BAUZA discusses possible new players!


Hey everyone,

El ‘Paton’ BAUZA has announced that he will be calling up 32 players for the double WCQ’s in March due to 11 players currently holding yellow cards.  If they get another yellow against Chile (March 23rd), they will not be able to play in the match 5 days later in La Paz versus Bolivia. These players are:

Sergio Romero, Nicolás Otamendi,  Emmanuel Mas, Marcos Rojo, Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Ángel Di María, Sergio Agüero, Gonzalo Higuaín, Carlos Tevez and Paulo Dybala.

Moreover, defender Ramiro Funes Mori is not able to play vs Chile due to a suspension.

BAUZA has also revealed that he is “observing” the defender Ezequiel GARAY of Valencia, Inter’s Mauro ICARDI and both Federico FAZIO and Diego PEROTTI of Roma as possible call ups.









  1. If he was smart, he would call 2 teams and send one directly to La Paz to get accustomed to the height. If he wants to play (almost) the same team in both games he will drop points again. Remember the 6-1 defeat in La Paz?

  2. if i were Bauza i would have dropped Romero in the first game !! Like pep did.. he dropped england’s no1 and made a statement!! i run this team!! i am the boss!!

  3. Perotti, Garay and Fazhio will improve the team much. Peryera, and two other full backs are missing now.

    I will also be happy if the coach can get rid of Mori and Demi along with Aguero and Biglia/Mascherano.

  4. Gonzalo, i seen the last two Independiente matches on youtube, and i have to say Barco is a crazy talent, maybe the most talented player worldwide since Messi. The others didnt impress me at all, nothing special imo, Barco is really more talented than the others altogether. Most mature player of Rojos even with his 17 years. Conechny will be a great player too, he didnt meet much with the ball, but gave two good passes with feel.

    • That was best Barco game as far. Yes, he was great. And, unlike Messi, he is engaged also in defence.

      Figal is really good CB. Modern one, attacking. I think we will hear about him in future. Benitez needs more time. I don’t think it’s best argument but somehow one years ago Real Madrid wanted him for 12 mln and still it was not enough for Independiente. He is just recovering form.

      Tagliafico is still better option for NT on LB than anyone. But when we are talking about this position there’s in Primera someone more talented.
      It’s Ian Escobar of Talleres. I saw every his game and no doubt he’s more interesting LB than anyone in the league.

      Team of the weak:

      • As I said Talleres is team to watch. A lot of interesting youngsters. Unfortunately maybe the best one – Menendez – is injured.

        • Messi was good in defending since 2011. Barco is so young, evident he’s full of stamina and teamwork. Barco, such a great dribbler, nearly his every dribbles successful, have to be more and more agile and aggressive with the ball.

  5. Bauza is best in knock out stages won two CL should give some cridit to him. Bilesa topped argentina in world qualifier 2002 with 43points but in 2018 world cup qualifiar argentina struggling despite no1 at Fifa similar to Brazil 2002 WCQ campain rest is history

    • I was a big supporter of Bauza’s but after seeing what he’s done in the last 6 qualifiers I have to say that I’ve totally lost my faith in the man. He might’ve been great in copa lib but thus far he’s shown without a doubt that he is WAY out of his depth with the NT.
      As for the 2002 Brazil, well yeah they struggled in the WCQ but they had the trio of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldhino!!! All of ’em stepped up when it mattered while Argentina has Kun, pipita and Fideo who seem to be getting worse and worse as time passes by.

  6. Bauza isn’t chokar like bilesa sabela or pekarman the fact is argentina choke in crucial moment since 25yr and luck not favouring, we need Portugal kinda luck in WC 2018 to win the turnement

    • We cannot expect luck always Romance Zindagi. We had enough of it in 2014 but we didnt capitalize! Can you expect more luck again in 2018? I dont feel so. Better we have a balanced team and good tactics. If some of the players in the current squad plays in 2018 (if we qualify), then even the goddess of luck cannot save us.

  7. Positives: Garay, Icardi and Perotti are being “observed”, whatever that means

    Negatives: people like Rojo and even Tevez are still on the radar. Also, how come Pratto is not there?

    Bottom line, Bauza, get your act together, Garay does need to be observed, call him up already. Tevez, are you kidding me? Sigh…..

  8. bozo so far:
    makes subs at the correct time-tick
    culled the some big names to teach players hes in the boss-tick
    plays players in their correct positions-tick
    has introduced lots of new talent-tick
    picks the inform players-tick
    fixed the midfield and they are all supporting each other-tick
    we are scoring goals for fun with the new and very improved strike force-tick
    the defence is tighter than a “nuns pu**y”-tick

    this is exactly what he has done and I thank my boy for all of the work he did on his ps4 to allow this to happen.

    meanwhile in the real world…sigh…

  9. Except Sabella- Argentina never played under a coach in my life. Bielsa – Pakerman – Tata – Batista – Maradona Basile or whoever. I don’t give a shit if Bazua is a bad coach or the most idiot coach of the idiot coaches.

    • now I am write about an impertinent subject.

      In USA’s president election,many specialist,journalist and many people said that hillary clinton is going to win.but the result is….

      so sometimes things are not right as people think.

      may be buaza become like donald trump…

  10. Bauza Good?. Amazing. Even Maradona was better, at least he was a good motivator. Bauza is probably the worst coach ever for our country. He simply does not know what he is doing

  11. tata martino was failed with fcb and argentina.beilsa,pekarman,sabella are also failed in important time.

    the important thing of buaza is he always keep positive and never get panic.

  12. some people on mundo getting frustrated and angry.I can feel there pain bcos I am also albiceleste’s fan.

    I think buaza is good for argentina….

    • Bauza was good club coach especially knock out competitions but so far he has failed with the national team.
      He is like maradona-batista level at this point.

    • I agreed with you. Without few comments – most of the comments are just shit.. I’m one of them who back Sabella since he join in this site. Some members were writing for sabella, but it’s like no one has belief on Bazua at this moment in mundo.

      • sometimes you need luck.for example why pep gardiola failed to win ucl with bayern munich.I thing you agree with me that zidan is not high profile manager but he won his first ucl as a manager just under six month,on the other hand arsen wenger are trying year after year to win something big.who is better of the two zidan or aresen wenger???

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