2017 South American Youth Football Championship DRAW


Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

The 2017 Under-20 South American Youth Championship (Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20) held the groups draw today in Paraguay.  This championship tournament will be held in Ecuador from January 13 to February 5th.  The top four teams will qualify directly to the 2017 FIFA Under-20 World Cup in South Korea.

Take a look to see how Argentina fared in the group draw below.  The top three teams in each group qualified for the Final Stage.


The sub-20 team actually played a friendly today in Argentina vs. Japan.  They won 2-1.  Goals from Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Pereyra (ROSARIO CENTRAL).  The 11 that started the match were: Franco Petroli (RIVER PLATE); Nahuel Molina (BOCA JUNIORS) , Cristian Gabriel Romero (BELGRANO), Marcos Senesi (SAN LORENZO), Milton Valenzuela (NEWELL’S); Santiago Ascacíbar (ESTUDIANTES), Pedro Ojeda (ROSARIO CENTRAL); Lucas Rodríguez (ESTUDIANTES), Matias Zaracho (RACING CLUB), Brian Mansilla (RACING CLUB); Lautaro Martínez (RACING CLUB). Coach: Claudio Úbeda.

Unfortunately, Ascacíbar had to get get subbed out due to a knock on his left ankle.





  1. Cristiano posted himself as ‘the greatest ever’???
    Has he not seen Diego Maradona annd Lionel Messi play??
    Atleast hasn’t he see seen Ronaldo and Ronaldinho play?
    In Xavi’s words ‘Lionel, you better buck yourself UP and get back to play otherwise all rubbish will call themselves the best ever’.
    Messi does need a pep talk about the Argentina situation… he ain’t winning any world cup with such a crap argentina team and coach…
    If Lionel wins the world cup… he has the right to claim the best ever

  2. Sad to see Aguero going through his worst phase of his life. For almost for the past one year, he seems very serious that is totally against his usually fun loving n easy going nature. Forget about the game. Personally he seems suffering the pain of loneliness ( but always loneliness is our permanent friend ). That horror tackle on Luiz not sums up his frustration in that game but in general in his life at the moment he is experiencing.

    Hope for a speedy recovery. Yeah we all know he never worked for us or tried for us. But to see him in this situation is still hurts. At least let him succeed at club level.

  3. Much better pictures on the side. May be add Messi and Mascherano. Much better servants for the NT.

    I have read it in few places (from fellow players) that Cholo Simone will play anytime and anywhere he would get called. He did not care where, who the opponent was and significance of the game. If the NT called he was always there.

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