Three changes to be made for Argentina line-up


Three changes are expected to be made by Edgardo BAUZA for Argentina on Tuesday night.

The National Team desperately need a win as they play Colombia on Tuesday. There are three changes that are expected to be made from the team which started against Brazil on Thursday. The rumored line-up is the following:


The three changes are Gabriel MERCADO for Pablo ZABALETA, Ever BANEGA for Enzo PEREZ and Lucas PRATTO for Gonzalo HIGUAIN.


  1. I believe Argentina will achieve more if they don’t qualify for Russia as opposed to if they do.

    If we don’t qualify, it will result in upheaval in Argentina and will be the catalyst for a complete overhaul. The playing list will be completely changed with the usual suspects retiring, finally!!!!

    If we qualify, then the status quo will continue, our fucked up coach will remain and this is totally unacceptable and abhorrent.

  2. Is there any possibility that we qualify for the world cup even if we loose tomorrow? Since the situation is like maradonas, some one may score a goal like palermo (or Bolati) towards the end of qualifiers and we reach Russia! he he.
    By d way who is going to be our new Palermo? Hig or kun? St. Higuain’s miracle or St. Agueros miracle?Palermo was better than them!

  3. The AFA, The Argentine Media/Press, The public in Argentina have shown to me that Argentina is ineligible to qualify the Russian World Cup. I feel bad because nothing is wise and sensible for the Argentina football.

    Argentina is not a communist country. But the public and the media/press neglected the AFA and didn’t do anything to reform it.

    Argentina had dwelled in past glories with Maradona and failed to adapt to the changing environment and appointed Maradona to coach for the 2010 World Cup. The dark ages began..

    Some people insisted Messi decides who get called on and who will be a starter. I bet Messi will choose Suarez over Higuain/Aguero or Neymar over Di Maria for the Argentine national team if it is possible.

    Germany, Brazil, France, Spain and Italy…..All look good, specially Brazil.

    Even if Argentine nationa team with Messi magic go to Russia, they will be eliminated very early from the tournament and get humiliated.

    The Argentine nt cosists of Messi and amateurs and I said this is not a team. One player can’t do everything on his own because soccer is a team sport.

    Marado team had Bilardo, Burruchaga and Vadano. Messi team has Bauza, Di Maria and Higuain/Aguero.

    BAUZA, Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero – names to be taken out from the Argentine squad for the 2018 World Cup

  4. Why romero instead of rully, why funes mori instead of garay or musacchio, why biglia instead of enzo why pratto instead of icardi.
    Why bauza why do you make me suffer that much.
    Why not a try with lanzini,
    Why bauza whyyyyy

  5. these guys messi, masch, aguero, higuain and co are bunch of selfish fuckers or just retards!!! any amateur football fan can see the midfiled has been the biggest problem and bauza keeps on playing defensive midfields… yes biglia is a box to box midfield player.. but he has lost it now… he is too slow… gets beat everytime…. AFA needs to sack this joke of coach… and persuade bielsaa anyhow… and if these useless overused trashcans threaten to quit if bieslsa becomes a coach.. well thats what we all want!!

  6. Football is supposed to be a fun game where you escape your daily life problems.
    Not for us. It has become torture for us, it has took all the joy from us.
    Psychos have destroyed our team.

  7. I feel sick in my stomach. Has anyone done any analysis of if Argentina will be at least in 5th position if they lose tomorrow?

    Will Bauza resign if we lose tomorrow? He will not get sacked I know. No one in the history of Argentine NT have been sacked. They have all resigned.

  8. Seriously the one player who actually wasn’t an embarrassment (Enzo) is the one who is taken out!! Jesus Christ!!
    you know I am ashamed to admit that I wanted Bauza to coach the NT when Tata left because I thought this was a man who knew how to play tournaments but thus far his incompetence is rivaling that of Maradona and batista1!

  9. Rather than write a long post about how bad the and player selections are, not to mention the formation etc etc etc, this should sum it up quite succinctly………(lol it’s ended up being a long post…sorry)


    The truth is AFA have no money due to deep seeded corruption that has been prevalent for decades…..herein lies the problem as you get what you pay for. And AFA continue to pay for a bargain basement coach, so they can pocket whatever money is left. See Argentina has been a 3rd world country for many decades, and so when people in power have the opportunity to steal money, they take it. This is why Argentina will never prosper because of this cultural cancer.

