Angel CORREA wanted by Italian giant


Angel CORREA is apparently wanted by a big European club.

According to reports, Atletico Madrid’s Angel CORREA is wanted by Italian champions Juventus. The club tried signing CORREA back in 2014 before he signed with the Spanish club. CORREA, who has a contract with Atletico until June 2009, is being monitered by the Italians.


  1. mohamad there is no more time for this generation…. that is why i blast him… i am very sad… and he is the not first choice of afa… from squad selection to main 11 i dont like it… I know only 7 matches to win world cup… we can walk into quater finals.. with any coaches in the world.. but.. we need tactics to win remaining three.. penalty means we surely going to be elaminated.. he dont change midfield.. old(no energy)machebiglia… more and more.. many problems in there… he dont try anything thats why i hate him… if he won you are not only going to happy… we also but now we all think no chance at all..

    • what do u mean this generation?I understand that everybody is extreamly frustrated.but this generation is playing together since 2008.befor this age what argentina achieved?argentina not win a single major trophy since 1993.why you blam this generation

      • Because this generation having messi…. If he won’t win the trophy with the national team…. Football is losing every body loose… Easy trophy copa when compared to world cup… Argentina not won because of poor coaching… Chose right player for right formation… Bauza don’t do that…. That’s sure..

        • messi’s carrier isn’t finished yet…when messi finished his carrier then you will see…

          • i want messi play final and contributes to the team.. not on the sidelines… like ronaldo…. i think he is well both physical and energy in 2018… after that he cant able to play 70 matches year… 2018 sc 0r 2019 CA… THAT MAY BE HIS LAST ONE..

  2. “The national team is not Messi and ten others,” insisted El Patón. “We have many [quality] players. [Di Maria] is the best player in the world in his position. With these players I see myself as a world champion.”

  3. “Correa” rhymes with “maria”.
    But without rhyme or reason,
    Maria gets selected,
    And we get eliminated!

    So who is the paraiah?
    Lanzini or lo Celso?
    Or are there more?
    In fact, there are too many!

    Lanzini is not lazy.
    Celso is not selfish.
    Maria is not angel.
    And bauza is not a boss!

    Then what about Icardi?
    If Icardi is not Bacardi,
    Why is Icardi discarded?
    Due to Javier or behavior?

    And who will save us,
    From this hell lot of mess?
    Is it the Mafia?
    Or the “Messiah” from the La Masia?

  4. We know Do Maria is headless chick. We don’t need a direct replacement for him. Because his is a clueless confusing role. He needs a coach who should tell him what exactly to do and nothing more. In other words put him in his place. Perotti is one guy who I see can contribute immensely either as a wide forward or as a midfielder. Guy is skillful n goes about his work without fuss.
    We see guys throwing up names like Correa, Cervi n Lo celso. Sadly, all these are only wishful thinking. Correa is a slightly better version of Iturbe at best. Highly overrated n I don’t see him flourishing in highly competitive environment. The above news is probably his agent’s stunt cos they know Atletico will get rid of him soon.
    Lo Celso. We know what he did at the Olympics and I tell u what It was pretty dreadful.
    Cervi is too weak n small and that is a big handicap.

    • Have to disagree with u there, Correa has proven himself to be very important for Atletico so to say that he can’t thrive in a competitive environment is short sited IMO.
      Cervi may be small but he ain’t weak not by a long shot, he’s getting more and more playing time with Benfica and he’s starting to solidify his place (he’s a starter for the team in the CL).
      As for Lo Celso, well he’s talented for sure (not quite as good as Cervi, his former Rosario team mate) but the jury is still out on him.
      He’s gonna have a very tough time with PSG but we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. You are bauza fan… Without brain… He dominated..juventus until Vazquez gir red card… Sevila 1-0 and controversial penalty…skletenburg…think he is referring bpl… He heaving tactics and style… His team shows his character… High pressing.. And finally one thing I want to say… Compare juve 11 vs and sevilla 11… He using all Argentina players as much as he can.. I still saying…sampolli better coach…then the brainless bauza… I don’t care who you are

  6. last night sevilla lost ucl game in their home ground by 3-1.if sevilla won this game,then everybody writing on mundo like he(sampowli) is best.I didn’t see anything from sampowli but walking to and fro.sevilla won three uefa europa league in a row.but i have doubt that can sevilla win it this season,even go semi.if edgardo buaza manages european clubs people will treat him like morinho,arsene wenger,antonio conte etc.but though buaza won two cl unfortunetly people can’t appreciate it.

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