we must eliminate these player to put new players into the NT and rebuild the NT. Don’t say that Messi is calling up his friends. He is not a coach/trainer and we know that Messi did not choose a NT coach when he could.

  52. The main problem is the coach .Bauza didnt do too much to change the national team .Look at the starting 11 vs Brazil, full of old man lack of speed ,skill .creativity. This group of players are over and we do respect their contribution to national team but we need to change and reform .Bauza is not the man who has guts to change. I dont mind argentina fail to qualify russia world cup. I just want to see a complete change in national team. Losing 3:0to brazil is no big deal but the most important thing is we need to change.

  53. Absolutely sick to death with the current situation but absolutely continue to love the team to death.
    Roll with the punches.
    The inevitable of not qualifying is becoming a stark and gruesome reality.
    Maybe that’s what we need to rebuild….nothing would hurt more than not qualifying and be the laughing stock….BUT brutally speaking is that what is needed for our beloved team in the long run?

  54. AFA (Argentine Federation of Assholes) fire Dracula already. What type of drugs are Argentine football chiefs on? Everyone can see that Drakula Bauza isout of his depth and is no different from all the rubbish coaches appointed by AFA previously.
    Jose Pekerman and Alejandro Sabella (especially his tactical acumen and player selections) were the only World class trainers to coach Messi in the NT. Both had short stints and left us with imaginations of “what could have been achieved” had they continued. Ain’t that sad reality? I wish the Sampaoli arrangement with Sevilla rumour becomes a reality.
    I’m not a Bielsa fan, but right now, I would mind him taking over. Maybe another defeat/draw with Colombia will get Bauza fired finally.

  55. Excellent piece Roy!
    The way we cleared crosses gives me little hope. It is downright clumsy. Messi is isolated and probably regrets his decision to come back to the team.

  56. My point..who are we waiting for Bauza to be sacked…Should the AFA step in or Mr.President?

    Sorry is just pathetic football..the entire starting lineup needs a break if not retiring..does messi need a armband..let messi be himself..

  57. To win a game, the team needs to score and we just cannot do that because of the lack of creativity in our mid.

    We’re all making the same points so it’s starting to sound like a broken record.

    The team needs a major overhaul and the coaching staff don’t have the balls to do it.

    This is karma for AFAs corrupt ways unfortunately

    • still hasnt learned anything..
      “It was one of the toughest defeats of my career,” he said after the defeat ion Belo Horizonte. “We were doing quite well. One mistake cost us the first goal, but I think the biggest problem was the second.
      “But we have to be positive, in three days we have a very important match.”
      This is bauza

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