    I will be watching this game knowing that we will lose…..this is not pessimism, this is pragmatism. Bauza (and AFA) is continuing a failing system and for that, he is fucked and needs to be sacked.

    AFA and the National team need a revolution and until that happens, Argentina will continue to play sub standard football

    AFA, you and your mobsters can go and get fucked!!!!!!!

    I am done with this pathetic organisation and team and they don’t deserve to qualify…..and I am Argentino people.

    Sorry for the vent and negativity, I am angry and very unhappy with the state of affairs with my beloved team and I’ve never seen them this bad.

    • “I am angry and very unhappy with the state of affairs with my beloved team and I’ve never seen them this bad”
      you are correct and that is how i feel.

      • Hey Pablo, great to hear you were unaffected by the earthquake other than be woken by the sirens lol

        Hombre, I’ve never been so angry with Argentina as I have been since Bauza took over, and it’s a culmination of the Sabella/Martino/Bauza period. Despite Sabella taking us to the final, the soul of Argentino football has been missing for too long now. It’s really getting to a point that I have no desire to watch them play anymore because they will either lose or not score any goals.

        Hopefully, there will be a revolution soon enough

        Take care hermano

  10. y sigimos con fideo! zabaleta ya no puede para los 11, mejor por su eeriencia y emergencia 4…. banega la banco y Pratto pelea y sabe como jugar de 9 y buscar sus espacio pero esta igual como zabaLeta … s Arg no le gana a Colom en casa olidate de Rusxi

  11. This line up just proves the problem we have: Bauza

    He subbed Enzo Perez and now dropped him because he is not in the “inner circle” of the dressing room. Di Maria is one. I am totally sure in my mind that there is a cartel of so called leaders in the dressing room – Messi, Mascherano, Kun, Di Maria and Pipita. They call the shots. This is not unique. Casillas, Guti, Ramos kind of did that in Real. But then Mou came. Unfortunately Bauza is not Mou.

    We need a coach who is tactically good and also have the balls. Unfortunately, Bauza has none. Under such circumstances we will have to rely on Messi and friends to deliver once in a while. Sometimes they will win, some they will lose. Rest is luck.

  12. Romero has to go

    I would keep Zabaleta …. I prefer a true right back over a converted centre back

    And we need at least one box to box midfielder ( Perez or Pizarro) with mascherano biglia and banega we seem too static…..biglia out Perez in

    With all respect to pratto he is just an over grown second striker……shouldn’t be in the squad … Hope he proves me wrong

    • I hope Next game arg will play best passing & position based football ..messi + banega+di maria …just see there combination …biglia good passer & mash also use his long pass ability to pratto….

  13. I think at first AFA should put off the coach because his team selection is very bad.Romero should be also turned away from the team because his time has come to an end.

  14. Enzo was not worse than any other player in d first match, in fact he was d best to me, especially attitude wise. The way he hit on d ground when his shot went away from d post shows how desperate he is when plays for argentina. Maria, kun or higuain might have spoiled hundreds of clear opportunities but they might not be sad since this is their routine. So if some one is to be subbed, why should it be perez and not useless maria, higuain or aguero. If perez is such a trivial player who should be subbed after just 45 minutes, why is he taken in d team? Just to pacify the criticism of d fans/media?

  15. More or less same tactics, early announcement, 6 defensive minded players, one player with no brain, a bench warming GK, and an inconsistent midfielder with no energy + Messi. I am not convinced we will win, but will be glad if proven wrong

  16. I haven’t posted anything since the loss because there is nothing to say that hasn’t been said already.
    Argentina desperately needs the 3 points and now it’s more than just getting back into contention because dignity and pride are on the line.
    This will be the third time that ARGENTINA needed to win in a must WIN game in the qualifiers against the Colombians…once early on in the qualifiers, while the first was back in 2014 WC qualifiers, difference now is that they’re playing at home.


  17. I am damn sure this guy romero has naked pics of some high profile officials of AFA!!!

    Enzo for Useless dimaria
    Masch for Funes mori as Defender
    Ruli for Romero

  18. My top change will be getting Romero out. Watched the first 2 goals multiple times. His positioning was just pathetic. In the first goal he was near the penalty spot when Coutinho was about to strike. There were 4 players around Coutinho and there was absolutely no reason for rushing out. In the second goal he did not even try to rush out and pressurize Neymar. If anyone watches Barca play, Neymar is not all that great one on one. Columbia have athletic players. We are going to face the same issues.

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